Thought Nantucket Could Trick Me! I Am Too dVerse At My Rhyming Sea!

Before we get to the post of today Pat has to have his say. Yeah, the cat let him on. Let's just not make a habit of it at my lawn. Anyway, he just wanted to say have a look, at this Wonderful Review Elisa gave of "A Not So New World," his first book.

In the comments below the other day, Bones came and had his say. He stated he could not wait until the cat did "There was a man from Nantucket." I and everyone else knows he wanted the cat to rhyme it with cluck it. No? Buck it? Suck it? Duck it? Pluck it? Ohhhh Canuck it! He wanted me to go all Canadian on it with a rhyming fit. So I canucked away and here is the man from Nantucket display.

There was a man from Nantucket,
Who went out in search of his bucket.
It seemed a thief had come in the night,
And stole the bucket from sight.

He traveled to Frog Suck, Wyoming.
Through the back alleys he went combing.
He ended up in Humptulips before long.
Literally doing that is just sooo wrong.

Eureka! He ventured too.
But his poor bucket never came into view.
Mosquitoville wasn't pleasant at all.
Those things were three feet thick and ten feet tall.

Pumpkin Buttes was a nice place to be,
He heard you could tell a person's soul from each pumpkin you see.
Spooner almost made him go blind,
And his bucket he still could not find.

He visited Thursday on a Tuesday,
That was quite the confusing display.
Looneyville truly stuck to its name,
As no one there was tame.

Booger Hole was just gross,
The little kids picked and flicked the most.
Walla Walla and Tum Tum were dead ends.
I guess he and The Three Ninjas were not friends.

Nutsville could be taken in so many ways,
They even had some questionable displays.
But Dildo really took the cake,
Who named that place for God's sake?

Bigfoot and Camelot were no good.
Remain in lore they should.
Defeated was a losing battle,
He could not stand their pity party prattle.

Sugar Tit sounded so fun,
But he got so hyper he pulled a Forest Gump, deciding to run.
He went through Forty Fort,
And Eightfour's court.

Why they didn't have eightyfive he did not know.
But he decided to let it go.
For he came to Boring.
And everyone was practically snoring.

Lizard Lick was nasty indeed,
I guess those lizards thought humans were feed.
Frying Pan Landing had him looking to the sky,
I guess frying pans had fallen and killed some guy.

Halfmoon was quite the sight,
Everyone walked with pants at half mast, day or night.
Hungry Horse and Moose Town,
Were fighting over some animal crown.

Conception seemed to have big tummies galore.
While Landfill's stink you could never ignore.
Cranky Corner he did not like,
They kept cursing and telling him to take a hike.

He went through Santa Claus,
And Hambone gave him an applause.
He reached the edge of Climax,
About to call it quits and relax.

When he spotted the thief going through Hooker.
He sure was not the looker.
He had the bucket in his arms.
And the man sounded Blue Ball's alarms.

The police from Alf and Ben Hur arrived,
Thankfully everyone survived.
The man now had his bucket,
And set out back to his home in Nantucket.

Sadly the facts of these are all true. Blue Ball's and Dildo's with Hooker's and Hungry Horse's are all out there to view. Who came up with some of these town names is beyond me. But they certainly are a dVerse sight to see. There are truly a whole mass. Dead Horse, Ding Dong, Tarzan, Many Farms and so much more got a laugh out of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. The man from Nantucket sure is lucky
    Got back his bucket for all to see
    It was a grim task he sure went through
    Tough times and getting help from the crew
    Everyone roped in including big Santa Claus
    He's happy now if only he had painfully lost


  2. Pat,
    Wow..wee! For the first time ever
    Never did see, how plainly, lucky me
    Pat and the cat have guests wonder
    I'm first on the list and absolutely happy!


