Mystery Solved! Glad That's Resolved.

I guess it's frowned upon to mix and match in this case when the opposite you seem to displace. Not that it stops me. I would rather be bare and fancy free. Hmmm what could the facts be? No, this is not about your knee.

What to do, What to do
When one of the pair bids adieu.

Oh Damn! There is only one.
That is just no fun.
What can I do?
My dear twin has bid adieu.

They could have been in cahoots.
So fix them and wear boots.
Might not go with suits.
So beware new recruits.

Bah, find another that looks close.
There has to be one around the house.
Now they are a pair.
Just do not let anyone compare.

Could make a mate profile.
But if its smelly that might be vile.
Look at all that dust.
Could even work with must.

Can't make out my garbles?
Don't lose your marbles.
Use the one for that.
Might make a good hat.

If your head is small.
A covering for a bouncing ball.
A pet play toy.
That could bring joy.

Although once they are through.
Might need some glue.
Or find more singles galore.
As they run with more across the floor.

Guess there is only one thing left to do.
Since away the other one flew.
You can have a sock hop.
Watch as they do the bop.

Socking it to those in shoes.
Socking up the news.
That would be totally socking.
As you watch them rocking.

Now just don't sock it to me.
I was only trying to help you see.
Whether you have one missing sock.
Or a whole flock.

They now can be used.
And not feel abused.
No longer socking in the corner.
Or being a one sock mourner.

I saw the word sock and this just popped out at my dock. Had to rock the sock. Oh, don't shake your head as you gock. Maybe one should make an outline out of chalk to mourn their missing sock. It also could be used to protect glass and now I will sock on with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. LOL Goodness gracious, I'm so glad you didn't rhyme any other word with sock! LOLOL
    I used to think I pity anyone who wanted to be inside my head but, I think it would apply to anyone who took a peek around inside yours Pat... What a brain you have to keep coming up with all of these. Your head must think in rhyme all of the bloody time!!
    There, now I've even managed to rhyme.. damn it must be>>>> contagious!! Haha

  2. hahaha would you be refering to flock
    Or something more like fock
    Meet the fockers I could have went
    Bad that was meh, so using it I'd get bent
    Oh what a crock
    OHHHHH I know, take away the r and yeah you get, lets just say tick tock
    haha yes I'd pity the person that peeked in
    They could go nuts and that be a sin
    Getting locked up in the loonie bin
    You've got the rhyming disease, hear it can be cured through drinking alot of gin
    Or would that be rum
    Who knows, but one may make you rhyme and hum..haha

  3. This is as good as Shel Silverstein. I love it :)

  4. uff... guys will always be guys :P
    Better take care of your stuffs so that the 'pair' does get lost :P :P

  5. "A pet play toy.
    That could bring joy"

    was this supposed to have a naughty vibe?
    Or am I just of the dirty mind tribe?

  6. rock, a mate profile may take a while but well worth if you know that which you seek, so you dont settle for something else of course and then end up a statistic or worse...

  7. Nice. I was totally thinking something else, so I guess I failed to get the gist today- but once you stated what it was I went back and Homer Simpson'd face to palm- really clever winding this tale through. Socks. And now I think you've locked into my webcam somehow- as it's cold out and I couldn't find a matching pair of thermal socks so I had to grab two different kinds lol Fun write indeed

  8. Oh I got it right away
    there is always single socks at my bay
    they do cause dismay while doing laundry
    and I feel I'm in a quandry
    wondering where all the mates go
    as the cold sets in on your toes.
    Yes, cats love to play with socks
    and your rhyme here rocks!

  9. I throw out my worn out socks,
    keep the good one of the pair in a box
    and eventually when another sock will wear
    Wallah, I'll look in the box and find a pair.

    But then again one of a pair may disappear,
    but I usually don't have anything to fear.
    Sometimes it will be trapped inside a sheet
    or under the bed, from when I took it off my feet.

