Things Quickly Go To Hell, In This dVerse Tale I Tell!

So on my way to dVerse today. It seems I was in for quite the display. All the clowns seems to arise and once again many were not so wise.

Drazin and the Tarsier Man,
Were in another clash.
Neither having a game plan,
Blinded by a color flash.

Stripping the world's color away.
Gunafu of Color joined the feud,
His overacted display,
Made him seem rather rude.

Riot Man decided to occupy,
Spurting out his grief.
But got poked in the eye.
Keeping his statement brief.

Gung and Ho had hopped a bus,
Landing in the tussle.
The Beyonder added to the fuss,
Stretching his question muscle.

Going to dVerse,
To visit the clientele.
Wanting to converse,
But things went to hell.

Gunafu of Color,
Seemed to like Tarsier Man.
But wished his eyes were smaller,
And he had a tan.

The Beyonder had a thing,
For questioning cats.
Gung and Ho gave a ring,
To the group's meeting stats.

All on Imperfection street,
Drazin grabbed a stop sign.
Still in his bare feet,
And acting all divine.

He spouted his own name,
More than any can count.
Anger boosting his flame,
As he took all into account.

Going to dVerse,
To visit the clientele.
Wanting to converse,
But things went to hell.

Drazin swung the sign,
Imprinting Gung's ass.
Ho laughing at the new design,
Got thrown through pane glass.

Poof went The Beyonder,
As Gunafu went down.
Tarsier Man began to ponder,
And then ran across town.

In came the cat,
With Miss Priss close behind.
We stopped to eat a rat,
And were now in a bind.

Drazin heaved the sign,
Missing us by a mile.
Yet spurring a whine,
As we watched him smile.

Going to dVerse,
To visit the clientele.
Wanting to converse,
But things went to hell.

Riot Man still remained,
Pulling out a gun.
No longer restrained,
He shot at us for fun.

Spouting the usual crap,
Like his right to bear arms.
Crying through his liberty cap,
Setting off fanatic alarms.

Miss Priss had enough,
As his gun went click.
Drazin picked us up,
And threw us at the dick.

Riot Man can now go,
Say hello to my little friend.
For a scarface does show,
Thanks to my little rhyming rear end.

Going to dVerse,
To visit the clientele.
Wanting to converse,
But things went to hell.

Now was that not an interesting trip to dVerse? Do you see how things went from bad to worse? But Miss Priss and the cat can't be beat. Especially with Drazin not trying to make us slippers on his feet. All the above facts were true. This tale really did come due. What, you don't believe me lass? That might be wise considering it comes from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I've seen your comments on Matthews blogs and I keep meaning to stop in and read your blog. Glad I did. Christ, this is good. Reminds me very much of Lewis Carrol.

  2. haha...there is an amazing lyrical quality to your words today cat, imprinting the ass was a nice comical touch, i guess you can say at least they made the way interesting, even more than professional wrestling...

    hello little friend

    oh i thought you said to say hello, that was just a movie ref though, wasnt it, spit, once again you entertain my brain with your word play today.

  3. curses...thought i would be first
    at least i am not the worst
    that might make me brat-wurster

  4. I literally expected Jason Statham to jump out of one of these verses, but was terribly disappointed when he didn't .... I do love me some Statham ....

  5. oooppppssssyyy... confusing tale :P

  6. The Tarsier Man? I need to see this guy.

  7. LOL I want to meet someone who can wish a tan upon me. Being Italian and from NY my pale skin is not acceptable...As for the right to bear arms, that doesn't count for cats!!!!

  8. Wow! I learned something from this! But not from the story but from the rhymes!

  9. Perfect rhymes and smooth flow.
    You got talent, but I guess you know.
    I enjoyed it through and through.
    Will surely read some more from you. :)

    Ah, I'm not that good with rhymes. But I loved your poem. Keep up the great work.

  10. We're going to need a "Cast of Characters" list at some point, my friend!

  11. Tarsier Man and The Beyonder, are they super-heroes?

  12. Glad you stopped by
    To visit the rhyming guy
    Even comparing to Carrol and finding it good
    Hopefully I can keep it up, knock on wood

    Yeah I went for the lyrical approach this time
    Taking heed of rhythm as I did my rhyme
    And they sure made the way an interesting one
    With all their colorful character fun
    hahaha I'll take the hello
    But it was just a movie reference added to the flow
    Always fun to entertain
    Brian and his brain..haha

    Only 11 minutes or so behind
    So not to many curses you need to find
    Nope definitely not worst
    And eww if you are referencing who I think you are with your burst..haha

    hahaha he wanted too big of a fee
    Maybe next time you can talk him down to ten cents for me

    Yeah confusing with the characters you don't know
    As many come and go at my show

    hahaha he has eyeballs that pop out
    And thinks he's a superhero no doubt

    hahaha don't worry about the tan
    Because that poor Pat man
    Is so white the snow gets jealous of him
    At least he can shine when the lights go dim..hahaha
    It doesn't count for cats?
    Isn't that rude, oh rats.

