Every Flipping Word! Yes, Pat Truly Is A Movie Nerd!

Now this one took a little extra effort to do. There are enough movies here to make one turn blue. The ending rhyme was the challenging part. But thankfully I did not suffer a brain fart. So here is a new way to get your movie fix. Oh, and can you spy how many flicks?

Rumor Has It Once Bitten Spies Like Us Stakeout The Dream Team.
Unforgiven, Behind Enemy Lines They Saw Transformers Scream.
Half Past Dead Grumpy Old Men Buying The Cow,
Breakdown After The Sunset, O Brother Where Art Thou?

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt Coach Carter Hitch,
Derailed Detroit Rock City Because I Said So Richie Rich.
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang Matchstick Men Die Hard.
Nothing To Lose Newsies Stomp The Yard.

Peggy Sue Got Married At First Sight,
To Kill a Mocking Bird Virus Judgment Night.
Whatever It Takes White Men Can't Jump, Liar Liar.
True Lies, For Love of The Game Zapped Aladdin Man on Fire.

The Count of Monte Cristo, Uncle Buck, Turner and Hooch, Undead or Alive?
For a Few Dollars More Dirty Dancing Rambo Made Fast Five.
Nothing But The Truth, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest,
Presumed Innocent Once Upon a Time in the West.

In Hell Ghost of Mars Grease The Man Without a Face.
Losing It Leaving Las Vegas Godzilla Shattered The Clearing Rat Race.
The New Kids, The Principal, The Fox and the Hound, Hiding Out Near Dark Club Dread,
Watchmen In The Valley of Elah Kill Shot Dawn of the Dead.

Footloose Flawless Flubber In Good Company Lean On Me.
Dumb and Dumber Find Me Guilty Definitely, Maybe.
Mars Attacks Good Luck Chuck Gremlins Next Deck The Halls,
Resident Evil Starship Troopers Rebound Sky High Space Balls.

Armageddon Bewitched Careless Juwanna Man.
Carolina Skeletons Casino Fanboys Hard Wired Big Stan.
Knocked Up Men In Black Romancing The Stone Seven.
Slam Dunk Ernest The Escapist Derailed All Dogs Go To Heaven.

Commando Cliffhanger Chicken Run Clerks Take This Job and Shove It.
The Princess Bride Coyote Ugly Field of Dreams Flushed Away The Big Hit.
Invaders From Mars Gone In 60 Seconds Clean Slate Total Recall.
The Postman Robots Abandon Air Force One Firewall.

America's Sweethearts Big Failure To Launch Friday Night Lights,
Proof Happy Gilmore Can't Buy Me Love, Reality Bites.
Madagascar Fools Rush In Striking Distance Frequency High Noon.
Gung Ho The Ghostbusters Goin' South Saved The Man On The Moon.

Now wasn't that quite the hall? I gave you tons of movies on my wall. Did you find them all? The facts are that well over 100 I gave a call. Not that I like all of them though, some just had to be used for the flow. I guess even the crap is good for the occasional rhyming lap. But for an exact amount, I will be mean and make you count. So ends another rhyme time movie pass and that is all from my little rhyming Kick Ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. You earned your money with that work Pat. Thanks for including classics and kids movies for us Dads who don't get out much anymore...

  2. hahaha yeah I included as many different ones as I could
    Even if some weren't so good
    This one did take some doing though
    Reminded me I never did do a kids movie/disney one at my show
    Maybe will have to go there
    So someday could get all G beware..haha

  3. My brain hurts from reading that. I can only imagine how yours feels after writing it! You really are the movie guru. I give you props for this entry :P

  4. I never know how to respond to these...

  5. how many movies Pat and I saw a lot, I was thinking in the past I seen more movies than now, a nice post:)

  6. This is great man. You truly are a movie geek of the highest calibre Pat!

  7. Jiminy Cricket, I don't know how you do it. You post 7 days a week and after each post, you craft replies that are blogs in and of themselves. When did you discover that you had a gift like this?

