Mr. Linky Is Giving Me Triskaidekaphobia Today. Damn that dVerse Way!

I suppose there are worse things to suffer from. Like fear of wiping your bum. But really Triskaidekaphobia is a tad out to lunch. Except maybe when applying it to this credit crunch. Never fear, I will give you the facts dear. Crap! I stole Betsy's word, but she's a dear and will not flip me the bird. This 13 is really bringing me bad luck. Riiiight and because of it I will get hit by a truck.

Yes, it means you are afriad of the big scary number "13" oh no! There it is at my show. Run, flee, hide. You cannot let it be seen far and wide. So anyway this should be fun, as I go down the 13 tracks of dVerse one by one.

13 I cannot find.
Gives me such piece of mind.
They even skipped a street for me.
If they did not every accident would be 13's fault you see.

I hit the elevator button for fourteen.
And 13 just is not seen.
Aww isn't that nice.
They once again played to my vice.

Oh no! It's Friday and 13 together.
We better watch out for stormy weather.
Even though it's the most common day.
That 13 tends to have its say on any weekday.

Yes there is religion too.
13 at the last supper for brew.
Also in Norse myth 13 came to Odin's feast
And it was ruined by that Loki beast.

That has to make it oh so legit.
Further verifying such a fit.
Oh do not give me any more facts.
I am set in my ways and acts.

Who cares if there were 14 in some earthquake.
Or 10 got squashed like a pancake.
Or 5 had uneven toes.
Or 50 got killed by killer windows.

13 is truly the bad luck one.
It will always make me run.
The 24 folks in the plane crash.
The 7 with a bad rash.

The 11 with no sweat glands.
The 19 afraid to shake hands.
Or the 15 with one shoe.
With 17 aliens in their loo.

Are all just out of luck.
Because 13 is what makes bad luck go cluck.
I do not care if it was good luck before.
It brings bad luck now galore.

Who cares if a suggested $800 - $900 million is lost each Friday.
That thirteen decides to play.
It is just so scary.
I'd rather walk under a ladder, see a black cat and make my toes hairy.

What is that you say?
13 does not cause dismay?
Pfffft I am not a Placebo case.
Wait until 13 shows its face.

Then you will know.
You will know at your show.
That 13 is out to get you.
You and the dVerse crew.

Oh no! 13 is going to come after me. I guess I better flee! Pfffft, just some crappy number and if you think by pressing 14 on an elevator you are truly on the 14th floor, you are dumber than a cucumber. But I will now let you and your scary number be. Maybe I should charge a 13 dollar fee? Then they will round up for bad luck, could be a golden duck. Point is, as always, if you look you will find, no matter what number is "oh so scary" to your behind. That is all today for my scary number math class and off I go with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Friday the 13th the bane of many
    A phenomena not readily understood
    A situation of trying times for the uncanny
    Tread a tad carefully for your own good


  2. Wow, educational and rhyming. Nicely done Pat--even making me learnin something and all.

  3. Pat, true, oh so true, if you look for reasons, reasons you will fine. If irrational behavior or thoughts need some sort of validation, if you look you'll find it. Great notion. By the way I see a black cat every day, literally- although he growls, bad luck he does not cluck. Friday The 13th, and all those primitively "scary" Jason flicks, spawned so many "horror" movies in it's ilk, which by the way, from a completely cinematic point of view, were truly scary in their own right. So yeah, a little salt must be taken with this 13 stew- Love how in the movie worlds, spoofs often tackle the things we often think without going over the brink, and so, Saturday the 14th was born, and I think there's a lesson in there someplace.

    13 is also Olivia Wilde's character's name on house- and she's anything but scary.

    My favorite part in here is when you mentioned the floors, and the elevators- so, so true.

    Excellence in rhyming fun once again.

  4. Oh Mr Pat, you had me at hello.

    You had me at hello.

  5. 13 is just a silly number! Don't let it get the best of you... If you ask me, 7 is the real evil number and 13 is just trying to steal its hype. It's reputation as "lucky" is just a cover up. Sigh...

