Who Is Taking The Brunt Of This dVerse Grunt?

"Damn it! I will get you if it's the last thing I do. You and your little dog too."

Alright I never knew if he had a dog but he neglected my blog. So it was time for him to pay and I was no longer going to take his dismay. Let him throw what he wanted to at me. I was going to crush him with a tree.

You can put up a wall and block your stall.
Redirect me to fields of corn or some bad porn.
Play me a death metal tune or have me berated by a raccoon.
This is not going to end, until I can hit send.

Dig in deep you stupid whimpering creep.
Scat the cat around your flat.
I will weather your storm and still perform.
Crack your thunder because here's your blunder.

Throwing me round and round.
Thinking your place can't be found.
But it's time I showed you a thing or two.
You'll be roadkill by the time I'm through.

Drown me in you struggling cries.
Go forth and spread your lies.
No matter where you hide.
The cat will not be denied.

Suck me straight to hell.
I'll rise back up from the fiery well.
Not even hell can trump my flames.
The cat will end your games.

Throwing me round and round.
Thinking your place can't be found.
But it's time I showed you a thing or two.
You'll be roadkill by the time I'm through.

You will not change my stance.
I am through with your dance.
Better to die than to crawl.
I am going to make you bawl.

That shivering will do you no good.
If only you had initially understood.
I will rise from any tomb,
Bringing about your doom.

This is the last time you step on my tail.
My link is going to prevail.
As dVerse drinks their swill.
Mr. Linky will bend to my will.

Throwing me round and round.
Thinking your place can't be found.
But since I showed you a thing or two.
Now my link one can view.

The facts are simple enough, Mr. Linky thought he could play rough. So I got tough and proved he was nothing but fluff. He thought he could block my link. I made him sink in the dVerse rink, that fink. I guess I just had energy to get rid of. So poor Mr. Linky did not feel the love. But now he knows to always give a pass to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Mr Linky is probably shaking in his boots.

  2. Maybe Mr Linky needs to meet Drazin :)

  3. fields of corn or bad porn. Seems like a very easy choice if you ask moi, so I wouldn't be torn:)

  4. Mr. Linky tried to have fun
    But I still get things done
    So he will shake
    At my earthquake..haha

    Drazin would have him for lunch
    Maybe I should bring the whole character bunch

    Yeah I wouldn't be torn as well
    Not that much of a hard sell..haha

  5. First off, I hear you. It must stink for someone to step on your tail. If I had a tail, I would feel your pain. But to threaten to turn someone into “road kill” is a bit harsh. Don’t you think? Take a biggg deeeppp breathe and count to ten. Maybe you’ll feel better. If not, try some of that bad porn you mentioned…hahaha

  6. When I saw the word porn appear I hoped the whole post would be sexual! But it wasn't! But it was still great!

  7. hahaha is it considered harsh when the thing is nothing but a program?
    I'm sure it wouldn't mind being toe jam..hahah
    The cat doesn't want to go blind
    So will stay away from the bad stuff with my little rhyming behind

    hahaha nope not dirty today
    That might cause dVerse and Mr. Linky too much dismay

  8. Mr. Linky would become slippers
    I wonder if they'd look like flippers!

  9. Mr Linky is roadkill.

    Oh..the comments are too funny too. This is a good entertainment channel.

  10. lol always an interesting post here

  11. Talking about raccoons makes me wonder what happened to Rafi...

  12. haha now maybe Drazin will leave us alone
    If I throw him a bone
    And give him the Mr. Linky slippers
    Then he'd prob chase us with clippers

    haha yep Mr. Linky is toast
    What will dVerse do now with no way for people to boast..haha

    Glad I can interest
    As I just jest

    Who knows
    Maybe Rafi is off playing with crows

  13. Bad porn, sounds like a great threat to me.. is any of it 'good' ...lol

  14. And if there is one thing I can't stand in this life is a rough playing Mr. Linky or best he get the brunt of my little pinky.

