Stupid Flappy! Time I Get Stamp Happy!

Betsy, if Flappy is around when I get out of this hole, stealing your idea is truly going to be the goal. I am going to save up a bunch of cat strat filled pringle cans and shove them in that room with no ceiling fans. Have them all laid out like landmines and watch as Flappy dines. I hope a whole can explodes in her face. Although that would leave quite the mess all over the place.

So I stamped her little bill paid and this is pretty much what over and over again her lips played.

"Blue isn't good. Why don't you use red or a light green or even black? Why not use....."

I think she named every damn color in the book. Maybe that color guy that ticked off Drazin visited her nook. But I will not bore you today with the oh so stupid things she had to say. Instead here are the stamps I would like to display right on Flappy's forehead and cause her dismay.

Of course this one might not work. I doubt she knows text and would think it fun like some jerk. Figuring it stood for Want To Flap. Then she would have another excuse to flap with any old chap.

This might be one of those self help things and she might think she could grow wings.

Again she might think all one is getting is Blah Blah Blah and then start to talk louder or maybe even go baa.

Yes I know. She might take this literally and want someone to go umm down below.

She could find this one makes her seem that much more important or something and continue to let her flappiness ring.

Flappy would probably think this was directed at everyone around her, even those with fur. Or she might think should could only talk in L. That would truly be hell.

She could think this also applies to everyone around. But it would do better in making the point be found.

Now we are getting somewhere. Maybe with this one Flappy will never stray from her lair.

Oh! We are sooo close now. No one cares about Flappy so she surely will try and cover it with her eyebrow.

And what one will get stamped into her thick head and cause her so much dread? Well here it is. Think it will finally stop her flappy biz?

Wouldn't you like one of those stamped on your head? No? Is that what you said? Yeah, it would be more fun watching someone go out into the sun. They would have no idea that at night you made their forehead such a sight. Unless they look in the mirror or shower then there goes your prank power. Wait until they take a nap and so ends another Flappy yap. Now I will stop my stamp happy sass and try not to stamp my feet or my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I would like to have those rubber stamps in my office...ha..ha...

    Happy weekend ~

  2. haha yeah they would make for some fun
    Maybe get rid of some crap by the ton

  3. Oh my friend I need these stamps. Seriously! How fun would it be walking through the store and stamping morons foreheads with these. Delightful.

  4. hahaha these are awesome, one of the best things i have ever seen to spread love around the imbecile scene...assault, assault...i wouldnt if you just wouldnt talk

  5. These are nice Pat, I would like to be:)

  6. LOL! I would like to own the WTF? stamp ;D I would use that a lot! ;D

  7. Damn, too bad my birthday already passed. I'd ask for a complete set!

  8. Want To Flap
    gave me a laughing attack!
    And she didn't like blue, like it really mattered?
    I can't believe you can control yourself when you want to smash her flatter.
    Wouldn't it be more fun to stamp her butt?
    then she'd strut around saying "What?"
    When people would snicker
    as she went on to bicker.
    How about BTF ~ Born To Flap
    My great big yap.

  9. Awesome Stamps, love the progression from the first to the last. Your comments under each made the piece. Great fun, poor old flappy, it best she run:)

  10. oh you could use some of these stamps for those, sitting in political panels round the world...i don't say which ones though..haha

  11. Yes, you really should've used our Elven light green, Pats

    And if you use any of these stamps on moi, moi will stamp you too... with a foot in your little rhyming ... :P

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  13. LMAO Where do I get these??? Christmas is around the corner and these are such lovely stocking stuffers!!

    LOL @ ur blow me comment.

    The F*** urgent one would be a riot at my job. It would probably take the Japanese a good 10 years until they figured out what it meant. They might even create a whole for the papers stamped "F***** Urgent". hahahaha

  14. Great samps! I would love to bully everyone with that "looser" stamp :P

  15. Oh, I want a stamper like that!!! I could think of a few I`d like to stamp too ;)

  16. Yeah I found them among my travels about the net
    And found they would work quite well for those that make me fret

    hahaha yeah I was tempted to buy some too
    But I'm not sure some have a sense of humor on view
    They might get mad
    And then I'd be a fired lad..haha

    Yeah they do it in a not so dignifying way
    Putting the moron on display
    haha true they'd prob call assualt on me
    I'd wear a mask so they could not see

    You would like to be a stamped one
    Oh that might not be fun

    hahaha yeah that could come in handy
    And be just dandy

    Glad the stamps were nice
    I think they are worth the price

    hahaha have to remember for next year
    But then christmas is coming with it's cheer

    Yeah like who cares if it is blue
    Whoopdi friggin doo
    I control because I need the dough
    Or else I'd let the insults flow
    You'd need a BIG stamp for her butt
    A small one just would not make the cut..haha

    The cat has to give his two cents worth on each
    As these stamps sure can teach..haha
    Stupid Flappy
    Should not be so yappy

    True the political mooks could use a bunch
    But I think they'd be worn out by lunch

    haha glad you felt the stamp love
    And wear a glove
    So no finger prints are left behind
    As you stamp everyone you find

    I forgot about Elven light green
    That would sure brighten the scene
    hahaha your foot would have to catch me first
    The cat can run in a quick burst

    Blogwalking you say
    Said the same think anothers way
    So like I believe you
    Flushed down the loo

    hahahaha yeah stocking stuffers they would do
    One year I used a few
    This year got a few other things
    For the christmas rings
    Yeah the blow me one had to be done
    Was just so fun
    You could really mess with the Japanese
    They might not like that you tease

    hahaha you being a bully would be mean
    But it would be funny to see a stamp filled group scene

    hahaha oh yeah a few I would like to stamp
    Or hit with a great big lamp..haha

  17. Oh how I'd love to have those stamps. I always write blahblahblah when I bore myself. I could stamp it on instead.


  18. Yeah no pen needed at your den
    You could stamp it once or ten
    Over and over
    Even on poor rover..haha

  19. Whoopdi friggin doo?
    That is just fun to say between me and you.
    Might need to use that
    when I tired of saying strat.
    Just say WFD for short
    then laugh until you snort.

