You Are Such A dVerse Giver. I Hope I Rot Your Liver!

I am going to get straight to it today, before Pat blames me some more and has more of a fit at my bay.

Upon darkened night and howling wind
Where covert affairs attempt rescind
Chilly air fanned the fire
Fueling faint hearts desire

Crawling forth from parts unknown
Illumination would not condone
Shadows strengthen your resolve
Sin God would not absolve

Scurrying forth to sacred ground
Faintly hearing sleeps recurring sound
Embracing destinies lingering path
Greed spurns relative math

Juices flowing upon heaven's reach
Once more into the hallowed breach
As taste erodes away reason
Setting forth continual treason

Redness richly stained soft skin
Declaration left considered win
Half awakened scratches incite
A scamper once more into night

Intelligence stagnates within sleep
Fluttering fingers rampage deep
Tilting at realities edge
Until morning sun diverts ledge

Awakened gloss curbed in restoration
Mirror flashed a suffering notation
Keister heart shaped fashion symbol
Each dot a sizable thimble

Placebo's growth ignites itch
Profanity sweeps out loud quite rich
Loitering mirror images cast blame
Insecticide leeched its fame

So for this dVerse act today one might have to guess the facts were at my way. For a certain geographical place around Pat is in a state of disarray, that one post just won't work today. He says it deserves two, so tomorrow will come what caused this brew. That is if you have not guessed it yet, which could be a hard bet. Even though the cat gets them all the time and can still rhyme. But I can see how Pat would not want anyone to trespass and that is all you will get today from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. ok, i will be the first to admit, i am still figuring out this bit, i thought perhaps the cats had a fight, some where in the dead of night, or perhaps a bit of sex, dont look at me all perplexed, and then perhaps caught some fleas, likemy little kit, woe is me...but in the end i am still lost, but all the well the cat is boss.

  2. It's mystifying to say the least
    Not guessing as to what this'll be
    Just wait a day and you'll release
    The answer as listed in a gist


  3. WOW... this is deep from you, sensual in places too.
    Bloody cats!! LOL

  4. haha I stumped Brian yippeee
    That's a delight to see
    Of course you may have been on to something
    Or you may have not with part of your comment ring
    Who knows, until tomorrow blows
    But one would never guess exactly what flows
    Unless they are completely insane
    And aboard the crazy train...haha

    Mystified you too
    Lots of fun at my rhyming zoo
    Yeah better of not guessing
    It's rather ummm interesting what I'll be confessing

  5. hahaha oh it went deep
    Thanks to a certain creep
    But what caused it
    Might not be a deep hit..haha

  6. I think I've got it, but I'll keep mum
    And hide the answer 'neath my thumb.
    It sounds as though you wound up sore!
    Tomorrow I will raid your shore.

  7. I need more coffee to work this one out.

  8. Definitely perplexed as to the overall reference point- guess I'll have to wait to see the second joint But at first I thought you were going all tv, but that thought very quickly went away- A brilliant poem in itself, all fun aside- great rhyme as usual, but overall stanzas just pierce and the flow is pretty much perfect. I'm going to however take a stab, and seeing you live in NS, close to the states- it's gotta be something along those lines- The Covert Affairs being on USA network, for me, if I'm correct, gave it away. But it's probably coincidence or perhaps my perplexity today is just too dense lol.

    Again, amazing piece pat- really loved it, thanks

  9. Very thought-provoking. I can't wait for you to reveal more.

  10. this looks so harmless...clean and beautifully structured...but the content is one big riddle...need to think about this...

  11. hahaha hmmm you never know
    You may be on to something at my show
    Although if you are
    You really need to hide somewhere far
    Being able to pick through my raving
    Might not be life saving..haha

    haha suck back the caffiene
    Tomorrow I will paint the full scene
    Might not be a picture all want to see
    But the cat will tell it for free

    hahaha more of a blame than confession
    Although interesting suggestion

    Nope not even close
    Covert Affairs haasn't even be watched at my house
    I gave the pierce and flow a once over this time
    Just adding to the chime
    For such a heinous crime
    That brought out this rhyme..haha

    See I got payback on you
    For the cliffhanger you put me through..haha

    I did three things in one
    Making you think a ton
    Oh that is so fun
    I guess I won..haha

  12. Well, I won't bug you about it until tomorrow.

  13. hahaha no comment on that
    But fyi what you did was seen by the cat..haha

  14. Well, I'm clueless (not exactly unusual for me).

  15. Ok, I think I know what it is. Maybe...actually, probably not...but just in case I am right, I'll keep it to myself and not ruin it for everyone else. I swear, I'll be honest tomorrow!!

  16. haha I won't comment on that as well
    You might come back and damn me to hell

    Maybe, what, who, where, why
    I know what it is no lie
    Wait shouldn't I know
    Now you've confused me at my show..hahaha
    I know you'll be nice and honest too
    With that "definitely" you throw out on cue..haha

  17. this is awesome lol. also, nova scotia represent!

