A Wild Walk With Some dVerse Talk!

So dVerse wants me to wander into the wild. But it is no longer mild. All this damn snow makes me want to stay inside. But I guess the cat can take a quick stride. Although this wilderness is kind of scary, at least maybe I will find a juicy berry.

In the wild I roam,
Farther and farther from home.
When what do I see?
More that disturbs me.

A guy in complete misery,
Dressed as the Statue of Liberty.
The meaning truly lost,
Buy one, get another at half cost.

A ten thousand dollar suit,
Taking a different route.
Avoiding the homeless scene,
For they are far too unclean.

A tip worth fifty grand,
Right in your hand.
For some fancy art,
That's as abstract as a fart.

Forcing others to yield,
For your backyard football field.
Where no ball has been caught,
But you like it a lot.

Selling guns to kill,
And drugs to thrill.
Not to mention the third most traded,
Humans to be used and invaded.

Idolizing a douche for winning,
Beating each other over the third inning.
Ratings on the rise,
Who cares if we tell lies?

Yet more civil than the baboon,
More graceful then the loon,
More wise than the owl,
And still constantly on the prowl.

Nice and polite in the daylight.
To those you wish to bite.
The rest can leave stage right,
Lost in the endless night.

A skin crawling cold,
In the wild I behold.
Running back for home,
The wild I no longer roam.

You humans truly are wild. Well maybe not so much that booger eating child. The facts are you are all just strange near and far. You create your own zoo and pretend it is not true. Such a weird mass and now I better go lock away my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. yeah its a scary world out there...you have touched on a bit of the grit, we all got something abstract or obscene, the homeless on one side the 1 % on another, we have the statue of liberty roadside sellers, bet now they will be cold fellers, snap it might be best to stay inside and take a nap

  2. was i really first...oh my oh my...when everyone else comes,me at the top they will spy...

  3. This was great.. Your rhymes touched me..

  4. Yeah sure they will need some long johns
    Out there now with their liberty cons
    A nap sounds like it would be more fun
    The cat does so after each tale is spun
    Guess it tires him out
    All this rhyme shout..haha

    Yes everyone else in line
    When they come for a comment dine
    Will see your first
    And curse you for having such a burst..haha

    I touched you, you say
    Hmmm maybe I did something wrong today..haha

  5. it's a terrible world out there at times..and the wilderness has many names and faces...think i should wait for the snow and stay at home as well...

  6. I lurked and lurked
    for a new post burst
    and then when I left
    up a new one you heft
    then my twin was there first
    because he stayed longer to lurk.
    Sigh. lol....

    Yes, cat..we humans are ugly mean creatures
    worse than a movie feature
    sometimes I can't believe my eyes
    at what we'll do to satisfy
    But I do try to spread some cheer
    and some love, and call you dear.

  7. Great rhymes as always man. Why must DVerse be so pushy huh? Maybe he should stop being so... bushy? Haha!

  8. I always enjoy stopping by. Do you guest blog? I'll send you a not off line. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  9. you know, after you've mentioned dVerse for the millionth time, me feels me should finally click the link .... and see who or what it is .... /blushessheepishly/

  10. Yes Pat is a crazy and scary world and you have reason but still (I dont know why) find some lovely persons and after all is a beutiful world:) You think Im naive, Is true:)

  11. Those booger eating children should be feared as well. They find ways of getting all their spit, boogers, and other baby juices on you. Bleh!!! haha

    I have to admit that I laughed at selling art as abstract as a fart. Like, really? hahahaha

  12. Nicely done Pat. Puts me to thinking about Floyd's lyrics to Dogs. I love the word arrengements you used. By the way, I hope it's okay, I put your blog up on my Blogs Around The Globe.

  13. whoa..Lola's asking to be touched..and not by the cat, but by Pat. I'm not...umm...touching that. ha.

  14. Glad the rhyme can entertain
    And did not make you pop a vein

    Stay at home I can agree
    But waiting for the snow I don't want to see
    Unless it's all over your way
    And doesn't cause me any dismay..haha

    Sorry Pat slept in today
    And the cat couldn't get on to post his daily display
    But I'm sure you had fun with your feet in the sink
    Even if your twin is a first comment sneak..haha
    haha yes with your dear beat
    And with an added sweet
    Plus all the stuff you cook for a treat
    Along with boiling Dezmond's Zombie with such heat
    I think your cheer is just fine
    And no movie creature feature hangs out at your line..haha

    dVerse is a tad pushy with their display
    Trying to get me to drink at they bay

    Glad it's fun when you stop on by
    For another rhyme for this guy
    Err ummm cat
    Surely will look into that

    Clicking Mr. Linky thing might be grand
    But dVerse fails at movie land
    So for you might not be a win
    Still not checking it out would be a sin

    Oh yes there are some fine people about
    This was just for the scary part that I shout
    A little naive is good though
    Just don't let too much show..haha

    hahahaha yes they severly disrupt my ocd
    But at least if they eat them they don't wipe them on me..haha
    Yeah I never will get that abstract art crap
    Guess I'm just not a regal chap..haha

    I gave some word arrangements a look
    When I went about this one at my nook
    Glad you liked them too
    And blogs around the globe works for me, thank you

    I won't get to touchy though
    Those germs prevent such a thing at my show..haha

