Going Truly dVerse, Old People Might Curse!

You may 86 me from dVerse after this but ICBW and it could cause bliss. Just know well you are LIS your way. You can blame LMF for the dVerse nature of my rhyming today. Do not GRRR me! But it does seem to be ODTAA at my rhyming sea. So TAP and strap in. If IPN is that a sin?

ITA with you.
IWBNI away these acronyms flew
But OST it does save time.
SWIM a short rhyme.

MOS no longer.
Language like KMA can get stronger.
IMO, oh hell.
IMAO I must tell.

MSTM but does it cause you to itch?
Don't worry there is MTF!
So KYBC and swallow.

I know you could be asking WDYS.
TTTT I enjoy causing dismay.
NTW though.
Usually it's only HHOK at my show.

FTLOG will I ever stop?
There are NSA so don't call a cop.
NBS you look funky.
When you go JUADLAM.

Just don't STM too.
IGWS that would corrupt somes view.
Yeah I'm so FOS.
But you always enter AYOR for each rhyming fit.

Once you come you DGA.
MOF NMTE you sit and stare.
But don't avoid BMS.
Places WTSDS it might perplex.

A BHOF came by my way.
Age was a BDN I must say.
He said IGGP.
And to MYL before he left me.

Now PRW this POSC and I have a QQ.
If SNAFU occurs what is your suggestion?
Oh that was MITIN but it MML at bit.

DMPMPL at that tale.
You're NOA that's NFF!
SYT at my lair.

DWBH it's as E123.
DIY or get a BSEG from my sea.
You are a BAMF!
IYD fooled you sucker.

Oh NOOB don't scoff.
JSU I know that sounded like a two year old guy.

Remember DQMOT!
If you can't RBTL and the point you miss.
RUNTS you ask?
Maybe it's just the BIBO in my flask.

Can you FITB yet?
NBD if you can't RYS and fret.
Let's MRA now.
It just SLAP somehow.

SIUYA you S4B!
Well S2U for I'm the MFIC of these lanes.
INBD if you are OOT,
And SOBT over this texting crutch.

AISE it is okay.
I still CSL my way.
FAWC though.
Or saying AFDN at my show.

While I'm BAG.
Because you don't KWIM at my hut.
Saying IHA and TFN cat.
GNSD and we'll blame this on Pat.

With these facts I have one thing left to say. I was GTSY SOBT as I went OTW J4F with JM2C in rhyme. Know you SUL with the SSDD and TWITA my way. BB4N I will BBL but won't BRB. So DND my R&R or I will attack, after TAS with my BIOYN power. GMAB I've G2G, OOO, GFTD to put it simple IOH. GLA, sorry for the fear, PLO.

So did you pass or fail from my acronym wail? Either way my dVerse mass. That is the end of the acronym lesson from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. LMFAO!! You are hired for my texting school. You start asap. :)

    Confession: I had to translate half of this post. Guess I should start playing WOW or something to learn some of these terms. hahaha

    While I managed to hold onto my title as master of RDJ, you win this one. Congratulations!

  2. Wow, I feel so out of the loop
    as I only recognized a few
    Maybe it's just my age
    I guess I better learn and engage!
    I can text quite fast, too
    Just don't use all these shortcuts like you.

  3. Such language Fox
    Did I even confuse your socks?..haha

    haha yippee I got a job
    From my big texting post glob
    I knew I'd say 95% I wrote
    The other 5% I knew but had to make a note
    To check if they were real
    And not ones I just made up when typing fast on my video game or phone reel
    So were are tied at one a piece you say
    Hmmm what next can we play..haha
    Oh and being master of RDJ did not sound all that great
    Of course to you maybe that's a nice fate

  4. LOL! I need to look some of these up now :)

  5. haha awwww I'm sure you can catch up
    Maybe with just a little hiccup
    But if you text fast some you don't need
    I just use them on my xbox feed
    As that thing text for ever with a damn controller moving over the words
    So my messages sound like they came from birds

    haha damn I gave you more work
    Aren't I just a jerk

  6. Socks? For some strange reason, I can't even find my socks. Must have been the wild night I had last night...

  7. OMGoodness... I refuse to say WTH... F ... just know.. I'm THINKING it!! Hahaha
    I do not know what half of these mean...Truly out of the Loop on this one.
    I do know I invented BBL .. BFN... PITA...B4 it became the 'norm' to use purely b/c I was too darn lazy to type everything in full..:)

  8. dude i need a translator...i am lost somewhere in sacramento with a virginia roadmap making left turns to go write and should not be texting as it is against the law these days, may cause me to wreck...heck i got a few but feel lost...lost...lost...come find me...

  9. Very challenging today...whole other language spoken and all I hear are the question marks in my head...habla espanol? ;)

  10. yes, i failed too... laughing midway..ha..ha..

  11. ok - i'm clearly disadvantaged as a non-native english speaker...goodness...wait until you come to the company i work for...we have abbrev. that it makes your pants smoke...ha

  12. Ha, an entire piece of text-speech, you continue to amaze me with your creative posting. Awesome job. I'll certainly have to return as there were a bunch of acronym's I did not know of, and when puzzled-I'm one of those that need to find the solution. Great job though- I would never have been able to think of all the acronyms-NWNH-(No way no How):)

  13. I am so out of contact with the acronym world. Oh, well, it had to happen some time. Good job in working it all in together.

