Skynet Is Going To Cause Dismay Or At Least Put Us Away!

And so our reliance on machines grows ever more, as soon they may make you take the "don't drop the soap" tour. FAST is going to look all over you and determine if your intentions are true.

So do not move FAST acting like you might put someone in a cast. Or you'll be singing Jailhouse Rock and stuck behind a lock. Let's say your kid ran off down the hall and you ran fast flustered and all, you could be thinking something bad. So off you go into a little locked pad.

Hey you! Yes! You with that twitchy eye. Oops I did not mean to make you cry. Your movements just made the machine think that you are up to no good. So off you go to the clink. Do not stare too long or blink FAST, that is just wrong.

You see your lover and get all flustered up but oh no you created a FAST hiccup. Down comes the hammer and off you go to the slammer. You will recieve some love though, just maybe not the kind that will happily curl your toe.

Speak in a bad tone and rhythm and you are done. FAST has won. So if I go and rhyme, it might take that as a crime. I will be dragged away from my den and locked up in the pen. Probably give me super max for my craziness. This is FAST approaching laziness.

In 81% of field tests, in some dark and dreary place, where they used FAST without a trace. It seemed to work. I guess the poor 19% it screwed up on thought it was a jerk. So it threw them away for the hell of it. Tip: Do not make FAST have a fit.

The facts are simple today, giving machines this much power is asking for a Skynet doomsday. Going all Minority Report on what people may be thinking is dumb to bring to any court. Most people do not think for starters, others are just brain farters and the rest change their mind on a whim. So using a machine is quite dim.

All it can do is pick out what's seen by me or you. Does not take much premonition most of the time, to see someone is about to commit a crime. But alas they want their dough, so the machine will come and never go. Eventually giving courts the heave ho. Not sure that would be a bad flow. No longer letting some slick rich bitch getting away with crap, but that is a whole other rhyme flap.

If a machine flags me passing gas, I will rhyme FAST and think crass. The machine will die, overloaded by my rhyming sass and all with thank my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Your rhyme processor must be burnt out now!

  2. Bah that never happens to me
    I'll keep on rhyming for all to see
    No matter the rant I go on about
    The rhymes will always spout

  3. What a crazy idea for a blog. I like it. Reminds me of The Princess Bride.

    I'm following now, so: nice to meet you!

  4. Oh relating me to a movie today
    Especially one I like to play
    That deserves a follow back
    So the movie nut will go on the attack..haha

  5. I have a feeling we shall be assimilated and that all resistance is futile!

  6. Took me a minute to remember that
    Racking through the brain of Pat
    But X-men TAS is where I heard that quote
    Self's friend Hank knows what it's all about

  7. A pre-crime testing machine? Ummm..people have way too much times on their hands! Instead of people focusing on the REAL crimes in todays world and how to FIX them, they waste their time on nonsense. Sigh...I'll stop talking now before this machine flags me and we become #1 wanted in cyber space. lol

  8. Pat, yeah I agree, there has to be a line drawn as to what we allow technology to do. I have to admit I was thinking Minority Report all along, was waiting for those floating in the water with their brains connected to the machine. The Terminator reference was nice, and yeah Beast's machine, well Cerebro, is only supposed to be used to locate other mutants, but I do believe it could span more- But a world where the Virtual police are arresting one for some things he's yet to do, is well- full of poo. Actually there's yet another one that fits this bill, a bit on the minor side of the coin thought, Person Of Interest, can predict that something will happen to a person, but cannot tell if that person will be the villain or the victim.

    And once again you've located something I had never known, as this FAST machine, hopefully matriculates extremely slow

  9. Nice blog post buddy. Following for more good stuff like this.

  10. You'd think I be able to rhyme a comment for your crime post--since it is right up my alley. Unfortunatly, I am stuck on brachial plexus and mens rea.

  11. Minority report has proven to us that this pre-crime recognision is all wrong. Just saying.

  12. Glad is was great work
    And proved the machine a jerk..haha

    Exactly! More should be done to get rid of the nuts now.
    Not making up some machine that will have a cow.
    When I let out a fart
    At Wal-Mart
    Joining you on the cyber list
    For wiggling my wrist..haha

    True but it comes back to greed
    It always takes lead
    They want these stupid things
    Because money it brings
    From the nuts that will buy
    And give it a try
    Yeah Minority Report was my first thought too
    Person of Interest also came into view
    But never watched that
    So wasn't used by the cat
    Hopefully it just plain dies
    Stupid greed ridden thing in disguise

    More stuff will come
    Good or not is not known by my rhyming bum..haha

    hahaha I guess we all have our off days
    Getting stuck in such a maze
    As you gaze
    At my rhyming craze

    Yeah but they did not learn
    Now we all get the feel the machine cop burn
    Stupid thing should go away
    And they should no something useful their way

  13. Eh inevitable future. People that don't think, yes, things we shouldn't like but will have to deal with. Life. Oh well.

  14. Yeah people barely think now at all
    When machines come in fully, they'll prob forget how to make a phone call..haha

  15. trust me...they already know more about you than you, tracking all we do, picking our brains through the net waves, they are watching you now actually...bwhahaha

  16. I can't wait until Google is our president and Twitter is our Secretary of Education.

  17. Yeah I know they are on to me
    And my rhyming spree
    Only way they would have nothing on us
    As if we hide in the forest in some old bus
    Completely off the grid
    But then I might just flip my lid
    haha liked you evil laugh at the end too
    More funny than scary though, it's true

    haha yes I can see that now
    Be better off electing a cow

    FAST is not nice
    But my rhyme is times twice

  18. to rhyme might be a crime...but you're doing fine..and oh...i wouldn't mind singing Jailhouse Rock...just saying...smiles

  19. pft skynet will never get a hold of the world...john connor will be here eventually!