  15. hahaha the germs prevent such a thing
    So I won't give that a ring
    No need for a fling
    So touchy will never come near my wing

  16. nice one as usual, pat. glad to know you're a germaphobe too :P

  17. i have such a football field
    where no real catches have been made
    but it exists every week
    it's a place of comfort so many of us seek
    the facts of this world are so upside down
    murdering the innocent is a business
    called defending our home
    the football field is actually a special place
    where we americans can somehow all come together
    and somehow together happily roam

  18. It's both playful and deep
    The wild makes one weep
    You keep it real and in rhyme
    I'm in awe every time.

  19. I couldn't agree more. At least most animals only kill to survive and not for sport, unlike we humans who are the worst and most wild of all this earths creatures.
    Nicely said by the cat and your little rhyming ass. ;)

  20. Yea this world isn't what it used to be :(

  21. You made me smile. Can a fart be abstract? lol

  22. For some reason the image of a depressed man dressed as the statue of liberty, hawking deals really stuck with me :/

  23. It's always good to return home when things out there get too scary. Rest up a little and try being wild again. :)

  24. You captured the wild things out there, and yes it persist despite the civil smiles we give each other. We don't have snow yet; its just cool air and rain.

    Enjoyed this Pat. Somehow I felt you were going to go for this prompt - its irresistible to the cat.

  25. Yep a germaphobe a can be
    Quite a bit actually..hahaha

    That kind of field doesn't sound bad
    I guess it can be used to make many glad
    With all the other upside down crap
    Sure sounds like a much better lap

    Playful it has to be
    That is just me
    Deep not many times
    Just once in a while with my chimes

    Yep supposedly the most civilized and such
    But can't see it very much
    The most wild we are
    Near and far
    The cat just had to let it out
    And shake his little rhyming ass with this shout

    Well in some cases that is good
    In others go backwards we should

    Yeah it can be abstract
    But I don't want to get into it and make it fact
    Sounds rather bad
    But I guess you are glad..haha

    Prob because there are many doing it
    Dressed up quite a bit
    Dressed in the pointy hat
    Trying to even sell to a cat

    The cat will venture out once more
    Especailly when winter has left my shore
    Can't scare the cat forever
    Much too clever..haha

    Yup those civil smiles are mostly fake
    But at one point or another all partake
    Send the rain here
    Wash away this snow that I see as I peer

  26. Yeah, I like it in the comfort of my house, maybe out and about to the park or something.

  27. Pat, I don't blame you for wanting curl up with your kitty in that marvelous library of yours. I'm listening to a Bob Dylan song called 'Trouble':

    Trouble in the city, trouble in the farm
    You got your rabbit's foot, you got your good-luck charm
    But they can't help you none when there's trouble.

    Trouble, trouble, trouble
    Nothing but trouble.

    Trouble in the water, trouble in the air
    Go all the way to the other side of the world, you'll find trouble there
    Revolution even ain't no solution for trouble.

    Trouble, trouble, trouble
    Nothing but trouble.

    Drought and starvation, packaging of the soul
    Persecution, execution, governments out of control
    You can see the writing on the wall inviting trouble.

    Trouble, trouble, trouble
    Nothing but trouble.

    Put your ear to the train tracks, put your ear to the ground
    You ever feel like you're never alone even when there's nobody else around
    Since the beginning of the universe man's been cursed by trouble.

    Trouble, trouble, trouble
    Nothing but trouble.

    Nightclubs of the broken-hearted, stadiums of the damned
    Legislature, perverted nature, doors that are rudely slammed
    Look into infinity, all you see is trouble.

    Trouble, trouble, trouble
    Nothing but trouble.

  28. A human zoo?
    Say its not so!
    Man I knew the animals were planning something!!!

  29. need you to meet me in the moat
    by the factinary boat. :)

  30. Going wild but head safely above water
    Liberty all wrapped up in green armour
    The wild animals out there but way yonder
    Just leave them alone unleashed to wander


  31. The park is okay to go
    When there is no snow
    Comfort of home it the best
    Usually passes the test

    Chilling is a good word
    Stupid snow is absurd

    Don't recall every hearing that one
    But the rhyme is fun
    Although giving trouble by the ton
    Really makes me want to run
    And you typed all of that out
    Wow quite the shout
    Or copy and paste
    So time did not waste..haha

    Yeah the animals shall arise
    Because you humans are just so unwise..haha

    Meet and greet met
    Just as you went to comment..haha

    Glad I could excel
    With the tale I tell

    Just don't wander to close
    They may spray paint your house
    Or have you for lunch
    Thanks to some credit crunch

  32. Sad commentary on what is valued. I will say that our backyard football field is fenced so at least that does not apply.

  33. What is worse is selling the guns in order to buy the drugs, which just elevates the violence.

  34. hahaha make sure those fences are good and high
    Keeping those things out unless they can fly

    So very true
    One big endless cycle that comes due

  35. What a great post. I love the viewpoint estrangement here. It can be done with cultures or those living at different demographic levels, but from the eyes of a cat the sights are much more fun. The trail you took perhaps was wilder than the truth, as you do know what Old Jack said, screaming from the stand, yep, wild indeed. Great job

  36. Yeah took the veiwpoint
    And the cat looked at it at his joint
    The sights are scary indeed
    But fun as long as they don't make one bleed
    Then the cat would just run
    And not at all have any fun..haha


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