Make Things Less Boring and Avoid Snoring!

I guess Pat and his crap inspired the cat the other day, with his stupid accounting and such say. Then I walked by this course and felt a load of remorse, for all those in there. If I had to listen to Mr. Robot Voice drone on and on, I would have pulled out my hair.

Just ten seconds was enough, to know staying awake through that thing would be rough. So the cat thought about it and of course it brought on a what to do fit.

What to do, What to do
When the speaking robot man is boring you!

So you have to go to some presentation,
Whether it be class or another representation.
Yet you get there and the droning begins.
What can you do when no one but the book reading robot man wins?

Of course there is the tack on the seat
Or other known rules to defeat.
But why not get a camera and have it flash,
Blinding robot man and no more book rehash.

A question arises to you,
Oh! Oh! Pick me oooo! oooo!
You that sounded bad.
But still lets say you're a picked lass or lad.

Then point to someone else and say,
They know the answer today.
Or claim you got the answer from the bathroom wall.
After all the new medication makes you run down the hall.

Could simply just walk up and read from robot man's book.
Wait for the dirty look,
Then say he sets a bad example.
And why should you be part of a random sample.

Could use spray paint to takes notes,
Or an old fashion typewrite to for his quotes.
Tape record the end of day bell.
Then play it ever five minutes causing such hell.

Or simply sit it on your chair,
And walk out with such flare.
Say your machine will copy another.
And you've got better things to like watch Big Brother.

Yeah reality TV ewww!
But it does cater to the brainless crew.
Bring a water gun,
That would be such fun.

Or switch it around,
And have a fishing rod be magically found.
Use it to take off the robot man's wig.
Then dance a jig.

I did that! I did that too!
Is constantly sung out by you.
Then contradict every thing with some fact.
Acting as if you are the authoritative act.

Or you had a family member.
And as your tree you dismember.
Your wife's, dog's, half brother's, cat's, half eaten mouse,
Did the thing that was gross.

Time to play hoops,
In robot man's coffee or fruit loops.
Pick your paper apart,
And let it depart.

If you miss, don't hiss.
And if you get caught just dismiss.
You need 30 required minutes of exercise after all.
According to town hall.

Stretch out with your 3d glasses,
Yeah a fad that hopefully passes.
And ask when the movie is going to start.
Say you found better choices at Wal-Mart.

So there you go,
Now thanks to my show.
You have no need to be bored,
The next time a robot man slouches your spinal cord.

The facts were easy today. Avoid robot men or women and their stupid reading display. And that is all coming from my way. Hopefully I caused those robots dismay. The next time they ramble on out of a book in class and I will laugh as they curse my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Oh I love this. Keep up with the good work man!

  2. Oh, my the Borg attack again in their piracy!
    I smell intergalactic conspiracy!
    And the cat just wastes time chasing mice,
    while we are being crushed by the evil Borg device!

  3. As usual I will
    Each and every day at my sil

    hahaha damn you're saying he really was a robot
    Glad the cat didn't get caught
    No beam me up Scottie here
    That cat will stock up on mice and let all you be crushed be the Borg's I fear
    But when they come near me
    I'll show them bush number three
    They will all flee
    And you will all once again be free

  4. haha nice....i used to teach/train in the corporate game, always tried to make it interesting, no quite like professional wrestling, but taught things like profit margin as a cooking show, to make the young minds grow as i dont want fruit loops in my coffee stuff, from the ass who is rhyming buff...

  5. Great tips.. maybe you should try finger tapping as well, when you are bored to listen to people.

  6. May just sit through to see
    Which ones can be of much help
    It'll be that relatively easy
    To prevent one from taking a nap!


  7. Oh how I wish I had this list
    back in college classes when I would wish
    for the droning to go away
    and a nap come my way.

  8. Luckily, I'm in a train of thought mood today so this was badass.

  9. Damn! you've had tons of jobs your way
    From repo man to teacher trying to cause no dismay
    At least with the teacher one
    I'm sure those on the opposite end of repo Brian thought you no fun..haha
    You no fruit loops in coffee hoops would be good
    And teaching like that is what all should
    Not just read from a book
    Like that robot seemed to be doing when I passed by his nook

    Oh I've done that
    I even got a playful whack, thankfully not with a bat

    Yeah just trying to think them up
    Can help one avoid the nap hiccup
    Plus no trouble they will cause
    But if you use them you may get an applause

    Yeah it's just too bad I wasn't even around
    When you and college were found..hahahaha
    Oh that I had to do
    Just to get a dig at you
    Droning can be no fun
    Glad with all of that I am done

    Glad I could help with the badass train
    And you did not go and pop a vein

  10. Oh, that was bad. Very bad.
    But I guess you had to say it, lad.
    Yep, I guess you weren't even born yet
    when my diploma I did get.
    So what was the special year?
    1985 I'm guessing you did appear.

