Another Rhyming Feat! dVerse I Just Cannot Be Beat!

I have not done this for a while. So I made myself run the rhyme mile. For those that have seen it before you will guess the facts right off the bat. Even though this time it was done for EVERY single one by the cat. That is right! Five by Five and thirty two times for dVerse tonight. This one did take a little longer to do. Now can you guess what I did for the dVerse crew?

The Rhyme is Alive
Five by Five

You hoot air before damnation
Into astute prayer for aggravation
Queue dispute stare before manifestation
Through salute declare war transformation

Two route rare Thor narration
Taboo dilute beware your manipulation
View pursuit affair score observation
Brew flute blare roar escalation

Cue recruit snare abhor summation
Screw acute scare adore dislocation
True fruit bear sore reservation
Few permute square oar permutation

Shampoo brute hair ashore stabilization
Askew cahoot ensnare spore oxidation
Shoe shoot share swore sedation
Glue mute glare ignore desperation

Tattoo cute hare decor fixation
Zoo uproot flair store expectation
Outdo commute mare floor allegation
Bamboo lute forswear guarantor monopolization

Review root despair implore investigation
Accrue loot fare drawer saturation
Subdue boot care explore clarification
Anew hirsute where yore mutation

Who impute repair tore tribulation
To refute billionaire nor amalgamation
Lieu moot heir core nomination
Loo repute compare lore calibration

Withdrew suit bare boar creation
Flew coot dare more migration
Crew chute wear pour starvation
Adieu compute swear deplore sterilization

Never fear! Even after this cheer, I will never be all rhymed out. I will have plenty left to shout. And just in case you did not get what is in front of your face, for I know it may take a while to grasp it as my craziness came through in this rhyming fit. Each and every word in their respective spot rhymed from start to finish in this rhyming plot. Now was that not fun and confusing class? If you get rhyme overload, I do not mind if you curse my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I think you need mouth to mouth after this one, Pat, shall I call Pamela Anderson?

  2. hahaha if you can time travel and bring her back from the Baywatch 90's yeah go for it
    That will sure be a hit

  3. Oh, I got it alright...My brain is still ringing with "-ations". hahaha

    I did see "Thor" and got excited though. For a split second my mind wandered from "-ations" to the Avengers. Made me think how much harder this would be using "-enger"...No worries though, b/c my brain went back on track by the time I hit the next line. lol!

  4. haha ringing with ations I love it
    Giving your brain an ation fit
    I knew that's where your brain would go
    Liking RDJ so much at your show
    But with all the rhyming of every single word in every single line
    I knew you'd get back on track just fine

  5. Deep thoughts with Pat Handy. Thanks for challenging me to think this morning Pat.

  6. it is all about the boot care, ha...dude this astounds me you rhyme so fluid...this hase sucha cool scheme i would love to hear it read, and maybe peek inside you head when you wrote it...acyually the review root stanza through the next, were so good it left me perplexed

  7. if I can't get Pamela, can I get you David Hasselhoff? I'm sure you won't be picky when your lungs depend on it :PPP

  8. No problem, always like making people think
    But would rather they hit the brink..hahaha

    Yeah this one took a while to do
    I wouldn't want to be inside my head if I were you
    That would be rather scary as all the words that rhyme 32 times came into view
    But I made sure my scheme came due
    Left you perplexed?..damn I am good
    Remember this moment I should..haha

    Hmmmmm only if it truly is life and death can you get him
    But wait! as my lights dim
    Maybe I just need a jolt from his talking car
    I would go that far..haha

  9. Why are you such a king Pat? I love you! <3 You are just so awesome, dude I'm sure not playing possum.

  10. Peek inside his head?
    Don't do it, Brian! She said with dread!
    For I have been on a tour
    haven't I told you before!
    You may not find your way out
    even if you scream and shout!

