Cat Got Your Tongue? Oh You Have a dVerse Lung!

So dVerse decided to be a copy cat and go all about idioms, which were done a while ago at my mat. But if they wish to play cat and mouse, I will surely let the cat out of the bag at my house. There is more than one way to skin a cat. You are a sicko if you really do that.

But this time the idioms won't rain like cats and dogs. For when the cat's away the mice will play with all their blogs. Yet the cat did not go far and just look what the cat dragged in from the dVerse bar. This time curiosity won't kill the cat and all cats aren't grey in the dark at my mat.

For with a little poof, dVerse is going to be like a cat on a hot tin roof. But they won't fight like cats and dogs, as I have a grin like a Cheshire cat and not hogs. Are you really a fraidy cat of that berry? What? I look like the cat that swallowed the canary?

I guess my cat idioms are through and now the scene is set for all to view.

Brian and Claudia both seemed to have lost their way. Also it seemed like there was only two things each could say. The pair had to make it back to the dVerse bar. Yet they did not know whether it was near or far. But I did leave them a tour guide, just to make sure no one got lost and died.

"Now where would you like to go? This is all on the cat just so you know."

"Make like a baby and head out."
"Don't get your panties in a bunch."

The tour guide scratched his head, at first he thought he had misread. So he asked once more and it seemed he got the same nutty encore.

"More fun than a barrel of monkeys."
"The lights are on but nobody's home."

I neglected to tell the guy these two could only say two lines. But I figured they would at least point to the road signs.

"So are you finally ready to go? Come on Brian! I need to know."

"Make like a baby and head out."

The tour guide shrugged and took that as a yes. He chose a direction on a guess and off they went. I think Claudia needed to vent.

"The lights are on but nobody's home."

"Can't you two say anything else? What is up with you two? Are you drunk or something?"

"More fun than a barrel of monkeys."
"Don't get your panties in a bunch."

Brian and Claudia strolled the other way while the tour guide was left in complete dismay. He figured they knew where they were going and was done with the lines they were throwing. So he took off for home and let the two roam. Such a good ten cents wasted on him. But I guess talking to Brian and Claudia would make the situation seem grim.

They stopped at a gas station and tried to ask where they were. But the lines just kept seeming to recur.

"So you two lost or something?"

"More fun than a barrel of monkeys."
"The lights are on but nobody's home."

"Did you escape from the Idiomatic psych ward up the road?"

The gas station man went to grab the phone and Brian stopped him giving a groan. The pair knew they had to leave soon or they would get chucked in the nuthouse like some loon.

"Make like a baby and head out."
"The lights are on but nobody's home."

The pair ran out of the gas station and into the bush. I bet they were really cursing my little rhyming tush. At least in their mind, as the words needed to speak they just could not find. They decided to follow the stars. I hear they can lead you to some fancy bars.

They walked looking up the entire way and ran right into he who pesters the cat at my bay.

"Why don't you two dVerse clowns watch where you are going? Get out of Drazin's way! Drazin is going after Drazin's slippers."

"The lights are on but nobody's home."
"More fun than a barrel of monkeys."

"Are you two trying to piss the Great God Drazin off? Drazin will send you flying all the way back to that fake bar of yours. Would you like Drazin to do that?"

"Make like a baby and head out."
"Don't get your panties in a bunch."

Drazin seemed rather ticked off at the pair. Then he stroked his goatee hair. He saw they were trying to say other things and all the pain they were in from the idiom flings.

"Drazin thought you were nuts. Then Drazin thought you were drunk. Now Drazin knows it's that damn fleabag."

"More fun than a barrel of monkeys."

"Drazin loves it!"

"Don't get your panties in a bunch."

"Drazin doesn't wear panties miss. Do you want to see for yourself? Or would the sight of a God's backside be too much for you?"

"Make like a baby and head out."

The pair were not about to see a Drazin full moon and dashed away from the so called godly maroon. He laughed and could be heard yelling as the left out of sight. Still bellowing into the night.

