Stuck In A Crowd! They Are Just So Loud!

So the cat took a wrong turn the other day, trying to avoid Drazin and his so called godly display. I ended up in some upity up place, where everyone seemed to have a stone face. They were all yapping with their lips constantly flapping. Each thought they were above it all, acting like they were ten feet tall.

Well they may not have been of such height. But a freak I surely would not dispute day or night. The more I heard from the group, the more they threw me for a loop. Not that they were hard to understand but why did they ever think they were so grand? Then it hit me like a brick when I saw one glance around and seeing no one, he scratched his ummm errrr dick.

For Woodrow seemed to have a Woody.
Cecilia was not a Cissy and thought "oh goody."
Richard just thought he was a Dick.
As Edward turned to Ted and became a hick.

Patrick went to Paddy.
I thought I knew that laddy.
Charlotte had a thing for Letty.
I guess neither were too petty.

Elizabeth and Margaret could start their own band.
Each having twelve that could give them a hand.
But Mary felt lucky by being unlucky.
As she had thirteen to keep her just ducky.

Montgomery desperately searched for some Gum.
Veronica and Franky would not give him some.
Charles turned to Chuck,
And just thought what the truck!

As Roberta became a Bert,
Thankfully no one was hurt.
When she ran her truck through the wall.
Rudolph went all Rollo thinking it was a dance hall.

If you ever want a Pony,
Look up Napoleon not Tony.
As Anthony may seem great.
But two legs is his fate.

John became a Jack,
As his pick up lines seemed to lack.
For he sent Sarah and Sally,
Running for some far off valley.

Sukey took Susannah and tried to rob,
Poor defenseless Bob.
But Robert stepped up.
And their scheme suffered a hiccup.

Henry wanted vile Hank,
To just walk the plank.
While Eric and Rick,
Still contemplated how Richard became Dick.

Virginia was upon us.
Sending Jane home on the bus.
Blanche and Bea seemed delighted by the moon.
As Melody and Lodi sung a tune.

Brian and Bryant thought they were a giant.
While Margaret and Peggy searched for a new client.
Adam and Edie signed up fast.
But Aaron and Ron knew their business would not last.

It seemed Benjamin and Benji were hunted.
And their growth became stunted.
Bridget turned to Biddy,
Dancing a little diddy.

Frederick and Fritz,
Tried to do the splitz.
While Tobias was Bias.
And I was not about to show these guys any pious

For now I knew what was up with these clowns.
Why they were trying to keep their frowns.
It seems they had a second side,
Strat! There's Drazin, time to hide.

Still interesting how such names arise, having no apparent facts to gals or guys. Maybe I should call Drazin Baldo and it would catch on like Where's Waldo. Maybe now I will go nickname some grass and hope poor Paddy does not ground my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. As always I absolutely love this Pat, damn you for being such a seriously awesome talent! Great stuff as always man.

  2. Wow. Wow. Wow. This is my first time here but I loved this. You had me in awe all the way through. My mouth may or may not have been on the floor... after all I was amazed at how long you continued. I look forward to returning!!

  3. absolute fabulous and posh, dahling, positively smashing...
    Although Cedric and Cyril might get angry for not being mentioned in this snobbish crowd :)

  4. You've got names from bygone eras in here. Bea, Veronica, Franklin, Betty.. You're making me feel old this morning Pat. I wonder how many Bellas will be born in the next five years. Probably won't be able to swing a cat without hitting at least 10 of them.

  5. You are damning me
    Geez, haha but that's always fun to see
    As I keep up my rhyming nutty stuff
    With each huff and puff

    Your mouth on the floor would be quite the scene
    I just hope the floor was clean
    All those germs otherwise
    May fill your eyes
    And that wasn't long at all
    That was short for my hall..haha

    Even I don't know a few
    Or Cedric and Cyril just stayed out of my view
    Positively smashing I quite like that one
    Posh was also quite fun

    Got as many names as I could remember
    As I went about my naming dismember
    Sorry for making you feel old
    That was kind of cold
    Yeah the Bella's could arise
    But if you try and swing this cat you might be scratched quite a bit and quit after a few tries..haha

  6. LOL! There are some really interesting names out there :0)

  7. As long as John didn't become a Jack-Off.
    That would be a mess.
    Which would cause some distress.
    To those who would lunge.
    For the oft-used sponge.
    My GOD, it's easy to lapse into rhyme!
    When your favorite magazine is Time.
    (okay, THAT one doesn't make sense).

