The Questions Continue To Arise! Some Have To Be Lies!

So that dumb Beyonder guy spurted out questions once more the other day on my dVerse tour. Most of them I ignored that came out of his yap. But a few intrigued me as he went about his question rap. So let's see what many think and hopefully you do not hit the brink.

Can you get cornered in a round room?

I suppose if trapped by a broom. That could bring doom and trap you in such a tomb.

Do fish ever get thirsty?

Do I look like a fish? All the cat knows is they make a yummy dish.

If you try to fail and succed, which have you done?

Isn't this fun? Do both count? But then that would be double the answer amount.

Since flying is safe, why is the airport called the terminal?

Maybe humans think they are versitle and should cover all bases. So they don't get egg on their faces.

Why do they call it a pair of pants?

I guess they were named after someone with implants. It must have prevented them from counting right, creating such a plight.

Can I use the AM radio after noon?

Only if it's a good tune. Other than that you'll have to go to a different time zone mat. But then it is always AM somewhere. So what do I care.

If a cow laughs does milk come out it's nose?

Then all you need to do is attach a hose and instant dairy. Although to the cat that is still scary.

So you are IN a movie, but you are ON TV?

Beats the heck out of me. I just hope the TV can handle your weight. They are getting awful skinny of late.

Can you blow up a balloon under water?

Your lungs it could slaughter. I would not try, doing that you could die.

Why do Doctors open a practice?

I guess in case you get stabbed by a cactus. Or school wasn't good enough and they need to see you in the buff.

So rain drops and snow falls?

I guess using the same word would sound absurd in the weather halls.

Did these facts make you think? I know you had to blink. Some of these could confuse. Still say the pair of pants or even a pair of underwear is not the same as socks or shoes. But yet they are called the same. Another mystery with our oh so great name game. Maybe I will go ask a bass if fish drink before I eat it with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Am I first
    and all else are worse?
    wow...they must have slept later than me
    that really does fill me with glee!

  2. Lol. When I'm suicidal, I'll blow a balloon under water.

  3. rain drops
    snow falls
    fire rains

    go figure!

  4. Yes you are first
    With your burst
    Been a few tries since that occured
    All others must be blurred
    Got drunk and had to sleep
    Or Black Friday got them sprayed and made them weep..haha

    hahaha if you live to tell the tale
    And it works without fail
    Let me know
    And that one will be crossed off the list at my show..haha

    Yeah can't just call it the same thing
    I guess it would have a confusing ring

  5. i often fail to succeed and succeed to fail..ha... and regarding the fish..i think you should do an interview and ask some of them...i could offer to assist you..i speak some wale-ish...smiles

  6. Ummm do fish get thirsty? hmmm I'm going with no....and the balloon underwater? hmmmm I'm going to say that's impossible. If you are trying to fail and you succeed then you failed at failing making you a FAILURE so you did succeed in your quest to fail.

    I have no idea...You're hurting my brain so early in the morning. hahaha

  7. Hmmm a pair of pants? Maybe they are describing each pant leg as half a piece of the jeans so a pair of pants? Idk thats what I always thought haha. Great post

  8. I really cracked up at pumping milk out of the cow's nose. How you could come up with these I can never imagine. Funny as h,e,l,l.

  9. hahaha yeah I think more often then not
    That is what happens a lot
    Okay I'll keep you in mind with the fish
    When the cat is sick of them as a dish

    hahaha I like your failure logic there
    But by failing like you planned with such care
    You succeeded at failing
    So now all may not be hailing
    But you succeeded and failed at the same time
    Meaning you did both and not just one
    Isn't this just fun?..hahaha
    Sorry for the brain hurt I caused,
    Not really though in case you thought I was nice and paused..hahaha

    I suppose that could be the case with the pants
    Not sure the logic would be agreed with by plants
    But then underwear is called a pair too
    And they do not have two legs due..haha

    Just go with what comes in my brain
    And other stuff that begins to rain
    Out the nose would be easy as well
    Just have to make them laugh being funny as hell

  10. "So you are IN a movie, but you are ON TV?