  6. Thirteen has a bad rep for no valid reason Also can thirteen guest be considered a feats, I would say that as a large dinner party.

  7. smiles...numbers crawling out your closet, or under your bed, validation comes in spades once it is in your head, its spider legs filling in crevasses with eggs to hatch along your brain stem, shivers quivers go your spine, the wind cackled unkind, thirteen can not be far behind...

  8. Now I'm scared of 13 LOL! I love this :)

  9. You seem to have a lot of creativity everyday :) big ups.

  10. haha - think we gonna have the most rocking 13th open link night today...smiles...and now - please excuse me...have to check the loo for aliens...smiles

  11. "13 is what makes bad luck go cluck"...apparently But is it true, really? That's the question as you say...smiles.

  12. On the 13th i'll pray for you...:-)

  13. Ha dad used to say 13 is good luck...go figure :) a nice write, Pat.

  14. Sweet thirteen
    is not so mean
    it must have virtue
    wouldn't hurt you
    only if you speak unkindly
    harmfully and oh so blindly.

    What am I insanely!!!

  15. Thank goodness I never have thought 13 unlucky... there's a 13 every single month, and, you can't avoid it. Must be awful to have that fear though in reality. I always thought 7 as my lucky number and then #13 but then again, I like being the odd one out anyways...hehe

  16. Oh dear...i feel sorry for the number 13, its very kindly really I'm sure!! :) oh where is my sonnet? just for a moment I thought, has he done it? i'm going to be thinking that from now

  17. I wouldn't mind a feast
    with that Loki beast!

  18. I guess I'm dressing up as 13 for Halloween.

  19. The Koreans are so superstitious about the number 13 my daughter tells me that they actually have no thirteenth floor in their buildings! It goes straight from twelve to fourteen. She had quite the elevator ride one day attempting to find a thirteenth floor! I guess it's as good a way as any of fixing a foolish problem!

  20. I like to think of 13 being actually the nubmer 12.

    No really.

    13 x 3 = 39; 3 + 9 = 12.

    Makes my life a little bit easier, and besides, 13 has been somthing of a good luck charm for me.

  21. Yo Pat - what's up?

    Im big on maths for the sake of physics and to understand the universe I try my hand at matrix mathematics-so I love numbers and poetry- Im superstitious too-therefore I love this time.

    You rock pat

  22. Well, Pat. All I have to say
    is that by the time you reply to all these comments at your bay
    your reply will be 13 miles long
    How will you sing that song?
    Maybe shorten it a bit to only be twelve
    Because into thirteen you won't want to delve?
    Or maybe be a bit long winded and get to fourteen
    so you don't rupture your spleen!

  23. 50 got killed by killer windows??? Really? I knew there was a reason I liked being outside.
    Thanks for taking my intro to heart, Patt, and unearthing even more fearsome 13 facts.

  24. you are the rhyme king for sure :)

  25. I needed your laughs and rhyming fun.. thanks for the smiles and kind words ~

  26. ever see Being John Malcovich?

  27. This was a charmingly humorous piece, very nice Pat... ;)

  28. This is truly clever, Pat. I personally like the number 13.

  29. I have 13 kids, tell me about 13 being a bad number...

  30. Yes it is a bane
    Silly some see it as a scary train

    See I can walk and chew gum at the same time
    With my educational rhyme
    Damn I made you learn
    I'll have to be extra nuts next time in turn..haha

    Yep if one looks they will find what they want
    And let such things as 13 haunt
    Those scary flicks are mostly junk
    Just some nut in a funk
    Yes she is anything but scary
    House is just kind of hairy
    Sad how elevators and floors
    Are taken away, in some cases even doors

    Glad I had you at hello
    Want some jello?..haha

    Exactly silly number is all it is
    Might makes quite a bit of fun for my rhyming biz

