Windows and Doors From Someone On All Fours!

So there is a Smiley Sociology Study #10 - Doors and Windows. Each of which can pleasantly or not so pleasantly expose. Let's pretend the cat is a mailman for the day and see what happens when I peek at the doors and windows around my bay. No! Not in a Peeping Tom kind of way. I already did that back in May. My probation no longer allows me near that prim and proper cat who can really shake her rear. Was that too much info? Bah! Onward I go.

Windows roll, Windows Push
Windows would look weird on my bush.
Doors have knobs, Doors have levers,
I like that later of the silly human endeavors.

But either lever or knob,
Can make one sob.
For they are some of the germiest things you will touch.
So use your foot or sleeve and don't clutch.

What? You don't expect me to stare?
You just walked by the window bare.
That one is dancing with a spoon.
That driving one is an egg wearing loon.

Those windows do roll.
Were you trying to avoid a toll?
A child proof door,
Adults get confused forever more.

Such a shame it is.
Adults are slow and kids are a whiz.
A pet cage door you scrunch together.
They have no windows to see the weather.

A one way mirror works too.
Just ask those who use the one way mirror loo.
Oh what's this detection?
It's an evil reflection.

Oh wait it's just Pat.
Almost scared the cat.
Shhh that door is a secret.
Pull that book with a piglet.

Wow! The door just opened up.
Crap! There is a door for a pup.
I hate those doggy door things,
Slobbering and butt sniffing it brings.

That door closes rather tight.
Guess they are afraid of a nuclear fright.
Beats hiding under a desk.
That's just pathetically grotesque.

Back on point,
There seems to be a zombie elf stark naked at your joint.
There's some cats climbing a screen door.
And oops! Brown Foot Brian returns forever more.

Maybe he needs a nice big fence,
So the mutt will stop leaving his ummm two cents.
Those have squeaking doors.
And keep things out on all fours.

Step right up and pick a door!
1, 2 or 3 not that much of a chore.
Could win a prize,
Or it could be a donkey in disguise.

Least you could send that to a certain zoo.
Sure Petsy might turn blue.
Speaking of which,
You can also scratch your color itch.

Doors can be blue, orange, red or black
Whatever color you want to go on the attack.
Windows maybe not so much.
Unless your house is really tacky and such.

But to each there own,
I'm sure a clown will not groan.
They have funny shaped ones,
Along with "Bang" guns.

So did I open up a whole new world?
That Lion head's sand lips are curled.
Touch nothing but the lamp,
Or you feet may get damp.

Damn that Abu,
I am way off point it's true.
So ends my windows and doors,
Now go suck back some s'mores.

Windows and doors surely opened for me and whatever you see, just popped on in as I went through and I typed it up for a view. Always interesting to see where it goes, unless you think I hit new lows. But that would be fun too. Now that's all and I bid adieu. Isn't it fun what one can see through the glass? Unless it was something that could blind my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. on all fours? I love the naughty sound of that :) But we're probably not thinking the same thing ...

  2. The doggy door part had me howling with laughter!

  3. Pat.... I just realized you have 2 cats! when your page opens, I don't get enough of the picture to see the second cat. I figured it out after I watched your video. So, you've got a thing for pringles...interesting. (thanks for reading me)

  4. haha your OCD is coming out, the hand that touches the door will find your mouth, and then head south, lets make a deal was a game show once, picking what was behind the doors was fun, and when they lost it all for a goat instead of winning a boat alas i like windows as they allow you to see...but i got to go but not behind a one way mirror to pee..

  5. LOL I don't know how you think of these things. Window shopping is fun...I look in windows then. :)

  6. Cool piece. Windows and Doors have always held deeply symbolic meaning, as far back as one can go. There are doors to the bathroom, to the bedroom, to the outside world, to the world of death, to the soul and to heaven. Same goes for windows, only in that a window gives a preview, which could be good or bad. Oh how I love symbols, ain't that sad. The doggie door is a kitty door here, although the one dog will use it, the little dog believe it or not is afraid of it-lol Cool piece, thanks

  7. I'm so tired right now I wouldn't be surprised if I did nothing but walk into doors and fall out of windows.

  8. hahahaha you know that thought never even crossed my mind
    I guess it was an off day for my little rhyming behind
    But you got a laugh out of me by stating it
    All fours can be quite a hit

    haha the cat hates the doggie door
    Hopefully the howling didn't scare any kitties across the floor..haha

    Oh yeah one is prissy as can be
    Then other is a rhyming nut which you can see
    haha yeah I have a pringle addiction
    It is quite the confliction..haha

    My OCD has to show once in a while
    Those handles and knobs are so vile
    Yeah lets make a deal I watched a time or two
    Which made that come into my window view
    Good you don't use the see through loo
    That be germy too! hahaha

    I really don't know either to tell the truth
    But I keep at it at my booth
    Not much to window shop around here
    But I still find some windows to look in and peer

    Yeah there is so much that can be said symbolic like about each one
    But I just went about with my fun
    hahaha a dog is afraid of the little door
    That's quite funny from your shore
    But I can see it
    As they all have their quirks and such things that will make them have a fit

    That walking into doors is okay
    But the falling out of windows could cause dismay
    Just make sure it's not a high one
    Or you could be squashed flat and that would not be fun

  9. Hehehe. Sorry it took me until now
    to find time to come read - holy cow -
    the things you see in your doors and windows
    oh my mind... thar she blows!