    Beats the heck out of me. I just hope the TV can handle your weight. They are getting awful skinny of late."

    So good man, it's so damn good!

  11. 'tis an ingenious interview, in the line of Oprah and such....

  12. our language can be rather funny...a pair of pants might bunch and itch, fall or drop its the sudden stop that hurts

  13. Everyone one of these is great. I particularly love the Am radio, the airport terminal and the cow one. The majority of your replies were great again. I just wonder, is that ONtv national, or international I should say, I know I get it here, but just curious, as that I do not know. I tell you, getting these blocks I've been getting lately I could use a visit or two by the beyonder dude from time to time-lol

    Fun piece, even better than the first one.

  14. I wish I could make a cow laugh to test that theory. I keep trying but it's like they never get my jokes... tough crowd.

  15. hahaha in and on a movie
    So damn good it's groovie..haha

    Not sure they are so much facts
    But yeah interesting acts

    Well if I was as rich as Oprah that be fine
    Then I'd send you that jet of mine
    All full of gas
    And no need to use my little rhyming ass..haha

    Yes truly funny indeed
    Those itchy pants are hard to read
    With their logo attached some where
    Maybe that's why they need a pair

    hahaha international tv might sound stranger than this
    Confusing and not giving bliss
    But the that prob doesn't take much
    Although I hear its hard to confuse the Dutch
    The beyonder dude can come on by
    But he likes to talk to cats no lie..haha

    Did you at least get a moo
    And watch out for those patties of poo

    AM radio is the AM somewhere
    Guess you just have to have a transporting lair

  16. If there's an AM radio, why is there no PM radio? My cat is often on the television, when the screen is blank, she thinks she's in it. Cows only blow milk out their noses when you put your hand up their arse. Doctors generally fail to succeed and that's why they have to call themselves 'practitioners of medicine" Ice pelts, does that mean it has fur?

  17. I love the interview.. more please... ha...ha..

    Happy day to you ~

  18. Yeah, people ask all sorts of weird questions.

  19. What's the first question please? I'm confused and in need. Perhaps I can't see anymore. The Grinch is knocking at my door. But I swear I think it says, Can you get comed in a round room. Maybe I'm simply losing my head.

    Lola Lou Who

  20. one time I laughed and milk shot about four feet out of my nose... and I didn't drink any milk that day, or even that week...

  21. Yeah I wonder why they went with fm and not pm too
    I guess it was to easy to do
    The day I stick my hand up the arse of a cow
    Well that day would just be wow
    Because it never will occur
    Ruffle my ocd and fur..haha
    Maybe ice does want fur too
    Who knows could be true

    haha the Beyonder guy sure will have more
    As he pops in and out of my shore

    Yeah all these weird questions
    They also like to make many suggestions

    hahaha I was lazy and that missed my eyes
    It was cornered in disguise
    Now it's all better for your eyes
    And your brain full of ummm flies
    Lola Lou Who
    That just might do

    Quirky I can surely be
    Here at my rhyming sea

    Okay that is just really weird indeed
    Were you storing it somewhere at your feed?..haha

  22. after all what can I say?? you are right!:)

  23. Great fun
    With the tale I spun

    I am right
    I'll take that day or night

  24. Soo funny: "So you are IN a movie, but you are ON TV?"

  25. haha yeah seems weird a little bit
    But I guess with people it is a hit
    Or they wouldn't be saying it
    Leading to this rhyming fit

  26. ROFL...a friend was quoting these earlier. I should have know where he got them, Good job, Pat.

  27. hahaha he stole them from me
    Oh that just brings glee
    So fun to see
    Stuff being spread from my tree

  28. Interesting questions... loved the answers.

    Now I have to go catch up on your other posts! :)

  29. haha been a while since Lanie has been in rhyme time land
    Glad the questions and answers were grand


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