Some Limerick Nonsense Is About To Commence!

So the cat has seen limerick's at Mad Kane's and Rainbow's way. This made some get stuck in my head and I decided to get them out at my bay. This brings forth a bunch of random stuff. So today the facts won't be tough. Or they could be, depending on how deep you try and take this stuff at my rhyming sea.

The limerick is meant to amuse.
Playfully giving ones views.
More funny than mean,
Yet don't expect clean.
The language you'll have to excuse.

A woman I shall not name,
Seems to have very poor aim.
Causing an uncooked egg,
To drip down her leg.
The window being rolled up was to blame.

A man was handed a brochure,
Sending him on a movie tour.
The popcorn was stale,
His gf turned male,
And the movie was on par with manure.

A woman who liked to strip,
One day bought a whip.
Now all who view,
Wanting to screw.
Become kind of red below the hip.

The cat and a frog were at play,
When things really went astray.
In came Drazin,
With the mind of a raisin
Now he has flippers to display.

There was a man who was dead set,
On one day owning a Corvette.
He sealed his fate,
Unable to wait.
Now he and Tiny perform a weekly duet.

There are those who like to cheat,
Thinking it's such a feat.
Out come papers,
For all their capers.
Now they live on the street.

A woman who could not stop sneezing,
Was the brunt of constant teasing.
Wanting to clobber,
She let lose her slobber.
And found the sight to be pleasing.

A cat who likes to sass,
Even with a bad case of gas.
Will give a wink,
And cause a stink.
Thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. classic
    very rhythmic

  2. Pat. I love these. It's so neat that you can think in "limerick." For me, limericks aren't read with belly laughs but I have kind of a chuckle throughout. Amazing.

  3. So no rhythm nazi's will come after me?
    Now it's just those peacocks I have to avoid at my sea..haha

    Yeah just had to itch to let some loose
    And they are more chuckle then huge laughs with their clever use

  4. I liked the subtle naughtiness of some of the verses :)

  5. Yeah what is wrong with me
    I went all subtle at my sea..haha

  6. LOL I feel bad for that girl you won't name. Egging yourself is not a pleasant experience at all! It must have taken her about 20 minutes to get it cleaned all up. Obviously making her late for work...Poor girl!

    Now you are the master of limericks? Is there anything that the rhyming cat can't do?? hahaha

  7. There once was a man from Nantuckit
    Who had a lemmon too sour to suck it
    He said with a grin
    as he peeled back the skin
    You only live once, so *$(# it! one else was speaking up
    I could have went original, but couldn't type #*$^
    I do like a limerick, as you can see
    and rhyming is the way for me

    There once was a cat with a hat
    Who carried the human name pat
    He rhymed all the day
    from dawn to dusk you might say
    And that is a JUST FACE IT FACT!

  8. hahaha yes that girl and her egg was so poor
    If only she stopped and opened the door
    Then the egg would have went
    And made another get bent
    I'm sure the recipent would have swore
    hahaha give the rhyming cat a task to do
    And he seems to pull it off for all to view

    hahaha oh as soon as your said #$%^
    I knew you going to bypass duck
    And give it a go
    In limerick show
    To which it did not suck

    haha yeah say what you please
    It always does appease
    Limericks are fun to do
    And you did two
    Like the second the best
    Obvsiouly because it passed the face it facts test..haha

  9. his GF turned male...hahaha...gotta say that never happened to me thankfuly...some fun play today cat...and you got tash in the game in your limerick frame...

  10. Give me a little while to think here...I will stump the cat!

  11. I love limericks usually man and this one is no different! Excellent work as usual buddy.

  12. Hehehe. I love Mad Kane's blog. Limericks are so much fun. Yours were no exception. :) I believe I like the last one the best, but I thoroughly enjoyed all the rest. :)

  13. hahaha yeah me either thank God for that
    Would be scary to Pat and the cat
    Yeah Tash jumped right in
    And had some fun with the limerick bin

    Pffffffffffft you will stump me?
    Bring it on missy!

