DAMN! The Cat Is Great! The "Strat Hits The Fan" At Any Rate!

So the cat was employed by Pat to come up with something to do with strat. I had to charge overtime because this took a good two hours unlike my usual ten - fifteen minute rhyme. But if you thought the little theme song up in the corner for my place was something. This will just make me the rhyming king.

I do it my way and do not need no stinkin' book trailer shown at my bay. This is much more then just a talking voice with some background score. The cat was not about to be a copy cat. Plus I never follow the rules at my mat.

Once again I have outdone myself, here at my shelf. Yeah I'm a cocky cat today proving once again I can do most anything at my bay. Of course the cat cannot speak human like all of you, meaning the voices were from another crew. That's just in case you wondered why there was no meow. So hit play now!

The Strat Hits The Fan

This was more to gloat than to promote. But I am sure Pat will go and spread it around. Once he pays me for the work at my ground. If not I will scratch him in mass and he will yell strat at my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. lol nice song. I enjoyed it. :)

  2. Again indeed
    upon my feed
    for Cat I am subscribed :)
    I seen this post
    It was the most
    This book will surely fly
    Now I must share
    here and there
    to help you spread the word
    To just see
    and not set this free
    would truly be absurd!

  3. A book trilogy?
    Well, golly gee!
    Who knew bush number three
    would become a book writing machine!
    Better finish the edit
    so you can take the credit
    for finishing a third book
    and have people take a look!

    And I will say that I've read the first two
    and they were very entertaining books from you!

  4. rules are meant for sissies
    not manly pussy cats
    so roll you mat your way
    is that you singing today?
    if the book fails you can
    go on tour, 50 dates in a year
    just for the states, then
    50 more for good measure in canada
    way to pimp your rhyming ass

  5. who says I speak like a human? I communicate only like the Borg, through a chip which my drones insert into your brain after my Madagascar penguins assimilate you.

  6. oh, look at us twins
    new avatars as the week begins....

  7. Glad you could enjoy
    While the cat played with some mouse toy

    Had it dropped upon your feed
    As I knew your a rhyme would seed
    Which is always fun to see
    And yes will too work hard to set it free

    Yeah that's just where it went
    So might make some bent..haha

    Creative the cat can do
    Thanks for the view

    Enjoyed the piece
    I guess wonder never cease..hahaha
    Had too
    That you knew

    Yeah they are all in the big old head
    And the come out as the urge now needs to be fed
    No need to rush one bit
    As when it's done it's done and the web it will hit
    Who knows how many more will come
    From Pat and is not so little rhyming bum..haha

    Yeah rules never apply to me
    I ignore them at my sea
    No way is that Pat
    Probably be better sung by the cat
    All that traveling might scare him though
    So he might hire a duplicate to perform the show

    Well I'll have Wolverine chop up the penguin things
    And then give Beast some rings
    So you can be unassimilated soon
    Then you won't be a Borg type loon..haha

    Geez the twins are even more in sync
    I hope I never see you both wearing pink..haha

  8. Always up for some relaxing images.

    Thanks for starting my morning off right Pat.

  9. yeah the same hair would be bad too
    Be funny though if you had a mohawk hairdo..hahaha

    Hell is relazing you say
    Damn hate to see the end of your day

  10. I was just feeling sorry for Slamdunk
    relaxing at those flaming images.
    he must be having a hell of a day
    given what he had to say.

  11. Pat,
    Great offering
    The Cat brings
    Book Trilogy
    Bursting with energy
    Catchy tune, man
    Strat's hit the fan
    Going for great things
    Assuring you winnings
    Already in the making
    Sure thing!


  12. Yeah those crimes and kids must really be getting to him
    Or his screen is just a tad dim
    And he could not see
    Or just thought the flames were pretty..haha

    Thanks for the listen at my station
    And the great examination
    Hoping the Strat will keep hitting the fan
    And many will see the trilogy book clan

  13. Pat, awesome bit. Pretty cool, still partial to the theme song though, pretty tough to outdo jumping cats:) but excellent job with the video, I can see how it would take so long. But wow, how in the world can you knock out book after book so fast-not even done with the first one yet-lol Awesome job, great lyrics for the tune too

  14. hahaha yeah I know you can't beat the cat
    After all this is his mat
    And he acts so full of himself
    At his shelf
    They just keep on coming out of me
    Much like the cat and bush number three

  15. What a way to start the day! Perhaps now we will all get laid. Let's go back to bed with Pat's song running through our heads.