    Thanks for participating in the study! :)

  10. I think this is good. I'm hungry so I guess it's time for... food? :P Nice post as always buddy, keep it up!

  11. I think you invented your OCD because you want to be like me. You probably pick your nose all afternoon. Dear me, I'm afraid I'll swoon.


  12. smiles..i will open all doors with my feet from today know what...i heard that peanut bowls in hotel bars are the germiest places you can find...but doesn't keep me from eating...smiles
    hey pat - wishing you a lovely weekend and sorry i'm always so late..have been so busy lately..but next week i'm heading for a short escape towards the sea...some time to breathe..looking forward to this..

  13. I've never seen any of those doggy doors. seems like it's only "American" thing

  14. You have the best imagination. I love how you pull the readers in and get us thinking about different scenarios :)

  15. haha yes lots can be scene
    Some aren't so clean
    Some people just look mean
    Others not so lean
    But interesting to see what you can see
    And that is all out of me

    Ahh an eye rhyme
    And as always will keep up the rhyme

    Hey don't knock the nose picking
    I've gotten pretty good at flicking..hahaha
    Besides it saves on tissue
    So what's your issue?..haha

    haha that's good, just makes sure you have shoes on too
    Wouldn't want to get any yucky germs on you
    Yeah they are germy too
    People not washing after coming out of the the loo
    And you eat?
    Ewww nasty treat
    Bah you're not that late
    Sounds like the escape will be a nice fate

    I've seen a few of those doggy doors
    But there is none at my shores

    I make you think?
    Hmmm hope you don't hit the brink
    Oh how low I'm must sink
    Hopefully at least you can blink..haha

  16. peanut bowls in bars she says
    ugh, I couldn't, wouldn't even if you paid.
    That goes for mint bowls in restaurants, too.
    You know the guy's hand was just in the loo!

    Dancing with a spoon?
    Now you've been peaking in my living room
    Well, it's actually the kitchen
    where I sing in my mic invention.

    The donkey can sit in the tree
    with the goat Brian ask of me.

  17. Don't forget the golden rule, everytime a door is closed a cat will immediately want to go through it.

  18. haha yeah I cringed at that
    Be nasty to Pat and the cat
    Never eat out of bowls of any kind
    All the germiness that floats through my mind..haha
    Yeah that came from you
    As out the windows and doors flew
    haha a donkey and a goat in a tree
    Be a sight to see
    Sounds like the start of a bad joke
    One that would get someone booed and covered in egg yolk..haha

    That is very true
    Ones that want to go out will come into your view
    Everytime it is closed up
    But as will many a silly pup

    Not sure about the happy fall
    I may have to change that for each season at my stall..haha

  19. "A child proof door,
    Adults get confused forever more."

    So true!

  20. hahaha yeah I seen it happen too
    Was funny to view

  21. An observation.. why is there so many periods? I thought these poetic pieces did without them. I'm no expert though.

  22. haha I guess I just got period happy
    As I started to get yappy
    Never even noticed I was doing it
    I'm no expert either with the period hit..haha

  23. They only were at the end of each sentence
    you don't need to give any repentance.
    In fact, that's the way it's supposed to be.
    just ask the grammar nazi!

  24. haha yeah I thought so
    But I mix and match sometimes at my show
    I used one day and not the next
    So might confuse some with the text..haha
    Guess I'll just stick to one
    So people will know that's how it's done

  25. I know someone who dances with a spoon!

  26. haha yeah I knew you'd know who I meant
    Hopefully the spoon doesn't suffer a dent

  27. The spoon's a tough one, I would say,
    To chase admiring men away!

  28. haha is that from experience on your part?
    Due to the affairs of the heart

  29. Nope, last time I was in her state, it was 15 years before I knew her!

    I just kind of assumed what I said earlier. :)

  30. Wow you have magic powers
    After stealing her jeep and driving it over some rabbits and flowers
    Not even going to her state
    Maybe you had it mailed in a crate..haha

  31. Oh, THANKS! Hope the FBI doesn't read that!!!

  32. haha checked my stats
    No narcs seem to be lurking, but not sure about the rats

  33. My first visit to your blog and I am laughing my head off Pat. You are brilliant! Loved your rhyme explaining all kinds of doors and windows.

  34. Hopefully your head doesn't really come off
    That might be a scary sight and make many scoff..haha
    Thanks for the look
    Here at my nook

  35. LOL just found your entry on the smiley sociology study and laughed heartily. It is so cat-like ~ I just love them!

  36. Yes gave it from the view of the cat
    And not stinking old Pat
    Glad it was fun
    As I went on the window and door run


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