  11. Yeah I would never play possum much
    Maybe just a touch..haha

    That is not a place any wants to be
    Betsy just got lucky
    And found a door
    Getting her back to her floor

  12. I think I've burst a rhyming vein
    From riding on your crazy train!
    Others' words just seem to fizzle
    Next to yours penned with such skizzle!

  13. haha I made you pop a vein
    I love going down that lane
    Now just pop a pill
    And you will not get ill..haha

  14. This is AMAZING! You have a gift. This is one of my favorites. Such powerful lines.

  15. I think you are going for all of our ruination with all of this summation <<< Is that even a word?
    You crack me up.... :)

  16. I'm so confused. My brain is bruised. You're brilliant, I see, with a capital "b", eccentric too, but that you knew.

  17. Glad I did not cross a rift
    With my rhyming gift
    And oh the power
    Like the compliments you shower..haha

    hahaha if you can say it
    There here at least it is a word for your fit
    Besides made up words are fun
    And the cracking up has just begun

    Yes eccentric I can be a tad
    Brilliant with a capital "b" is also liked by this lad

  18. Yeah, and since I think you're such a dear
    I won't tell all that I saw in there!
    See, aren't I just so sweet
    not spilling my guts on a tweet?
    Although if I ever need money
    I could blackmail you, honey.

  19. Cool. Felt like I was at a concert and everyone was cheering for an encore and out you came, but instead of repeating the same, you played a new game in a similar vain. Fun as these always are. Should be mandatory, once a month, but who am I to instruct:)

    Check out the new issue of Print, the back cover has a bunch of telekinetic cats shooting laser beams from their eyes- anyhow, thought I'd pass that along- I'd scan and post it, but not sure with copyright stuff, so figured if you wanted to check it out, maybe google or see at the store.

  20. Okay, you are officially the best "rhymist" (is this even a word?) ever. I could never come up with any of that.

  21. Pat, I couldn't sleep last night because of the bee. I'm too tired to understand your post, though I'm sure it's wonderful. Would you please sum up the entire post in a single sentence?


  22. THIS was really fun to read :D

  23. Never heard of Trivium
    But looked them up, very interesting to my little rhyming bum

    hahahaha black mail away
    You won't get much from my bay..haha
    Unless pringle cans filled with you know count
    Then you can get an awful big amount
    I'd like to see your tweet
    Or I'll let you tell if you type with your feet..haha

    Mandatory once a month you say?
    Geez that will just cause dismay
    The cat only does what pops in
    One some schedule would just be a sin
    Following rules and all the stuff
    Would leave me in a huff..haha
    I will give it a look
    The next time I so into a nook

    The best rhymist ever
    Aren't I just so clever
    Yeah it works as a word
    Does not at all seem absurd

    That bee has to be annoying
    As its buzzing is constantly toying
    To sum it up in a single line
    I"M NUTS but it's all fine

    It's good to be king
    Even if I am a ding a ling..haha

    Five by Five rhyme
    I guess is a fun chime

  24. Oh, my toes can type very well!
    be careful what you say I can tell!
    I'm not afraid of strat filled cans
    I've owned a few cats so that stuff I can stand.

  25. This poem's a rhyming sensation
    Owing to five word aggravation
    i stopped and paused, hesitation

    cheers, well done Pat, salutation
    Mark Butkus autumn calls hibernation

  26. haha oh they can, can they
    I guess I wouldn't want your toes causing me dismay
    Those strat filled cans can be rough
    But as you say you've dealt with it enough
    Guess I'll have to think of something else to use
    If you try and brain abuse..haha

    Yes the rhyme truly does come through and through
    Even with a little aggravation to you
    Don't hibernate too long
    And don't share a cave with a bear or donkey kong..haha

    Oh this "tions" post isn't even the tip of the iceberg
    Like a previous post or that big bank in Duckburg

  27. I don't know how you rhyme everything. Good grief. Yes I may be related to Charlie Brown. lol I'm so glad your participating in Elisa's blogfest! Can't wait to see what you write. Mine is ready too.