  18. No so sure I'd want to full represent
    As NS does seem to suck away every cent..haha

  19. From Pat
    And his cat
    A poem the likes of which
    We haven't seen.

    Must be inspired
    By Halloween !

  20. Wow, after reading the poem and the comments after. A ll I can say it's very deep you might be talking about somethin' deep but not reachable to me. I'm not sure what's so sensual you wrote about, But I will wait till you tell us more about this poem.

  21. haha yes it is a different take
    Then the usual fun I partake
    I guess the ghouls and ghosts
    Really set upon the muse of your hosts

  22. hahaha oh the piece intself can be taken many ways
    But my deep, thought prokoving will soon have some choking for days
    As I go and reveal
    What caused this little dVerse reel

  23. We both began with dark nights...but your muse surely led you somewhere much different than I! Deep one from you Pat - and one I'm sure the comments section will be most entertaining from, as I'm quite certain there will be a great variety of interpretations streaming in. Sound bit of writing here, though, and quite intense.

  24. Just came across your blog and it blew my mind.


  25. giver and liver? I bet you were a happy little bunny when you managed to connect those two in a rhyme, Pats :P

  26. I think it needs to be considered in small bites.

  27. Yes interesting they will and seem to be
    For those that come to my rhyming sea
    Who knew intense could spur from such a thing
    To which a few have given a ring..haha

    Blew your mind
    hmmm hopefully you can still go forth to the work grind..haha

    Yes I was so happy putting those to as one
    It satisfied my need for vengence by a ton..haha

    hmmmm you could be on to something there
    Even more than I could bear

  28. Bed bug bites on your bum?
    That must hurt some!
    OK..that's my first guess.
    I'll be back if you say I missed.

  29. I have to come back tomorrow.... have to... must! Excellent as always.

    I love the suspense as well. See you tomorrow.


  30. I hope I had not said something wrong. You are like Taylor Swift, you pay your revenge in your songs. I mean in your rhythming YKW (you-know-what). Be scared, be very scared.

  31. I had to read your poem twice
    It's subject, I fear, is not too nice
    An attack of some sort in the dark
    Of which the creature left its mark
    I hope that Betsy isn't right
    And bed bugs didn't come and bite!

  32. Bed bugs was the guess for me
    Considering where you've planted your rhyming tree
    I could be wrong, been wrong before
    And will be wrong again, alot more
    I agree with Betsy, see
    Cause we share the news here, you and me
    Unless Brian was right and you came down with fleas
    As you were tossed about our salty seas...
    Okay I'm stumped, I must admit
    No need to take a rhyming fit.
    I'll just hide under this hat
    Until you announce the face it facts
    that has something to do with where you're at
    Oh...I don't know you silly cat!
    Your poet self has busted through
    Call me jealous, perhaps I'll sue
    Waving hey from my blog too
    Aka Parlour of Tashtoo ;)

  33. Thanks so much for not posting a photograph
    of your bites or whatever kind of rash.
    For that we are very grateful
    'cause that would have been kinda hateful.
    Not to mention you would get me back
    and make me forget my rhyming attack!

  34. Intelligence stagnates within sleep
    Fluttering fingers rampage deep
    Tilting at realities edge
    Until morning sun diverts ledge

    I picture someone at the side of a building (rather on a window ledge.) (On the edge, on the edge.)

    Love the stagnating intelligence, the fluttering rampage.

  35. Wow, this is different for you, and I wish I knew what the subject matter was because I changed my mind throughout. I thought it had sensual moments, too, so if it's about bed bugs, then I'm a silly fool, lol :)

  36. nice rhymes! Just found your blog and will be coming back. ;)

  37. great riddle-wrapped-in-a-poem;
    i can't resolve it, cause I've got to be going.
    still like your rhyme, cause methinks all rhyme is fine.
    can't wait till tomorrow; till then, pure sorrow.
    good job there, Pat.

  38. "Creepy-crawlies in the night,
    enough to give this girl a fright!"

    "Really enjoyed this mystery ,
    with it's richly worded imagery"

    Hmmm, wonder what it could be. Many guesses, can't wait to find out!
    Nicely penned, Pat!

  39. A good one for Halloween spooking. Or maybe you've written about the state of politics today!

  40. So the cat has only had partial say,
    and tomorrow brings another play.
    So I'll tune in this eerie channel,
    wearing my heaviest coat of flannel
    for Halloween comes on a chilly night
    on the crest of a dreadful fright.
    Is that the cause of this feline rhyme?
    An approaching day of ghouls sublime?

  41. I have nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award. Your blog site is wonderful and I believe that you deserve this award. Please claim your award and follow the three requirements for this award. It is my honor to nominate you for this award. Thank you.

