On The Road With The Godly Toad!

"You fleabags better let Drazin out of here! This isn't how you treat a God!"

That mook Drazin continued to whine as Miss Priss and I calf tied the godly one. We turned to run and then we were blocked by a fool that did not make Drazin seem so undone.

"You know this is a trap right?"

Miss Priss cried and I never thought she lied, but there was free meat and I knew the whole thing smelled of that mook Drazin's godly beat. But we kicked his butt time and time before. So I figured why not once more?

"Where's the fun in walking away. Let's make the godly ones day."

Miss Priss swore at me as I shoved her on back the truck, I think what she said rhymed with duck. Then I jumped on and we said goodbye to the dawn. Drazin slammed the back hatch shut and laughed right from his gut.

"Drazin's peacock slippers are about worn out fleabags. Drazin needs something warmer. Drazin told you Drazin would have Drazin's day."

I can't really say what was worse, listening to Miss Priss curse, Drazin actually thinking we fell for his stupid game or the fact that I lost count of how many times he said his own name.

We smelled the dinner to make sure it was okay and then lapped it off the tray. Miss Priss stuck her claws out and shoved them through a crack. It was not long before we once again could see light out the back.

Drazin actually obeyed the traffic law and stopped at the red light he saw. Big mistake for that fool. I wonder if he even passed pre-school?

"Thanks for the meal. It was quite a steal."

I yelled as we ran away. Drazin stopped the truck and I think spit began to spray, as he yelled at us. I bet he himself could fill the short bus. He came after us running and Miss Priss could not help but say how this god was not so cunning.

"Don't you have the power to stop us or something? Better yet why not just turn the truck around and use that? Some god!"

Drazin got mad and then became kind of glad, as he thought he was catching up but we let him know it was just a temporary hiccup. For we made him feel good and slowed down. Then took off leaving him in our dust as we ran across town.

"Drazin will get you fleabags! If it's the last thing Drazin does, Drazin will have Drazin's cat slippers."

Was all we heard echoing down the street, as the godly one stood there in his bare feet. It seems he wore out his peacock slippers. Maybe he should invest in flippers.

We dashed into a building to take a rest letting poor Drazin continue his never ending quest. Yet before we could even leave the godly one almost made me believe. He showed up out of the dark and gave his usual third person bark.

"You fleabags think you are so smart. But Drazin won't be denied."

He grabbed me by my scruff and latched on kind of tough. He literally squeezed the "you know" out of me and that was when Miss Priss was able to see. There was a blipping light in that which he squeezed out by holding on tight.

"A tracking device. It figures the god had to use technology, after all he is short a few circuits of his own."

I gave his hand a bite and spit out the germiness on sight. I did not want to catch his mook disease, I already have a few fleas. Miss Priss already started to twirl some cords around his feet. It was not long before the godly one and the floor had a meet and greet.

That is when he swore to catch us for the hundred time and he did not even do it in rhyme. But what was the real crime, was the nut standing before us thinking he had hit the big time.

"Never fear, Tarsier Man is here!"

His eyes were bigger than his skull and he sounded like a squawking seagull. He had some Dhalsm Street Fighter legs and looked like one who would take round holes and fill them with square pegs.

"A fan of yours Drazin? Let me guess. You met him at a Xena convention. Which one wore the costume?"

"Probably both, as they repeated the Joxer oath."

Neither seemed amused by our ranting and the Tarsier Man actually seemed to be panting. He undid Drazin and acted all proud, pretending he was playing to a crowd.

"Drazin is appalled by such a sight. Drazin doesn't need no filthy what ever you are helping Drazin."

"You mean the god himself can't identify the species?"

"I guess after saying your own name a thousand times or so, all others around you seem to go out the window."

Drazin grabbed the nut by the neck and choked him, until his lights grew dim. The nuts eyes then popped out whacking Drazin in the face and he quickly fled this place.

"I guess he only has eyes for you."

Miss Priss laughed as we took off and faked a cough. She knew how lame it was but said it just because. Drazin once more was left all alone. Maybe he should have asked Tarsier Man for the number of his phone?

So that was the facts of this Drazin adventure and our little outing venture. We got home before Pat arrived back. He had no idea we left our shack. Just another human who can't compete. But at least he feeds us white meat. The dark stuff from Drazin left my stomach at an impasse and that is that from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Oh, the return of the Drazin god.
    He is just a little odd.
    You two have fun teasing him though
    and can't just let it go.
    And now his feet are bare and cold
    and he's probably feeling a little old.