"So Drazin isn't more fun than a barrel of monkey's? The lights are on but no one seems to be home. Drazin guesses you two just wanted to make like a baby and head out or you just got your panties in a bunch. Drazin guesses the fleabags can be amusing for some things. Have fun dVerse clowns."

Drazin watched until they were out of sight and took off looking for another slipper fight, while Claudia and Brian had to rest before continuing their quest. Yet from that Drazin mook Brian felt his words spook. For Drazin was right and the bar was not in just one place. For thanks to the poets worldwide it occupied a huge space.

So thanks to Drazin they had hope and were not longer at the end of their rope. They thought about their bar and with the passing of a car, they awoke back in their dVerse space, each giving a happy face.

"Make like a baby and head out.....I'm gonna kill that cat......More fun than a barrel of monkeys."

"The lights are on but nobody's home.....we'll get him the next time he comes in.....Don't get your panties in a bunch."

The pair still tried to shrug off their speech impairment having little success and blamed me for this whole mess. Can you believe the nerve of those two? Thinking the cat really brought all of this into view. What was that? I already admitted to it at my mat? Strat! I better go and prepare a mass of traps and fill in those gaps. At least the tale has come to pass and you two are now all idiomed out thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Panties in a bunch is the quote. BTW...I made you blog of the day.

  2. Pat,
    Tour to the bar
    Easy,it's this far
    A play with idioms
    Easy, you have Drazin
    Showing panties you say?
    I'll rather not see
    Just the tour,yes the tour
    I'll not ask for more!


  3. Well, isn't that just the cat's meow?
    You always do show us how
    Maybe the light's on but nobody's home,
    set on a timer to turn on on it's own
    Perhaps they're all in the dark
    Hoping for a little spark
    to inspire them with d'verse
    cause writer's block sure is a curse.

  4. yes, this is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! =)

  5. Speech impairment hey...sounds like a fun tour they had...

    (I wonder what Claudia and Brian have to say about this ~)

    Happy sunday ~

  6. Patt Hatt puts DVerse in a wee hearse!

  7. haha yes quite the quote
    And on that note
    You rhymed too
    Thanks for blog of the day from you

    yes not many would want to see that
    Including the cat
    So the tour of dVerse is all we need
    To ever see here on my feed..haha

    Hmmm a timer would be a good idea
    Could help many in their career
    Turn it on well at work
    Then maybe they won't be a mindless jerk..haha
    But for the use of their muse
    Not sure as it could just confuse
    All that flooded in at one time
    Could cause one messed up chime..haha

    Glad I can beat those damn apes
    I just chase them away with some grapes

    haha I wonder if they will get their panties in a bunch
    The cat will run so he can avoid a kick or punch..haha

    Don't think there will be a hearse
    But I'm sure I can make them curse..haha

  8. Oh, wow, Brian and Claudia Vs. Drazin. 10 rounds Only. Great bout. Drazin was actually some help. Fun write pat, nice take on the idiomatic plight.

  9. you see why we're always totally exhausted and scratched by thistles and thorns when we finally arrive at the pub...but always exactly 3pm EST...smiles...and this cat just didn't understand my german...haha

  10. hahaha.....oh cat i can not stop laughing hard enough to rhyme, its a crime i know, so i will just snort and leave no retort, and it was only once i wore panties, not a bunch...i think you are just mad i kept the cat in a bag, and the inmates are in charge of the asylum

  11. I have an impression that a barrel of monkeys wouldn't really be fun :)

  12. Totally idiom-ed out on this one! Wow--what energy--whoo, let me catch my breath!

  13. Drazin always seems to help indirectly I guess
    To which I'm sure he will never confess
    He only seems to attack nuts and cats
    And maybe some awful vampire bats
    But we won't go there
    Drazin cleaned them out of his lair..haha

    hahaha oh so it was German you were speaking
    I guess that's why you could not find what you were seeking
    At least you made it by 3pm eastern time
    Pacific time might have messed up my chime..haha

