You Might Need A Tissue, As The Cat Tackles A Real Issue!

So Elisa asked for one and all to do a loss piece at their hall. But for what source? Why her book blogfest of course This means that cat had to forgo funny as such a thing is never sunny. But I did get a chance to once again stretch my skill, as I went about loss at my rhyming hill. No idea where this came from, just wrote the title and off I went with my little rhyming bum.

Tears of Rain

I long to dry your tears of rain,
Gazing as they ripple with pain.
Aching over a loss so dear.
Shattering life's very chain.
Every sense feeling me near.
Reflections loom with every thought.

Envisioning all we shall never do,
Lingering on hopes untrue.
Shadows spur such belief.
Darkness spreads eternal view.
Truth erupts further grief.
Wishing such pain I never brought.

Your tears continue their dance,
While in your wandering trance.
Life's meaning ever elusive.
Existence questioned surroundings advance.
Feelings true remain reclusive.
I weep at the sight of you distraught.

Longing for just one more,
Sight of me at the door.
Arms wrapping with cementing embrace.
Whispering I love you to whom you adore.
Voiding such an empty space.
Cursing it all for naught.

Thoughts of woe grow dimmer,
As the past starts to simmer.
Agony's grasp loses control.
Heaven senses a slight glimmer.
The little things begin to console.
Over wonders love has taught.

Thankful that last tear was caught.
Giving you some peace
Knowing our time was not in vain.
Humbled by grief's release.
For in your heart I shall remain.
Relishing these joyful tears of rain.

Did you know the cat had such a thing in him? I guess the lights in my head are not so dim. Although I think now I need to go get in a fight with Drazin or Flappy. So I can go from sad back to happy. Anyway the facts are you should check out her blog and book and that is all from my nook. Of course I have to do one more thing lass and that is wave goodbye and walk off wiggling my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Pat,
    Tears of sadness all too often seen
    Never fear as they are tied to emotions
    I would rather not see tears of pain
    But rather tears of joy of rare occasions


  2. Yep, I knew
    it was in brain file number two!
    When I took that tour of your mind
    not knowing what I would find.

  3. oh, my, Pats now I wanna hug you.
    Such a magnificent and deeply touching poem! You've outdone yourself.

  4. Yeah the later is better to see
    But to often it is the first that does not give glee

    hahaha if anyone knew it was you
    After reading a book or two
    And going for a stroll in my brain
    But I've upgraded the locks so no more boarding that train..haha

    We'll just nod and say we did
    My OCD may flip its lid..hahaha
    Thanks glad you found it well done
    Was a different task from my usual fun

  5. Are you kidding? I've never left!
    Once I got in I couldn't leave this stuff!

  6. You are really really good at what you do! I'm going to have to link back to this blog sometime soon.

  7. hahaha strat
    Guess I'm just a doomed cat
    I guess that's why "dear" keeps popping into my head
    Every now and then causing me dread..haha

    It's always appreciated linking back to the loon
    Even at High Noon..haha
    Even though Blogger seems to have it out for you
    As your blog never shows up in my blog list to view

  8. smiles. it is cool to see the tender side of the cat...sensitive write at that...well played friend...

  9. I think this is my favorite post of yours. Very well done!

  10. Pat and the cat are so multi-talented. Well done.

  11. The cat lets it out once a year or so
    But the little rhyming you know part he'll always let flow..haha

    Who knew I could get a favorite one
    Without my usual craziness being spun

    Yeah the cat is up for a challenge of most any kind
    At least when it comes to his rhyming behind..haha

  12. I agree with Steph. This is def your best!

  13. oh, I have some influence in what you think?
    I could push you to the brink.
    Yes, it would only be for the better
    and you would just sound sweeter!
    You may get the urge to have a zoo
    and let more animals come to you.

  14. Guess if this is the best
    I passed the blogfest loss test..haha

    haha I suppose it could help me be nice
    Even if I had to say dear twice
    But then I might suffer a breakdown
    From spreading such niceness across town..haha
    And if I ever get the urge to have a zoo
    I just come hope and visit the 14 cat crew
    That will fix that quite fast
    And it will not last..haha

  15. If you start to talk with a Midwestern accent
    you will beg me to leave and stop the torment.

    Oh, the fourteen cat crew
    and a wiener dog, too!

  16. That was actually very well done Mr. Cat. Beatifully written! I was touched until I got the image of you "wiggling" your rhyming ass. lol

    You done Elisa good!

