You Cause Too Much Flack! Take It Back!

I know all of you down below are thankful and all today. Been there done that at my bay. But the cat is sorta, maybe, a little bit, thankful for all of you. Oh dear, that was hard to put into view. Betsy, get out of my head. This sweet and dear stuff just doesn't need to be said.

I really need to get better locks to avoid such brain knocks. Or at least better sound proofing in this thing my body uses for roofing. All those voices just seem to confuse and now it's simply time to abuse. Mother Nature needs to get a life and stop causing the cat strife.

Take your stupid snow and send it to the jolly guy that goes "Ho, Ho, Ho." I want none of it. Especially with the morons and their driving fit. "Oh look it's snow." That means the faster I must go. Morons indeed. They just keep sprouting up like a bad weed.

I know the cat must get real. Mother Nature does not give a strat about causing us an oh so white ordeal. So the cat will give her a deal. Wait until a time when the cat or Pat does not have to go anywhere before breaking the snowy seal. Or I will call up Storm and have her create things out of the norm. How would you like that? No longer would you have control, you old bat.

What? Storm is fake? Oh why don't you be quiet and go bake a cake. Mother Nature did not know. Now I have to think up another excuse to stop her stupid snow. That white stuff has got to go. Maybe I need that Frosty Returns spray stuff that was invented by that old crow.

Then I could attached it to one of those planes that spray crops and watch as all the stuff drops. Poof will go the snow and there will no longer be white at my show. What? I could poison you humans with it? Oh please! You have already taken that hit. Just answer your cell phone and give a groan. Now you got radiation in your brain. Maybe that's why I'm so insane?

I need a force field to block the crap. Then it would no longer take a lap. I could extend it far and wide. Then when someone ticks me off because they lied. I could open a hole above their head and watch as a huge mass of white stuff falls causing them dread. Now that would be fun and worth not seeing the sun. Too bad you humans don't have such a thing. I will have to give those aliens a ring.

So the facts are Mother Nature has gone too far. Keep her stupid snow until I have no place to go. Then do what see wants. Instead the old hag taunts. Always sending it when it can be a pain making me pop a vein. Maybe I should just board a train and move my bush to a warmer lane. But then I may not mix with the warm class and they might draw their pitchforks and come after my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. aww we are thankful for you too, and wish i had some snow, oh the places i would not go, but a crop duster flight might be alright.

  2. I love this as always Pat. Have a Happy Thanksgiving mate!

  3. I wish I could send it to you
    Pack it up and ship it away with no postage due
    Stupid stuff doesn't start until I am out
    Then it begins its shout
    Crop duster flight would be fun
    Getting rid of that snow by the ton

    Thanksgiving has passed me by
    But I guess I can still maybe, sorta, be a thankful guy..haha

  4. haha so it was you who blabbed on me
    Watch out because tomorrow you may not be able to see.
    I'll ship those penguins back with loads of snow
    And they will completely bury your show..haha

  5. I don't mind Storm, but keep that snow away from me. Why do you think the only John Grisham book I like is Skipping Christmas?

  6. Of course you're thankful for all of us..pshhh :P

    Snow? That shouldn't be a problem with your magical hovercraft flying motorcycle thingy....if not, you could always borrow the Love Bug. She's similar to taking a sled to work. Might not be safe, but you'll have fun!

    Happy Snowy Thursday!

  7. I came to say I'm thankful for you today,
    and you're saying it back at your bay.
    And blaming me
    Well, it just had to be. got snow up there?
    Too early for me to want that here.
    Although I love snow if I'm inside
    the drivers are the worst even on this side.

    And yes, I really am thankful for you
    you're lots of fun and have made me rhyme, too.

  8. you still make some interesting post :)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you :) !

  9. Bearded and rounded Ho!Ho!Ho!
    Reindeer led through whitish snow
    But let him be if it's so unreal
    Been at it since time immemorial
    A crop spraying craft up in flight
    A novelty of falling snow what a sight
    Mother Nature can do without a force field
    Just keep the snow and force a deal


  10. Ay yi yi, you have effectively cursed a long winter upon us all-lol That's actually what they'd say in the middle ages. But how I despise the snow, and yeah, it's the drivers that should now how to drive in this stuff, after all it's not like it's a once in a generation type of rarity, it's 3-4 months every single year. Oy.

    The cat needs to build a force field, and my dogs have offered their support however they can to make this right, as they do not enjoy slip sliding around in the frozen night, or having to squat into a mound of snow, so there you go, the Cat has effectively caused an uprising at my bay, for now my cats are listening, saying things like No, we will not go, we care not for snow, but we don't go outside, so its cold we do not know, but if the cat wants to take these dogs away, to prepare a forcefield that will save, then they stamp the plan with both paws forward.

    As a human though, a force field does sound pretty darned cool, or maybe one of Mr. Burn's domes. either/or. Have a great day. And yeah, we can be slow at times:)

  11. You old softie! Hahaha!

    Funny you should mention Storm. There are two modern American comic book characters based on Canadian comic book characters from the 1940s. Maybe someday I'll do a Comical Wednesday post about 'em!