  11. i very much like the ideas of using spray paint to takes notes in meetings...brings just some color into the grey...ha

  12. Lots of fun ideas-will remember if I ever return to school- or meet a robot on the street, as they may not read books aloud, but they need an oiling bad, as they just go on and on- I guess a bit like flappy but not as annoying, not in the same way at least, but droning on and on...Hmm, I guess a bit like me right there-lol The hoops into the coffee was great, as I've thought of things like that before- old job boss always left his cup in front of our faces- never did though.

    Hey, off-topic though- thanks I got that email from you- it came the day you sent it, just didn't notice it till yesterday, and forgot to thank in that reply.

  13. hahaha great post :D you are talented :D

  14. haha yes you would be correct in the year
    So even though I was very bad you can give your math skills a cheer..haha
    You'll get me back soon enough though
    As the sweat will once again flow

    Yeah it offsets the grey quite well
    Big enough paper though I'm not sure they sell

    haha bah screw school
    Going back there is uncool..haha
    Yeah drones are everywhere
    They yap and they stare
    More than I can bear
    They are quite the scare
    I did shoot hoops with an eraser once
    Into a teachers cup when I had detention, he was a dunce
    Lately got thrown in jail for having an affair with a 16 year old student of his
    Guess the 50+ year old thought she needed help with a quiz
    Glad I made him eat erasers pieces now
    He did suck them back too some how..haha
    The email of the book?
    Only one I think I sent your nook

    Talented I guess
    But more of a rhyming nut I will confess

    Good one
    With my fun

  15. funny cause it rhymes
    Now if only money came from the chimes..haha

  16. I never met a robot yet that droned on and on.
    Met a few people who voices were so dull you felt your eyelids drooping from boredom.
    Always loved voices that kind of have a sing-song lilt to them, not too high, not screechy and silly girly type, just nice, mellow with a bit of a changing tone to hold your attention span from wandering.
    Nice one Pat, don't want to listen to no robot talk like that or, will happily do a runner with your cats ;)

  17. For such a boring lecture
    I would have to conjecture
    Is there a fire alarm to pull
    That would end all the bull!

  18. im gonna put this up on the fridge :)

  19. haha See, my memory is as good as yours!
    Since I gave your brain that tour.
    And yes, you would be correct
    as getting even will be played yet.

  20. oh god...I feel your pain in this post. 9 hour work day then having to sit in a lecture hall for two hours??? No thank you!!!

    Well, last class there was a bee flying around. I spent the ENTIRE class dodging the insect pretending that my life depended on it. I was armed with my notebook and body spray (Spray that sucker!). That's a great idea! The next time you're bored, let loose a bumble bee and watch your class go crazzzyyy!!

  21. Make things less boring and avoid snoring?
    My daughter claims my snoring is as loud as a chainsaw, making me fear a sleepover. So how will I get it on with some young rover? Kick him out of the house as soon as it's over? Oi! I wants me a lover. But if I have to listen to Robot Man, never fear, I can turn on the snore. It will let him know he's a bore.


  22. Yes those voices do work quite well
    When they go on about the lecture they tell
    Although they seem to be few and fair between
    At least many I have seen
    If the cats ever become a robot
    The blog will rot
    As we will leave
    Becoming to roboty for anyone to grieve
    But for now we work
    So you can always come and lurk

    Yeah but you can get fined for that
    Or go to the slammer as they roll out the welcome mat
    Either way would cause dismay
    So from that I will stray

    hahaha some people might think your a crazy
    Or if they see it their eyes may go hazy

    haha I'm not afraid though
    As plenty more playful banter will come at my show
    And then there will be a dear
    Followed after your payback cheer

    Ewwwww 9 hours of work
    You're boss is really a jerk
    If I had to work that long
    I'd shoot myself in the foot so I can say something was wrong
    And leave for a good few weeks or more
    Ewww again to that long ass work tour
    Then class too
    That just can't due
    I could not take that
    Would be a run down cat
    But yeah the bee idea is great
    Have to add that one to my what to do plate

    Least you can scare any burglars away
    Thinking you are the Texas Chainsaw Massacre guy as you snore away
    Or just give the guy ear plugs to use
    Then his ears you won't abuse..haha

  23. you are so creative Pat
    i have no words to prattle
    such a tall tale of snoring
    you made it not at all boring

    happy weekend ~

  24. Fantastic, Pat. I wish I could rhyme so effortlessly :-)

  25. Glad I did not bore
    That would just be a chore
    Then all would flee
    And no longer visit bush number three

    Yes effortlessly it does seem to come
    To my little rhyming bum..haha

  26. I'll remember these at our next all staff meeting. We usually bring food to help keep us awake. Its much better to chew than to yawn :)


  27. really liked its title :)
    an apt one !!

    Enjoyed as ever

  28. I used to do this in High school but now that I'm in University and paying for these courses I might as well get the most out of them.

  29. Me clever as always
    At least most days

    Ewww yes staff meetings can be quite the bore
    I sometimes despise taking that tour
    Never figured on using it for that
    I guess I may have to try them at my work mat

    An apt one you say
    Yes it does seem to work with my play

    I suppose your are right
    For paying is already a plight
    Stupid student loans are even worse
    Those daily I curse


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