The Walls No Longer Squeal. So Now dVerse Made Me Steal!

Before we get to the dVerse play of the day. It seems Fox noticed on his camera when zapped back to his bay, that among the gloating a picture was captured, as he hovered over the dead Easter Bunny completely enraptured.

Don't show the thing any sympathy though. It did murder a whole bunch of people for its Halloween show. That's all the facts on that and back to dVerse for the cat. For I have stolen such things that many have stated and gave rings. Here they are all crammed together as one. Can you guess the cause of my dVerse fun?

I won't let the cat out of the bag,
I will play cat and mouse with no lag.
Before I take a cat nap.
My! You are a fat cat aren't you chap?

Time to fly into the face of danger.
Suck a lemon you stranger.
I'm holding all the aces,
It's a gut feeling judging by your faces.

You have your back to the wall?
Don't beat a dead horse in its stall.
Could really be a cash cow.
Or a whole new can of worms some how.

Do you like bringing up the rear?
Must stink to high heaven I fear.
Don't take a nosedive,
Might land smack dab in the middle, no lie.

Could end up snug as a bug in a rug.
Till the cows come home for a hug.
You still have an axe to grind?
Take it out on that ball and chain, not my little behind.

That would make it a whole new ball game.
But whatever floats your boat all the same.
Sucks being under the weather.
Would rather walk on air like a feather.

The cat is as clean as a whistle.
Bah! Caught in the crossfire of a missle.
What happens behind closed doors?
The nuts and bolts of it are hidden under the floors.

Yeah this is nothing to write home about.
But it's my way or the highway so don't pout.
Screw your hustle and bustle,
With a hop, skip and a jump I might pull a muscle.

I heard that straight from the horse mouth.
Old habits die hard in the south.
Does that make you're green with envy too?
Birds of a feather we could be, false or true?

Unless you're a barefaced liar.
Then a rude awakening might transpire.
Now you have a bee in your bonnet.
Still bent out of shape over that sonnet?

Don't jump down my throat.
To add insult to injury I will build a moat.
I know I toot my own horn.
But it comes in handy when I need to warn.

You are a pain in the neck.
Did someone throw you a bone and cause a car wreck?
Now don't go and hold a grudge.
You might go belly up in sludge.

But that is what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you.
You no longer are sitting pretty and now turned blue.
So be bright eyed and bushy tailed.
Live to tell the tale and don't get jailed.

I won't sing a different tune.
Blah! Keep your shirt on, I don't take kindly to a full moon.
We are in the eye of the storm.
And I am skating on thin ice, which is the norm.

Time we wipe the slate clean.
Water is now under the bridge, so no more being mean.
Cut it out you fool.
Oh right! You chase your own tail and drool.

Don't you wish I could cut a long story short?
But I don't take the easy way out sport.
So shape up or ship out.
The school of hard knocks is what this is all about.

All other things being equal,
This is in the bag but there could be a sequel.
Watch me like a hawk,
But I don't want to hear any back talk.

Now the chickens have come home to roost.
More by accident then design is how this was produced.
Christmas comes but once a year,
And that is just the way the cookie crumbles for this dVerse cheer.

Aren't I just a jack of all trades? If I play my cards right I could get a flush full of spades. Still did not get my dVerse play you idiot? Whoops! Don't go and have a fit. It seems I forgot the "m" to that and replaced it with "t", what a naughty cat. By now if you fail my idiom class, all hope is lost for you as I walk away and shake my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. ACK! Poor bunny!
    That's not funny!
    He's splat on the road
    and lost his load!

  2. Yes, his sweet looks is all fake
    we know he really wanted to burn us at the stake!

  3. And that's the way the cookie crumbles
    whether you shout or only mumble!

  4. I don't fell well after that pic, such things deeply disturb me!

  5. Fox just ran him over
    At least it wasn't rover
    Yeah his sweet looks are fake
    Since he wanted to make us bake
    Wouldn't it be the way the egg crumbles
    As the Easter bunny got squashed and stumbles..haha

    hahaha but he did kill you with a hockey puck after all
    So it should not disturb you too much at my hall

  6. The bunny
    had a sore tummy
    after it was run over by a dummy
    (that's my attempt at being cool).

  7. hahaha you are no fool
    And I hope you don't drool
    Or aren't really a ghoul
    Fox might not think you cool...hahaha

  8. Uh Oh! MMM better run and hide
    as Fox will be around to have her hide
    calling the grammar nazi a dummy would be very bad
    if he still has my SUV it could turn out sad!

  9. haha you mean you don't know if he still has your SUV?
    Couldn't you go out in the garage to see?

  10. Easter Bunny road kill. Bleh! My inner hippie says to fogive him for burning me on a rope...Sigh. I better get extra chocolate eggs this year!!

    An idiom class? Texting school? When do you have time for fun?! hahaha

  11. It's not there!
    I'm telling MMM to beware
    He never returned it after hitting the bunny
    I'm thinking this isn't funny!
    lol (although I am giggling!)

  12. And Fox, if you're listening, no smoking in my Jeep!
    and if you return it with even a tiny dent
    I'll let out more than a peep!
    And please clean off the rabbit hair
    from the grill and tires there.

