More Damn News, About Those Shoes!

You know, I think it was really cat slippers that Drazin loon wanted as he continually taunted. But these look more his type, with his so called godly hype.

I wondered why Peacock never returned to my shore to "critique" me some more. I guess now I have the answer to that. Looks like Drazin can be useful to the cat. Poor peacock got chopped up and eaten. Also probably a tad beaten. I guess such is the life for someone who pretends to be so big and tries to cause strife.

Anyway this does not change a thing, as Drazin gave his usual mook ring. He always has to flap and run his stupid yap. Grammar Nazi also mentioned the last time about Drazin's look. So instead of writing a book. I went to that other place he is found and took this. Doesn't he look so profound.

Drazin here fleabags. Don't think that just because Drazin now has some peacock slippers to warm Drazin's godly feet, that Drazin has forgotten about you. The peacock slippers do wonders to keep Drazin's feet warm, but they don't have the strength to fully weather a winter storm. Look Drazin rhymed just for you. It's the least Drazin can do. For pretty soon Drazin will make you into slippers just like that dumb peacock. So Drazin's feet will always be warm when Drazin walks.

So batten down the hatches fleabags, Drazin is on Drazin's way and Drazin is going to make you into slippers soon enough. Oh Drazin loves it. Drazin can't be stopped, not by the sliver hyena or drop dead fred or crazy cat zoo lady or stinky foot or toilet in the yard woman or that Of nutcase or some crazy day dreamer or any other clowns that come by. Drazin is a God and that's no lie.

See you soon fleabags.

Sooo I guess the facts are simply he is a complete nutcase. That can rant but does not want to show his face. At least he had some fun with that peacock guy, sorry if he made anyone cry. He truly does like to hear his own name and does not try to be tame. But ignore the so called God's sass, as he can be crass, but is full of gas and will never get my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. ooo so is this a show down between drazin and the grammar nazi...i have a theory they are the same person any way as they have the same letters in their names, ooo controversy....

  2. haha think Grammar Nazi just wanted to know the look
    Not sure he wants to give Drazin the hook
    But you never know
    They could go toe to toe
    Never noticed the same letters in each one
    Maybe it is the same person having anagram type fun

  3. He truly does like to hear his own name--LOL! So funny :)

  4. With eyes like that... how can he look sane!

    I used an old phone on purpose, can't think why. Just thought it added a bit more to the suspense

  5. Actually a better duel would be
    between peacock and the grammar nazi!
    Since peacock was so quick to correct
    every word of yours he read and checked.
    I have a feeling Fox could take him down
    then have those feathered slippers to wear around!

  6. Drazin is scary... will he turn me also into slippers to keep his feet warm?? :( :(

  7. Yes he says it over and over and over
    Like he's calling rover
    But it's his own
    Be tough to listen too on the phone..haha

    hahaha very true
    He's a nut through and through
    Yes the slow dialing would add more suspense
    Making everything more tense

    Yeah that would be quite the duel
    Grammar Nazi taking Peacock apart with every rule
    Don't sure Orson would let the feathered slippers live though
    Orlin would definitely make sure they go

  8. haha I don't think Drazin bothers humans all that much
    But if he's brain loses touch
    With reality any more
    He could makes slippers galore
    Out of humans too
    So run far away if such a thing comes due

  9. P. S. I had to tell you that everyone should like Canadians. My grandma came to the U.S. from Canada and I swear she was on the of coolest people ever :)

  10. who is this Drazin guy? He sure has a rockin' style, although I'm sure that now tailless peacocks won't agree with me ... poor birds ....

  11. drazin...exactly...he's already a math guy...why not grammar nazi as well...? smiles

  12. haha yeah your game shows don't like us
    Besides the Jeopardy and maybe price is right bus
    The rest won't let Canadians on
    Guess they don't like our icy lawn..haha
    Canadians can also kept cool
    And can be cool, just look at this rhyming fool..haha

    haha yes he has a style all his own
    With each and every name groan
    Making a poor peacock moan
    As he prob chewed on its bone

    Drazin a grammar nazi would be funny
    He'd never make any money
    Too busy saying his name a billion times
    With all his useless windbag chimes..haha

  13. That red-eyed, dim, bald-headed fart
    Called "Drazin" has no style, nor art!
    He thinks he's tough, but threatens
    human ever would fear that?
    And saying Drazin is the same
    As Grammar Nazi? Oh, for shame!

    Will we see Peacock any more?
    I doubt he'll show on Orlin's shore.
    He knows that here, he's far outclassed
    By those who'd kick his rhyming ass!
    But if proud Peacock
    should return,
    I'll send that bird to Hell to burn!

  14. The crazed Drazin wearing peacock slippers--I wonder what his p.js are like?

  15. haha I'm sure the loud mouth might have a few choice words for you
    But I guess he's not around to view
    Must be past his bed time
    Or he fears your chime..haha
    Yes if stupid Peacock comes back
    I'll be sure to let all know his flack
    To go on the attack
    Not that he is anything more than a hack

    I don't even want to go there
    As he could tell us he sleeps ummm bare..haha

    Although you never know
    Could have smurf or pokemon pajamas from head to toe..haha

  16. Drazin crazy rhymes for that peacock shoe...
    No one can deny those shoes r cute :)

  17. Very interesting return Drazin turned. Peacock slippers now that was pristine, I thought the cat would get a reprieve but I guess Drazin's related to amelda marcos (sic ?) after all but then he just went all nuts and all. He may be getting to the point that he'll appear whenever his name is spoke, so now perhaps we should all discuss him like Harry Potter would speak "the name we mustn't speak" and perhaps he'll then, in turn, adore Bush #4, leaving #3 rhyming free.

  18. Drazin is sure looking funny
    In slippers that look dandy
    He can protest and he can rant
    For these are for keeping him warm


  19. Yes he likes his peacock shoe
    But still wants what he thinks is due
    A cat slipper or two
    That are brand new..haha

    haha you could be correct
    And cocky Drazin may not stand so erect
    As we don't speak his name
    He'll stop his third person talking game
    And go to bush #4
    I hear a mutt resides at that shore
    So Drazin may get a bite
    Wouldn't that be a sight

    haha yes his feet are now warm
    As he awaits the winter storm


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