Do Whatever The Heck I Want? Oh dVerse You Should Not Taunt!

So after reading all these rules, which yeah I barely ever follow anyway because ummm I don't have the tools? Would that be a good excuse? Or maybe I just like to hang loose. But once I saw "Do whatever the heck you want" over at the dVerse mat. I knew it had to be done by the cat. So cover your eyes for the colors are about to rise.

"Drazin has you now fleabags! Drazin will have Drazin's slippers before this night is through."

"Maybe he is trying to mock a broken record player? You think?"

All I knew was he had Miss Priss and I cornered in some art studio thingy magigy. And then out came this nut that resembled a piggy. Not in the rolling in the mud kind of way. But the mook was greedy and stated this was his bay.

Is it just me or does Drazin bring these clowns to him? Maybe it's because the godly one is so dim. But he quickly ignored us and we watched this weird moppy haired guy kick up a fuss. It seemed he wanted all the colors in the world for himself and he started sucking the very color out of the sky at his shelf.

Not to mention he danced around like a fool with his brush. But he became quite flush. As the colors sucked into the nut. Orange face and purple gut. Attractive right? I wish we stayed home that night.

"I'm the Gunafu of Color and will suck the world dry, that's no lie!"

"Another friend of yours Drazin? Wasn't popping eye ball man enough?"

"Drazin will squash this thing and get back to Drazin's fleabag slippers in a moment."

He went to crush him and then Gunafu of Color guy flashed his brush making Drazin different colors on every limb. Drazin still tried to crush that nut, but he danced around Drazin making him miss and yes he shook his butt. Then he started in on us and yep! He also should go on the short bus.

Ta Ra Ti Ta Boo Baa Holla Halla Ding Dong!
A little amber with a shade of blue and you can't go wrong.
You'd look good in army green,
With some burgandy and brink pink you'd be quite the scene.

Would you like some cool black?
A spot of dandelion for your rack?
With a touch of deep carmine,
And some duke blue would be fine.

Some emerald and electric yellow,
And now you're a classy fellow.
Some fuzzy wuzzy will make you look strong.
Ta Ra Ti Ta Boo Baa Holla Halla Ding Dong!

Wow! Drazin looked...I can't even describe what Drazin looked like. But he finally grabbed the brush from the Gunafu of Color guy and then Drazin gave it a try. But it did not seem to work and Drazin really went berserk. Then the Gunanfu of Color guy grabbed a mic and taunted Drazin some more as he tried to make him take a hike.

Ta Ra Ti Ta Boo Baa Holla Halla Ding Dong!
You need some heart gold to play along.
Maybe a hooker's green and some honeydew.
I think light salmon would really fit you.

With mauvelous you should be proud.
Some misty rose will surely draw a crowd.
Don't you like that neon green and pale copper?
With some patriarch you could be a color chopper.

That prune and quartz really hit a note.
Oh look! That raspberry pink has my vote.
Rich maroon just does belong.
Ta Ra Ti Ta Boo Baa Holla Halla Ding Dong!

The whole place was now black and white. Either that or Miss Priss and I lost our color sight. The same could be seen out the window too. He was sucking the world dry of color as Drazin's color continued to accrue.

"Let's ring his ding dong?"

Oh that sounded sooo wrong. But Miss Priss and I had enough of his song and Drazin just looked worse than an actual clown, as the colors continued to bog him down. So we snuck around behind the Gunafu of Color and I looked at Drazin shouting "I'd buy that for a dollar!"

The color guy turned around and tried to paint me the color of some freaky hound. Miss Priss teased from the other side and he also tried to make her color fried. But he could not catch us at all and then a hand came around his neck and he began to bawl.

"Drazin will make you holler and knock off your ding dong."

Did they know how bad they sounded saying this? Drazin seemed to be in bliss. For as he choked the color guy, out all the colors began to fly. Everything turned back to normal view even Drazin and his bald head's color was now true.

"The Great God Drazin can't be beat by some color freak. Drazin is going to snap off your damn neck."

Drazin choked him tighter and POOF he went. In a shower of flowers he became and his voice continued to vent.

