Poor dVerse Just Had To Know, That The Nuts Would Show!

Bet you thought it would be part two today! hahaha not Halloween yet so I still get to cause a little dismay! Plus blame dVerse if the cliffhanger you're stuck in still makes you curse. They brought this about. Had to be given a shout.

Sun goes down and Drazin will have his slippers
Hey Gung aren't these some nice strippers?
Yeah Ho we're rocking this town tonight.
I wish the godly mook would get over his plight.

"Drazin stalked the cats as they walked the streets."
Thou has some rather impressive feats.
I bet he thinks we don't see him.
Yeah the mook is kind of dim.

Step right up as I take out the man.
Riot sure needs a tan.
Ho, what's that noise?
Look Gung it's all the regular boys.

"The group joined as one once more."
Thou art supposed to be behind a closed door.
Arthur tell Pat to bite us.
Here comes the mook on the short bus.

Drazin will have the slippers now!
Sorry mook! Go milk a dairy cow.
Get out of Riots view.
He's going all third person now too.

Look Ho it's the strippers again.
Gung there is now ten.
I think we better run.
"The group watched as witches ascended upon their fun."

At the rise of the moon,
We will have you dancing to our tune.
In our stew you will go,
And you're lives will drain slow.

Drazin isn't going to take this crap!
"The godly one continued to yap."
Leave thy sight wenches.
I think we better let them handle the trenches.

None of you will leave,
That you must believe.
For we witches ten.
Love to chow down on men.

Good thing we're cats so time to scat,
We'll take Arthur because he's a nutty Pat.
Gung and Ho are all yours.
The voiceover guy will do your chores.

Riotman can kick over your pot,
And the god can do a  good third person trot.
Shut up cats!
See you can have the ugly rats.

You all will fall at our might,
Just gaze into our sight.
Drazin will clobber your ugly ass.
Doesn't the god have such class?

"The witches surrounded the group."
"Their eyes began to droop."
"They chanted as they spun,"
"Thinking they had won."

All is lost for you tonight,
We stand here quite the sight.
Gung, I think they mean quite the fright.
Yeah Ho, the strippers need to hop a broom and take flight.

Shut up! You crew will bow to us from just a look.
Fleabags! Drazin will have to let you off the hook.
Drazin is going to take out these clowns first.
"The witches looked about ready to quench their thirst."

We say look into our eyes,
Know all else you see to be lies.
We are your one true thrill,
Sometimes we even take a dollar bill.

I guess they can multi task Gung,
Think they can do things with their tongue?
"The witches stared on and became quite upset,"
"Their tactics did not even make this group sweat."

That's right you old wench King Arthur is upon you.
Pat, you need to tone the Arthur thing down a notch or two.
Bah, let him go Miss Priss,
Okay fleabags get ready to hiss.

"The group scattered at each of the witches."
"I guess their eyes were having glitches."
"For their bell was rather rung."
And Gung is rather hung.

Riotman liked taking care of those,
They were quite the scary hoes.
Now where was Drazin,
Explaining what it's like to have a brain the size of a raisin.

You fleabags will become slippers soon.
Right! See ya later godly loon.
And Ho is rather slow, in the know, oh let's go.
I too shall retire to the castle from fighting with that crow.

Sure Pat whatever you say.
Let's be on our way.
Drazin will have Drazin's slippers fleabags.
Maybe you should get some rags.

Riotman still wants to take on the man,
And you still need a tan.
"Cassie shouted as they ran away."
"And Drazin swore he would have his day."

There we go, had to do it for the dVerse show. The facts are these mooks keep coming about and they all worked well for my shout. Although they may confuse, except with Drazin's third person act as he goes to abuse. That you will always know, when the so called godly mook is at my show. Now I just need a singing bass and then the crazy characters will be complete that visit my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. 1. I'm angry cuz this was not Part Two.

    2. I never thought I'd say this, but it was nice to see King Arthur, Gung, and Ho again.

    3. Witch Strippers?

    4. If you drank alcohol, I would seriously fear for your sanity.

    5. Drazin is still a nit-wit.

  2. 6. I was Number One this time. So there, Brian!

  3. 7. I was also Number Two. So there, Brian!