  8. some of these names i have not heard in quite a while, scratching yourself bet gave him a smiles, i kid you not, this much is true once knew a man named richard dick, better known as Dick Dick, his mom must have been sick

  9. LOL @ Roberta becoming a Bert!!

    So funny how nicknames arise. How does Richard become Dick? My g/fs father is called Erb. Took me a good 2 years to realize that it was short for Herbert. hahaha

    My dad's name is Giacomo and somehow people call him Jackie. Not sure how that one came about either? Maybe he should take some tips from Roberta...

  10. awesome! I love nicknames. Especially trying to figure out what stands for what. I like Bea for Beatrice. But I'm still trying to figure out how Jack became short for John... So odd. :D <3

  11. I wondered how Richard becomes Dick, and also how Charles becomes Chuck... and Jack becomes John. ..Nuts eh!
    I would not shop in crowds, that drives me nuts~!

  12. The Richard one always made me wonder too.

    That being said, there's not much you can do with my name, Damian other than call me a woman. :|

  13. haha yeah some of the names out there
    Even allow you to swear
    Isn't that fun
    Might offend a nun

    Yes that would get kind of messy all over
    Might even offend poor rover
    Unless he decided to join in
    Oh the thought, you made me sin..haha
    Bah at least it rhymed at the end
    Completely your trend

    Dick Dick would have been crazy
    His mom was either nuts or lazy
    Or was just wishing him higher err umm stances
    Hoping with a dick dick she'd enlarge his chances..hahaha

    hahaha yeah I don't know how many of these arise
    Maybe someone needed a disguise
    They had to change their name
    And so started this nickname game
    Don't worrry took me a while to catch on to some too
    Over my head they flew
    hahaha yeah find a Roberta for some advice
    Although Bert might not be so nice..haha

    True it is fun to figure out what each stands for
    Sometimes we may assume more
    Then that could lead to awkward moments indeed
    So many should take heed
    And yeah many are odd
    Maybe I'll go ask a cod

    Yes nuts is pretty much it
    Maybe someone was having a fit
    And just wanted a name change
    Then started this up at their range
    It caught on
    Leading to a whole new name to dawn

    haha I get the woman thing
    Mine can have such a ring
    And the Richard one seems to confuse us all
    Sure who ever did it is watching having a ball

  14. Such.. normal names.. so many of them.. everywhere..

  15. Yes all normal as can be
    Unless one means the other then things can get hairy

  16. Looks like Al is giving you some competition, Pat!

  17. haha bah Al can't beat me
    But competition is always fun at my rhyming sea

  18. Wow beautiful I actually took the time to read the whole thing. Keep up the good work sir!

  19. You are so talented! Enjoyed this post very much. :)

  20. I've never figured out how John becomes Jack, either.

  21. The good work will be kept up
    Maybe with the odd hiccup..haha

    Glad it was enjoyed too
    Thanks for the view

    Yeah I know it just seems to come out of no where
    Guess with names all is fair

  22. I'm a proud member of the one-syllable name club!

  23. Never understood the whole John to Jack transformation.

  24. That is quite messy situation :P

  25. Hahahaha - 13 is my lucky number!

  26. ...or did you mean the other...Mary?

  27. My dad's name was Lyle. His nickname was Pat. Now explain that.


  28. I showed some co-workers your blog today, Pat. You may get bombarded with new followers soon, lol.

  29. @Otter yea I love this blog hes a very good writer.

  30. Oh, this was fun!
    Elizabeth will give you all a nickname run!
    I could have had my choice of a dozen!
    Even shared some with my cousin.
    I like Betsy for my alias
    cuz there aren't many of us.

  31. Wow, you are pretty talented. look foward to your posts! Ima go though your old ones too!

    +followed! :)!

  32. Reminds me of the old boat people
    Who landed in America but was blue
    Names were changed to be acceptable
    Boo became Buck,Choo was Chuck but Foo?