  28.'re trying to think of payback
    to the blackmailing attack
    that hasn't even happened yet
    and probably won't I bet.
    Gee, what are you afraid I'll tell?
    Don't worry, I'll only whisper and not yell.

  29. I'm so glad that you "will never be all rhymed out", and "will have plenty left to shout" - awesome, as always. :-)

  30. Omg--quite amazing--dense but makes (sort of)sense! Wow! K.

  31. Ha! Wonderful....Actually quite astounding!!!

  32. Wow, that was quite a feat, Pat - wouldn't be surprised if this could get into the Guinness Book of World Records? :) I at least have never seen a poem with this many across the board rhyme instances over that many lines. Well done!

  33. Glad the lyrics are great
    Here at my rhyming plate

    yeah rhyming everything take a bit of time
    But I can pull off the chime
    Just don't go bald like Charlie Brown
    That might make you frown
    participate I shall as well
    Ringing the blogfest bell

    haha I always have a backup plan or ten
    To get back those, even someone from my five men
    But I have no fear of you yelling
    Unless I truly don't watch my spelling..hahaha

    Yes I will rhyme and chime never becoming a mime
    at least for a good long time

    Yeah dense would be a good word
    Glad I could amaze and not be too absurd

    Fun that I can astound
    Here at my ground

    Guinness Book of World Records you say
    Oh now that would make my day..haha
    Never thought of such a thing
    Maybe I should give them a ring

  34. A-tion! Sorry that's me sneezing. And I'm bowing to your amazing talent, Pat.

  35. think i need to do an investigation on the ion endings..ha...kind of played with all kinds of tricks today mr. smiles

  36. PH, you are the King-Peep of rhyme
    and I'll read you any-old-time
    so long as I'm...

    (Fill in the blank, please...or NOT!

    I Like!

  37. Amazing--but I can't begin to decipher what you actually said...but it was lots of fun anyway.

  38. Wow Pat, this is surely astounding,
    but by time I got through my head was pounding!

    Incredible. Curious if mis-spell Line 13--maybe assure, rather than ashore?
    Or maybe I just need a proper "translation!"

    BTW: Glad the cat liked the story of my little stray
    now you know where this pet-lover's heart doth lay >^..^<

  39. I would applaud, but I have no idea what any of it means. Theres no doubting the rhymes, but alas, this simpleton does not 'get' it.

  40. So fun Pat. I burst out in a song with:

    "Tattoo cute hare decor fixation"

    Ha..ha... Have a good day ~

  41. Oh my! Oh my!
    Raise that Hatt high.
    Most of us would die
    to work an end-rhyme
    But five in each line
    Is just so sublime.

  42. Pat,
    Great rhyme and great show
    Tickles me plainly wanting more
    Treasure trove and back-up plan
    The place to get all the rhymes


  43. Whew! not from your poem, but having to scroll to the bottom!!! exhausted.

    I saw it, and wow. my thoughts ran to Ginsberg on this one (though he didn't rhyme). What a rhyming rant!
    good job, Pat.

  44. hahaha bless you I will say
    Did not mean to make you sneeze today..haha

    There are a ton of ion endings that work
    So you might be a while investigating as you lurk
    Yes pulled out plenty of tricks today
    For dVerse here at my bay

    As long as you are a tad crazy too
    Which one would have to be at my way, sad but true..haha

    Deciphering is a bit rough
    But I still went about my huff and puff

    Well guess you need to pop a pill too
    Yes feeding the stray was so nice of you
    Nope did not spell it wrong
    I know your head is pounding more with that song..haha

    A simpleton you do not have to be
    I'm sure it can confuse many, even me..haha

    You burst out in song you say
    That would be interesting to hear at my bay..haha

    Yeah five by five was kind of rough
    But I picked ones that had enough
    I'm sure you would not die
    Just give it a try..haha

    Some just had no more to go on
    A few that made even less sense did dawn
    Yes I can give all the rhymes
    With just about any old chimes

    Yeah the comments below do add up
    My the time you get to the end you might have an empty coffee cup..haha

  45. Wow... a monorhyme with internal rhyme yet without an impatien blooming in this conflagration.

    When you tackle rhyme, you don't go for the easy stuff. I tried to read it out loud and tripped all over my tongue.