  2. This is a very interesting...lol The eye balls really needed to pop out? Bleh!!! The little girl in me gagging..hahaha

  3. Nope the cats can't let it go
    When his ugly mug does show
    Real feel for the god in his bare feet
    Riight! But at least he can beat the heat

    Think of it more like Wile E. Coyote when the go pop
    Then the little girl in you won't gag as his eyes go plop..haha

  4. Nice place you have here, happy to have stumbled upon it.

  5. LOL! I always wonder what happens while I'm away from home--sooo funny :)

  6. Just don't stumble and fall
    Then try and sue my hall..haha

    Yep when the humans are away
    The pets will play
    And loonie people will show up
    Whether cat or pup

  7. Fun adventure. I love how the real party got started out of an act of curiosity, now what cat could resist a tasty treat. The new character got a raw deal though, as he was helping drazin go, but Drazin thought it tasted like chicken, and so the plot now thickened. Will Miss Priss find the cure to her fake cough? Will Tarsier Man join the Orlin Clan? Will Drazin get a new pair of slippers? All this and more on the next episode of Rhyme Time Tales. Haha i loved the endings of that old sitcom soap, but I think they ripped it off from the old adam west batman's but in any case always the best part of that show, soap that is, batman is still cool, even as campy as that was. Good to see old Drazin again, glad he didn't catch the cat-- actually I think there was some nickelodeon show or something like that called catch that cat- hmmm...may have to go look that up. Great write, thanks

  8. if he's a God, does he have a shrine?
    Does he have his own mosque or a temple?
    Give us some of his divine wine,
    or I swear the earth will shake and tremble!

  9. damn that was an amazing story dude :D

  10. haha So the eyes flop out with springs attached,
    then after the shock they can be put back!

  11. When I'm upset I say words that rhyme with fuck.


  12. How do you come up with all these rhymes every day? Every time I look at your paragraphs and think "Surely he didn't rhyme all that" and then realize that you did... bravo good sir.

  13. I'm wondering the same thing as sub radar mike, how does it take for you to write post like this one? :o

  14. seriously we need a tv show, or video of these adventures, so get right on that will you, though bare feet might be bad esp is smell-o-vision is to be had, i hate a fake cough you cant get rid of as well, ah hell, but anyway just saying hi today....

  15. Orson asked -- okay, told -- me to relay his message, which is that if Cassie and Orlin ever need help with the "Great Slob Drazin," he'll be there.

  16. you're a rhyming beast! and i mean that in a kind way.

  17. This one was dizzy to read for me o_o

  18. hahahaha I forgot all about those litte wrap up rants at the end
    That seems to be a dying trend
    But I can assure Tarsier Man won't be joining our clan
    He is just a nut job and the cats are not a fan
    Batman was campy but can be fun
    Still like the more darker one
    Never heard of that show
    But they'd never catch me and my rhyming flow

    hmmm he may have one hidden away
    From the light of day
    The cat may have to answer such things next time
    Now you've given an idea for a new chime
    And you can have the wine
    That does not drink so it's all yours not mine

    Glad I can amaze
    With Drazin and his nut job slipper craze

    Yeah the eyes can pop right out and go back in
    I guess he uses them to win
    But not something you want to see
    Trust me..haha

    Well I guess that saves some poor person's ears
    With your truck, duck and buck type cheers

    Yeah every time they will rhyme
    I make sure of that with each chime
    They really just come out once I have a single thought
    Gues I'm kind of a rhyming robot

    Depending on how long I go on
    And where I'm typing such as work or homes lawn
    Takes 15-30 minutes or so
    For most rhymes at my show

    haha oh that would be quite the sight
    Orlin and Cassie vs Drazin and the rest of the mooks on tv at night
    Even with his smelly feet
    Drazin would move to his own beat
    I may have to try and do a theme song for a made up show
    That could just add to the flow
    Now you've got me thinking on that
    Must be done by the cat

    haha Orson is welcome to join in on give Drazin the heave ho
    Whenever his face once again decides to show

    Bah it's the back to the future guy
    Did that manure to the face get you high..haha

    I know you mean that in a kind way
    So the beast is caused no dismay

    Hopefully just a little dizzy
    And did not put you in a tizzy

  19. I am a fan of toads and the word 'Toad'

  20. That adventure can be a movie, you get royalty.

  21. Watch those toads they squawk really loud
    And pretend they are a god acting all proud

    Oh wouldn't that be nice
    Then I'd quit work and do it twice

  22. And what an adventure they have ~

    I second what Brian suggested..ha..ha.. ~

  23. haha yes that might be a scary sight
    As Drazin tries to show is Xena might

    If I had the stuff that I would do
    Not sure though I could animate the adventures that ensue


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