Oh The Shame! Pat Is So Lame!

So the facts are this brings the cat to 200 rhyming rings. Whoever thought I would do so many of these things? Yet I still have all my hair and still have my rhyming flare. But what would have happened if Pat hosted the blog. I think you all would have leaped to another log.

The term "GAAP" is an abbreviation for Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. GAAP is a codification of how CPA firms and corporations prepare and present their business income and expense, assets and liabilities on their financial statements. GAAP is not a single accounting rule, but rather the aggregate of many rules on how to account for various transactions. - Wikipeida

You see what you would have got? Aren't you glad you have this nut?

The drying of acrylic paints occurs in two very different stages, hence drying times must be thought of in two different time frames. The first stage, a relatively short period of time, results in the formation of a skin over the surface of the paint. This is the time that it takes for acrylics to "dry to the touch". At this point, the flow of water towards the surface is no longer sufficient to keep the paint film wet. Very thin films can feel dry within seconds, while thick films may take a full day or more to skin over.

Oh no! Look what I started now. I have to stop Pat before everyone has a cow.

The object of mowing is to keep the lawn neat without cutting away too much vital green grass leaf. It is the evenness of cut, not height, that is important for appearance. In fact, a low-clipped lawn may look shaggy quickly because of conspicuous weeds. Like most plants, most lawn grasses "tiller" or spread out shoots from the bottom when they are topped (mowed), resulting in a thicker and more luxurious lawn.

Give the computer back now Pat. I may type slow with no working thumbs, but you are annoying the cat.

Annoying - to disturb or bother (a person) in a way that displeases, troubles, or slightly irritates.

Yes! You are that and so much more, take a hike away from my shore. Bush number three is no place for your flack. Heck, just go hide in the crack.

Yippee Pat is long gone, so no more talk about mowing the lawn. Or his stupid day job or definitions from that attention hog. But I figure there has to be some big reveal for number 200 though. So I have decided to finally show, the home where I roam, here at my rhyming dome.

Besides Betsy, Brian and the Fox from a while back thanks to Betsy's postal box. Many think what the hell, when I talk about bush number three and the crack in its well. But alas for number 200 you will all know. In what the cat resides at his show.

Did that not make up for Pat? I don't even need to be offensive when someone comes to visit the cat. My bush with the tush does all the work. Aren't I just a jerk? So number 200 has come to pass and once more I bid adieu with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Thanks for the Fall wishes. Great post as usual man, keep up with the good work. I love this stuff you post.

  2. On these 200 posts a big big congrats!
    And while you're standing in that garden
    I wish a bee stings your little rhyming ass :P

  3. Congratulations on 200 posts!
    Yes, you are the best rhyming host.
    I feel so special having the debut
    of the bent-over bush on my post card from you.
    Not only that, I've seen your handwriting!
    I really should do a psycho analysis on that sighting.

  4. 200 posts!! Woo hoo :)
    A bush with a tush...LOL Stop making me laugh in my cubicle. My co-workers must think I have some sort of mental disorder laughing at aging reports!

    ...and GAAP. I hate GAAP. Those stupid rules make my life miserable!

  5. Congrats on the 200 Pat. I think you and your rhyming are just getting started.

  6. 800 more and I have made my goal
    Then will be a millenium old at my rhyming hole

    AS always that I will
    Here at my rhyming hill

    Now that wasn't very nice
    Maybe I'll gather up a bottle of lice
    And mail it to your Hollywood Hideaway
    Thanks for the congrats by the way..haha

    hahaha the debut of the bent over bush
    Caught on and I really gave it quite the push
    Who would have thought such a thing
    Would have arrived from Alan's postcard fling
    Yes I'd curl my nose up at my handwriting
    To read sometimes ones needs realyl good lighting

    hahaha well those aging reports could be funny
    If you found a whole bunch of missing money
    Then get a reward for it
    And they'll no longer think you're crazy with your laughing fit
    Yes I HATE this stupid rules too
    Like to flush them down the loo

    I think you could be right
    As that number will increase in height

  7. Orlin, please keep Pat away from the blog from now on. He may be literate, but he doesn't have any flair... and that's "flair," not "flare," says the Grammar Nazi, haha!

    And... uhhh... nice bush.

  8. haha Orlin knew that one
    I was seeing how long it would take Grammar Nazi to come undone..haha
    Yes Pat must stay far far away
    A whole other galaxy with his boring ass play
    The bush is fun with its crack
    As I can hide in it and attack

  9. The Grammar Nazi had to strike
    Betsy traveled down that pike!
    Springing from the crack of a bush
    Which is artfully-trimmed to look like a tush?
    Only you would have thought of it!
    Emerging like a piece of...


    Never mind.

  10. haha ohhhh that isn't pretty
    When you put it that way it sounds so shitty

  11. Congratulations Cat & Pat
    on pulling 200 rhymes from your hat
    But the beginning sounded like too much math
    brokers course still too fresh for that!
    And that is the easiest Face it Fact!

  12. Wow two visits in one week from Tashtoo
    What's gotten into you?..haha
    Bah just plug the math into a program
    And that gets one out of that jam
    So you can move on to a different act
    And ignore the other little face it facts

  13. Pat the Cat...or Pat the Hat, this was hysterical.

    Really enjoyed this...ah...freeflow stuff.

