A Not So Rhyming Time. Yet Another Pat Crime!

The cat and Pat have been fighting a ton once more. As he just finished up book number two at our shore. Once again there is no rhyme. Pat truly does commit a crime. But I guess humans can't be as smart as the cat and rhyme everything at my mat.

But I will still give him a plug at my rug, as he fills the gut of this rhyme nut. So from A Not So New World to A Not So Perfect World I guess, they are good as others seem to confess. Now my rhyme is done. Time for other fun.

Stuck on Chutar fighting the P.A.T. (yeah look at the name Pat used, ego much?) as well as the Defense Force and The Middle(That must have took some thinking up) Not wanting to but having no choice, for all Jack and Emily want to do is get home. Do they win? Do they lose? Not to mention do they get their feline contraption back? Hmm one never knows how these things go. For with McClane, The Leaders and Commander Brown all on their behind, their feline contraption and home won't be easy to find. Especially since they don't know where or even when they are.

But that's just number one and oh they aren't through. Now Critlens, dragons, gods, aliens, even Santa himself come into view. Heck that damn Drazin nut shows his ugly mug. Gods and Drazin hmmm that must be fun. I wonder from where Pat stole that one? (from the cat) But all is not what it seems, with collars bursting out at the seams. Plus a nutso Prophet after them all and the OCP added to the mix. Then Zeus throws in some tricks. Are they home or in a new land? Not much of it seems grand. Then there is that light bright upgrade and General Old Spice plus the clones. Warning you may ignore your phones. And don't forget those stratty germs, scarier than worms.

For a limited time buy one get the second free. Isn't that nice to see? Oh and Pat must once again send a big thanks to Betsy for editing once more and taking the A Not So Perfect World tour. Now here is the cover to view.

Now the cat is done plugging and being all nice. Back to fighting with Pat, as he goes at number three, and eating mice. So feel free to go to Pat Hatt Books and trespass and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Good luck with the book!

  2. oh, it's that Drazin guy again. Who the hell is he? I must have a tea with him and do some proper introduction :)

  3. Not only did I ignore my phone,
    but my family here in my home!
    Yep, got so caught up in the book
    I forgot to clean or cook!
    Yep, it really was that great
    and don't worry...the family eventually ate!

  4. Hopefully a little luck is found
    In the non rhyming sound..haha

    Drazin is a lot of things
    One day he may even show up in wings
    But he might not like the tea
    Although that would be a sight to see

    hahaha good thing they eventually ate
    I wouldn't want no food on their plate
    Then they may track down bush number 3
    And fillet me..haha

  5. lol...well then you could jump in the bush crack
    and avoid their whack!

  6. Congrats on the book release Pat. That is quite an accomplishment.

  7. hahaha yes I could climb in and hide
    Maybe I need to install some controls inside
    Like that feline contraption
    And head off to a different fraction..haha

    Thanks, two down and a good 10 to go
    Before that series is done at my show

  8. Ehh, seems like a good book, but I think I'll skip it this time :P

  9. well i am glad betsy remembered to feed her family, but sounds good to give a read, but dont know how good without the rhyming deed, dare i still be able to understand, without the toots of your rhyming can

  10. Good luck with the book release :) and don't listen to your cat! lol

  11. Hey Pat!

    Congrats on the new book! A great accomplishment and an exciting time.

    And eating mice? Very nice!

    Lady Nyo

  12. on a side note lemme tell you one thing, thats the most weird yet cleverly amusing banned ive seen in quite a while (its my first time in ur site)

  13. I just bought your books. I'm so excited. I already got the pdf of "A Not So New World." Yahoo :0)

  14. haha yes it's good your twin
    Decided to feed her men some din
    Bah there is so rhyme in number two
    Just a little to tide over those who view..haha
    No rhyming needed though
    Has it's own sort of timely flow

    haha oh I never listem to the cat
    He's a nut that likes to eat a germy rat..haha

    haha for a cat eating mice might be nice
    But I'd throw up twice..haha
    Thanks for the congrats too
    On book number two

    haha weird I can be
    Thanks for stopping my my rhyming sea

  15. Wow thanks a ton
    Hope you find them well done
    And have fun
    As they go on the run

  16. Pat, congrats on book number two- Still not done with the books I bought a while back, but figured a bargain was sitting there, so i went to buy, but got denied, for a pal of pay I guess I'm not- I think Google sent out my picture, and now they're not answering the login command. Anyhow-I guess it's my own fault, as I've only used the paypal a couple times before and it's been a while at that- hopefully settled soon

    Anyhow, I do wonder- how in the world did Drazin make his way into the book- he must have either threatened or bribed the cat- to sneak him in when you weren't looking.