    Yeah just some nut said oh 13 is bad
    Then it caught on by some lad
    And poof all of a sudden it's bad luck
    Really wtf..haha

    haha damn you really reached into the dark
    And those spiders can leave a mark
    But I won't blame it on 13
    Just on the stupid apartment scene

    haha don't be scared too much
    13 can't reach out and touch

    Yes that it seems to be
    Wonderful when it will run out of me

    Yeah gave 13 a rock
    And maybe a bit of a shock
    Watch those aliens too
    They shove things up ones gazoo..haha

    Only true if you believe it is
    Such is the nature of mind of matter biz

    Bah a prayer won't work
    Because on the 13th nothing will lurk

    It was good luck at one point
    Until someone got their nose out of joint

    Yes it isn't mean
    Looks all clean
    But causes a scene
    From young to old to teen

    Yes you are odd as well
    But I am too so what the hell..haha
    Would be an awful fear
    Especailly if it made one shed a tear

    haha 13 got quite the bash
    I feel sorry too, hopefully now it won't give me a rash
    Oh it will come eventually at my place
    Just had other things that occupied my face

    I would if he was all tricky
    He could make your food rather icky

    haha that would be a sight
    Be 13 and give it some bite

    haha yeah some cultures really put to much crap into numbers here and there
    Making them pull out their hair
    Point is you can always find it if you look
    Boy I could write a book

    Good logic there
    Maybe 13 to 12 would make some go to the 13 fair

    Yes with my day jobs maths come in handy
    So rhyming and 13 was just dandy
    Not superstitious much at all
    Here at my hall
    Glad I rock
    Here at my rhyming block

    hahaha yes I was doing you know what
    And got caught elsewhere with my little rhyming butt
    So it took a while to catch back up
    But never fear I did it without a hiccup
    The song is rather long
    Way past 13, hope that's not wrong
    I have lots of wind and that you know
    For I have no fear of letting it show
    Look my spleen is still here
    But I may have to steal some of your coffee to finish this cheer..haha

    haha yes those windows can be a danger
    Of course they can scare away a stranger
    Did it even before the intro went up today
    I guess we are both just in sync in our dVerse play

    I like being king
    Even if I am a ding a ling..haha

    Never fear laughs and rhyme I can give at my way
    As I go about my play
    At least most of the time
    Even with the odd non rhyme chime

    Yes being a movie buff and all
    I have seen that one at my hall

    Glad I can bring humor with 13
    Doesn't it make such a scene..haha

    Yeah number 13 doesn't bother me
    Too bad to many it's a scary sight to see

    hahahaha yes that would be a tad hectic I'd say
    Then 13 could cause some dismay

  31. Who cares if there were 14 in some earthquake.
    Or 10 got squashed like a pancake.
    Or 5 had uneven toes.
    Or 50 got killed by killer windows.

    My favorite verse of yours, delighted me to the core - left me extolling Hume's caution about pareidolia (which you probably know is a type of apophenia - that's in my tagline because I always want to call people's attention to this kind of irrationality). I have to go invent a word for the fear of rhyming poetry which I had until I came across your marvelous work. Now I laugh, it seems the proper response.

  32. hahaha see I can shed fear quite well
    And yes laughing is the best response as you have come to tell
    Irrationality is a good word to use
    As many seem to blur reality and fiction thinking such things make them lose
    When really it's all on them and other things
    Then comes the blame it brings
    Spent half as much time doing something themselves
    They'd have far less scary numbers on their shelves
    Yes those windows can be deadly too
    Glad I could warn you..haha

  33. ha,you rule.
    13 doesn't scare me
    it's just fine to let it be
    just a number that follows twelve,
    and one that i would never shelve.

  34. Patt; you have the longest comments I have ever seen on blogger, and I see you put plenty of effort in 'em.

  35. Yes 13 is just something that is there to see
    Like any other number or busy bee
    Although the later can sting
    So actual pain that could bring....haha

    Yes I give back
    On the comment attack
    Many seem to take the time to play
    Here at my rhyming bay

  36. was like the longest comment ever.
    Can't believe blogger even allowed such an endeavor!