  15. haha. mr linky i am sure is shaking in fear of you and your horde of characters, every once in a while he does tend to hiccup, we call it a f* up, but with technology what can you do...

  16. Almost feel bad for the guy. Good thing I'm detached.

  17. Haha, I got blocked from Mr. Linky a few times too. But try again and you'll be found. i thought Google was blocking you from my place again-lol- and I was like Yeah, I'll be saved again, like the last time, when the cat scared the big bad blogspot away in dismay, if alas, it only lasted but a few days, and yet again my posts don't show in blogrolls way. But yes, mr. linky is a cousin I think of old goog, just not as strong or smart- The cat will crush linky and make him cringe into a ball like a twisted old slinky. But then how will we all get dversed today:) Cool rhyme Pat, fun stuff.

  18. I agree with Betsy. That sounds like a plan LOL!

  19. see..if mr. linky doesn't appear at dVerse at all tonight...i guess it's because he's afraid of you now...smiles

  20. Take that, dVerse! Actually I couldn't tell if you were upset with the site or just being silly.

  21. Chase us with clippers
    while wearing flipper slippers?
    An Edward Scissorhand impression!
    That would make an impression.
    Was going to donate my hair anyway
    if he happens to clip it while I run away.

  22. That little pinky might just be enough
    If you make sure and have it play rough

    haha yes what can you do
    But sit and stew
    At Mr. Linky and his stupid caveman approach
    Be nice if he really would crush like a cockroach

    Don't feel bad for Mr. Linky
    Feel bad for Bucky O' Hare and Blinky

    hahaha no Google is just screwing you over for now
    Once again being a mean ass cow
    It did seem to scare blogger the last time
    Maybe it fears the rhyme
    Yeah Mr. Linky does come around
    When the dumb thing wants to be found

    Geez everyone likes that Drazin guy
    I guess he is like able when he gives it a try

    haha yippeee I scared Mr. Linky off from dVerse
    All those poets might go and curse

    hahaha more of the second one
    As I have my rhyming fun

    haha flipper slippers is such fun to say
    Should make Drazin's day
    At least he'd clip it for you
    Saving you the trouble of having to

  23. Mr. Linky should have known better :) As always fun! :)

  24. ehh, raccoons, those little furry bastards :P

  25. I will not fuck Mr. Linky.
    I heard he's quite kinky.


  26. Your the Goddam Master Pat.

    the mighty Hatter
    the cool catter

    with a vocab fatter

    than my moms ;)

  27. Yeah Mr. Linky now has it beat in his head
    Hopefully there is no more drea

    Yes those little garbage bag ripping things
    Glad they don't have wings

    Can say it twice

    hahaha Oh I thought you went for those sort of kinky things
    After all your man killing car endeavor flings..haha

    haha why did you stop
    My vocab knows and no one here will call a cop..haha

  28. I'm glad I stumbled across this blog. Hilarious. FOLLOWED!

  29. I agree with Desmond: fields of corn or bad porn. Seems like a very easy choice if you ask moi, so I wouldn't be torn:)

    Corn is awesome!

    Thanks for a very fun write!

  30. hehe - not sure if mr linky's all that scared ;) but, this is great rap & a fun read

  31. Glad you found it funny too
    Even if I'm a nut, sad but true..haha

    Yeah have to loved that corn
    In that field so many could have been concieved or even born..haha

    Mr. Linky was shakng at me
    So he was scared enough to flee..haha

  32. Wow Pat, this rant was quite a ride,
    remind me never to get on your "bad" side!!!

    Fun read, clever as always!! :-)

  33. I could pummel Mr. Linky with my pinky.

    But thanks for doing it for me :)

  34. Wow, that's awesome. Guess it was time to kick butt and take names. Mr. Linky will beware now.

  35. Mr. Linky.... You know, in auto correct it comes out Mr. Kinky?

  36. haha you will never get on my bad side
    Unless you really really tried

    Yeah I took the job
    Sorry I ruined your pinky's fun, next time we'll start a mob