  3. What a journey for a bucket
    From Big Foot to Sugar Lick to Nantucket
    the thief missed out the climax
    though am sure he will take the hambone anytime ~

  4. Yes he really wanted that bucket
    And never once said ummm fluck it
    All those towns he had to go through
    Made it quite the task to come due

    hahahaha look at you beating Brian and Betsy too
    First time ever you say too
    The Pat and Cat like such a thing
    As you always give a good comment ring

    Yep going through all those towns
    Creating many frowns
    Was a journey in and of itself
    At least Santa Claus town folk didn't have an elf..haha

  5. ok i nearly spit coffee at Humptulips, we have a Butthollow Rd nearby, and i often wonder why...funny some of the names given places, makes me wich to see the namers faces, never been to nantucket but know how to...ahem...leave a comment

  6. Oh now that is just unreal
    why name your town something surreal?
    Who would want to live in Boring
    talk about a warning!
    "Come live in our town!
    You'll wish you weren't around!"
    Some of those others sound, um
    But you could end up in Conception when it's all done.

  7. (I've done some posts like this...

    Okay, mine didn't rhyme...

    But they could have...)

    Fun post!

  8. hahaha I wouldn't want to cause you to spit your coffee
    Then you might not have your daily energy and blame me
    Butthollow Road you say
    hahahaha I think I've I lived there I'd move away
    hahaha at least your know how to do the important thing
    That is leave a comment not let other things umm fling

    hahaha oh at least you could say
    Your town is naturally boring each day
    hahaha some of the slogans though
    Probably do hit a new low
    But I'm sure many have a good sense of humor living there
    Or simply don't care
    hahahaha oh so true
    And you can avoid Blue Ball's too..haha

    I'm sure a rhyme or two could come from you
    Some of these names are so crazy it's easy enough to do..haha

  9. when did buckets become precious "stealworthy" goods? :)

  10. Ahhh but it wasn't just the bucket
    Go by the old Chinese proverb "Look inside the pot" and you realize why you snuck it

  11. There's a town in Conneticut called Moosup. Biff and I took a little trip there one day just to say we've been there. Turns out, there's NOTHING there. But seriously, who names these towns?!? hahaha

    Your 3 Ninjas reference popped horrible images of Victor Wong into my brain. That crazy man still scares the shit out of me. Him and his eye...

    It was refreshing to read a happy ending. I really didn't think that the man from Nantucket would ever find his bucket. :)

  12. Maybe back in the day when they were given a name
    It didn't sound so lame or was rather tame?
    Or maybe a crazy person named the thing
    Who knows with each town name they sing
    Victor Wong was a scary fellow
    hahaha so funny he turned your yellow
    Yeah I got all happy today
    I guess something is wrong at my bay

  13. Those names are hilarious! I'm glad he got his bucket :)

    Thanks again for letting me read your book :0)

  14. haha he had to get that bucket
    He just couldn't bring himself to chuck it
    Thanks for the great review
    Technically I didn't let though as it was purchased by you..hahaha

  15. once again a good text :)
    i'm realy fan of :)

  16. Seriously, when do you find the time to come up with these. You crack me up everytime, Pat. :D

  17. Glad your a fan
    And don't think I'm some flash in the pan

    I don't sleep much I guess
    So I can come up daily with some rhyming mess

  18. hookers hung like horses armed with dildos? wait...I read that wrong. ha

  19. So thats how the man from nantuket poem goes! I never knew!

  20. Excellent stuff as always, great post Patt.

  21. I am so glad you know how to spell pluck it and cluck it and bucket or, you may just use a badddd words...... Hahaha. Oooo...I screwed my nose up at boogers and kids flickin it ...YUCK!
    Where the heck do you dream these up ...SMH LOL

  22. Oh my. Looks like you aren't the only one with creativity, Pat, with names like that...surely not the only one with a sense of humor, at any rate. Another hilarious dose of rhymage - never been to Nantucket or any of these other wacky little sites, but I do believe I may be missing out on some serious cheer...

    Congrats on the review!

  23. I don't even know where to begin... Pants at half mast, lizrd lick, sugar tit, Brilliant. Beats the hell out of the original limerick. Bravisimo!!!