Ta Ra Ti Ta Boo Baa Holla Halla Ding Dong!
I will next try a silver song,
With some screamin' green and steel blue.
Oh tickle me pink that will be fun to view.

Turquiose green and trolley grey.
Along with USC gold will make my day.
A wild strawberry will be grand.
Some wisteria should spread across the land.

Zinnwaldite brown will give a thrill,
And harvard crimson will have its fill.
Next stop the wonders of Hong Kong.
Ta Ra Ti Ta Boo Baa Holla Halla Ding Dong!

Drazin gave us a snuff and walked away. I guess that was his way of thanking us for today. So off we set for home and hoped to never again see Gunafu the Color gnome. Or whatever thing he is, him and his color biz. Now was that not truly colorfully dVserse class? And that is all the facts needed from my colorful little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I'm not going to bother to taunt you for sure man. Excellent work as usual buddy.

  2. Holly molly ~ that colour guy sure painted
    and sucked the colors from your world.
    Wonderful and creative play of words (except the ding dong part) ~

    Happy sunday ~

  3. All I had in my mind right from: 'this weird moppy haired guy' was the muppets. I could see them all doing their thing and... knocking off someone's ding dong made me giggle. LOL

  4. Do whatever the heck you want. You cracked me up buddy. And you know what I really love most about you, you seemed to grow bigger and bigger and easier on my eyes, while your buddy Miller is growing smaller and smaller. (I need help with font size!).

  5. Not going to taunt me?
    Geez doing something wrong at my sea..haha

    haha what the ding dong wasn't creative you say?
    Oh that just cause me dismay..haha
    And Holly is Molly
    Good golly..haha

    hahaha yeah I suppose the muppets would do for the nut
    Who was stuck in his color stealing rut
    haha yeah that just sounded so wrong
    But I had to use it as I went along

    Ohhhhh Brian should I even go there?
    I know it's too easy and just not fair
    I stay away from the gutter and remain hip
    Won't give Brian any lip
    I will remember to keep to big
    I don't want to be like Brian and make you squint at font the size of a twig..haha

  6. I LOL-ed (is that a word?) at "Let's ring his ding dong"! hahaha A color gnome? I hope I never meet one...

  7. woohoo pat, the cat and drazin are in the color house...and oh today on my walk, i could've sucked the colors from the trees....i'd love to have some dandelion with a touch of deep carmine and raspberry pink gets my vote as well... you should ask drazin if there isn't a math formula to create colors out of nothing...would come in handy at this time of the year...smiles

  8. I bet Drazin's sleepers have daisies and little roses on them!

  9. lets ring his ding you are too far gone, but drazin in a multicolored coat, what a funny looking joke....but not to poke fun at the size of my fount, or was that font, cause you cant, for in realy envy may be...ahem...smiles. just kidding i have respect for the cat cause when it comes to rhymes that is where its at...

  10. "Whatever you want" oh how I wish people told me this more often.

  11. Hey here if you can say it and it makes some sense then it's a word
    Nothing much here is considered absurd
    Yeah then he'll suck the color from you
    Or may just go and turn you blue..haha

    Hmmm you never know
    He has no shoes or slippers on at his show
    So just maybe he could come up with a way to make colors shine
    Yeah in winter that would be divine

    haha who says he wears sleepers
    Have you been spying on him? That be scarier than jeepers creepers
    Wait that wouldn't take much at all
    Need a better movie reference at my hall..haha

    hahahaha oh yes I am in far far away land
    But isn't it just grand
    Yeah Drazin looked rather funny
    Even more than some funny money
    Yeah whether the font is large my way
    Or short yours causing dismay
    I have respect as well
    At least that's what I'll pretend to tell..hahaha

    Yeah that would be nice in many situations I'd say
    Oh that ideas that are at play..haha

  12. I'm glad you said goodbye to the rules, your free flowing style shouldn't be held down by such trivial things as "rules".

  13. Psychedelic?
    He'd glow in your attic!
    Probably drives a polka dot Buick.
    Whatever it is, it would not be basic.
    Sounds like his color addiction was chronic
    enough to give a baby colic!
    It really does defy all logic
    the colors too bright to even stomach!
    Could certainly stop traffic
    and cause a little panic.
    I wonder if he can do magic
    I guess we better change the subject!