  4. 8. And Number Three! So there, Brian! :P

  5. 9. And FOUR! And I can keep this up all night (as I've said before, in vastly different situations)!

  6. 10. The last one would be Five, so this one would be Six...

    What was Brian's record? Seven?

  7. 11. Yeah, it was either six or seven. This would be my seventh...

  8. 12. So this, my eighth comment in a row, would break Brian's record. I shall hereby retire undefeated!

  9. Can't comment.
    My head is bent.
    You dropped a chandelier on et.


  10. My visits here are always such fun!
    And thanks as always for your Limerick-Off participation!

  11. haha - the silver fox was having his own party here...eh..? smiles
    so the the strippers need to hop a broom and take flight...? ha - think i go and milk a dairy cow now...smiles

  12. Brian is in bed sleeping and so is the cat. I must say I do not know who is who anymore.

  13. I was going to devise a clever related comment written in a rhyme, but after five minutes of trying I realized I'm just too damn lazy.

    Nice rhymes though. I like your blog.

  14. drazin i fear will never get his slippers, when i read riotman, i think 'rocketman' like the song, it gets stuck in my head long, and maybe third person commentary is scary, but brian has mohawk hair-y so silver will rue the day he had his comment way with me while i slept...fist raised to the sky and shaking at the inept

  15. @Brian: Bring it on, baby! Take your best shot!

  16. Awwwww.. Tartar sauce. It works though.

  17. Not sure why, but this really spoke to me:

    "For we witches ten.
    Love to chow down on men."

  18. Awesome post, I hope you get applause. I'm struggling to rhyme here as I'm not tied to any cause.

  19. fun post for sure, love the interaction here. Strippers as witches had me laughing big time, and the Braveheart type of thing in the piece, at least that's how I visualized it, had me laughing again. Great fun for certain, thanks

  20. Silver Fox just blew up your comment feed and it's making me LOL. hahaha

    Where is part 2? I'm waiting to see if I need to mourn the death of myself. LOL

    This was interesting. Witch strippers? That's a new one! But hey, even witches need to survive...

  21. Oh dear Pat ~ witchy slippers ~ strippers ~ tumbled into comment box ~ while Brian slept the Silver Fox sprung ~ :) ~ "I guess their eyes were having glitches." ~ there's some magic 'afoot' here :0 ~ (heehehe cackles) ~ ty for *smiles* Pat
    ~ hugs Lib ~

  22. Aw, it's Miss Priss making an appearance
    with all those characters, she can cause a clearance
    with her quick little tongue
    they are finished when they hardly begun.
    I think the grammar is wrong there
    but rhyme trumps grammar, I swear!
    You go, Cassie! We girls need to stick together
    which we can easily do, in any kind of weather!

  23. Drazin must be the only villain in the world who walks around in slippers :)

  24. Gung and Ho... LOL You crack me up!
    And you talk about me scaring the cats...Thank goodness Ho isn't stripping... I think I'll go make a dripping sandwich for the mini-monster and then she can call me a tub-a-bleedin-lard because, I am so 'ard!
    OMGoodness... you always make me freakin RHYME!

  25. haha guess you have to blame Brian for no part too
    And the rest of that dVerse crew
    haha never thought you say that either though
    Guess the characters stick with one at my show
    Yeah Drazin is still a nut
    Stuck in his slipper rut
    And my drinking days are long gone
    But yes let's just say my sanity was in question when I did drinka t my lawn

    See you got Brian back for postponing number two
    But beating his comment attack with your own slew

    I think you must have been rather bored as well
    As talking to ones safe is a bit of a tell
    That there is either lots of money in the bank
    One is as dull as a tank
    They are crazy
    Or they have no one better to talk to and maybe a tad lazy

    hahaha your head will return soon
    I'll get some super glue and stick it back on with a spoon

    hahaha yes you go milk that cow
    But don't send the milk to me or I will disavow

    Yes we were both asleep
    Well Fox was going beep beep
    With his comment rant
    Here at my rhyming plant
    So many it is hard to tell
    But Drazin is easy at my well

    Well you tried for 5 minutes to do so
    That's not so lazy you know..haha

    haha now I know how to get something stuck in your head
    I guess riotman will have to show up here and there more to cause dread
    hahaha yes the third person may be scary
    But you two surely could make things kind of hairy