    Limericks can be fun
    Glad these were no different ones

  14. haha yes the last one I liked the best too
    Just because it was about you know who
    Yep that cat
    And not scary old Pat

  15. Limericks are fun indeed, so very nice to read. Unfortunately they are tough to do, so here's a few cheers to the limerick machine in you. Some really funny ones in here. You're right they usually do have a dirty demeanor to them, well the good ones do anyhow, and I think you've definitely provided a few of those in here as well. Nice job here, thanks

    Side note: Googles latest attack on me, has now included the Cat. I noticed today, that Google Friend Connect deleted me from your list of members. So I signed up again, well seeing that for the most part I always click on the bookmark to see, I can't tell how long this elimination had defeated me. Anyhow signed back up again, so we'll see how long it lasts. Now I'm going to have to check the little box on all the blogs to see if I've been dropped in all of Googles eyes:)

  16. Got a few chuckles out of me, nicely done.

  17. i never expect clean, and would probably be disappointed if i found it here:)
    that's awesome about lmf's egg into the window and others. good stuff as usual.

  18. wow pat - you're awesome with limericks...should've known got the rhyme skillz and a good sense of humor...honestly..i tried..and i suck with limericks...sad but truth...ha

  19. Truthfully the only thind I find tough sometimes
    Has nothing to do with the rhymes
    Just finding the first line
    After that it flows out like wine
    Yeah they do tend to play to the dirty mind
    Which does delight my little rhyming behind
    Google really really hates you
    What the heck did you do?...haha

    Glad I could get a chuckle
    And you did not look at your knuckle
    As you flipped me the bird
    For being so absurd..haha

    Yeah I will never go fully clean
    That just isn't my scene
    Just had to play on the egg window
    Have to make sure everyone is in the know..haha

    I'm sure you could get one
    If that Drazin guy can give it a run
    You should be able to top him
    He is after all a bit dim..haha

  20. Who has the whip?
    That sounds like The Shit.
    I want one too.
    Then Pat's little ass will be black and blue.


  21. This one was great! Felt fast pass with lots of rhymes! Great! No debate!

  22. haha Pat would dive into bush number three
    So you will never get me
    My ass will stay nice and white
    To my delight

    Glad there was no debate
    Although that also can be a fun fate

  23. I LOVE limericks. That last one was my favorite though. I like how you incorporated "ass" into the rhyme LOL!

  24. You're right!
    The peacocks have been out of sight!
    Whether genuine or an imposter
    nobody as come to bother.
    Maybe it was those slippers
    that gave them the shivers.
    I don't see how they can stay away
    I'm quite addicted, much to my dismay!

  25. This one is bit different than others..I like it!

  26. hahaha yeah I had to get my signature line in there
    Not having that I could not bear
    So got it done
    And glad it came out fun

    Yeah no fake peacock or otherwise
    I guess they think they are to wise
    Or need a new disguise
    Maybe they got eaten by flies
    haha it's fun that you are addicted
    Even if you are a little conflicted..haha

    Yeah went more low key
    Than usually
    Glad it was liked too
    As out the limericks flew

  27. I am impressed as I can't even do these kind of posts. I enjoyed the fun play specially the man being given a brochure and a woman who loves to strip.

    Great stuff ~

  28. I plan on stealing a few of these and posting them on the Facebook walls of my friends some day in the future. :P

    These are awesome.

  29. Great Limericks Pat. You have a whole load this time. Am not adding in more!


  30. Glad I could impress
    And yeah can you imagine finding out your date in a dress
    Is really a man
    Unless of that you are a fan..haha

    hahaha ewww Facebook
    Such a disgrace to my nook..hahaha
    By go ahead and have your fun
    Facebook I will still shun

    Hilarity ensues
    Way better than the blues

    What you are all limericked out?
    Geez you almost made me go and pout.
    But then I realized I win
    Which isn't s sin
    So I'll do the hokey pokey and that's what it's all about..haha

  31. I will leave you a comment
    Erm... yeah, a comment
    It will be a limerick
    Maybe from limerick
    That was the last limerick I leave in a comment

  32. Limerick indeed
    At my feed

    Glad you liked the rhyme
    And had a fun time

    hahahaha what a cheater you seem to be
    But I guess it's okay at my rhyming sea..haha

  33. Glad I could impress
    The rhythm nazi with my limerick mess


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