  10. I never heard of him
    But looked around on a whim
    And found I had seen some of his work
    Here and there as I lurk

    hahaha I take care
    But it still seems there goes a pair
    And one is all that remains
    Causing the other such pains..haha

    hahahaha I suppose it could be naughty a bit
    If your brain is in the gutter pit
    Which mine goes as well
    But shhh don't tell..haha

    Aww yes a statistic would be bad
    The sock might get mad
    That is got dumped
    And was too dirty to be umm humped
    Then be in the land fill
    No longer getting a thrill

    hahaha that was a point
    To give you a Homer Simpson face palm today at my joint
    Look my psychic powers are at play
    Once again today
    Thermal socks too
    Wow look at you
    Just all gung ho
    With your thermal socks on the go..haha

    Yeah with your laundry pile
    Sure you seen this coming from a mile
    They seem to just go poof
    Or are taking by a sock stealing goof
    Yes they love to put holes in socks
    Have to hide them under locks

    Maybe they go into thin air
    Disinegrate from the stench from wear..haha

    The cat is cute
    There is a hoot

    haha that is a rather nifty way
    To make the socks match at your bay
    I just throw two together
    No matter the weather
    And go about my day
    Doesn't cause me no dismay..haha

  11. Is the collective for socks a flock? It sounds right.

  12. The Grammar Nazi's here to talk,
    But hopefully he will not shock
    As he says logically, like Spock,
    The word you sought was "gawk," not "gock!"

  13. i like the missing pair of socks
    which made this poem really rock
    and i am right along with Mary
    sometimes they are just in my laundry
    or bed or sheets rolled up and ready
    no, i don't have flock of them
    for that would be a mayhem
    of lost socks or rhymes :-)

  14. A flock of socks?
    oh, that just rocks.
    With five men,
    I've got a flock then!
    A flock of birds
    a flock of socks
    a herd of sheep
    a pile of rocks.

  15. Ah, these are the great mysteries
    Where in the world could they all be?


  16. haha I guess a flock could be a collective pair
    Guess to find out you'll have to flock to a sock lair

    Who knows how that goes
    Maybe I hit new lows
    And meant the part between the belly button and those up balls
    As Orlin was giving cat calls..haha
    But yes as you know I meant gawk
    With my squawk
    One less I will screw up
    With my little hiccup

    haha yes mayhem it would be
    Hanging around for all to see
    Clean or dirty
    Hidden or flirty
    Can be everywhere
    So better to chuck them in one spot after one wears

  17. They jumped on board the love boat
    After hitching a ride on a goat
    Didn't you get their note
    What they didn't give you a vote? haha

  18. Fun verse!
    And thanks for your amusing contribution to this week's Limerick-Off!

  19. Yes, I knew you "meant gawk
    With [your] squawk."
    And at least you didn't rhyme "sawk"
    With "cawk."

  20. Glad I could once again amuse
    As I limerick abuse

    haha yes I did not go there
    Didn't need to ruffle that hair
    hmmm as with before I'll stray away from that
    And today won't be a dirty minded cat..haha

  21. One of those new baby kittens that came by
    was all black except for his legs to his thighs
    they were white like he was wearing socks
    I thought that name would be cute, Aw shucks.

    yeah, that didn't rhyme perfectly
    but I'm tired and could think only barely.

  22. haha yes it was late
    But still worked, pretty good, at any rate
    Just make sure his socks stay in a pair
    Not to be so wouldn't be such a nice affair

  23. One way out to avoid a headache
    Just buy a few pairs of the same color
    Just take 3 when you have your pick
    You are likely to get 2 in your favor


  24. haha yep that works too
    Done that a time or two
    Not that I really care either way
    But I guess it cause others dismay

  25. Considering I was earlier trying reunite several of these lost cottons, I should have grasped your fun rhyme right away, but I am slow so it took me a few.

  26. haha that's okay
    Sometimes the sun shines bright on the day
    Others it's cloudy for a while
    But you caught on to my rhyming sock mile
    Reuniting never seems to work
    Guess one sock thinks the other is a jerk


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