  14. No one needs to tell me to do whatever I want, but you already know that Pat Hatt.


  15. That is a very interesting blog! I like it!

  16. Love it, Pat! You definitely explored all facets of color!

  17. Pat,
    Taunting will get us nowhere that's for sure. But done with style as you often do makes for a wonderful read. Thanks for sharing!


  18. Interest is peeked
    Glad you seeked

    Yes screw those damn rules
    For nothing but fools
    I never follow those much
    Maybe once in a while just a touch

    hahaha wow you delved into that nutcase
    Have you really seen him at your place?
    I never knew he was that mean
    Giving babies colic is just obscene
    Making ones stomach twist in knots
    What such evil color plots
    If that freaky color guys comes back
    I won't hold back the next time I go on the attack..haha

    haha yes this I know
    It can easily be deciphered from your show

    Interesting I can be
    Here at my rhyming sea

    Yep went on a color exploration a bit
    With a nut that had a color fit..haha

    Yeah a little taunt doesn't hurt in rhyme
    But it won't work any other time
    Okay maybe a bit here and there
    If someone really does care
    And I will always share
    Even things that may be umm bare..haha

  19. Looks like your in the pink
    I think
    not feeling blue
    and hey, thanks you
    for being number one
    commenting on mine
    almost before I was done!

  20. Nice one!
    Keep it up :)

  21. You blow my mind, with your incredible rhymes.

  22. Pink on the cat
    Or probably Pat
    Just will not do
    Yes I hopped on over for a view
    Just as you placed it up to see
    Aren't I just swift here at bush number 3

    A followed guy
    Better than a sigh

    That I will do
    As should be known by you

    Glad your mind can be blown
    I said it in a nice tone..haha

  23. The color freak--oh man, with my crazy dreams, I hope I don't dream about that LOL!

    Oh and this was hilarious: "Let's ring his ding dong?"

  24. Drazin shows a tiny bit of gratitude? Character development? Who'da thunk it?

  25. colors in your poem touch,
    enjoyed the playfulness very much.

  26. hahaha that be funny if you dreamt about color man
    Least it might be better than hell's frying pan..haha
    Yeah as soon as I saw that it had to be done
    So ding dong went the fun

    Yeah he seems to be growing a bit charter wise
    I'm sure it's just some awful disguise

    And you rhymed too
    Glad it was enjoyed by you

  27. Orson sez: Hey! Even I rhymed! Who's the bad influence on me, The Silver Fart, or Orlin???

  28. The Silver Fart is the bad one
    Orlin just makes you have fun

  29. Haha, I miss a day and what a colorful treat I missed indeed. When anything goes the cat's colorful side does show-lol Poor Drazin, all muli-colored like the technicolor dreamcoat- Nice of the cats, nice indeed. Mr. Color guy was cool, loved his lines as they painted their shades.

    Great piece, loved it-

    P.S. Nice saturday night live line thrown in there- at least I think that's where Buy that for a dollar came from?

  30. Yeah not that you mention it I had heard it on Saturday Live somewhere along the way
    But that's not where it came from intially at my bay
    From Super Smash TV for the snes is where I got it
    For my colorful fit
    The cats helped the poor mook Drazin out
    Just to shut up that damn color thing's shout..haha

  31. A classic example of two opposing factions waving the white flag, joining forces to battle a darker evil-lol or perhaps more fit, the cats saved his butt to oust the color thing but also that saving bit must get under old drazins craw for sure- win win I guess

  32. I know I can count on you to do whatever the heck you want, Pat. As always, fun rhyme time and great use of color. I find myself smiling when I read your work.

  33. Yeah so true
    I know it's not new
    As it's been done many times
    Two joining to fight some evil crimes
    But Drazin and the cats will never fully be in like
    The cats will always make him take a hike..haha

    haha that you can count on
    As I go about whatever at my lawn
    Glad I could give a smile
    As I went about the dVerse mile


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