  12. Yeah the white stuff is crap
    Buried my car like it was setting a trap

    Skipping snow would be a great thing to do
    Skipping Christmas though, not sure I agree with you

    haha maybe just a little bit thankful at my bay
    The Love Bug might kill me on a snowy day
    Or I'll get some sled dogs to pull it
    Now that could be quite the hit

    hahaha yeah you are just so nice
    I almost had to blame you twice..haha
    Yes the stupid crap is up to me knees
    And hanging off the trees
    Drivers were so so so dumb too
    It was like I was a rat stuck in a maze at the zoo
    Went one way and oopsy daisy
    Thanks to some 18 wheeler and driver that's crazy
    The thing was stretched right across the road
    Went another way and poof there were a couple more acting like a toad
    Took me thirty minutes just to get down the friggin hill
    Was not a thrill
    Not sure making on rhyme is such a thankful thing
    But none the less still appreciated the thanks you bring..haha

    Glad I can interest
    And still pass the test

    Would be happy
    If this stupid snow wasn't all over the umm mappy

    Yeah the red nose really leads them at night
    I guess snow isn't their plight
    Mother Nature needs to go fly a kite
    And leave the snow to come at night
    Not during the day
    And that is the deal at my bay..haha

    Glad we aren't in the middle ages
    They may hire some fake mages
    And see if I sink or swim
    Either way my future would be dim
    Yeah they act like they have never seen the crap before
    Driving with the nuts is such a chore
    The cat will take all the help
    Unless they try to sniff his butt or bark and yelp
    Then he may get annoyed a bit
    And send them back to your kitties giving them a fit
    Thinking they were rid of the canines
    And then they are suddenly back in the mines
    Yeah force field would be fun
    But all the bad things with it that can be done

    haha shhh don't spread it around
    The cat doesn't want to ruin is rep at the pound
    Hmmm didn't know that
    The only real famous canuck I can think of is Wolverine at my mat
    Are they the lower didium ones
    Trapped on one of Krypton's suns

  13. One of the members of Alpha Flight, Snowbird, was originally envisioned by John Byrne as the never-to-be-acknowledged "daughter" of Nelvana, a character from the same Golden Age Canadian comic that featured the forerunner of Michael Gilbert's Mr. Monster! More details someday, sometime!

    And yeah, I know this "nice guy" talk can ruin one's rep. Boy, do I ever!

  14. hey...i'm thankful to have met you as well... and love me some snow..even if it's cold...but honestly...the first snow makes me behave like a little kid..smiles

  15. Heard of Alpha Flight and Snowbird
    But of Nelvana never heard a word
    Yes, you have to have more details some day
    Or you will ruin the rep of your comical wednesday
    Having a response so short
    Not even at your own court..haha
    Stupid "nice guy" crap
    Cringe when that comes out of ones yap

    I don't mind the cold so much
    And even the snow a touch
    But when it does it when I have to drive
    That's when I wish mother nature would take a dive

  16. Welp.. no snow here! \m/

    And thankfulness, spread itttt

  17. haha I can send a whole bunch
    Maybe get it there before your next lunch

  18. I hardly ever get snow where I live! I wish I could get all your snow!

  19. my mom told me there was a nasty storm out east yesterday, hopefully for you it all goes away!

  20. Oh man, driving in snow = not looking forward to that.

  21. You should visit down here in LA, no snow to worry about unless you drive to the mountains to seek it out.

  22. haha well you can certainly have it
    Does nothing but give me a fit

    Yes it was quite nasty indeed
    Planting the idiotic driver seed

    Yes it is no fun at all
    Hate snow so much when I have to drive home to my hall

    Yeah but lots of traffic and smog
    Or are you going to try and tell me it's fog..haha

  23. Having no snow here is just fine with me. Happy T-Giving, Pat.

  24. I'm all for global warming. Every day I go outside and push the nozel down on at least a dozen cans of aerosol hair spray just to speed the process up a bit. Winter can just bugger off. Hope you had a grand day despite the snow.

  25. Yeah that almost makes the heat stroke in the summer worth it
    Almost..haha...that would also give me a fit

    hahaha yeah winter sure can bugger off
    Does nothing but makes me scoff
    But them if it warms up to much
    We could be buried under water by just a touch

  26. We maybe get one good snow day a year here.

  27. No snow here yet... and in the spirit of our US friends, have a good and wonderful day ~

    I am so glad to meet you, you know ~

  28. haha lucky you
    Want to switch places until winter is through?

    Happy thanksgiving to you
    And thanks for the view

    I'll huff and puff and send it your way
    Just made for such a miserable drive the other day
    Yes we have to be in the spirit of those down below
    Or they my strike us with an awful blow..haha
    Awww the cat like that
    And Pat always enjoyed meeting you at your mat

  29. It could be worse, want to experience a Canadian winter? :P

  30. Keep warm through the storm
    I'll send sun rays your way
    Avoid yellow snow
    Could mean the cat sprayed
    Hot cocoa's the best
    to help you feel fine
    In wintery weather
    or any ole time.


  31. DWei, it could be worse, want to experience Skyrim winter?


  32. ummm considering the cat is in Canada too
    I think I have experienced that just as you..hahaha

    I hope those rays make it soon
    At least my noon
    These dreary clouds are no fun
    And yeah I see yellow snow and I run

    Skyrim winter looks harsh
    I'd rather go play in a marsh

  33. I LOVE your last reply LOL! That made me giggle.

    It just snowed here--not too much though.

  34. hahaha yeah those things could poke
    This rhyming bloke
    Snowed here a ton
    Was really not fun


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