I Sure Have The Words! It's The Language Of The Birds!

So Pat has used strat and others in his books and for the cat Snavofebudusehagostratnugotion has gotten me some strange looks. But as the cat was going out in globland. I was reminded that all words were once sand. The facts are I have already done a few, so why not go ahead and do a whole slew?

Wiggtilme is such a grand word but hurpleti makes one sound absurd. I really want a purtolonie one day. But not an ereption my way. Those things are rather yarmition I hear. Plus they have tradlopop in them I fear.

Are you calling me a haplogono? Doesn't bother my graklome for I just go with the flow. Unlike that Asebronelo thing. I hear it can really sing. But sounds birklaman in tone, sometimes making the poputateca groan.

Fussipit is so fun to say. Those Jipilotins like to hide in the hay. They could help localamie the needle though. So you can wedbolone at your show. That one sounded kind of bad, it might make Oscar Mayer mad.

Blogger is sure blowing a trunholip over the words I spout. Keeps saying wrotliom to me with its shout. Glad the meaning I cannot deem. Maybe it wants to use some vinetato but is all out of cream.

Zuckagale is nice this time of year. Just add a bit of kliporoct to it and all will cheer. They may not know about what. But will be quite miritis in their rut. Have I caused you any sissition yet? If so don't blow a xenipocker and fret. Just sit back and pop a palitock. Just remember to avoid the dipitlips because they might throw a rock.

Praglio, riflogom and dronilin did not have a good showing. So their Snavofebudusehagostratnugotion just was not glowing. I guess I better give you all a nipinass or you might soon halitip my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. hehe...i am going to first look a few of these up, then put them in my mit to use and give others a fit with today, weird and long words make you sound smart and i need all the help you can fart...eww...ok that one was for the rhyme...will do better next time

    waving at tash because i am first...

  2. just ruining the day i reckon of all those that thought they were second.

  3. and now i am fourth, for what that is worth

  4. upon striking fifth, did you wish on me death

  5. sixth will be it, cause now you know i am the sh*t

  6. hahahaha I think someone has had a bit too much coffee already today
    Wow you went right to town at my bay
    I guess those made up words really got to you
    At least now I know how to push your buttons as the crazy words ensue
    Tashtoo had to go and start something again as well
    hahaha fighting over first and even fifth spot to ring the comment bell
    I don't wish you death yet
    But if you get to 100 I might fret..haha

  7. Oh you were just waiting for that sixth one
    So you could give yourself a sh*tty ego boost on your comment run..haha

  8. Awesome stuff forever. I hope you leave us never!

  9. what's a purtolonie, and do I need and want to know it? :)))

  10. "Haplogono" sounds like it means something silly yet insulting at the same time. I'm going to call my brother one tonight once he annoys me. I'll let you know his reaction. The last time I called him a made up word he started passing it on like it was an actual insult.

    The only time I would consider throwing out snavofebudusehagostratnugotion is if I happen to be in a medical conference and I'm trying to sound smart. LOL!!

  11. I am going to sneak "snavofebudusehagostratnugotion" in on my young daughter's spelling flash cards. She will freak.

  12. Love to really meet you someday to see how many of those you use in a regular conversation.

  13. I will be around for a while
    Unless a bus runs be down, that would just be vile

    haha wath out for that Zuckagale
    It really is quite the tall tale

    Oh the portolonie is such a magnificient addition to any home
    With it you'll never want to roam
    But it doesn't like being compared to other things
    When it is it starts to get dark rings

    hahaha oh that's too funny.
    The best thing you can do is pretend it's sweet as honey
    And pass it on and back at the other person who said it
    That's how words come about
    Be interesting to hear what he thinks of your insult shout
    hahaha snavofebudusehagostratnugotion might get you some looks
    Others might take off for the books
    Then they my get mad
    When they found out they've been had

    hahahaha yeah that would be quite the fit
    snavofebudusehagostratnugotion might take a spelling hit

    hahaha some of the crap I spurt out
    I wouldn't even attempt to spell in my shout
    Although I guaruntee
    snavofebudusehagostratnugotion isn't used in real word talk by me..haha

  14. By the way... Gloria was on my blog today and asked me why I always "fight" with you, haha! Isn't that cute?

  15. This is so AWESOME! It reminds me of the Jabberwocky. I'm going to use some of these words today LOL!

  16. hahaha yes she is so cute
    A little naive maybe but quite the hoot

    hahaha geez maybe I'll get some recognition for making up words my way
    I could get Webster dictionary type appeal at my bay

  17. Haha...I knew these had to be made up--There are plenty of words I've yet to see, but this many all in one space, I swear I felt a cold sweat perspire upon my face- But I checked- so 22-0 cat wins yet again:)

    Side note-making words up are super fun, I do it all the time, not on my blog, all those are real, but in some of the science fiction I write for fun- I try to create words for creatures and aliens etc... pretty fun stuff. But sometimes.