  42. hahaha nope no bed bugs here
    At least not that want to give a cheer
    A good guess though
    One part is right, but that you know..haha

    haha see I sucked you in
    Isn't that a tricky win
    Although tomorrow's will be rather blunt
    As I give the full brunt..haha

    Yes Ocean is is all your fault
    You went and said something wrong at my vault
    I get my revenge though
    That you know..haha

    haha yes it's not too nice at all
    I blame the cats for this call
    Could be a mark
    Or a dog that had to bark
    Who knows how it will go
    Soon all will know

    hahaha wow you really went aboard today
    But just as at the dVerse way
    You won't get the last word
    I'll give one as I eat a bird..haha
    Some variation of that could be correct
    So you can stand a bit erect
    For taking such a guess
    That much I will confess
    I made you jealous too you say
    Oh doesn't that bring laughter my way
    My poet self is still a rhyming nut
    So don't worry I'll return to my rut..haha

    This is great, that is great
    I guess that is just everyones fate..haha

    hahahaha I don't always have a camera in hand like you
    Taking photos of that which make me go poo
    I am grateful as well
    Not that I give a hell
    If it is seen
    Just want to make sure it's nice and clean
    Oh and now I might just have to
    To make you forget rhyming at my zoo..haha

    Good picture I can see how that would work
    As on the edge they could lurk
    Wow I'm intelligent too
    Who knew..haha

    hahaha you know sucking from a bug can be sensual for them
    Just cause us flem
    Yes never knew how different it was until I was through
    But tomorrow I'll break lose and back to form at my zoo..haha

    Geez I am being found all over
    I'll have to thank rover
    Glad you will come back
    And suffer all my flack..haha

    Riddle me this and that
    All from the cat
    Hopefully not too much sorrow
    Then to make you better some I would borrow

    hahaha well you are on to something there
    Creepy crawlies are so unfair
    Mystery was fun to play
    Glad it worked at my bay
    Guesses galore
    Also seem to be in store

    Halloween and politics can go hand and hand
    Except halloween is once a year and politics tunes up the band
    All year around
    With such fake masks pretending to be all profound

    Yes just half done
    With my rhyming fun
    I could go on a ton
    But that would make some run
    Or go get a gun
    And shoot me under the sun
    Or would that be ghoulish night
    Either way it be a fright..haha

    A nomination for me
    That leaves me with such glee
    Thanks for that
    From Pat and at least one cat

  43. i know the state of disarray
    it causes me to kneel and pray
    i moan and sweat and finally say
    i really don't care about cleaning up
    i'll gladly have another usual day

  44. Although I've read it twice, I'm still perplexed :-) But no matter, even if I don't know what this poem is about I like it. Awesome.

  45. I read it.
    I get it.
    I think I got it,
    tried to unknot it.

    Environmental hijinks in the name of corporate greed? Some sort of contamination around your area?

    My best guess.
    I'm a mess.
    This really is a provocative poem - you've raised a bigger stink with this one than anything the cat ever did!! Love, Amy

  46. I love this blog post! So easy to read and an interesting one at that. I look forward to your upcoming posts! Keep up the good work! Followed

  47. Enigmatic and masterly rhymed as usual. Always a pleasure to visit & read your remarkable rhymes.

  48. They're just the best, these rhyming tests....

  49. haha not sure I'm in that kind of state
    But yes I can relate
    Been there too
    And just glad for another day as with you

    Perplexed and maybe a bit vexed after all of that
    But never fear back to straightforward will go the cat

    hahaha good guesses they could be
    And I see how they could work with my plea
    The cat raised a stinker you say
    Such fun word play..haha

    Easy to read you say
    Guess I didn't do my job today
    I'll have to work on that
    Back to being a confusing cat

    Glad it's a pleasure to view
    Sure I scare away a few..haha

    Rhyming tests for all the guests
    And the many other peacock pests

  50. Really evocative piece, leaves me in a linger ~ Rose

  51. Not a clue Pat
    but I'll be back
    to see what you tacked
    under your hat.


  52. Hopefully you didn't bite the nail on your finger
    As you began to linger
    That wouldn't be good to do
    Geez I'm evocative too

    haha the clue is given now full blown
    Might make some groan..haha

  53. glad I am not the only one who couldn't figure this out. tricky!

  54. Hello.
    I've read your poem & all the comments & I'm still none the wiser.
    All I can say is it sounds like something freaky is going on! My head hurts with all this mystery..wish you'd tell!

  55. wow.
    amazing rhymes
    that paint haunting "Crimes".
    breathe easy,
    get yourself busy.

  56. haha no some got it and some did not
    Those who did are around a lot
    So they can see a bit more
    Into what goes tick at my shore..haha

    You read all the comments too
    Damn that must have took some time to do
    That could be even more confusing for you
    I told in the post above, it's true

    Yes haunting crimes they were
    From something that has fur
    At least that is my guess
    For causing such a ummm mess
    And busy you say
    Would that be taken a different way..haha

  57. I have nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award. Your site always inspires me in poetry and I believe you deserve this recognition. Please claim your award and follow the three requirements for this award. It is my honor to nominate you for this award. Thank you.

  58. Two rewards in one day
    Damn I must be doing something right at my bay..haha

    Playful I can be
    Beautiful hmmm we shall see

  59. after reading twice... m still trying... :D

  60. haha seems you figured it out
    With your second shout

  61. And that dark night
    laid bare the fright;
    I stood at the ledge,
    peering over the edge.


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