  8. You've watch way more movies than me. I seriously don't know how you did this. It would have taken me a year to put it together.

    Brilliant as always, Pat. :)

  9. My daughter and I are movie buffs, too. Here's to hoping my book will be in your future movie rhymes. Lol

  10. You totally blew me away.
    I really don't have much to say.
    I did spot a fav movie or two.
    But really, no one can rhyme like you! :D

  11. Yeah my brain was a little strained after writing this one
    Took me a whole 30 mins extra to do then my usual fun..haha
    That really throws one off
    But I won't scoff
    As I got props
    And you didn't call the movie cops

    Does your brain go all land of the dead
    Oh that must bring dread..haha

    Yeah I seen more in the past too
    As now "Good" can't barely describe a few

    Movie geek all the way
    As the movies have their say

    haha Jiminy Cricket was such fun
    Liked how that was done
    The discovery came when I started this as a joke
    And I kept going not seeming to choke
    Gift or a curse
    Who knows? But I'm certaintly diverse

    Yep I have watched a ton
    And remember each and every one
    Which is prob even more or a scare
    Glad it didn't take me a year
    By that time no one would come and peer

    Well if your book every goes the movie way
    Let me know at my bay
    And I will surely give to a go
    With my movie rhyming flow

    Hopefully you didn't blow to far
    And avoid that incoming car
    Glad there was a fav or two
    As some of them are crap, sad but true

  12. Wow. Just how long did this take you? I kept trying to count; but kept getting distracted. All I know is that's it's a ton. Every time I got to around 80, something happened. I give up.:)

  13. Only took me about 45 minutes to do
    As out the movies flew
    Ending rhyme part was the only pain
    Still I did not pop a vein
    At least you got up to 80 though
    That's more than many at my show..haha

  14. man i'm so fan of your text... real good wrighter :)

  15. I really need to watch more movies. I didn't get most of these. :(

  16. Never counting. I'll take your word for it.

  17. I've seen a few of those. 8D And unfortunately one of them was Juwanna Man.

  18. I LOVE these movie posts (you already know that though) :0)
    I have no idea how many movies are here. I wasn't allowed to watch a lot of movies growing up, so Cade's been introducing them to me slowly over the years ;)

  19. Glad your a fan of the text
    Hope your not a fan of the movie Next

    hahaha oh never fear
    There are tons in my cheer
    It would take ages to watch this many though
    I have so many saved up I just let them flow

    hahaha never counting geez so lazy
    I know I know, your eyes will get hazy

    Use that is unfortunate indeed
    As Juwanna Man tried to follow Tootsie's lead

    Wasn't ALLOWED to watch movies growing up!
    Geez that would have made me hiccup..haha
    Most back then are WAY better than now
    Ever need a suggestion I can tell you what is crap and what will wow..haha

  20. dude i dont know if you have too much time on your hands or you are a poetic savant sometimes..

    Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang Matchstick Men Die Hard.
    Nothing To Lose Newsies Stomp The Yard.

    haha that is awesome, the whole thing is...sorry you knocked the rhymes out of me today.

  21. hahaha probably the first one
    As the cat goes about his rhyming fun
    And I knocked the rhymes out of you
    hahaha oh delighted that makes the cat to view

  22. You are great you movie nerd!
    I will never flip you the bird,
    or let my dogs send you a turd.


  23. hahaha that is good
    Send the turd back I would
    But it be in a pringle can
    At least I'd be a semi-nice man
    Errr umm cat
    Who might just add some extra strat..haha

  24. So glad you didn't have a brain fart, that would've ended with another fine mess you'd got us all into eh! ;)

  25. What, no Caddyshack II?
    How could you? How could you?

  26. WOW and oh my God- what's all this about? No crap, for sure- if it comes from your witty mind!

  27. you weren't kidding when you said I'd have to wake up pretty early in the morning to stump you in movie trivia....I mean, WOW. haha. This just might be your masterpiece.