  37. As always, a rhyming treat... you elaborated much more on 13 than I did, though.

  38. I love all the calamities--especially the 50 killer windows. (Or rather 50 victims.)

  39. I like it, it's good fun and you covered 13 about as well as anyone can, I think - and you make some good points, about the so-called missing 13th floor, for instance...

  40. haha yes surpised blogger let me make that long one
    See I can go one forever, or at least for quite some time, with my rhyming fun..haha

    Yes 13 had quite the elaboration
    Thanks to somes fascination

    Those windows are quite the threat
    So keep them away from your pet

    Yeah covered a bunch of things that were real
    Can't believe how some are such a big deal

  41. Never worried about 13 you have me whistling in the dark, avoiding black cats and ladders. Fun piece, Pat, she says, as she keeps her fingers crossed. :))

  42. may your dice never roll
    elevator never stop
    birthday never land
    lotto never play
    and 13 stays away...

  43. Here in SoCal it is hard to find buildings tall enough to even have 10 floors, well unless one is in downtown Los Angeles. And I would not want to be in one of those buildings if a large earthquake hits downtown LA. I am not sure why everyone there thinks they are safe.

    But in Las Vegas there are a lot of hotels with over 20 floors. I have actually looked a few times and saw floor 13 was missing on the elevator, but never checked the stairwells where I guess one would be thankful to have that floor missing.

    I think I will just stick to single story buildings as much as possible now that we have found out that going outside away from buildings is the safest place during an earthquake. Umm, I am thinking I have been through too many of them. Maybe I better avoid ladders too...

    God bless.

  44. those are some sick ryhmes dude :D

  45. Ha! big laugh here. Pat, you are creative.
    I like your rhyming, that's your signing.
    this was a Fun read....but I'm not gonna read it 13 times!
    I'll skip to 14. LOL.
    Thanks for sharing.

  46. Thirteen's a number
    that haunts my slumber;
    I dream, I mumble,
    and then I stumble.
    It makes me humbler,
    this evil number.

  47. Wow Pat. Yet another magic mission. This time to honour superstition.
    Simply brilliant! James.

  48. Thanks for the amusing poem! :) Yes there are other numbers, but 13 will always stand out and everything bad that happens on it, it's because of it! I'm ok with 13, but then I like corvids and the color black too. :D

    Love the rhymes. :)

  49. hahaha I didn't mean to give you a scare
    Just get a foot from a good luck hare
    And all will be fine
    Maybe add some whine

    Hey if the lotto will make me win
    I'll dig 13 right out of a garbage bin..haha
    But yeah fat chance
    At least that's my stance

    Yeah I seen shows where there were no 13 on the Vegas elevators because they get so many rich superstitious nuts
    That they don't want to offend their butts
    And have them take their dough
    And just go
    Agree I stay far away from those big buildings in L.A. too
    If an earthquake hits it could be bye bye you
    Bah ladders I've walked under a ton
    And am still here having fun

    Just don't give my any sick germs
    That would be a whole different can of worms..haha

    haha 14 times and you might go a tad crazy
    Or at least a little hazy
    Joining my rhyming behind
    In crazy land, which is easy enough to find

    That evil number has a hold on you
    What are you to do
    Just take it I guess
    As long as it doesn't leave you in a mess

    Yeah gave superstition a go
    Thanks to that killer window..haha

    Yeah 13 sticks out the most in western culture at least
    In others different numbers come forth as the scary beast

  50. funny stuff today... I kinda like 13

  51. Yes 13 doesn't bother me
    But it made for fun at my rhyming sea

  52. Thanks, Pat-- you taught me a new word today! A fun time here at your rhyming palace, as always. (Although my favorite line was not one from the poem, but from your commentary-- "dumber than a cucumber" nearly made me laugh out loud (and since I am in a quiet coffee shop with other people around working, they might not take too kindly to that!)

    And congrats on the book!

