Leave Without a Trace and Stuff Your Crap In Your Face!

The laziness of some people is borderline, okay right over the edge, crazy. It's like they are completely hazy.

"Oh look the task is two feet away, I will get someone else way down the hall to do it today"

"Oh no! She's three feet away from me. My eye sight is straining to see. I will send an email instead, for talking could cause so much dread. After all I have no idea if my voice will carry three feet. I might skip a beat."

Pffft just plain sad that one is so damn lazy at their work pad. But further more, what seems to get an increased encore. Is one's inability to clean up their own damn mess, it's like they simply hit regress. Now they have become some pet or child or some freaky Bigfoot type thing out in the wild. Which to each of those for real this does not apply. But for the rest they need an added boost of brain cell supply.

Of course there is no problem for me, if they want to be messy. But when instead of cleaning their crap and just running their damn yap, they take their junk and put it where I just cleaned up. I want to beat them over the head with their over used coffee cup.

Three days later comes the kicker, that coffee cup must carry liquor.

"Now where did I put that? Oh well, it gives me an excuse to once again chat."

Meanwhile what they do not know, is every time one puts their crap in my space high or low. Just because they are a lazy ass and unable to clean their crap, it sorta, maybe, takes a garbage bin lap. hahaha Oh I love it. Watching as they scramble and scurry in a fit because they continued yapping and flapping.

Then when the last minute approaches they look and oops their stuff seems to have gotten the hook.

"Have you seen this or that? Umm no, maybe it was carried off by a bat?"

When really it went splat, into the garbage bin because you were a lazy mook and tried to invade Pat. But yes some things are top notch and you would not want to botch. So if those come near me, I will be a bit nicer you see. They will just get buried back in your own crap. So when you find them, you will think you were one silly sap.

Isn't Pat a tricky/mean sob? But payback is fun, as well as being tricky. Think they would take the hint after the first reprint and keep their crap nice and close. But alas that is one thing their flapping seems to be unable to diagnose.

So you try to push your mess on me and I will be one busy bee. But you might not like what occurs for I will become one of your unlikely saboteurs. The other is you because you are so lazy and let the crap accrue. Did that shed some light on the working class? Either way the facts are, keep your crap to yourself or suffer the wrath of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. i hear you man...and you might be a bit OCD, but that is alright with me, i like it clean but try no to obsess, my mess that i do leave is organized chaos.

  2. I completely get this. Lazy people are so annoying!!!! Messy people are also the worst!! I'm that freakshow that lines everything up so it's set up perfectly. Sigh...Think of all the wasted hours making sure everything is symmetrical. Is your closet color coded too? Mine is!! hahaha Lazy people may have more free time, but think of pretty our "spaces" are :)

  3. hahaha yes just a bit maybe
    Oh well it's fine by me
    Any chaos I have is well organized too
    I don't obsess over others crap, just my crap tha is due

    Yes I have things lined up rather well
    Which works good because you can give one hell
    If it is moved a single inch from side to side
    Because you know someone touched it no matter if they lied
    I have my over 2000 dvds in order from a to z
    And many other things are in an order all their own for me
    Color coded not so much though
    But I make sure everything hangs the same way at my show..haha
    Lazy people have more time to get fat
    That is about the size of that
    If everything is in its place
    We also have more time because we don't have to bother searching for something or constantly cleaning our space
    Yes it looks better too
    Until it's messed up a bit by a cat or two..haha

  4. I have felt like this sooo many times. Good to know I'm not alone :)

    This is my favorite line: "Three days later comes the kicker, that coffee cup must carry liquor."

  5. Yes you are not alone
    Damn people are lazy to the bone
    And just want to clutter up your space
    Because they can't clean and pick up the pace
    hahaha one would think they are drunk
    Any normal person at least, that's not in a lazy funk

  6. Oh, this is so funny as your work space
    has become the Bermuda Triangle of the office maze
    Leave their junk on your desk
    and it disappears in the trash can mess.
    It's bad enough keeping your own stuff in order
    without people infringing on your border!