  14. a language i can only dream of mastering. i have heard that dd does not mean dunkin' donuts. now i know:)

  15. haha or Orson just decided they need some air conditioning holes
    Or we're so stinky they had to be burnt over hot coals

    I think this would make them forget some
    And curse my little rhyming bum

    haha not even a bloody wanker from you?
    I believe you about inventing those few
    At least I'll pretend too
    So you can think it's true..haha

    hahaha the cat will get right on that
    But the last time he left our mat
    The border wasn't very nice
    I could text you twice
    As long as a cop doesn't see
    You could get a little help from me
    Going from Sacramento to L.A.
    Damn that would just be farther away

    haha can't pass everything I guess
    Plus it is a big acronym mess

    True it is another language all it's own
    Making many people moan
    Nope no spanish is known by me
    So that you can beat me at easily

    haha least you can laugh at failing
    And don't curse me with some wailing

    Geez you want me to have more abbrev in my head
    That would just cause dread
    Half I no longer even know if they are real
    I could cost your company a big deal..haha

    Going all Quantum Leap with Oh Boy
    That does bring joy

    haha yeah I know you are one to find each meaning
    To me brain text speech house cleaning
    Feels nice to get that out of my head
    And see where it lead
    Hopefully you don't waste too much time
    That would just be a crime

    See now you are a bit more in the know
    Or just more confused thanks to my show

    haha I suppose it could mean dunkin donuts though
    Just force feed it to everyone until it because a general flow

    Yes right before your eyes
    Telling you all kinds of lies

  16. Or maybe someone took my socks as a souvenir. Some women do things like that, you know. If not socks, then other articles of clothing...

  17. Very true they do, do that
    Guys tend to also like some dirty rat
    Not sure what is the point
    Other than showing off at one's joint

  18. Some people do it for sentiment,
    Remembering someone who's Heaven-sent.
    I'm surely not saying that
    I fit that bill!
    But out there, I'm sure that there's
    someone who will.

  19. I totally failed... looks like you had more than usual

  20. Yikes! I feel AFU and SOL with this post because I'm usually FUBAR. Let's keep that on the QT, though, OK? I better go get my BFF PDQ to translate this ASAP. TTFN.

  21. WAYCO?

    (who are you calling old?)
    at least I translated for you. =)

  22. I've failed. I don't understand a word you've typed here xd

  23. oh, my, Pat you bad bad cat, don't you know we non-native speakers of English see acronyms as hell? :)

  24. don't think it's a non-native English speaking problem here guys....

    *grinning and shaking my heads* [yes both of them-- I'm a different kind of alien.]

    odd and creative. What you kids won't think of these days. shucks <--not an acronym

  25. I find hard to understand a lot of it but love the animation of yourself following!

  26. Don't know what half these abreviations are so I am completly lost. Buisness as usual.

  27. I need a translator, lol. :) fun, Pat.

  28. Ahh! The letters. Maddening on the mind - you rattle us into a battle of words, good sir, and I think you're breaking minds.

  29. Acronyms really can be annoying in my opinion but there's some excellent usage in this post for the ones I understood at least. I'm letting my young generation down aren't I?

  30. I'm to old I'm afraid
    To make sense of this rhyming tirade
    I'm the cat that tried to play
    The picture on Silver's blog today!
    Oh dear, oh my, perhaps its just an act
    Left to be found out by the Just face it facts!

  31. I suppose that makes sense
    But memories work better for me then something showing past tense

    haha yeah went a tad overboard this time
    But that's not a crime

    I never used FUBAR damn it!
    Forgot about that one with my acronym bit
    At least you reminded me
    And got all the ones you left at my tree
    I will keep it on the QT
    At least until someones asks me..haha

    I'd be here all day if I translated each one
    Because there was a ton..haha
    But thanks for that
    Appreciated by the cat

    Confused are we?
    Such fun to see

    Not even ass?
    Geez you did get lost in my acronym class

    haha I never really thought of it like that
    But yes I guess I am a bad cat
    If it helps though
    I don't understand your other language at my show..haha

    Two heads you say?
    Arguing with yourself must cause dismay
    I think of much
    Don't want to lose touch

    Never fear
    It will be easy to understand my next cheer

    At least you did not go berserk
    That just would not work

    haha maybe they should invent an app or something
    Sure they have one to fling

    Yes maddening they can be
    But the rattle battle is fun at my sea
    And so is breaking minds
    I laugh and just pull the blinds

    Yes they are a pain in the butt
    Sounds like barking from a mutt
    Saves some time when rushing though
    Other than that I avoid them at my show
    Such a let down you are to the young ones
    By not knowing tons..haha

  32. hahaha you tried to play the picture that is funny
    Your expression must have be one of a confused bunny
    Never fear though
    The tirade is over at my show
    Now normal words will flow
    Or at least as normal as things here go

  33. Not THAT old, not cursin' yet, not makin' any fuss
    but am the first to admit, you left me in the 'dust!!'

    (Think you should repost later with translations
    for us clueless folk that need the explanations!)