  17. haha yes if that comes to be
    I'll have to fly down to your sea
    And set your free
    So out of my head you will flee..haha
    Yeah the wiener dog
    Is just one more pet in the zoo cog

    I made you touched did I
    Oh aren't I just a swell guy
    But a cat does wiggle their ass
    But it was done with class..haha

  18. So much depth inside this rhyme,
    You really were on spot this time.
    And to rhyme the word "reclusive"
    For me that would've been elusive
    You're quite gifted and so is your cat
    Thanks for sharing this and that
    but mostly this.

  19. Patt Hatt never fails. His rhyming hits the nails!

  20. The cat has lots of spots
    So he just played connect the dots
    Reclusive and elusive just came out
    With quite the ease for this shout
    I guess Pat and the cat can share the gift
    And there will be no rift..haha

    Hopefully it does not hit them too hard
    They are pointy and could send one running across the yard

  21. Wow, who put the apple scent in your catnip:)

    Really nice verse. You've showed other styles before, so why should loss be ignored, for with every laughtrack,hides a tear that wants to get out, without cry, we'd never know why, we laugh at all.

    Anyhow, I'm not on a very good rhyming roll these past two days. But this is a very good piece, I really like it, especially the end lines, like those a lot.

    Perhaps it was the talk of lit last night that sent the cat into a fit-lol

  22. Woah, that was really good... you pull off somber poems really well Pat.

  23. Yeah every once in a while the cat stretches his skill
    From the usual fluff at his rhyming hill
    True would not appreciate the laughs as much
    If sad wasn't there at least a touch
    hahaha yeah all that talk of the lit
    Really through the cat into a fit

    First foray into somber today
    Thanks, glad it was a nice display

  24. Awww... lovely even if it did end with your little rhyming ass :)

  25. Wow Pat this is amazing! really! are you ok?:)lol
    seriously is nice Pat!

  26. The cat never ceases to amaze me.


  27. A sweet and lovely verse so tender
    Pat in all his rhyming splendour
    To not ask would be remiss;
    In real life do you talk like this?


  28. I need a recession from the depression D=

  29. Well done :) I enjoyed your prose.


  30. Another well done rhyme, now it's dinner time.
    See what I did there? 8D

  31. ah You are follow me! You dont have to do, thanks so much, I lov eyour blog!:)(hope we dont have a lot of die bunnies:)

  32. My heart melted...are you so sweet to write this.

    I like the tears of rain, beginning and ending.

    Maybe you can write a love poem again ?

  33. Expect anything less than great
    at my plate?...haha

    Glad I could amaze
    As you gaze

    Happy you liked my addition to your blogfest
    And I passed the test

    Nice indeed
    At my feed

    Lovely too
    What am I to do

    hahaha I will never not end it without my saying
    That always has to be displaying

    The cat can be nice once in a while
    Just generally not my style
    So yeah I am okay
    At least for today

    Hopefully it will never cease
    Or you may call the rhyming police

    Nope in real life I just go day to day
    When the SSDD dismay..haha

    Don't worry a recession will come soon
    From the rhyming loon

    Glad it was enjoyed by you
    Thanks for the view

    Times twice

    Yes I see what you did there
    with your rhyme pair
    Even if it was any easy one
    But you had to eat and run..haha

    Thanks for the follow of the cat
    And I follow back anyone who actually comments at my mat
    The bunny thing was a one time deal
    Besides it was fake and not real..haha
    And you buddy Fox sent it along
    So don't blame me for it being all wrong..hahaha

    All this affection the cat is not used too
    Need to go back to talking about the loo..hahaha
    I guess I can be sweet
    And glad you liked my loss beat
    A love poem again you say
    I suppose that can be done my way
    Not sure if I'll go full on explicit bliss this time
    But I'm sure I can give it a chime

  34. I am totally impressed by your talent. I couldn't write any kind of poem, even if my life depended on it.

  35. Oh but I love your library here. This background is my dream room!
    Very lovely rhyme. :)

  36. Nicely written I'm sure she liked it.

  37. Very well written rhyme.

  38. Another with the dear
    Oh the fear..haha

    I'm sure if your life depended on it
    You could make up something, whether miss or hit.haha

    Yeah be nice to have such a room
    But in mine movies upon movies would bloom

    Sounds like many did
    As no one flipped their lid

    Great rhymes
    Fun times

    Well written is usually the case
    At least I try at my place

    Great as ever
    Guess I'm just so clever

  39. I am always in awe of poets as it has never been something I could do. Thanks for being a part of the bloghop.

  40. I blog hop away
    And yeah don't suffer no dismay
    I'm more of a nut then a poet
    Although this may not show it..haha


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