    Lady Nyo

  14. haha yes Pat and the cat don't seem to mesh all that well
    But it can be funny as hell..haha

  15. i have enjoyed as many as i have enjoyed, envoys from your bush, i hope never hush, um so what kind of mess-age are you sending in the bending there pat or cat...paint drying i still owe you a poem on that one, better get busy and get it done...congrats on 200

  16. haha glad you enjoyed my loonie stuff
    And the comments you always huff and puff
    Back at me are fun to see
    And enjoyed by me
    haha if you can't get the message from that
    Maybe I'll borrow Fox's doormat
    Putting it politely that many should go away
    And not visit bush number three today
    When the crack grows over they can come
    Until then I'll light it shine and the rumors hum
    I'm sure you can do one
    Just wanted to see if you can make stale stupid Pat stuff fun

    Yep well on my way
    To 1000 at my bay

  17. Hey yeah, congrats on that milestone :)

  18. haha - congrats on 200 pat and really, i'm glad you still have all your hair...smiles

  19. One milestone for me
    I'll try and make it many

    Yeah glad I got my hair as well
    A bald cat or Pat would just be hell

  20. congratulations:) i adore the (at first blush) randomness of the definitions, and of course the sassy tone of the writing. the bush made me laugh out loud. you are unique. i really like the sarcastic, irreverent energy is whatever you write. it's what sets you apart.

  21. keep on you rhyming bastard ^^

  22. Congratulations on the 200 posts!
    Love the picture! I wish I had bushes like that!
    You deserve a Boast.
    Your name is Pat.

  23. Our rhymin' man Pat Hatt
    And his gracious cat
    Have reached a milestone.
    May they never drone.


  24. Yep going strong
    Never thought I'd survive this long

    Yeah they do just seem random and are fun in their own way
    Giving Pat and the cat some interaction today
    Does seem like I go about anything in a different manner at my rhyming cart
    Glad I can be set apart
    Might not be a good thing
    But this nut will continue to give the words a fling

    It's ass
    You got it wrong, how crass..haha

    Yeah it be so fun to have a yard full of bushes like that
    Everyone would avoid the cat

    Let's hope we never drone on
    That be the time to retire the bush at our lawn

  25. Congrats!

    Oh and these one-liners! So fun.

    "I may type slow with no working thumbs." This sounds like me after I cut my thumb in half on a table saw :)

  26. I honestly don't know how you keep your creativity intact, daily posts, long posts, 200 posts. I don't even know how that's possible. Hat's off to you sir.

  27. You remembered my "Go Away" welcome mat??? I'm more impressed by that than I am your 200-post milestone!

  28. Haha that hedge trimming is a work of art.

  29. That was a great milestone piece. The bush would've been perfect if blogger didn't screw up the order of the view. Popped up right at that bum, then had to scroll up to where the post begun. Blogger's so dumb. Shunning me and screwing up your presentation, or, it could just be screwing up your presentation for me, leaving all the rest to read as intended by thee. Funny piece though. Love the paint drying section, had me cracking up-(pun intended)

    Congrats again, can't wait for what Orlin Scissopaws will do for that century mark view

  30. @Fred: Orlin Scissopaws? That's great!

  31. Congrats on the 200. Love the lawn ornament :)

  32. 200 posts, 200 followers... Stop with the twos, I mean it.

    Anybody want a peanut? ;p <3

  33. The cat has one liners here and there
    Is when Pat is so lame at our lair
    Ewwww bet that hurt
    And the blood did spurt
    All stitched up and better now is it
    Or are you a four fingered hit

    Yeah I have no idea either to tell the truth
    But it just keeps on coming out at my booth

    I don't forget, I may forget to remember at times
    But the facts are always in my head of all chimes
    Still glad I can impress
    With my brain full of mess

    Yes quite the work of art
    And it doesn't fart

    Damn stupid blogger ruined it for you
    I think it is true
    It has something against Fred
    Maybe it wants you to drop dead
    Or make a sequel to the first one
    Even though it wasn't that great by a ton
    Orlin Scissopaws hahaha awesome that was
    And no idea because
    I have 800 more to go for that
    Could be a dead cat..haha

    Now don't inflate is ego fox
    I'll ban you from the comment box..haha

    Yes such a nice lawn ornament it is
    Keeps away those door to door people and their biz

    I'm sure Andre the Giant wants a peanut
    Or maybe some mutt
    Next up is the threes
    Then I might bring in trees..haha

  34. LOVE the pic... some people have such fabulous sense of humours...You are NO exception!
    I'm touched that you added me to your side bar.
    Have no idea why I'm not showing up in your blog roll thingie, I'm showing up now at Poets United & other blog rolls now (thankfully)

  35. haha yeah I guess mine is pretty good
    Never mind blogger is just a little misunderstood
    It's there now right on top
    Blogger just must have got stopped by a cop
    And was very slow showing me
    Bugger the bloody thing but it's free
    Was fun adding you to the side bar
    So how could I not go and rhyme something at least on par

  36. 200... Congratulations
    n that GAAP thing was tricky to understand :P

  37. haha yes the GAAP thingy us true though
    Pat does it at the work show


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