    Clever Pat!

  34. I guess I'll spend the night translating, Pat.
    All this work, because of the cat....

  35. haha hopefully you didn't breathe any of that dust in
    Wouldn't want that even if I did win
    I checked google and tons of sites with a list
    So no need to shake a fist..haha

    Damn that cat caused work
    What a jerk

  36. "LSMFT! LSMFT! Lucky Strike means fine tobacco!"

    And now, we return you to The Jack Benny Show...

  37. haha had to look it up
    That one was too old and gave me a hiccup

    I read it meant "Let's screw my fingers tired" too
    But yeah I'll believe you
    Since it was an ad slogan 50 years or so ago
    And you two would be in the knwp..hahahaha

  38. I just realized to my chagrin,
    that I know so few acronyms.

    ABC's and PDQ's
    are the only ones I ever use.

    Except for ETA's when something's late
    or OMG's for something great.

    LOL is always good for a laugh
    And I'd like to SWAK Stephie Graff.

    Something tells me 2nite's the night,
    when LYLOB won't be quite as contrite.

    It seems that NIMBY is all I ever hear,
    and if you RBTL it should be clear

    that SOL is the only thing on my mind
    'cuz she said TLC doesn't come from behind.

    Of course I'm J/K and it's just as well
    because we're all living in acronym hell!

    So FWIW I just have to say
    MHOTY in a most special way!

  39. I failed to the point where it was embarrassing. I must be getting old...

  40. haha glad it was A-OK
    And didn't cause too much dismay

    WOW you impressed my rhyming ass
    No fail for you, you get a big pass
    Whether J/K or not
    The rhyme and acroynms you brought
    Was such fun to read too
    Again big pass for you!

    haha least now you can say
    I'm to old for this shit your way

  41. WTH? I love vanity license plate language but I couldn't decipher most of these. I still say Haha instead of LOL.

  42. Hi Pat! These are beyond me! I admire your knowledge though (or imagination)!

  43. Yeah I still say haha most of the time instead of LOL too
    I guess it means the same and just the one I used on cue

    haha cheating and making up your own
    But I guess I wouldn't want you to suffer withdraw and have you moan and groan..haha

    All are the real deal
    With the acronym approved seal..haha

  44. I feel like I just entered the world of tweets and testing. I love this images and your imagination of this poem. NW this is great.

  45. good lord... i am lost right now. english is not my first language, so even normally i feel like i am one step behind most of you who write so beautifully.. but now... i am wondering ... am i reading another language? :)

  46. First time on this blog.
    You have great posts and awesome header!

  47. Don't worry no major reprucssions if you fail
    This is just another dVerse tale
    You will not have to repeat
    Or go out and tweet..haha

    Yeah it pretty much is a language all its own
    Making many moan and groan
    Sorry for the one step or two behind feeling
    At least you did not jump in anger and hit the ceiling..haha

    Thanks for the visits to my shore
    And taking the tour

  48. I tried to guess the first few
    But I got little from what I knew
    I just read on no more guessing
    Or else would risk my head spinning


  49. Wow Pat! You've certainly made us all work hard this week. Decoded some of them, but others escaped into the fog of my ignorance and lack of modernity.
    Clever & accomplished as usual.

  50. At least you got some
    And weren't totally confused by my little rhyming bum
    Yes head spinning would be bad
    Might pop off and no more fun would be had

    Yah gave a little test
    With my rhyming dverse jest
    Some are just plain crazy whether one is in the fog or not
    It's good some you caught

  51. I was thinking the other day that I wanted to learn another language. Perhaps I was looking too far from home. I have no clue what most of those abbreviations mean and it makes me feel SO OLD!!! Thanks a lot! :P

  52. hahaha another that is too old for this shit
    At least you can have fun saying that little bit
    And yes another language it could be
    For you to learn for free

  53. You should consider turning this
    into a business but then there's
    ROI or is that ROE (fish eggs,
    what?) not to mention EBIDTA and
    P/L or SEC and DOJ or maybe
    it just depends upon your POV.

  54. Impressive! Love that you threw noob in :D ~ Rose

  55. Good God! I am LOST!!!! LOL! but everyone else isn't, which is good I guess.

    I'm still having to explain LOL to my 99 year old very functioning Aunt Jean....and OMG would be rather risque I think to her.

    LOL! But! I have found a lovely, fat, rolly poly kitten...a dark calico two days ago, a sweet FAT kitten, and brought Lily home with me....to add to my hoarding collection of 12 (1/2 geriatics).

    I understand catese, but not the language of above, and I am probably too old to catch on!

    Lady Nyo

  56. haha yeah you have to go with noob everytime
    Even within a rhyme

    hahaha at least you know what two are
    With those two you can go far
    And another kitty to add to your clan
    Damn you must have quite the litter pan
    Catese Pat understands too
    At least a few words coming from me like feed me and clean my loo..haha


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