  20. haha yeah as long as it wasn't in Jail
    When you gave the song a wail
    That would be fine
    Then you could Walk the Line..haha

    Not if the T1000 or whatever other model gets him first
    Then your hopes will burst

  21. Strat!~
    But you and I are strange enough
    they won't want to bother with us.
    You talking in rhyme would cause a fit
    they wouldn't know what to do with it.
    And they would be afraid my zoo would come to jail with me
    so they'll just let me be.
    Watching in amusement though
    we're great as entertainment goes.

  22. This kinda stuff doesn't surprise me any more. Scare me? Yes. Surprise me? No.

  23. Most people do not think for starters, others are just brain farters.

    Brilliant! That's all I can think to say about that line! Brilliant.

  24. hahaha very true
    Maybe in version 2.0 it will factor out the weird crew
    Then we will be safe from any jail
    And never have to worry about bail
    haha yes plenty of entertainment would be brought
    Maybe that's why we have to fear getting caught..haha

    Yeah not a big surprise
    That people are unwise
    Is quite scary though
    But they prob have 50 things like this we don't know about on the go

    Bersercules has good taste
    I guess his brain isn't paste..haha
    But don't spread around you like the line
    The FAST thingy may make you pay a fine..haha

  25. From the Terminator to Tom Cruise's Pre-Crime
    I do believe this is the time
    We stand as one and tell them "show me"
    Than drop our pants and say, "now blow me."

    Government has gone too fracking far. But what's new? Hackable drones still being launched? Ugh.

    Amy (and Ghost of Missy says "Show me" and then "Feed me!")

  26. I have a feeling this post was inspired by Siri.

  27. Yep, I bet they read our blogs
    the little hogs.
    Maybe they have your books now, too
    without paying the download or two.
    How very rude.
    and a little crude.
    If they say "strat"
    you've got proof, just like that!

  28. haha yeah they are way way out to lunch
    The whole stratty bunch
    Serve them right if this got blown to hell
    As long as no one was around to get hurt when it fell
    Stupid hunk of junk
    Damn lazy people in a funk

    My inspiration usually comes from one whole word
    Then I go off on it like some foolish bird
    Err ummm cat
    How about that

  29. hahaha I wouldn't doubt they took the books
    And had themselves some looks
    Anything on the net they look at
    More nosey than a sewer rat
    Dirty little strats
    Hope they get bit by bats
    Did you read that?
    Kiss the littl rhyming ass of the cat.
    Stupid machine
    Okay I'm done with my scene..haha

  30. You really need a germ orb
    maybe them it would absorb!

  31. haha yeah never know it could
    At least I'd whack them with some wood
    Could always give Drazin a call
    He is a god after all..haha

  32. This blog is a trip! But can you find a rhyme for silver?

  33. Oh, Drazin would be on their side!
    It's Zeus that would make them hide.

  34. chilver, filver, and hilver
    or maybe even kill her.

  35. not just happened to rhyme. ha.

  36. Yes Silver I can do
    That once left me in a stew
    Until I thought a bit
    And no longer at a fit
    Silver = Kill Her or Chilver or Quicksilver(if you want to cheat)
    If I'm not mistaken I think as well Hilver(not sure if that's a word or a last name, heard it somewhere, stick works with my rhyming flare)

    Oh yes Zeus would be better for us
    Or Mason just run over it with a bus

  37. I was typing and you beat me to it
    Geez I created a monster at my rhyming pit..haha

  38. lol...oh look..great minds and all that strat.
    our minds are where it's at.

    Mason with a bus
    that's the best...he is a must!

  39. oh now I am a monster.
    that could be a disaster.

  40. haha yes and all that strat
    hahaha really laughed at that
    Maybe you can be an honorary member of Monsters Inc now
    Wouldn'd that wow..haha

  41. So someone seeks a rhyme for Silver?
    Now that would be a word to pilfer!
    Steal the word and use it once, as
    Others would just feel like dunces!

  42. haha you are the reason I knew what would rhyme
    Obvious reasons from another rhyme time
    But I could just let Drazin be a giver
    And we'll just go with Sliver

  43. Sliver Silver.
    Say that a few times fast.
    Strat. I cannot.
    A numb tongue I got.

  44. haha cause me to have a sweat tongue
    I guess our bell is rung..haha

  45. lol...laughing so hard
    here at my yard
    sweat tongue, not to be confused with drool
    they are different. that is the rule.

  46. we need to introduce Anne to Silver Fox
    Can we put an invitation in her box?
    But them the Skynet strats will see
    and buzz around like bees.

  47. hahaha now we both have a tongue thing
    Least yours you can't feel any sting..haha
    Yeah I don't drool
    That just isn't cool

    The skynet people might see the fix
    And get in their licks
    Those awful big brother pricks
    Might barricade our blogs behind a wall of cyber bricks

  48. Well, hopefully we'd have snuck in a hologram
    and then we could break through and scram!
    Oh, wouldn't that cause a fit
    in the Skynet pit.

  49. hahaha yes those hologram things work great
    Can really change ones fate
    As two learned rather fast
    When suffering a gun blast..haha

  50. haha yeah really gave it to the machine
    With my rhyming scene..haha


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