  13. As always, this is some awesome work. I hope that my rhyming doesn't make me look a jerk.

  14. dude idioms or cliches you rock it all the way and have much fun, but them again you should not fear you killed the easter bunny this year...

  15. hahaha so you'd forgive for getting burned alive
    Way that inner hippie must by five by five
    Maybe the tooth fairy will bring the eggs this year
    For the Easter cheer
    Yeah I know all these classes
    My fun is lost as I try to enlighten the masses

    hahaha Fox is a car theif too
    What are you to do
    If he gets MMM the cops might come after you
    Or one of your five men crew..haha

    Geez you really have lots of rules for someone to drive it
    But then I guess it's your need to have a clean fit
    Which my ocd can respect
    Let's hope the Fox doesn't make the jeep suffer neglect

    I suppose there is no jerk in sight
    As you took a rhyming bite

    Yes they were such fun
    Going through with each one
    As I remembered those that use
    And also need to abuse
    haha yeah nothing not fear here
    The Easter bunny is toast so steer clear

  16. Oh man, that picture makes me depressed. :(

    One less event for candy now.

  17. haha yeah still have halloween
    Just save up all the candy and then you have some for the Easter scene

  18. Good news! My jeep has been found!
    It was abandoned on the road and just parked there on the ground.
    Seems Fox took Natasha's car again
    and now it's her problem to reel him in!

  19. Don't worry that I'll be so careless.
    I'll return it rabbit-hairless
    (Or, would that be rabbit-

    I'll cause you more giggles yet
    By saying that I did forget
    When I smoked my last cigarette!

  20. You sure that's a bunny, cos it's looking kinda funny. Thought it was a sheep but, it's kinda got too skinny feet. Oh dear, I hope it's not call 'Bugs'
    All that good chocolate gone to waste!

  21. Enjoyed your dVerse poem
    Even though I have no idea what's the idiom
    Sounds like you had a broken heart
    A girl just dumped you or you had a bad (good)...fart?
    Oh well.

  22. Oh my gosh LMAO! After yesterday, and now seeing this picture today--I almost died of laughter when I saw that picture :)

  23. You should always fear those who bring up the rear
    Cause they may grind on your behind!

    As always your rhymes are great!

  24. OMG Pat sorry but this picture make me sick! Hope the childs dont see this poor rabbit!

  25. oh that poor bunny...hey - did the drazin guy help you with the math on my site...? smiles...looking forward to seeing the cat today...have some thuna ready in the pub..happy halloween..

  26. Did you have to walk far to get it
    Where ever it was Fox let it sit
    Yeah Natasha always has hair on her car
    So let Fox take it for a spin near and far

    haha could be either I suppose
    Depending upon which ever way the wind blows
    I knew that giggle remark would come into play
    Oh the dismay..haha

    haha you never know it could be a sheep
    Left in one big heep
    When some car went beep
    And was unable to leap
    Or the driver could have been a creep
    Maybe something that would make one go bleep
    Now I'm digging too deep
    So no more I will peep

    Idiom is just a phrase
    That is all the craze
    Meaning one thing that many know
    But literally it can be taken in such a different type of flow
    And a girl you say?
    Hmmm don't no how you got that from my play..haha

    hahaha I knew it would not get to you
    As desensitized as me, sad but true

    Ewwww that is just a bad bad bad image to give
    I'm glad the Easter Bunny did not let you live..hahahaha

    Look Fox you made Gloria sick
    Aren't you just the

    The cat will lap the tuna up
    And no Drazin had a counting hiccup
    He has no shoes
    So can count to twenty from his to views
    But you are older than that
    So the math had to be done by the cat

    Hahaha you're hung up on that too
    Fox you had to send me that to view..hahaha

  27. Poor bunny....Could end up snug as a bug in a rug.
    Till the cows come home for a hug.
    You still have an axe to grind?
    Take it out on that ball and chain, not my little behind. Cool lines :)

  28. Didn't have to walk for it
    the tow truck delivered it lickety split!
    Natasha's car always has hair on it
    I can't wait to hear about that from her comment!
    Still I washed it inside and out
    just in case a germ lurked about.

  29. aah Pat you mix all, you made this post and enjoyed it!"ha,ha,ha"

  30. haha yeah those idioms just fit in rather well
    As out they fell
    Of course with the rhyme
    As usual with my chime

  31. hahaha that is good to be germ free
    Then no cold and getting all sickly
    Hope the tow trcuks sent the bill to Fox
    And did not shove it in your mail box

    Glad it was enjoyed as I mixed a whole bunch in
    Even if the bunny pic was a sin..haha

  32. I saw that bunny pic last convenient

  33. I did not get ill
    and did not see a bill!
    I guess all is well
    and even a little swell!

  34. Yeah to be truthful I think it's a fake
    And the bunny is really awake

    I guess all it well
    And Fox should give yell
    Thanking you for the oil change and having it looked at
    So nothing went wrong when he "borrowed" it from your mat

  35. You remembered my oil change?
    You need your brain rearranged.

  36. We lost a bunny, but better than killing the golden goose, I guess.

  37. haha I remember all
    Once it goes in, it gets filed away in my long long brain hall

    Yeah I need that golden goose
    It works almost as good as a golden moose

  38. Do you like bringing up the rear?
    Must stink to high heaven I fear.
    Don't take a nosedive,
    Might land smack dab in the middle, no lie

    Oh yes Pat halloween dream machine. As ever your work makes me smile and I have fun whenever I visit.