  16. hahaha that's one way to look at it
    But if it works and is a hit
    No details are need for Pat
    Or the cat at that..haha

  17. LOL. Very funny. You've brightened my day. Now I'm sunny.

    Thanks for the laugh. =D

  18. Glad you are now all sunny and bright
    Thanks to my umm funny light..haha

  19. Yeeehaawwww.... haha just kidding but that was pretty good.

  20. The video was nice -- I mean, it certainly wasn't strat! -- but I prefer your theme song!

  21. hahaha break out in a hoedown
    Now that would be something to spread across town

    I guess the cat is just where it's at
    Both work so I don't give a strat..haha

  22. You've got some mad rhymes... would you like some lemon lime?!

  23. Well, I would not want to be there when the strat hit the fan or went into reverse. I don't know which would be worse. Gawd.. you have me rhyming again! Great vid you put together!
    Congrats of the trilogy!!

  24. Wow, this is soooo impressive, Pat.

    Really enjoyed this.

    Lady Nyo

  25. Holy cat!
    Imagine that!
    Kudos, kudos
    on your strat.

  26. It takes you only 15minutes to write ur posts? Damn, I tought it takes much more :o

  27. I wish I could write like you. That would really do.

  28. Nah the cat and food just don't do
    So that means more lemon lime for you

    haha yeah if it hit the fan and spun around
    That just would not be a great sight to be found
    Oh you know you like it when you rhyme
    Gives you that much more fun with your chime..haha

    Glad I can impress and you enjoyed it
    My little book video rhyming fit

    hahaha kudos on my strat
    Now how should I take that
    hahaha it was loved by the cat
    And a little bit by Pat

    Nope once I have the idea I need
    Off I go on my feed
    Granted some take a little longer
    If my muse is a little less stronger

    I like being a pro
    Hope I don't stub my toe

    Glad it was great
    And brought no hate

    Get on all four and pretend to be a cat
    Never know could write like me at my mat..haha

  29. I need to read these book...Pathattbooks.com here I comeee! If the books are good enough to have a country-like theme song, then they must be good enough to read!

    My question is, who played the background music for your video? Cats can play the banjo?? hahaha

  30. I wish I had the ability to rhyme like that

  31. haha yeah the cat pulled out his skills
    To show off the books over at Pat's hills
    The background music was muffled together by the guy who did it
    The cats were too busy chewing on the strings to make this a hit..haha

    You wish you were a rhyming loon
    I think I'm catching must be a full moon..haha

  32. Great video and pictures.
    Even the one of the single dad (Zeus?) surrounded by those hordes of little babies.
    Surely he must have know what caused that?

  33. haha I guess he never caught on to what all the diddling around did
    Some God! Maybe he figured it out after the tenth kid...haha

  34. I loved the video, but I agree with The Fantastic Mr. Fox that your theme song is superior.

    Lola, who wants to take a rolla in the hay

  35. That's an interesting song, what would you classify it under? I'd guess country.

  36. Hi there Pat,

    Listen, I'm a bit slow today, but did you really write and recorded that song? Well, I think it's great. 'The defense force wants your hide...' Thumbs up!

  37. How much I missed this dose of rhyming fun :)
    Loved it Pat !!!

    Hoping everything is fine at your end :)

  38. Of course you would agree with Fox
    He seems to ummm curl your socks..hahahaha

    Yeah I guess that's what it would be
    Thanks for the looksy

    I wrote it and did all of that
    But it was not sung by Pat
    That just be scary to the ears
    And prob bring tears..haha

    Everything is fine with my behind
    Been a while glad you were still able to find..haha

  39. Super--SUPER impressive! I'm so excited to read your books :)

  40. Thanks always nice to impress
    And it's nice to be Super I must confess..hahaha

  41. Glad you like
    And it did not want to make you take a hike..haha


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