    Yes you kept the poor cat in the bag
    So I let you and Drazin play tag
    And the inmates being in charge is kind of fun
    So I won't get too mad at that one..haha

    haha I don't think it be that fun as well
    Might send thing straight to hell

    I idiomed you out too
    Isn't it fun the things I can do

  14. Very witty with a slight dash of surrealism. Well done!

  15. "Don't get your panties in a bunch" In England the expression is: "Don't get your knickers in a twist" LOL Another one is "Alright, alright keep yer 'air (hair) on" LOL In other words, 'Don't blow your top" In other words: Don't lose your temper.....LOL
    Good grief, funny how you trigger them all off in my memory.. :)

  16. I've always wondered why the monkeys were in a barrel in the first place...

  17. is there a hidden meaning, D4 and Betsy? I'm not a native speaker of English, so maybe I'm missing a naughty meaning of the expression? :)

  18. Seeing Drazin "full moon" is comparable to you seeing R-Dow in "all his glory". LOL!! (Random: Saw The Avengers preview at the movies last night. I got so excited I needed to be fanned down. hahaha)

    This is too funny. I say "don't get your pantys in a bunch" way too often. hahaha

  19. DEZ ~ I have no idea. Maybe Pat will research it for us... :)

  20. You took the short bus to school, but my mama didn't raise no fools. Not the brightest crayon in the box nor the sharpest knife in the drawer. C'mon and give me more. Bee in his bonnet? Then take it off! His elevator doesn't go all the way up? Take the money and run. And so on and so forth.


  21. haha glad it was witty
    And didn't sound like it came for an old bitty..haha

    I don't think Desmond should be tsk-ed to much
    Maybe just a touch..haha

    haha damn I make you use that brain of yours
    I didn't mean to cause such chores at my shores..hahaha
    I heard the knickers one tons before
    The other two once or twice, so nice encore

    Yeah really though
    I think some one had a thing with barrels at their show
    Like shooting fish in a barrel too
    Why the heck would they be in the barrel to view

    No Dez there is no hidden meaning that I can find
    Unless something is completely unaware to my little behind

    hahaha yeah I suppose the two compare
    Maybe a stall all their own they could share
    Swap ego stories all night
    That be just a fright
    And yes that preview was a sight
    Hopefully it's as good as the hype and will reach a new height
    haha maybe you were really being channeled with the panties in a bunch line
    Of course maybe I'm just psychic, wouldn't that be fine

    It supposedly came from Monkeys liking to cram themselves
    In barrels at the circus shelves
    I guess when they popped out it was fun
    Or they had fun trying to get them to come out, now my research is done

    Take the money and run
    Would be quite fun
    If I could find the money first
    Then I'd jump on that short bus and take away in one quick burst
    I'd ride the elevator to the middle floor
    And then dart out the door
    That bee would not sting me
    I'd be oh so happy and fancy free

  22. "Make like a baby and head out".... genius haha

  23. the panties in the bunch was the highlight.

  24. I'm sat watching Halifax Town go out of the FA Cup 3-o to Charlton Athletic while drinking The Leveller ale. So I can't think of a rhyme, sorry.

  25. haha yeah saw that one and had to use
    Just to dVerse abuse

    Let's hope for those panties in a bunch
    No one tries to have them for ummm lunch

    Well I'm sitting in Halifax right now
    Does that make you mad some how?..haha

  26. i almost feel like it would be a crime if my comment didn't continue the rhyme

  27. haha well now we would not want you to commit a crime
    So nice job with the rhyme chime

  28. it more than fun than a barrel of monkeys in bunched-up panties?

  29. Hmmmmmm I don't know about that one
    Oh my mind wanders with that remark a ton..haha

  30. Great as always man, guaranteed good rhymes when I visit this place.

  31. I thought this prompt would be right up your alley; fun to find Brian and Claudia in your galley. I always find your words quite gilding; but I've gotta run, as Elvis has left the building.

  32. Yes I always try to be good
    Knock on wood..haha

    Yes it was right up my alley
    Clear across my valley
    Elvis needs to stay out of buildings by now
    Maybe he'll one day leave a farm with a cow


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