Damn It Yankee Doodle! I Don't Want Your Stratty Poodle!

I think I made one butt sniffing crack too many for they kept coming back like a bad penny. They would not leave the cat alone, them and their attention seeking howling moan.

First came some Airedale,
He and Spitz gave a wail.
This Great Dane came after me.
What was so great I could not see.

Some big scary Komondor came my way.
Newfoundland seemed to appear at my bay.
Then I saw a bug,
Oh wait it was just a Pug.

There was a Siberian Husky as well.
He wasn't husky or fat, what the hell?
That Shiba Inu came as a husky wannabe.
Also did things cat like at bush number three.

West Highland seemed to come into view.
Stumpy Tailed Cattle were seen too.
I was even greeted by Saint Bernard.
Beethoven should stay in his own damn yard.

I wish those Retrievers golden, black or otherwise.
Would stop acting like they won the Nobel prize.
Wow you caught a ball.
You're still just a few feet tall.

Norfolk and Norwich were about.
Leonberger got no attention and seemed to pout.
That Maltese you could not please.
And Jack Russell was just a tease.

I wanted to board a Greyhound.
Before some German Coolie were found.
There was also a Dalmatian.
I guess he skipped off the 101 plantation.

Anybody want some Chow Chow?
A Boxer might use it some how.
Maybe an American Eskimo.
I think he liked the Bloodhounds flow.

At least that Malamute,
Did not seem to need to hoot.
Vizsla! I've found it.
Oh Schipperke I overreacted a bit.

Bump, Setter, Spike!
Griffon needed to take a hike.
All this slobber is creating a fog.
That's is just such Bulldog!

Those brainless mutts thought they could get by my traps, with their howling yaps. I fixed them and then some as I taunted with my little rhyming bum. Lassie did help Timmy from the well though, just so you know. They eventually all left my place and I never even had to scratch their face. My traps are just that good, avoid them you should. Do you need these facts in a doggie bag class? Bah! I know most of you caught on fast to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Fun Dog write-up, I know all those breeds except for Shiba Inu, Stumpy-tailed Cattle, Komondor and the German Coolie- But I think you mean Collie- Fun slip if that's the case- as Coolie, well it fits into the butt sniffing motif...

    And yes, the dogs do like to sniff the cats there- can't figure it out, but it is like a drug, my poor cats have to deal with my dogs all the time, but Cocoa is really not fond of having dogs doing that, so to which, when done to him, he quickly swats.

  2. hahaha yeah Orlin swats rather well too
    Cassie won't even let them get near her gazoo...haha
    Nope Coolie was right
    I've seen it spelled Koolie though on some other site
    Shiba Inu will be what I get when I'm out of this crap hole apartment thing
    I'm sure the cats will sure give a hissy ring..haha

  3. you have gone to the dogs cat, did you ever see cat dog the cartoon, what a loon. lots of dog gone fun. my cats wont put up with much mutt, they have claws and set the laws of our land, even scratch your hand if their food doesnt land in time, what a crime..

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  5. haha the cat let them get out most unscaved
    Although then they left as I cockily waved

    Yeah I saw that dog cat cartoon
    Was quite the loon indeed for a toon
    Cats are way more set in their ways
    And whoever tries to change them better watch out for claws and incoming food trays..haha

    Yeah sure I'll get right on that
    Riiiight says the cat

  6. I'd take a cat over a dog any day.
    Although some are fun, I will have to say.
    Cats are just easier pets
    and I say that without regret.
    I let Tiger come in for a few minutes today
    after a tour he went back out to play.

  7. Yeah cats you can leave and they don't need your attention 24/7 each day
    Where is dogs one second away and they go into dismay
    Awww letting them in now I see
    Guess Tiger liked the roof better and went back out to climb a tree..haha

  8. your cat will get envious if you're writing so much about dogs..haha...honestly my fav. dogs are golden retrievers..so i don't mind at all if they act like they won the nobel prize..smiles

  9. if it's not a cat then it's a poodle, when are raccoons getting their deserved appearance in the rhyming kingdom?

  10. Dez has a good question..

    and then loons?

  11. haha as long as they are big dogs the cat won't mind
    Little ones seem to piss off his behind
    Go figure right
    Yeah they are still fun even though they think they win the noble prize for going out at night..haha

    You want those garbage chewing things
    To show up at my wings
    Okay if they must
    I suppose it's better than rhyming about rust

    I think loons are already scattered about
    Baboons have such a whiny shout
    But if they do come
    To visit my little rhyming bum
    I will send them your way
    To hang around with that goat at your bay..haha

  12. Just because you're a cat doesn't mean that you need to be so prejudice against dogs!! LOL :)

    I love pugs. I think they are adorable! Deff don't look like bugs!!