    Dead bunnies

    Shoot the wabbit

    Cheers Pat

  39. Shoot the wabbit hahaha I should have used that
    Glad you enjoy my flat
    And hopefully don't bring up the rear
    It isn't pleasant I hear

  40. When you wish upon a star
    Just wish Fox don't get in your car
    And I'm not trying to be funny
    My GOD! Did you see the easter bunny!
    Let's trim the fat and cut the crap
    These cliches are face it facts
    Said for years and maybe more
    Perhaps from centuries before
    It is what it is
    And here's where its at
    With you Sir Pat
    and Face it facts
    or should I say Face the music
    would fit better, why didn't you use it?

  41. Mr. Fox would not run down the Easter bunny.
    His personality is much too sunny.
    Pat, you did it yourself.
    You great big (deleted by blogger).


  42. Poor bunny! Pat, your poems are awesome!

  43. poor bunny..always such great fun, and hidden depths Mr Pat..

  44. haha yeah don't let Fox get behind the wheel
    Something or someone might soon need to heal
    Yeah they have been around a while
    Face the music I forgot about as I started to compile
    But it made it all the better for you
    To use as your comment started to brew

    hahahaha oh I think you're mistaken a bit
    Plus Fox can take the hit
    But if you want to say it was me
    I can take it too with such glee

    Poor bunny tried to kill us all
    That's why he got the image for all to recall..haha
    Glad my rhyming to fun
    Here under the sun

    Hidden depths can arise
    Or maybe it's just me being nuts in disguise..haha

  45. An incredible sense of humor and word play. My hat is off to you and your cat!

  46. Pat, you are defintely a master of humor abd overused cliches. Way to go!! An enjoyable read.

  47. The cat will apreciate that
    As does Pat
    And yes humor abounds in it's own way
    Could cause some dismay..haah

    haha you calling me overused
    I feel so abused..hahaha

  48. Wow, very fitting pic after the epic(s) spun, but I bet you never imagined the image would capture so many words. Definitely an interesting pic though, with the basket and the eggshells-if not staged, the basket and eggshells, it was truly a rare find. I realize it's a rabbit, but perhaps it's just me, but I keep seeing a duck-lol

    I love the phrases, 23-0, kind of embarrassed of the one I did a few months back. Idioms are fun, and I think here, they're well-spun:)

  49. Poor little bunny
    But its kinda funny
    He lost his load
    Got squashed like a toad
    And didn't live happily ever after.

  50. hahaha interesting pic you say
    That's the first time I heard that today
    No poor bunny from you
    I guess you realized in was untrue
    haha and WTF
    I don't see no duck
    Yippee another one for me
    I'm sure you have one though somewhere over my sea..haha

    Oh a fun rhyme
    With your comment chime
    And yeah the bunny was a smudge
    As it tried to budge
    But it put us through hell on Halloween
    So deserves such a scene

  51. As always a treat
    witty rhyming sweet;
    you always amaze me Pat
    add a feather in your hat!

  52. Very sweet/sardonic rhyming. Keep it up! I especially liked the dead horse that could be a cash cow somehow.


  53. haha if the feather was in my hat
    The cat would surely ear that
    No joke at all
    He'd take it and run off down the hall..haha

    dead horse can turn into a cash cow
    That would be nasty but could wow

  54. Oh my! Surely the bunny was resurrected or just in bunny heaven. And, yes, you are a jack of all trades :)

  55. haha the bunny prob came back to life with the rest of us
    Or maybe it his toast and got squashed by a bus
    Glad I'm not a jack rabbit of all trades though
    Then my face might be a little flat at my show..haha

    Hung up on the bunny too
    What am I to do

  56. So Pat, I've a question...if it's all just grand the bunny a lie? I'm not sure if I can handle both the cake, and the bunnies being lies...

  57. Which would you prefer?
    The bunny and it's squashed fur
    Or the cake being a fake blur
    I guess at it's conception
    It's all in ones own perception

  58. as always, you make me smile and i am impressed by your ability with words.
    love the idiom game, i once wrote a post using idioms, it's here, you might get a kick out of it!

  59. hahaha fun post it was with you idioms too
    They are such fun to do
    Glad I can give a smile
    And the Easter Bunny didn't seem vile..haha

  60. Another impressive creation my friend, as usual I danced through your words! ~ Rose

  61. Hopefully you did not get tired
    Dancing to words I sired..haha

  62. Oh this is interesting.. I enjoyed a walk down ...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  63. Glad you enjoyed the walk
    And did not balk

  64. your rhyming ability is amazing.
    keep those words toasting and cooking.


  65. They will surely toast
    As I continue to boast


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