  24. Yes you made be a tad off in reading that
    But it was still funny to the cat

    Yeah see you learn something new every day
    Even though it may cause dismay

    As always I will be
    Excelling at my sea

    hahaha yes I can still spell the simple words some
    So the only bad word is that for my little rhyming bum
    hahaha made you screw up your nose
    Next you'll curl your toes
    These just come to me on the spot
    And don't shake your head it might fall off and not be caught..haha

    hahaha all they got is the name
    They don't have a whole rhyming game
    But a sense of humor they must have indeed
    Or smoking some really strong weed
    Yeah we could be missing out
    But I'm sure the people of Boring won't pout

    My mind does sorta, maybe, reside in the gutter
    But there is just soo much clutter..haha

    Bravisimo is a new one for me
    Here at my rhyming sea
    Glad I could beat the original too
    Pants at half mast really helped me pull through..haha

  25. That's an awful lot of fuss over a bucket haha.

  26. Ha, I actually thought you were making these up, they were way too out there, but then I recognized a bunch I knew and then had to see if the others too were true, but I'll take your word for it, saves me the google lurk, but man, drugs had to be a part of the coronation event, way back when when some still slept in their tents. Some are cool though, Halfmoon is a pretty cool name, and they have a pretty cool heraldic crest as well, but I can't suspect too many live there. Conceptions cool as well, Santa Claus is also a city in Illinois or Indiana not sure but one of them. Pennsylvania has Laboratory and Here in NY we have a a place called fishkill- actually the cat would probably really enjoy it there lol Anyhow, great d'verse fun. I had the pleasure of a triple feature today, for the last 2 days or so I've been living under the bleachers. Although triple features are certainly fun, the daily dose is always best. Thanks

  27. always leaving here with a big smile pat...and i needed one thousand thanks...smiles

  28. hahaha the bucket had something inside
    So he had to search for it far and wide

    NOPE! Not a one is made up at all
    Granted I usually take liberties at my hall
    But in this case all are correct
    Dildo stands ummm erect..hahaha
    I admit would be kind of fun to live in some
    Others would just distress my little rhyming bum
    What were you doing under those bleachers
    I'm going to tell the teachers..hahaha

    Glad a smile I can bring
    As I give dVerse a ring
    A thousand thanks too
    Geez with that many what am I to do

  29. Lol all over a bucket. ...his home in Nantucket... that was a good rhyme

  30. I guffawed and so I am glad that I wasn't drinking my coffee at the time!! How do you think up these names?? You left me with big smiles!

  31. Frog Suck, Wyoming!
    Hard to believe that's real a place, but it is.

  32. quite the tale today

  33. i smell a rat - this guy is too hip
    the coolest cat - the phatest lip
    some say he may be a 'persian'
    i must say 'i have had a conversion'
    this dude is geographically stella
    he paints pictures photographically fella
    'the hat' is all you need to say
    to make evrey doosh bag get out of your way!
    oh yeah its right and true
    the natuckitian is coming thru

  34. Yes all over a silly bucket
    I guess my rhyme didn't suck it..haha

    hahaha yes you might have spit or choked on the coffee
    That wouldn't be a sight to see
    I didn't have to think up the names
    Because they all exist in life's real games

    Yeah it is very hard to believe
    I guess Frog Sucking they did achieve

    The tale
    All about a bucket that could be a pail

    But phat lip will give it to one and all
    And doing it having quite the ball
    Not quite persian though
    They are too hairy don't you know
    Yes those douche bags better watch out
    Great and fun rhyme in your shout

  35. I think we are skipping fall, moving from summer straight to winter. Right now, it is in the mid-80s.

  36. hahaha oh I wish we had that
    But if we did ice would melt and I'd be an underwater cat

  37. I think I would lie if I lived in some of these towns. I'd have to pick a neighboring city instead. In fact, I don't think I could move to a place called Dildo. I suppose you have no choice if you're born there. Poor little Dildoans. Though it could be the happiest place on earth for all I know, lol.

  38. hahaha Dildoans hahaha that was good
    Be proud of that they should
    Of course they prob are
    As from me they don't live too far
    In good old Newfoundland
    They think kissing fish is grand..haha

  39. I agree with Lori...I could not live to a place called Dildo...too strange. I like the ending of this....
    Thankfully everyone survived.
    The man now had his bucket,
    And set out back to his home in Nantucket.