    You forgot my puppies...I have 2 wiener dogs. I think next time you should include them. They are a little upset that they weren't included!

  13. Every dog Ive had has been nice around cats, lol. It's the cats that have always had the problem.

  14. Ha. I gave the goat to Brian
    after for it he kept cryin'.
    Besides, it was too big up in my tree
    and the clomping on the roof was deafening.
    Send the baboons off to Mr. Fox.
    Cram them all in a great big box.
    I'm sure he'd love a gift from you
    just hide in your bush when he comes to give you a thank you!

  15. hahaha why not they chase us around
    Thinking they are oh so profound
    Then they don't know what to do when they catch us
    But bark and make us cuss..haha
    I don't know those beady eyes
    Sure look like that of a flies
    I used weiner dogs on my walk about thing
    That's the only reason I did not give them a sing
    Sorry to upset them though
    But to Orlin they look like a hot dog just so you know..haha

    True the cats do seem to have more issues with the dogs
    Maybe one should show them hogs
    Then they might see them in a whole new light
    And not view them as such a plight

    Yeah figures Brian would cry
    Now's he's a two kitty and a goat guy
    Tiger might have liked the company on the roof
    Maybe he's mad his roof stomping pal went poof
    Baboon and Fox might be quite the crew
    Surley be worth a view
    But he might run over my bush
    So if I see him coming I won't hide in the tush..haha

  16. Good idea to vacate the tush bush
    if you see a car coming in a rush.
    Wouldn't want you to be flatten to the ground
    we'd miss having you around!

  17. Yeah you'd miss your rhyming addiction
    It has become quite the affliction
    Maybe the cat should go and hide
    To see how many miss the rhyming ride..haha

  18. You make me go cold turkey?
    wouldn't that be rather jerk-y?
    Wonder what withdrawal symptoms I'd have
    if you stopped the rhyming chat.

  19. from cats to dogs you rhyme
    lovable pets they make too,
    only thing is we don't have pets
    in the house, as we get allergies
    from them too ~

  20. hmmm I could do a symptom post
    That would be quite fun for your host
    In very very rare causes one might get sain
    And no longer pop a vein..haha

    Yes those mutts are all around
    Every way I looked they were found

    A Pointer too
    I guess one more will not cause any added commotion to the doggie crew..haha

    Geez aren't you quite the allergic crowd
    Do you sneeze real loud?
    That would scare the poor dog or cat too
    So prob better you don't have a pet zoo..haha

  21. a symptom post
    oh dear, and you sure would boast!
    And as your editor I will say
    that it is sane and not sain, by the way. :)
    I'm reading about Krogan tonight
    so far your book is out of sight! :)

  22. Yes I was typing fast with the sane thing
    In comments I rarely give my spelling a second ring..haha
    Glad it's out of sight
    Krogan was great fun to add to the fight
    As later on things become clear
    And he kicks things into gear

  23. In real life do you truly detest leftovers?
    Instead of eating, would you give them to Rover?
    haha..see! We came full circle there
    and brought the topic of dogs back to air!

  24. haha leftovers are okay if they are the food I eat
    The rest do get dropped at my feet
    And rover will chow down on it
    To him/her it was always quite a hit

  25. I don't need baboons. Thanks, anyway. I prefer white or black horses... or a Batmobile.

  26. My Collie is jolly when he spots a cat.
    He barks and he grabs the little cat's back.
    Shake, shake goes the cat then he's tossed in the air.
    My Collie departs without a care.
    The cat owner cries, My baby has died!
    Oops! Sorry I lie.
    But the cat issued my Collie a dare.
    And Collie wins then departs for his lair.


  27. Orson sez: Oh, yeah, Lola? I'm gonna alert the authorities!!!

  28. Yeah a batmobile would be great
    Could run down things with it at an alarming rate..haha

    Such a mean mutt you have there
    The cat will make your collie lose some hair
    I'll let Orzon call the authorities though
    We have no jurisdiction up in the north you know

    Good, get her tossed in the slammer
    And let the judge bring down the hammer

  29. I'm so incredibly jealous of your talent Patt, you honestly wouldn't believe. You're so awesome, there really is no reprieve.

  30. Not even a single reprieve
    Damn! I hope my talent never picks up and decides to leave..haha

  31. I would take a cat over a dog every day, hope my girlfriend won't see this :P

  32. haha I take it she is a dog person by that remark
    Some have a nice bark..haha


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