  53. Glad I gave you a new word
    Even if it is base doff something absurd
    hahaha yeah the cucumber remark was fun
    It just had to be done
    Those coffee people might go for a spill
    Yeah they wouldn't find that much of a thrill

  54. Pat this is wonderful and now I see your comment that 31 is only 13 backwards. Such a fun poem and so well done thanks for visiting my site and leaving such a lovely comment behind I enjoy your blog so much the master of rhyme excellent job

  55. haha yeah as soon as I saw that I could not believe it slipped past
    Halloween is 13 backwards could have used that last
    But what the hell
    For 13 itself I rang the bell
    Glad you enjoy the rhyme
    Can be such a fun time

  56. Is 13 so bad as you say?
    Could it be another way?

    13 could be the wisest choice to choose,
    Because even if you should venture to lose,
    its built-in excuse
    could possibly loose
    the 13 knots in your noose.

    And what of our friend Hedgewitch,
    cooking dead things in her oven?
    allowing only 13 fine witches,
    into her sisterly coven?

    Would Apollo 13 had a safer flight,
    not filled with such intense fright,
    if it had been called a four leaf clover?
    It still reached the moon the cow jumped over.

    And what of this nation, starting with 13?
    When 13 stars on a flag could be seen?

    A bakers dozen could surprisingly see
    that extra doughnut just for me!

    A poets delight, the French Rondeau
    can often be found with 13 lines too.

    Alex Rodriguez, Dan Marino, Wilt Chamberlain too,
    All wore 13 on their jerseys for you.

    So 13 isn't as bad as you say.
    Let's enjoy it, come what may.
    Besides, I was born that day.


  57. hahaha now that was great
    Really filled my rhyming plate
    I never knew most of those
    Besides the first two sports so called heroes
    And the baker's dozen too
    Oh and that cow that escaped from the zoo
    And jumped over the moon
    Great comment and facts left from you to this rhyming loon
    Enjoyed much
    I guess 13 just has the touch

  58. Superstitions sure are funny, but you make them funnier.

    My daughter was born on the 13th day of the month. When I told my grandmother about the belief of bad luck, she refuted it. She said it had always meant good luck. Go figure.

  59. haha!!1 nice one.. I think dVerse rocked on 13th though.. I liked these fun lines :) :D
    And thanks for commenting on my post.

    The 11 with no sweat glands.
    The 19 afraid to shake hands.
    Or the 15 with one shoe.
    With 17 aliens in their loo.

  60. ironically, I'm reading this on the 13th. As one who is accused of being superstitious, I do walk a bit more cautious if the 13th marks a Friday, especially if we be in a full moon...just sayin'

    now you've got me wondering if anyone wrote a 13 line poem for the occasion...

  61. haha yeah it was always good luck for a while
    Then somewhere along the line it lost its style
    Beats me why exactly though
    But 13 is no more bad luck than 1000000 at any show

    Yeah dVerse did fine on the 13th I'd say
    Many seemed to come its way
    So no bad luck for them at all
    And still none here at my hall

    haha 13 on the 13th oh no
    Now you got double the bad luck at your show..haha
    Yeah right
    unless there is a full moon tonight
    Then I'd hide myself away
    For you might fight awful dismay
    Never saw a 13 line one
    And I read a ton

  62. lol gave me a chuckle this morning :)

  63. Pat, this is great fun, as I wake up on THURSDAY, the 13th this morning! You have a dVerse way with words. And the next time I am on an elevator (gosh, only one building with that many floors around here)I will have to SEE if there is indeed floor 13! Enjoy the 13th of October!

  64. haha a chuckle when you wake up
    Don't drop your coffee cup

    Lots of 13's in your reply
    Oh no so much bad luck I might die
    I'll enjoy the day just as if it were some other number
    For I'm not as dumb, fearing such a thing, as a cucumber..haha

  65. enjoyed this, intriguing to examine how fears driven by our surrounding society take so much power over our psyche. Fantastic flow as always! ~ Rose


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