    Yeah Mr. Linky found out I was through playing around
    After I buried him in the ground..haha

    Never knew that
    Quite funny to the cat..haha

  37. Delightful. Mr. Linky had no idea who he was messing with.

  38. This is great, I really enjoyed reading!

  39. I have a squealing cat screech in my head now. He best read your blog.

  40. Love it all. Please take some time to check out

  41. Boy, I wouldn't want to be the one to take the brunt, glad I didn't pull that stunt.

  42. Pat is crowned as King while the bell it rings ding ding!

  43. Poor Mr. Linky did not know who he was messing with! (My favorite line--this is not going to end till I can hit send!) (Understood!) K.

  44. I don't have to find the mr linky
    as i already follow you with my pinky
    i mean with my blogger following you
    such fun to read you and your comments too ~

  45. He got the idea really fast
    And he cockiness did not last..haha

    Glad you enjoyed the read
    Here at my feed

    Yeah I'll get that cat to shape up
    Without much of a hiccup

    Love it all
    Such fun at my hall

    You rhymed too
    That was a nice stunt from you

    I'll take the ding ding over the ding dong
    The later is just wrong..haha

    Yeah I was not giving up on him
    Until I could hit send and he stopped being dim..haha

    Yeah you can avoid that crappy linky thing
    And give me a ring
    Unless Blogger decides not to work
    As sometimes it can be a jerk

    Evil Mr. Linky is now all meek
    He will no longer give even a squeak

  46. The nerve of that Linky-Man.. does he not know who he is messing with...

    The Poetical Trickster..You!!

    fun to read!!

  47. Yeah he found out quick
    That I am quite slick
    Now his wounds he continues to lick
    That dirty little umm hick

  48. Very funny...glad I'm not Mr Linky...

  49. Enjoyed this...
    fun use of words
    and Mr. Linky...
    he better watch
    out for your lethal

    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  50. I'm sitting in my slippers reading pages of your book
    up to page 24 and already I am hooked!
    Book number three from bush number three.
    Now doesn't that just give you some glee?

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. Yes I would not want to be Mr. Linky
    Things my go sorta hinky..haha

    Mr. Linky better watch out for a lot of things
    Rocks my begin to grow wings
    And fly his way
    If he tries any more dismay..haha

    Got you hooked once more
    Soon will start on number four
    Technically it be number five
    As there some fast little one is being written first at my hive
    Yes that does just give me glee
    So nice to see from my tree above bush number three..haha

    hahaha I'm afriad I might scare people away with such dirty talk
    Maybe I'll spell it out in chalk
    Or change a lock
    Hmmm you know what rhymes with that? oops tick tock
    Ran out of time
    Can't answer your chime..haha

  53. Mr. Linky is always nice to Grammar Nazis!

  54. LOL! Mr. Linky is a rough character at times...but you showed him. ;-)
    What I want to know is what does Anthony have hanging over Mr. Linky that he gets the #1 spot just about everytime.

  55. ..ha, i hear you... been in that situation the past weeks makin' me thought i could no longer participate at dverse... Mr. linky's treating me bad the last weeks i would try to post and participate... the link would always appear like this: "Forbidden Page - you are not authorized to access linkies in this server and blah..blah...blahh..." the same goes with magpitales... i don't have any idea on how to fix these glitches since i am not a computer expert... thank goodness, mr. linky have finally given up and now here's me gladly back and grabbing a seat again..hehe..

    Good day.


  56. Linky's of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your lists.

  57. A very interesting read.. and the take on Mr. Linky was not only perfect but hilarious.... thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  58. Must be because he Psychoanaylisted you
    And knows he has to
    Or you'll chase him across town
    And run him down..haha

    Yeah that does seem rather strange
    That he is always first at the dVerse range
    Such a cheat haha
    Or just a rare feat

    I haven't got Foribben Page
    That would just cause rage
    They really don't like you
    The whole Mr. Linky crew
    Glad it's working for now
    Hopefully it doesn't once again have a cow

    Linky's can unite
    But the cat will still fight..haha

    Gave Mr. Linky a perfect fight
    Especially because I won at the end of the night

  59. LOL. It happened to me last week. Mr Linky just wouldn't let me in though I was right there on time, early even! I can definitely feel your pain, Pat;)

    This week I made Mr Linky wait for me instead. He didn't like it but I got my pound's flesh worth.