  46. Sheer silliness mixed with rhyming virtuosity I see, über impressive.

  47. first rhyme I needed a dictionary to understand 8o

  48. Whew... I bet it would be hard to read aloud.

  49. hahaha I made you trip over your tongue
    Love it, yeah I'm a nut and by bell is rung
    Never just go for easy
    Though sometimes maybe a bit cheesy

    Uber impressive is fun
    Makes it even more fun that it was done

    Glad I can entertain
    As I go down the crazy lane

    Five by five
    Some may not get out alive..haha

    See there is a first time for everything
    Even the rhymes I fling..haha

    Yes that would be quite rough
    Don't know if I'd be able to huff and puff

  50. It's a little after midnight, and you're taxing me here, fella! But I can't help marvel at your agility with words and rhyme! To mouth your work here is too much punishment for my tired tongue. Bravo, Pat, really enviable work!

  51. Bloody hell. Every word. How long did that take you, or did it flow right out? I couldn't even imagine...quite impressive.

  52. My god, man. Impressive effort.

  53. You're a master of rhyme, Pat. A multitude of messages in there, to me all in tangle. Those it is pointed at may detect it, not enough to pinpoint and accuse. You would have the brave office of court jester if we were in medieval times, methinks.

  54. Great as always, another entertaining read. Read does not rhyme with bread though. BEWARE.

  55. You have a great talent
    with your words
    You can make emotions ambivalent

    Thanks for sharing interesting verse and even your comments were amazing.. Thanks

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  56. haha sorry for all the taxing
    When you should just be relaxing
    Yeah make even the most awake tongue
    Feel like its bell has been rung..haha

    Glad my fun
    was nicely done

    Took me about 45 minutes or so to get right
    The other night
    If I must confess
    Glad i could impress

    Impress once more
    Aren't I good at my shore

    Yeah it is tangled and weaved about
    But some can see and it might make them shout
    And if they feel abused
    You're right, not really enough to be accused
    Jester would be fun
    I could surely get it done

    Nice you love rhyme
    That is not a crime

    Actually read and bread do rhyme
    Depending upon how you say them or what time of rhyme you chime

    Glad it could interest
    And I'll share no matter if it passes the test..haha

  57. Once again, the rhymes made me grin, chagrin..rin tin tin.

    Loved "Flew coot dare more migration"

  58. Grinning sure isn't a sin
    Glad it was more of a win

  59. Amazing talent you read the perfectly placed verses aloud is really a thrill! ~ Rose

  60. I took my time and placed the verses
    Not sure about perfectly as there may have been some curses..haha

  61. Is there an edge to rhyme and wit? Not with you PAT!

  62. High five Pat. You really stretched my mind with this beast. Dude I love what you do and the way you do it.

  63. You're so clever with words, I'd love to see what you could do if you abandoned rhyme. (I suppose that's a forlorn hope?)

  64. Yes there is no edge
    I go right over the ledge

    Yeah stretched it near and far
    Just for the dVerse bar

    Have many words in me head
    And they need to be fed
    I did it once or twice without rhyme
    Never know may yet do another non-rhyme chime

  65. I think you may have managed every tion word and you didn't even throw in any shun words in the bargain. Quite a feat!

  66. Very clever and amazingly accomplished. Have seen this attempted before, but never achieved with such mastery. Quite simply brilliant, without seeming contrived. Great job Pat. I applaud you.

  67. haha oh there are many many more tion words to go around
    And yeah no shun words had to be found
    At least not much
    I guess I'm losing my touch

    Nope not contrived one bit
    Glad you liked my so called brilliant fit
    Took the cat a minute or two
    To gets things to come through


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