    Nice job here, or as my little niece would say, atta aga ting, atta atta doy- first time she rambled I swore she had taken the Goblin nickname I gave to her way too much to heart-lol

  18. I don't understand half these words!
    But understand or not your rhymes are great!

  19. I'm trying to fit Jilopitin into a sentence today.

  20. Half of those words went above my head LOL
    ohh Pat frm where did u learn them ??

  21. Maybe you'll get some tradlopop
    And it will go fizz fizz plop plop..haha

    hahahaha made you look
    Oh that is such fun at my nook
    I'll get you good in a day or two as well
    As I go and ring the Halloween bell
    Yeah I make the words up in my books too
    Such fun to do
    And kids make them up on the go
    Hitting a new high or low
    Sound like the nickname works as well
    Maybe you just ranr you psychic bell

    hahaha yes you aren't supposed too
    such fun confusing you

    hahaha should be interesting to see how that goes over
    Hopefully no one thinsk you've been spending too much time with rover

    The cat made them all up
    So yeah I expected some confusion with a hiccup

  22. m going to use some of them... to show off :D

  23. hahaha let me know what occurs
    And if you ruffle any furs

  24. "The cat made them all up..."

    Now explain to me the people who claim to have only known about half of them...?

  25. Ummm strat and snavofebudusehagostratnugotion I've used here before
    So maybe they really really got confused and thought two was half at my shore?
    You think?
    I can make some hit the brink

  26. I think you give them too much credit.
    Some of them just tried to "spread it."
    (There! I can't believe I said it!
    Should I just go back and edit?
    Some might
    anger once they've read it!
    Nope, on second thought... Forget it!)

  27. You should try and use those in normal conversation as much as you can and see if you can get away with it. :P

  28. Ah, Snavofebudusehagostratnugotion, we meet again! I will learn how to pronounce you, some day!

  29. Nah! Screw words! I have another blog for that >=[

  30. LOL You really trot these out. Love the comments from Brian and all the play in them from everyone too.

    Look out for flying ducks ;)

  31. I suppose you could speak the truth
    But let's keep it on the DL so you don't offend poor imaginery Ruth

    haha see how long before someone thinks I'm crazy
    Slipping them in with an oopsy daisy

    hahaha good luck with that
    Is a feat even for the cat

    The words and birds are all over the place
    They seem to be spreading at a rapid pace

    Yes out they trot
    I have a lot
    Those flying ducks have nothing on me
    Even with their flying V

  32. All those words make my mosquito bites itch
    And now I'm even more of a bitch --
    than usual.
    Grab an antihistamine
    Because I am a druggie fiend.


  33. haha driving you right to use
    Hopefully nothing pertinent in that head you will lose..haha
    And your itch will be gone
    Then you can say more colorful things than bitch at my lawn

  34. lol at Brian
    I guess nobody fights to be 37th
    but that's where you end up this time of day
    when you're like me and spend the day away
    from your laptop and home
    doing the auction roam.

    I can't pronounce but a few of these
    can't you use easy words like cheese?
    or even strat is easy to say
    and makes me laugh since I know it's birthday.
    and even what it means
    and it's not even clean.

  35. Pat so you think Im a little naive???
    You dont know me I think...

  36. hahaha yeah I think Brian is taking on your coffee consumption of 12 a day
    You might want to tell your twin that can make one quite hyper and want to play..haha
    Yeah 37th is a tad low
    But you always have a lot on the go
    And who knows maybe someone wants 37
    Like some ghost we can't get to heaven
    Or some imaginary friend
    Who you just ticked off to no end..haha

    I can pronounce them but they make little sense
    And I may sound a bit dense
    And yeah strat is still my favorite too
    Using it more in real life as well, sad but true
    Yes Mason sure doesn't make it sound clean
    As he always says it and makes a scene..haha

    And oh if you like strat
    Wait until you see a future post from the cat
    That's all the spoilers that will come
    From my little rhyming bum..haha

    hahaha oh just a little teeny tiny bit
    But as seen your fun and can take the hit..haha

  37. OK...looking forward to that post for sure some day
    and are you emailing me something on Monday?
    Speaking of strat and all of that? :)

  38. haha yes that strat will be done tomorrow at the latest I'd say
    But still have to go over and fix things my way
    So some time this week depending on life
    And the strat it throws at me for strife..haha

  39. whew on Brian getting all the top comments
    while i am trying to clear my head a moment
    these words stumped, where was i reading
    now i know you were just being creative zing ~

    happy weekend ~

  40. Thanks for the interest
    In the rhyming pest

    Yeah Brian was kind of seedy
    And got a bit greedy..haha
    Yes sorry for the stump
    Glad you are over the hump
    And now know they are fake
    At least at this point at my lake
    Maybe in 10 years time they will be norm
    All thanks to my rhymin dorm

  41. "Ha,ha,ha,ha," really you dont know me, is OK,

  42. to Gloria ~ don't mind Pat...or the cat...they think it's their job to insult and tease...but it's all in fun. Just go on the attack and dish it back. :)

  43. Dish it back you say
    That's fine just don't throw dishes at my way..haha

  44. Especially dishes full of food...because that would not taste good to you!

  45. haha yes that would really curl my ocd
    And would not be fun to see


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