    Congrats again- really impressed how quickly you were able to complete book two. I am sensing we may have a case of a new Sue Grafton on our hands (referring to amount of books she puts out only here, for I'm not a fan of those A is for, b is for tales)

  17. Nice job on the books..... thats something I have been working on as well..... Im going by the pen-name Dr. Steuss...... or maybe Steven Kang..... I figure at least some people will buy them by accident.

  18. Oh Drazin, Drazin.
    He reminds me so much of an ugly raisin.
    And raisins I do hate.
    They are wrinkly, sad grapes that attempted to mate.


  19. All the very best for the book.. :)

  20. Seems like a good book. :D

  21. When you write of this Pat (P.A.T.) is it you? Are you so egotistical you write about yourself in the third person? Bersercules thinks thats weird.

  22. Yes I know how many sat stack up to read
    Of in my case watch at my feed
    Paypal can be a pain in the butt
    You have no need to tell this nut
    Dealt with their crap
    But it's a way to fill the gap
    So I use them for now
    Until they really make me have a cow
    The drazin you know
    In the book isn't entirely like the nut at my show
    Just the name and his quirk or two
    In the book he did flew
    Just worked so well
    I thought what the hell
    Yeah I got 12 planned all out
    So when I get time I go ahead and give them a shout
    The third one is on the go
    As the words just flow

    hahaha maybe I should try that theory
    Although every they bought they might not be too cheery..haha

    thanks to you
    And the congrats for the two

    Yes Drazin can remind one of such a thing
    But in the book he's a bit less dumb but the insults still fling

    Hope for the best
    See if it will pass the test

    From all accounts
    I always get positive feedback in amounts
    At least so far
    Away from my rhyming bar

    hahaha that could be construed as weird a bit
    But the cat takes the rhyming fit
    Either way third person is around
    And it seems you are just as weird for Bersercules seems to be spreading his name around

  23. Bersercules thinks your rhymes are cool.

  24. Wow, Pat Hatt books.

    how good they looks!

  25. Glad Bersercules approves
    Of my rhyming grooves..haha

    Thanks for looking at my nook
    And the books I umm cook

  26. If someone wants to have any money from me, he will probably have to stab me with a screwdriver first. So show me the screwdriver...

  27. hahaha that I can do
    But I wouldn't want to stab you
    That would just be bloody and all eww
    So I'll pass, sad but true..haha

  28. As a new reader of your blog, I must say that your header picture is amazing haha.

  29. haha stroking the cats ego
    He'll like that just so you know..haha

  30. Congrats on the book
    hope it makes it to the nook :)
    thanks for the visit
    I hope that's not the last of it :)

  31. Sure I'll be along other dVerse days
    As I go about the dVerse ways
    Thanks for the congrats as well
    And for ringing the rhyming comment bell

    The first took about a month and a half at least to do
    Maybe more as I didn't count between me and you
    But the second took 24 days
    As I've now joined the book writing craze
    It gets easier and faster the more you do
    Because the characters and such are way more known by you

  32. When I finished reading this my mind was literally blown. So many rhymes, and all of them were cleverly done.

  33. Oh this was just a plug
    I go full blown most other times at my rug

  34. "and trespass and that is all from my little rhyming ass."

    Pat, I've said it once and I will say it 1000 times; the best EMCEE's in the game have nothing on you, mane!!!! Bless you!

  35. haha I don't mind hearing it a 1000 times
    At least until I hit 1000 rhymes..haha

  36. I get it. You like to rhyme.

    You must be a HIT at parties. Are you available for parties?

  37. haha if paid well parties I can do
    Although I might scare them away between me and you


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