  28. hahaha I'll save the mess for a later view
    Just to get a bloody hell out of you..haha

    You really have a thing for Caddyshack Two
    I hope you didn't give it more than one view..haha
    Even that would be bad
    But one has to watch to realize it isn't rad

    hahaha yeah all the movies might confuse
    As my crap takes a lap from movie cues

    Nope wasn't kidding at all that time
    I've done many a movie rhyme
    This one has the most though
    So for now could be my masterpiece, never know

    Yes it wasn't bad at all
    The chime she gave at my hall

  29. Wow, Pat. I haven't seen 10% of these movies. I love the old ones on Turner Classic Movies best.
    I saw on Ginny's blog you might do interviews. Will they rhyme? Ha!

  30. This was a great effort Pat.. You pulled it just great! You are double amazing if you've have seen all of those.

  31. oh, thank God you didn't suffer a brain fart after this movie marathon, Pats :) We do love our fresh air ....

  32. Haven't even seen 10% you say
    Oh the dismay
    But by not seeing some
    You can sure give a thankful hum
    I thought it was a neat idea
    I may give it a cheer
    And make them rhyme
    Each time..haha

    Guess I am double amazing then
    Or very very sad times ten..haha
    As I have seen all of those
    That's just how it goes

    hahaha do brain ones smell more?
    Maybe I need to find out with a movie encore

  33. they might not smell more
    but the brain fart stench lingers forever
    and is impossible to ignore :)

  34. hahaha oh it never goes away
    I wouldn't want to cause you that much dismay

  35. Pat,
    You must have taken quite some time
    Getting them and having them to rhyme
    It is no mean feat and such an art
    Others will undoubtedly make their brains fart!


  36. hahaha glad you like the beat
    Of my movie feat
    Even if I didn't use Trick or Treat
    To beat the Heat

  37. OMG...That's more amazing that Miracle on 42nd Street!

    And no, I didn't fall in a porta potty
    that would have been really naughty
    especially if you laughed
    I'd rather ride on a giraffe.
    Just a really long, busy day
    I'm late getting to your bay!
    But a post is now up
    so come and fill your cup.
    Because it isn't the same with out your visit
    and if you didn't come, I'd really miss it!

  38. You mean miracle on 34th street?
    Or are you making up your own street for your beat..haha
    My movies always come about
    Making for such a fun shout
    haha I couldn't have done anything but laugh too
    But I'd surely be laughing with you
    As long as the cat is alive and posting
    And you are hosting
    The cat will come
    Even if some days he's a slow rhyming bum..haha

  39. Nice stuff you shared here..:)

    Best Wishes!

  40. excellent, some classics there, I only get to see kids films these days.

  41. Another great rhyme, thanks for sharing dude!

  42. They I can share
    And you can bear

    Kids films are mostly all that's good anyway
    Unless your talking barney and elmo on display..haha

    Movies take little effort for me
    But I'm sure that you can see

    Yeah I had to make it rhyme
    To not so would have been a movie crime

  43. Damn, that was sure the movie link. Probably lost count along the way but came up with 153. Some of the titles are tricky, as when you end in the same word as is the beginning of the next one. Have to say I didn't see many on their I've yet to see, definitely many in here I don't care to see again though, Juwanna Man, In Hell etc.. But most are actually pretty good, really amazing you wee able to fit the rhyme in too.

  44. 153 you say
    I scanned through and got 147 at play
    Not saying I wasn't off by a few
    So could be correct in your view
    Yeah there are a few I would not want to see once more
    As they surely don't deserve an encore

  45. Pat, nah I had a feeling the mental calculator was off a tick or too, so I'm actually impressed, with this dang cold I thought for sure you'd come back with oh, 120 or 352-lol

  46. hahaha nope no 352
    That would be way way too many to do
    I think even I'd go blind looking at the thing
    So yeah only off by 6 with your ring


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