Gramana Time, Hurts The Head In Rhyme!

So today from the tac. Wait! I am not some harps pointy thing. Why did I give hatt a ring? What is happening to me? This is not a thighs to see. I cannot seme to say what I want to today.

It's like my nogute is numb or has sweat, yebts will get a kick out of that I bet. Maybe I need eon of those Tager Britain dollar mints. But they docul leave tongue imprints. This could be some dab rupes power. Damn! That mint satted sour. I think for a rolled they should taste like they came from the holy gairl or at least better than a tacs tail.

That was just too nufny not to use as I went around to globland to peruse. Tills not getting me out of this fit. Maybe I should go all kard like Ed with his rentruc bit. Grasp thy throat and hocke the life, binding sipep through stabbing of knife.

Umm did the kard work? Damn! Still ableun to convert. Maybe a fela bite poisoned me or something else I tea at my sea. I knew I should not vahe chewed on that tac. I think it really gave my siindes a crack. Yes, the cat tups anything in my mouth, surprised I do not have a growth. Pat has to tawch me close. I guess I think everything is a mouse.

If you ever find bush bumner three, you also better hide your hoess from me. At least if they have laces, for when you all go kalt off your faces, I will chew the cales up. Just like a raczy pup. Yeah this had to be caused by something I ate, not much to alets on Pat's plate.

Could have been hatt fly. He thought he was a clever guy. But I knocked him morf the sky and chowed him down so he could no rolnge cry. Or the tainruc I chewed. That thing and I have a feud. Maybe mose Cassie hair I got in my trap. As you all know it continually flaps.

Nope, not like a mutt. I don't nisff or eat things that moce from my own, or others, butt. So never fear, was not that, hatt brought on this cheer. Oh! Now I know. As I was oging to and fro. I had to cusk back one of Fred's dab rhymes, with all his crimes. He dame this happen, with all his bad rappin.

He caused this pain, making me pop a gramana vein and fusingcon all of you. Fred, look what you made me do. Yes, I lambe you. In sace you could not tell it is true. So those are the simple Feca ti Cafts of this. Now, dref don't go and hiss. After getting that off my chest with my little jest, it seems it has come to pass. I no longer sound like a cat, dog and horse rolled into one with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Keep up the great work with your blog! You're very good at it!

  2. Pat,
    I can't say I digested what I see
    I sort of see some parts and some not
    Maybe I sort of for now let it be
    I'll wait for the next one I thought


  3. it all ends well when it ends with cats, dogs, horses and your little rhyming ass (ASs being another word for donkey) :)

  4. haha hide your hoess from was a lot fo work to read, no one rides for free, i got most maybe,bit nosht albit baybe, to try mush herdr ibd go cwazy

  5. ooooohh.. what exactly did you mean by "hatt fry" :P :P

  6. There's no such thing as nice fall. Fall sux :/

  7. I guess a rhyming nut as to be good at something
    Using the blog to let the rhymes fling

    haha yeah anagrams can be a pain
    Even slightly made me pop a vein
    As I went and did the thing up
    So never fear if there is a hiccup

    Yes those donkey's can be such a pain in the ass
    Wait that might be crass
    But wouldn't it be a contradiction
    I feel another post from that affliction

    Yeah hide those hoess
    For with the cat one never knows
    And see isn't it fun to mix them around
    Blogger's spellcheck doesn't think it's profound..haha

    It would go into "that fly"
    I played with "that" and the last name of that Pat guy..haha

    Bah fall beats winter any day
    But I take it your fall causes dismay..haha

    See D4 agrees
    Maybe Gizmo just has fleas
    Or is afraid of bright light
    Maybe Gizmo ate after midnight..haha

  8. I would love to leave a rhyming comment, as those are quite fun - but today I'm just beat as a rag as if sat on by an old hag, despite my knowledge I slip and slide through mistakes, forgetting to keep up my daily caloric intake..