  40. Nantucket never looked so good. K.

  41. Love visiting and reading your rhyme
    always such a fun time!
    Just wanted to mention and say
    that I've heard of Blue Ball, PA;
    but you missed a few in the vicinity
    and some have to do with virginity!
    Virginville's one of those places
    and Intercourse with happy faces
    or perhaps you'll take my advice
    and check out the town, Paradise.
    Their religious beliefs are no rumor
    but Amish do have a great sense of humor!!

    Sorry Pat, couldn't resist! Amish country is about an hour from where my brothers- in-law live in PA, and I actually have visited those some of those towns. Blue Ball has an amazing craft warehouse. Intercourse is all little gift shops and great home cooked food, plus you get to hear the sounds of horse and buggies as the Amish go about their daily work and business. Really lovely area. Can't help but smile at the names though!!

  42. hahahaha yeah Dildo would be pushing it
    Would give many quite the fit
    But with some it has to be a hit
    Or you'd think they would rename it

    Glad Nantucket looks good
    And still no fluck it, knock on wood

    hahahahaha Intercourse is actually a place
    When looking that one never crossed my face
    Would have used that most definitely
    Such a fun sight to see
    Nice to know they are nicer places then they sound
    And have no blue ball's around
    Such a fun rhyme indeed
    And yeah laughs are where most of the names lead

  43. You seriously made one big limerick with lots of tiny ones. I have to say, I'm impressed.

  44. Sadly I bet a lot of those are names for real towns out there somewhere.

  45. was the town eureka inspired by the show of the same name?

  46. You know it's gonna be good when the Nantuckets are busted out.

  47. I can only imagine how great it must feel to get such great reviews, Pat. A cat shaped time machine? Now I'm getting curious.

  48. ary said...
    This was great fun!
    Man from Nantucket had quite a run.
    He journeyed many miles,
    encountered people of varying styles
    I'm sure when he returned he was happy
    but was exhausted and ready for a nappy!

    (corrected a spelling error here)

  49. Hey there Cat-Nip
    You should see my Atlas!
    A poor attempt at rhyme I know
    But round here rhyme's your show.
    So rather than stay to distract
    I'll shout once again to the Face it Facts
    Where Pat and Cat do so smoothly reign
    The online world won't be the same.
    And Cat, this really was dVerse
    Now I must run, dog stole my purse! :)

  50. Glad I could impress
    And all the towns are real I will confess
    Which makes it even more strange
    But glad I have such long limerick range

    Every single one is real
    I know, what's their deal

    I think the town was formed before the show
    But that be so cool if it had the same flow
    I'd go and live there maybe
    As the sights would be something to see

    Yeah those Nantuckets make for a good post
    Unlike some friendly ghost

    Yes, is very nice to get great reviews
    Or maybe they were just drunk on booze..hahaha
    The cat shaped time machine had to be done
    As it made for such fun

    Yeah I think he needed a nappy
    After all a few were quite sappy
    Boring helped him a little though
    As things there were so slow
    He could nap on the go
    Wasn't even the sound of a crow

    hahahaha oh it wasn't that poor
    I won't go and show you the door
    The cat will hunt the mutt down for you
    Or search for a clue
    To find the purse
    Before you curse
    And the online world come and go
    But the face it facts still show

  51. Pat,

    As always, a pleasure,
    each rhyme is a treasure.
    It's quite an endeavor,
    to conjure these measures.

  52. Glad it was a pleasure to read
    Here at my feed
    I never know where it will lead
    As I do my rhyming deed

  53. Very accomplished weaving of all those strange town names into a rhyming roller-coaster. Well done Pat.

  54. amazing.... I don't understand how these writing ideas come to your mind..

  55. Thanks again for the smile. I wonder how many of us actually Googled the place names?

  56. Yes they certainly are strange
    Least there was none called home on the range..haha

    They just pop on in my head
    And come out to what you read

    I wonder how many too
    As all of them exist for you to view

  57. it always makes me smile around here. :)thanks to both of you!

  58. Glad the cat and Pat can give a smile
    As we go the rhyming mile

  59. Fantastic carpet ride! Loved this piece ~ Rose

  60. If only Aladdin had helped too
    Might have found his bucket on cue..haha


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