    Still laughing at Brian's "...hiccup, we call it a f*up..."

  60. Glad I'm not Mr.Linky. I'd hate to get you mad at me, Pat! Cheers!

  61. Enjoyed this rhyming rant! a musical trolley.
    such adamancy! Henry Clay could not have said better:
    ''Better to die than to crawl'' Ha.
    you are the rhyming man, w/a cat to pat.
    good piece.

  62. lol. you bring a smile to me every time, Pat. Sounds like it got quite personal between you and Linky.

    Cats to the rescue! :)

  63. weird...
    but it looks like you had the last word. =)

  64. haha Mr. Linky did not make you denied this week
    As I plugged his f*up leak..haha

    Bah I don't get too mad
    I just get even which makes me glad

    The cat and Pat can rhyme away
    Although the cat does crawl at his bay..haha

    Lost for words
    Geez I guess we'll have to consult the birds

    Yeah the cats will save the day
    And we made Mr. Linky pay

    The cat always gets the last word, most of the time
    And it is in rhyme
    Mr. Linky now knows
    That's just how it goes

  65. I like that: "always... most of the time." Heh.

    Kinda sad when people start preferring Drazin to Mr. Linky!

  66. haha yeah sometimes even the cat has an off day
    Yeah really sad the Drazin is more sunny at my bay

  67. I thought you did it on purpose. Thought it was clever.

  68. "Not even hell can trump my flames." I love it! Mr. Linky will be shaking in his boots.

  69. No it was done on purpose by the cat
    Just meant it was done because sometimes I have an off day and don't get the last word, esp with that flappy old bat..haha

    Yeah Mr. Linky has no boots anymore
    I shook them apart down to the core

  70. Glad to see that my faith in you was justified.

    And I can see it now, a new post by Orlin: "Drazin Versus Mr. Linky, One's A Braggart, One's Just Stinky!"

  71. Pat,

    I can always count on a smile when I read your verse.
    Mark Butkus

  72. Great rant against the machine - I particularly enjoyed: 'Play me a death metal tune or have me berated by a raccoon.' Tickled me pink that one, haha.

  73. You can still keep the faith
    I'll come through in the eighth
    Screw the ninth that's just to must stress
    hahaha and yeah Drazin and Mr. Linky would make quite the mess

    Glad I can give a smile
    And nothing made you run away for a good mile

    Yeah stupid machine will no longer have his day
    haha tickled me pink is such fun to say

  74. Wow, I'd hate to see your write if blogspot ate your post...or worse, your cat

  75. Oh I already let blogger have it a time or two
    If it ate the cat the post be so crass you wouldn't want to view..haha

  76. Pat, what's with this?
    Were you really dissed?

  77. hahaha nope wasn't really dissed
    I just did it in case Mr. Linky ever got pissed
    And I had to shake my fist
    As he ignored me on his list

  78. Whew Pat! So pleased I'm not Mr. Linky. Very amusing as usual.

  79. haha yes all seemed pleased they aren't Mr. Linky
    I'd never break a real pinky..haha

  80. I left my poem in the credenza
    but dVerse found in in Benza
    With rain I'm pelting
    With water I'm melting.

  81. At least dVerse found it
    May had to look a bit
    That rain could hurt
    Especailly if you melt and fade away into the dirt

  82. your words always sing,
    which is such a lovely thing.

  83. Glad they can sing for all the hear
    I ripped off a movie I fear..haha

  84. Glad Im not the link! Wonderful write my friend! ~ Rose

  85. Yeah that crummy link
    Is just such a fink


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