  20. WFD, not to be confused with WTF or WTD!

  21. haha bah one can never tire of saying strat
    But whoopdi friggin doo has been used for years upon years by Pat
    That is actually one he says quite a bit
    WFD would working for a typing fit
    But I'll avoid the snort
    The cat sounds strange enough at his court..haha

    Blogger thought you were spam with all your WFD and other WF ones
    I bet it thought WTF and you gave it the comment runs..haha

  22. Blogger thinks Fox is spam on mine, too!
    Gee, Silver, what did you do?

  23. It'd be great, I agree
    to have a stamp spree.
    Hand over the ink
    And mark those who stink.
    Then point, laugh and run
    For hours of fun.


  24. haha wow Fox must have hit the wrong person with his car
    Or Blogger thinks in some way he has gone too far
    But as he always says it's free
    So can't complain in the comments are in spam for none to see..haha

    haha with Flappy I could just walk real fast
    She is kind of vast
    So I'd have no fear of her catching me
    But my ears might bleed so I'd have to flee..haha

  25. Pat, when Fox gets his blog freed
    you need to remind him that it was him who said it is free.
    He's still banned from blogger land
    He must have hit the CEO with his van!

  26. He really did get banned by blogger?
    Maybe he was playing an illegal version of Frogger
    His blog still works though
    But yep it was he who was all nice and said it's free at his show..haha

  27. Maybe he'll find a get out of jail free pass
    and be back to kick their a**

  28. Google decided to mess with me, my Gmail, and my blogs. Couldn't straighten it out on my Google Chrome browser, but somehow I made things work by going to FireFOX. Hmmmm.

    And just last night I was reading someone the post where I defended Blogger as a free service which gives you so much. You think I'd be one of their star bloggers after saying that!

  29. hahaha yeah maybe he will
    Giving them a free thrill
    And you know no *** are needed here
    In your comment cheer..haha

    Someone sure was on to something
    As these would be great stamps to fling

  30. haha Fox it still spammed you out
    With your comment shout

    If this is how they treat those who defend
    I better watch my rhyming rear end..hahaha

    Yeah it would work well for some clowns
    Who's yap sure brings frowns

  31. Fox is going to want a stamp
    that says DMWMB.

  32. @Betsy: I suppose "DMWMB" means "Don't Mess With Me, Blogger," but at first I thought, "Don't Mess With Me, Baby!"

  33. Don't Mess With Me Blogger, is that it?
    I think you'd have to change the mess to the word in his below fit..haha

    Yeah they did it both times this time too
    And I guessed that from the acronym she gave to view
    I think the baby part was wishful thinking
    Or maybe you were just blinking

  34. No, that "baby" would be ME saying "baby" to the world. Not inferring that anyone was calling me "baby."

    Almost looks like I'm not the one who's fixated...

    Hey! Who said that?!? :)

  35. hahaha I only meant baby because my first thought was "Blogger" where "baby" was yours
    Meaning I got it first in our acronym guessing tours
    But I can see how the way I said it would come across like that
    Next time the wording will be watched by the cat
    So maybe your fixated thinking I'm fixated
    That just has me so elated..hahahaha
    Oh and spam did not stop it that time
    Was an unspammy chime

  36. Nevermind
    It showed for two seconds and then it went back to the spam grind

  37. Ahhhh, Blogger doesn't know what to make of the ol' Fox... sorta like the rest of the world!

  38. I'd like that "Blow me" stamp. Hell, I'd use it everywhere.

    Who am I kidding, I'd use all of them all of the time.

  39. I would love to have the "Who Cares?" stamp.
    I'd use it with my seniors who keeps yelling on me ;)

  40. This was different, I definitely like the style.

  41. i think i've had complete and utter bullshit stamped somewhere in my file somewhere:)

    neat new look and feel.

  42. i like the seventh one - this is f@%king stupid.
    i'd use it on all those traffic-obstructing vehicles parked irresponsibly in many places here.

  43. Stamps I never had thought
    But some words I had feared
    Just as advice to little tots
    To be seen but not heard


  44. I love those stamps. I'd buy if I wasn't a tramp! Excellent stuff as always buddy, I love this post man!

  45. Blogger gets confused easily though
    Wait! Most of the world follows the same flow
    Guess you are right
    Such is your plight

    hahaha yeah they would come in handy
    The blow me one could be used for something dandy..haha

    hahaha not say a word
    Just put "Who Cares?" and they look at you absurd

    Yeah went a different route today
    With all my rhyme play

    hahaha yeah I think that one would get used on me a bit
    With each and every rhyming fit

    Nice post
    Another ghost

    hahaha I don't know if it would rub off though
    But wouldn't it be fun if they could glow

    Yeah speaking of that
    Better avoid the little tots seeing the stamps by the cat
    As long as they can't read we are good
    Other words only use them on big people you should..haha

    You're a tramp?
    Was that gay bar you were in umm damp?..haha

  46. haha I think that is the general feeling
    And I'm sure some would take them and even stamp a ceiling

  47. haha I suppose that would be it
    So they could cause the nuts a fit


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