    Not much to learn from the story
    As it wasn't too gory
    Glad the rhymes allowed you to learn
    As we made the characters feel the burn

    Yes rhyming can do a thing or three
    Here at my rhyming sea

    That was not long at all
    I can go forever in a day at my hall..haha

    Hey you rhymed quite well
    Did not go to hell
    And fun little comment spell
    As you said what you had to tell

    Maybe I should do a tab with them for all to view
    Oh and Blogger still hates you
    Saying you spam with every comment due

    Today I had flow
    From head to toe

    The Beyonder is a question freak
    While Tarsier Man thinks he's a superhero but he's up the creek

  13. Blogger really messed me up. I'm now listed as a follower of my own blog!

  14. Gung and Ho are quite the pair aren't they! I think Miss priss is my fav though...Bloody hell I rhymed do I do that, it must be all those Pat Hatt cats~!! ;)

  15. Cool piece, love the traveling road show aspect here. The characterizations or should I just say characters, never get old, nope. Maybe it's just me, but the part where they stopped to eat a rat in this just has this calmness and really funniness mixed together. Love the scarface reference there at the tail and rhythmic chorus is mighty swell. See ya at D'verse

  16. Good text I shall give
    And live and let live

    hahaha hey who better to follow that the one who knows everything you will post
    Unless Orson is the host
    Then you are out of luck
    As us cats know humans are as bright as a dumptruck..haha

    Yes Gung and Ho have quite the time
    Stating the obvious as I rhyme
    And Miss Priss is always on my case
    Sometimes right in my face
    Blame the cats all you want
    We will just rhyme and taunt..haha

    They all joined as one
    Even though there is a ton
    The roadshow seems to come together
    No matter the weather
    Glad they never get old
    Even if Drazin likes his name in bold
    Yeah the stop the rat line was fun to put in
    I'm sure the rat thought it was a sin

  17. So what tune should I sing this to?
    That Old black Rum, I think will do.
    Been some time since I've been by
    Looks like your making out just fine
    and as the hours tick away
    I've found the time to rhyme my say
    And nice to know your the best act
    Master and commander of the Face it Facts
    So tell me Pat, time for another
    Face it Fact new book cover!!!! :)
    No need to cower no need to fight,
    I'll be seeing you soon at OpenLinkNight

  18. Sounds like it was quite the trip to the pub, Pat...the diverse show of character makes it another smiling hit.

  19. Yes has been a week or so
    So I seen tashtoo come visit my show
    Old Black Rum could work too
    Never thought of that one as this came due
    Yeah making out fine and all
    As the rhymes keep on coming at my hall
    And the books as well
    Along with ringing the Face it Facts bell
    Plus this and that
    One busy cat and Pat
    Your book is still months away
    But the Face it Facts will be around when it comes into play
    And the cat barely ever cowers
    Unless he is about to be crushed by towers..haha

    Yeah the characters are truly dVerse
    Each one getting worse and worse
    As Drazin starts to curse
    And Tarsier Man retrieves some little old ladies purse

  20. Gung Ho from GI JOE and the The Beyonder from Marvel Comics?

  21. Hopefully you're not too cut up from the window incident...

  22. Gung and Ho aren't much like GI JOE
    But The Beyonder was sorta, maybe, used off Marvel, look at you in the know

    The cat avoided the glass
    Ho might have a piece still stuck in his umm ass..haha

  23. goodness pat..with all the action on the way..hope you gonna make it until 3pm EST...we will have a beer ready for you...think you need it then...smiles

  24. Sounds like it was quite the showdown.

  25. haha the cat made it ten minutes late
    Such is my fate
    The cat will take the tuna over the beer
    As it isn't much liked by my little rhyming rear

    The showdown came and went
    And Drazin did not even get too bent

  26. Someone told me Duke Drazin hails from the USA, specifically the California Drazins. It may just be a rumor. I heard it through the grapevine.

  27. you slay me.

    "Stretching his question muscle."

    love that!

  28. Pat - you completely smash it weekly.
    Gung and Ho - the beyonder
    only serve to make me fonda

    Jane or Peter
    Easy rider on golden Pond
    Pat of you i am most fond.

    U da Bomb Boi

  29. This does have a bowry song feel to it for me--and so many inside comments that it is hard for me to know who is who--but great fun


  30. I always have to read these several times to get it all in, lol.

  31. My goodness, so much rhyme. How do you find all the time? To keep up with all the words and flow, so lets bring it back one more time, nice and slow. Meh. I'm English major not a poet, don't hate me for my terrible skills ;p

  32. When this rhyme first caught my sight
    my first thought went to "Rainbow Bright"
    for the "King of Rhymes" that seemed askew
    just all the colors off me threw (or "threw me off" for those not speaking Yoda-ese) Okay so I'm reaching here!! lol!!
    to continue...
    My favorite verse is at the end:
    "...Say hello to my little friend."