    Look what you started Fox
    I need to go change the locks

    Haha okay I'll agree
    with thee

    haha yeah I'm sure why you did
    Especailly after seeing your penis enducing bid..haha

    haha even while struggling to rhyme
    You still did it one time

    Tomorrow part two will come
    So don't go cursing my little rhyming bum

    haha yeah the stripping witches just came about
    As Gung and Ho had their shout
    Braveheart thing was a rather good way of putting it
    For Drazin and the rest having their fit

    haha damn Fox getting more attention
    From all his comment mention
    Part two will come soon
    Have to wait for the actual halloween day or the next full moon
    I suppose the witches do need to survive
    Although after stripping one might go blind and no longer be five by five

    haha cackling my way
    Oh that causes such fun play
    Yes the Fox sure sprung
    I think he may have popped a lung
    Next it will be witchy strippers
    In flippers..haha

    Hold your horses part two will be here
    So never fear

    Cassie is the only girl in the group
    But she can throw them all for a loop
    Yeah rhyme trumps grammar as well
    But shhhh don't tell
    The grammar nazi that
    He may come back and leave another 50 comments for the cat..haha
    Cassie is a bit Prissy and more OCD then you or I
    So she can take most any nutso character guy

    hahaha right now he has no slippers though
    Can't say he isn't original at my show

    Gung and Ho have fun as one
    One is tiny and one weighs a ton
    haha look at you rhyming
    You have such good timing
    It's my curse I put on you
    Making you rhyme every time you come to view

  26. Slippers, slippers LOL!

    The Silver Fox is cracking me up :)

  27. So seems like we'll have to w8 few more hours for part two of that post :P

  28. I find the thought of cats celebrating Halloween strangely alarming.

  29. Oh I think I came in in the middle - I'm waiting for the show to start over again! I thought I was reading a re-write of "The Lost Boys" - but clearly those were no tinkerbells...maybe Vampira?? Fun, long, interesting!

  30. haha slippers made of cats
    And the Fox's belfry is full of bats

    Yeah it will be up by hallow's morn
    So the full tale will honk its horn

    Yeah it is kind of strange
    But so is most everything else at my range

    hahaha yeah the Lost Boys could come into play
    Maybe I'll add that to it if the witches ever come back our way
    Then we are getting into vampires though
    And that lover dovey Twilight crap just has go go

  31. i myself enjoyed the return of the strippers
    when i had dough to blow i was known as the biggest of tippers
    not i assure you jack the rippers
    now in the descent of my once exciting life i collect smiley face stickers

  32. With witches and strippers
    I must hide my eyes!
    Those feline milk sippers
    are a welcome surprise.
    I might go third person on you
    but please don't be mad,
    for she loved the trip and rhyme too,
    and the great time she had.


  33. Witchy strippers
    comment drippers
    dverse got you bad
    gotta say
    as i come to play
    you all here
    have made my day

  34. haha from being a big tipper to smiley face stickers
    Next you'll be collecting furniture made of wicker
    Not sure which is sicker
    At least your not a stamp collecting licker..haha

    hahaha are you that delicate you have to hide
    I'm sure your eyes would grow wide
    Orlin would guess show
    Orlin can talk in third person too don't you know
    Orlin liked your rhyme as well
    Seems all rhyme when it comes to hell

    Yes dVerse made me play
    With the colorful characters my way
    Glad everyone made your day
    Even though it was sorta night at your bay

  35. making my day and night too
    with silver fox taking first shots
    i seem to be taking the last parting
    words, but whew, your witchy brew
    is so fun...

    happy halloween ~

  36. haha you get close to last
    But I always come back for the final blast
    No matter the witchy brew
    Glad fun was had by you

    I guess I do too
    Since that is all that is in ones view

  37. I am stuck on the witch strippers.

    Would they earn more as patrons tipped them to put on more layers of clothing?

  38. hahahahaha oh that was good
    Yeah they prob could
    Make more with more clothes on their back
    Could even stop their witchy attack

  39. do you write these every day ?
    cuz if i start one today, i'll probably only finish on Sunday.

  40. Yep every single day I do one
    As i go about my rhyming fun
    At least until my muse decides to lose
    And I'm left with no more rhyming world views


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