  33. I hate being stuck in a "loud crowd" but another great post!!

  34. You may have a one-syllable flow
    But Mike goes with alot of rhymes don't you know..haha

    Yeah it's beyond me too
    Another mystery come due

    It was indeed
    They just kept sprouting up like a bad weed

    No it works just fine for you
    All Mary's have 13 though it's true
    But you came first
    So 13 is way more luckier thanks to your burst

    Ummmmm errrr I can't explain that
    That one really escapes the cat

    haha that's awesome to the cat
    And even poor old Pat
    Bombard away
    The cat can keep up most any day

    Aww talking about me in the comments below
    That is so nice at my show

    Oh yes indeed
    Elizabeth surely, almost takes the lead
    Mary is the only one that seems to beat it
    And Betsy seems a good alias fit
    There are not many people with such a nickname
    BUT I hear it a ton when someone pulls out a gun on my game..hahaha

    Followed back as well
    Thanks for ringing the comment bell
    Although you may want to pop a pill
    For you may get rhyme overload going through more than one post at my hill..haha

    Good advice

    That is actually a good reason
    There names were changed so they couldn't commit treason
    Don't know how some jumped to John fro Jack
    And other certain ones of the nickname pack
    I guess there was no Foo
    He didn't want to join the change name crew

    Yeah a loud crowd is very annoying
    Especially when I have to pretend I am enjoying
    And just want to get the hell out
    I guess I have to suck it up to get my trout..haha

  35. Mary? I didn't know there were any at all!
    Isn't Mary short enough to call?
    Yes, girls named Betsy are few
    Cows seem to be plentiful, that is true. ha.

  36. Yeah there were 13 supposedly
    None of them did I ever see
    True I heard of a cow too
    But a gun seems like a better comparision between me and you..haha

  37. A gun named Betsy
    but not Betsy Wetsy.

  38. hahaha nope they don't rhyme their gun
    I guess the doll they don't want to shun

  39. Cool play on names and the rhymes that then came. I'm glad my full names but fred, other wise that split would assured me of dread, and at points in this whimsy, I briefly recalled pieces of the name game played when once we all were itsy, little tikes making fun of names, playing a rhyming type of game, but nope you kind of cut that name game fame into snippits and sprinkled it around. Great write, I believe even old Drazin would be proud, but you'd have to hear him complain, perhaps pop a vain, in order to keep up appearance, then say is name in ad nausea adherence. Fun piece, thanks

  40. Yeah poor old Drazin might like
    If only that clown would take a hike
    Forcing me to play with all this double named crowd
    The name game can be soo loud..haha

  41. Been sick, under the bleachers with the dogs-lol Barely staying awake tonight. I have a cool name puzzle I'm hoping to work on, if I ever get the energy to do it. Anyhow, just wanted to stop in. Gonna have to get into the new comments tomorrow. Anyhow, nothing new up at my bay, so thought I'd pass a heads up your way. Damn flu shot, gives me the darned sickness every time. Thanks

  42. Fred...not the flu shot! Eeew. I wouldn't get one if someone paid me to!

  43. Yeah Fred I totally agree with Betsy
    A flu shot is just yucky
    What they put in those things isn't safe for a rat
    Let alone you or Pat
    With those it's all about the MONEY
    Not about preventing your nose from getting runny
    Oh I got a flu shot and did not get the flu
    Oh I got a flu shot and got the flu, but it could have been worse you
    Pfffffft all ONE BIG PLACEBO case
    If they tried to give me one I'd take the flu shot and jab it in their face

    Well Betsy if they gave me a million bucks I might take it
    Just a bit..haha

  44. Well, yeah a million bucks would be worth it!

    But less than $100? No way.
    You're going to be so sick at your bay.
    Too sick to throw a fit
    not even a little bit.
    Too sick to pop a vein
    you'd be in too much pain.
    Too sick to throw a clever
    you'd have a high fever.

    ok...I'm sure Fred gets the picture now. lol....

  45. Yes I am sure he gets the picture his way
    That is if he's actually awake to visit my bay
    Still say it's dumb making yourself sick
    Wash your hands and that will do the trick
    No need to feed the big corporate greed ridden strats
    Nothing but dirty rats


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