  9. roses are red and the sky is blue, i like your post and see you again

  10. Pat, glad I could be of some assistance lol You did a great job here. The best thing about the way you infused the anagrams throughout the piece, is how, I'm sure you've heard of this, but in context studies it shows how the mind will actually automatically rearrange words correctly for you as you are reading. Obviously in a work as infused as this, it slows down and a bit of thought certainly has to take place. But it was a bit of work, but very fun rearranging on the fly- there a hockey reference- about time I was able to throw one of those into a conversation. Not the fit I thought it would be, bush bunbner three must be buzzing today- poor drazin wouldn't know what hit him here-

    Great job with the anagrams- and yes, I'll gladly and cheerfully take the blame:)

  11. Fun and playful, as it should be.

  12. I'm scratching my head right now..VERY confused. Let me re-read this one...At least you're entertaining me at work :)

  13. Yes you know if you left a rhyming comment it would be good
    If only you could
    But that calorie intake really has you out of the loop
    Maybe you need to go shoot hoops...haha

    Glad it was like and did not scare you away
    So you'll come back again to see what the cat has to say

    Yeah some it really does rearrange for me as I go
    Others are a tad more slow
    Probably leaving a few confused
    At the ones I infused
    hahaha sure hockey lingo will be used once more
    I could make sure of that at my shore
    Yes that Drazin mook would have no idea
    What to make of this rhyming cheer
    The blame is all on you
    Glad you can take what's due..hahaha

    Fun it will almost always be at my sea
    Even when I rant and rave about some stupid fee..haha

    Ohhhhh right! You Americans had to work today
    I forgot as I did nothing around my bay
    Glad I could give you something to do none the less
    Work can get quite boring, to that I can confess

  14. LOL! It is so amazing how different cats and dogs are. I've always been a cat girl, and now (after getting a puppy) I'm learning how to deal with dogs :) Quite interesting.

  15. I have a good friend that types like this all the time!
    So from reading his emails I'm well conditioned to decipher your rhyme.
    It was no bother to me
    and glad to see the name betsy
    yes, a tongue numb and sweaty at the same time would be bad
    and make you a little sad!
    Globland was my favorite word of all
    laughed out loud at that funny call.
    Maybe we should just call it that
    and credit you and Pat!

  16. haha yeah Cats think they are God and Dogs think they are humans, daydreamer gave me that one
    And yes it does seem to work a ton
    Both are the same in some respects here and there
    But for the most part can be quite the different pair
    Get each one together and it can be the interesting contest
    Although the dog is usually the pest..haha

    Oh so you are used to it
    Damn, didn't make you have a fit
    Must be quite the time
    Deciphering when one would intially think it's a grammar crime..haha
    Yes both at once would be really bad
    Not a fun time to be had
    Globland is a phrase I may have to repeat
    Nice have a certain beat

  17. Pat, the saddest part is that, even after dealing with first depression and now a bit of the manic, I could decipher every word. And yes, I agree with the comment about "Globland." Sometimes that's how it seems, with so many racists and grammatically challenged (but eager)"suedpo untallitelces" on the Web. Missy approves of this one, too! Amy

  18. You never run out of rhymes; do you?

  19. hahaha I think the maniac can help
    With my little mixed up yelp
    Globland is like by two
    Yeah I seen a few of those nuts that are the equivalent of the loo
    Glad Missy approves as well
    Your mixture at first made me go what the hell..haha

    Oh no never
    The cat is just so clever

  20. I find commenting here mentally exhausting. I have enough trouble thinking decent stuff to write myself hahaha

  21. Unfortunately
    I do not rhyme very well
    Here is a haiku

  22. hahaha I wouldn't want to give you brain strain
    Or make you want to murder me with a cane
    So if you repeat a phrase or two
    I won't hold it against you..hahaha

    Hey it worked out fine
    Plus there is no sign
    That says one has to rhyme
    With any comment chime

  23. This made my brain work. Oh, the pain!

  24. hahaha made you go on the brain pain train
    At least you did not go insane..haha


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