  7. hahaha yes it just goes poof
    Blows away to Oz on Dorothy's roof
    Or gets chewed on by rats
    Or hidden under mats
    Either way it goes bye bye
    Should infringe on another guy..haha

  8. Totally feel what you're dealing with here and completely agree. Simplicity of thought never seems to be the courtesy of the lot. But if you want some cheering up, off topic but a good spot to mention, I saw a trailer that I'm sure Orlin and Cassie would like, in fact Cassie may insist, if she's like some other girls I know- Oh, I have to see that movie he's so cute- Well, coming soon, which you may already know, is the full length feature of Puss In boots:) But yeah, people DAMN. Glad you vent about these things, although I can only attest to me, people really can be irritating. And people wonder why for eternity man has chosen to keep the company of pets- it's because despite the occasional poop to scoop or scratching this or that, they don't cause the mind nearly half the crap:)

  9. pfff, I was too lazy to read the whole passage,
    could you just e-mail me it's main message?
    Just kiddin' off course :P

  10. lol...I think Dezmond's comment just got deleted!
    Conveniently lost in the rhymetime trash can.
    Accidentally on purpose, of course. :)

  11. haha yeah I just watched the puss in boots trailer the other day
    Hopefully it's good when I hit play
    Unlike Shrek 3 and 4
    Which should be thrown out the dooor
    Yes people can annoy
    And even with pets and their poo, they can bring much more joy

    Pffft I couldn't even get through your comment one bit
    It just wasn't a hit
    My email is broke too
    Damn, I guess I did read what was left by you..haha

    haha yeah where did it go
    No longer seems to show
    Oh there it is
    Even though the screen starts to fizz
    May not last long
    Clogging up my lawn

  12. Remind me to work with you :)
    Teasing you. I'm the same, if something has a place and you take it, use it, then put it back in the same place you found it!

  13. Pat, You are a frickin' genius. And it's not meanness. You do exactly as I would because others don't do as they should.


  14. Yep doesn't seem that hard to do
    Yet many think it's untrue
    As all they do is slap it here
    Or slap it there
    And don't even care
    Until they need it then pull out their hair

    hahaha glad you agree
    Payback is fun and causes some glee
    If one would kept their crap to themselves
    Or clean their shelves
    All would be fine
    So their fault not mine..haha

  15. somehow i get the creepy feeling you're talking about my son's room..smiles

  16. hahaha bah kids are messy until they are on their own
    So I throw them a bone
    After that though
    They need to run a clean show..haha

  17. I always enjoy a good revenge tale. :)

  18. Please, tell me more about the cats on the front page.

  19. haha revenge can be fun
    Too bad I have to do it a ton

    The cats on the front page?
    The two above that are all the rage?

  20. I remember from my office days I was always annoyed at the people who would leave their empty (or half-empty) coffee cups around, or unwashed dishes in the office kitchen, or jackets thrown somewhere on the floor and the list can go on and go. The worst part is that most of these folks don't even realize that such things can bother others. Argh. :-)

  21. That was awesome, I love reading your comments too! If only I was as great Pat Hatt the great, I'm sure I wouldn't sit there just lifting weights, I'd have a pile of cash and a huge moustache, with loads of spanish chicks diggin my running kicks.

  22. I like the "Oh no! She's three feet away from me. My eye sight is straining to see. I will send an email instead" line, made me laugh ^^

  23. Some parts made me laugh but this is a great post + follow

  24. Yeah some don't even know
    As they are a tad slow
    Treating it like they are home
    And making me glad I don't go near where they roam...haha

    haha oh the pile of cash would be nice
    I'd go to Vegas and roll the dice
    And borrow some chicks from you
    To bring good luck until I'm through

    haha yes such lazy people are scary
    No wonder in work their head does bury

    Thanks for the follow of your host
    And the comment on the post


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