    With best Cuban accent by an's all Latin to me! (Gotta love Pacino!)
    Pat, I may not understand all of your references, but I always enjoy your rhyming! Best to the cat! >^..^<

  33. Why does DVerse even try? You're lyrics sent him to bye bye! I suck, but you don't buddy, I love this!

  34. Firstly, I'm so with The Silver Fox. And yes, that was an interesting trip.. D=

  35. Hopefully I slay your in a better way
    Then Buffy and Mr. Pointy at her bay..haha

    Glad of the character cast you approve
    As I use them for my dVerse groove
    More fond of me then Peter or Jane
    I guess you have a thing for the insane..haha

    Yeah true the colorful cast can confuse
    As they go and abuse
    Each seem to pick up their own song style
    Depending upon what they have on file

    No fee for him
    As they are all too dim

    You expect something else from me
    Here at my rhyming sea

    haha see that's my trick
    I trap you and make you stick
    Having to read twice or more
    So my post gets an encore..haha

    No hate at all
    Rhymed just fine at my hall
    Not sure I do nice and slow
    But I could always give it a go
    And the time is always around
    Even though at time it's hard to be found

    Look at you with a cat face at the end
    Might have to make that a growing trend
    Funny where my rhymes take those
    From highs to new lows
    It was a nice reach
    As I've gone into the star warrs breach
    Pacino is usually good in most things
    Expect for maybe if he ever sings..haha

    dVerse gives me added fun
    So it just must be done
    You only suck a little bit
    So no need for a fit..haha

    haha okay okay
    When I find the time one day
    I will do a tab with the colorful cast
    As I know it is rather vast
    Damn Fox
    Causing me more work in my sandbox..haha

  36. wow, I've had quite the day
    I can't see straight here at your bay
    You said
    And Tarsier Man retrieves some little old ladies purse
    and I thought it said he relieved himself in the purse.
    Maybe it's because I have to go...
    Let me take care of that and return to your show.

  37. Cool piece, Pat. Riot Man can now go,
    Say hello to my little friend.
    For a scarface does show,
    Thanks to my little rhyming rear end.....yes! you did it again!

  38. Oh Mr Pat, I did wonder what you were up to tonight. And of course I believed each tale, how can I ever doubt the Cat. Really loved the beat and the rhyme tonight!

  39. hahaha yes not even I
    Would want to deprieve you of such a bodily cry
    And after your busy busy day
    I can excuse the mix up at my bay
    Besides it was funnier anyway
    And would be quite the display

    hahaha my little rhyming rear end
    Seems to have such a trend

    Yeah how can one not believe such a tale
    Even if you turn pale
    The beat and rhyme were actually taken into consideration
    AS I went to the dVerse federation

  40. I had fun reading this. Liked the rythmn of the "verse." But now that you're at dVerse, relax and have some brew!

  41. I am late to the party and would not be able to top the Lewis Carroll compliment anyway. Well done Pat.

  42. I clearly need the cliff notes for these characters, major plot points, motivation, maybe some cognitive poetics :). Other than I'm clueless it was seamless as ever.

  43. I'm not familiar with all the characters either, but it still had me giggling

  44. Very interesting.. and I enjoyed your word play a lot..
    The Beyonder had a thing,
    For questioning cats.
    Gung and Ho gave a ring,
    To the group's meeting stats.'

    Good one..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  45. Certainly interesting, I think he misinterpret BEAR arms. Obviously people with guns are a silly thing.

  46. Are you sure you weren't already in the Poets' Pub when you wrote this? with a bevvy or two? I loved the whole zany poem, being a cat person myself.

  47. Yes now that dVerse has come into view
    I guess the cat can at least pretend to have some brew

    Bah a little late never hurt a thing
    May be hard to top but I'm sure you could do it with your comment ring

    haha a little clueless never hurt one bit
    Unless it's that movie then I'd just have a fit

    Just knowing I got a giggle
    Makes my little rhyming you know wiggle..haha

    Glad you found the word play fun
    With this dVerse tale I spun

    Yes people with guns can be nuts
    Especially when straying from their huts

    Nope was not there
    The cat was near his lair
    A cat person you are too
    Makes the cat like you..haha

  48. Fox I hate the spam crap
    Makes me miss you in the retort lap
    Who knows where Drazin is from
    He does claim to be a goldy bum
    The Yukon he states over at that other place
    I doubt he could tie his shoe lace

  49. As usual, thought provoking and rhymed to perfection. Great job.

  50. Rhymed to perfection
    I like that detection


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