You Think You Are Iconic? This Is Nothing But Moronic!

So over visiting Sub Radar the other night, expecting a tune to come into my sight. When I saw this STRAT! Really disturbed Pat and the cat. Even though the cat thinks humans are nuts anyway. This right here is just an utterly stupid, completely moronic display.

Those morons with their houses the size of football fields are up in arms with their shields. They think the $300 million bucks they already made off a garbage film is not enough and want to get rough. These morons want to block everything and I am not talking Limewire or some other illegal download wing. They already have rules for that and already go after people who can barely feed their cat.

These morons want to block every single thing. Even if some guy on YouTube begins to sing. If that tune is made elsewhere. Goodbye! Your channel is now banned and bare. Say you go and write on Facebook promoting something with a movie clip in it. Oops! They have a fit.

Now they can sue Facebook for allowing it to happen even if it was just you and some bad rappin'. That means Facebook, Twitter and whoever else out there would go all big brother on what you say everywhere. Or just not exist at all because the lawsuits would pile up at their hall. Not that I would ever miss crummy Facebook, but still a stupid way to give them the hook.

Then when the moronic people behind this in the U.S. get it going, all around the world it will be showing. Not to mention they will have to tweak the internet a whole bunch, meaning a hacker will have many for lunch.

So instead of actually doing something about the economy. They instead want to take away the internet's autonomy. Only once more helping the rich like some little whoring bitch. Blogger would not even be immune, as they would have to ban things we use to commune. Hell, they will probably stalk our email too and ban each account if something deemed "illegal" comes into view.

And guess what? To prove even more they have their head up their butt. All one has to do is type in the ip address and not the site name and oops! They can still download a copy illegally of that game. No matter what these morons try to do there will always be a way around it if someone wants to view.

By going all 1984 on us, all they are doing is limiting us with their moronic fuss. And what makes more the internet or the stupid greed ridden Hollywood crap? The answer is clear and not those garbage Hollywood horror remakes that have no fear.

If their remakes and garbage sequels aren't bad enough with the rest of their barf worthy 3D fluff. Now they want to impose this crap because raising higher prices at theaters so one can go and take a nap, just does not cut it I guess.

Morons must really consider this true progress. Right? I mean this is such an awful plight. It's soooo much worse than the economy affecting millions. And who would want to deny those who already have billions?

It's not like the whiners are people who are just starting out and need the dough. Those ones use the internet to get across their flow and maybe get discovered and such. But with these changes only those rich whiny bitches will have the creative touch.

So the facts of this is (insert as many curses as you like here) it is complete and utter shit. Anyone considering this is a moron way way more than a bit. They will never shut me up. No matter how far their nose goes up a rich persons behind like some butt sniffing pup. Yes! Today I was a little crass but this stupid thing can kiss my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I made a vid and set it to really nice music, Youtube allowed the vid and muted the music due to copyright, but, surely you are just promoting their music and therefore creating sales for them when someone listens and likes it enough to buy.
    I agree, if they police the web too much and dig too deeply into everything, freedom will be lost to laws and besides, the hackers can get around everything they do anyway. I think there needs to be laws for excessive, hard core porn and pedophiles on the web, it's disgusting but for goodness sake they need to lighten up a bit on Youtube ruling or they'll lose users to metacafe and such.
    Great points of view here!

  2. Kinda scary
    Big brother being all hairy!
    I could never do a blog and facebook
    my family would starve and the bathrooms would look

  3. Here they have banned some websites where people can stream movies from, so many are pissed too, resulting in some major hacking into some gov websites.

  4. oh, my, Pat, from poetic tears of rain yesterday to morons, bitches and shit today? You've been naughty and you need a spank!

  5. this is scary and honestly i did not believe it at first, figuring it a hoax, so snopes, and what a bunch of maroons, flinging poop like babboons, as if this needs more attention than the 20% unemployment but i guess as long as they protect their junk, we'll have a king in the US soon enough, oy i hope our ship aint sunk

  6. What of it? The moronic nit wits
    They're jabbing at, the netizen's rights

    Snuffing off freedom creating boredom
    Getting us to book not easy as it looks

    Let them try it'll bleed them dry
    We enjoy out shots they like it or not

    The www, FB would be dead we do dread the spread
    But what of it if they brow beat

    Litigations without restraint we'll see fun and games


  7. I had a cat named Snowball..he died, he died. Uhh..ummm..uhh... I was gonna try to write something in rhyme, but it's too hard. Let me just say, they will try to chip away our freedoms a little bit at a time..but I am encouraged that Americans and ordinary citizens around the world are finally waking up to stand up against it.. So I am hopeful.

  8. Man, that's some serious moving, and completely true stuff. Let's hope the internet will win this fight, it's a tough one but we can do it, you know!

  9. Seriously??? Ok, that is a severe violation of our freedom of speech. It's nothing more than an excuse to monitor "the people". They want a riot to ensue? That's all that will come of this stupidity.

    P.S. How are your eyes? I thought you would be excited that R-Dow took the win on my contest. :(

  10. this is really scary...i have lost illusions of privacy long matter how your fb settings or whatever are..wondering where this all will lead..

  11. I'm much more concerned with privacy violations than I am with legitimate protections of copyright. As someone who's produced a lot of copyrighted works and characters, I can sympathize with those who want their songs, stories, and illustrations protected. Saying (as daydreamertoo did) "you are just promoting their music and therefore creating sales for them when someone listens and likes it enough to buy" is over-simplifying. (Besides, I don't buy any song I can "have" for free on my Playlist or on YouTube.) If you're using my music, you should get my permission. And if you're posting it for profit, I want and deserve a cut of that. If it's just on a blog where you don't make a cent, you should still ask me, although I'd forgo any sort of royalty. And what if you want you use my writings to promote and/or associate me with a group or doctrine I oppose?

    As I said, complicated issue. But using these points to excuse privacy attacks? Yeah, scary!

  12. Definitely agree, this is bs to be sure. Every right to be crass, for any other tone they might not get. This act is really a reversion of progress and a slippery slope will be travelled if goes through. Great job letting your meow be heard. And love how you showed a bit of claw in the process. Great job Pat.

  13. Great points put to rhyme. (Do you speak in rhyme too?!) I've given you an Award over on my blog - sorry no time today to put it in a ditty.

  14. True for the most part you are promoting their music I guess
    And I doubt they will make any less
    For people that hear
    Will buy their gear
    If they like it
    And even ones that like it and don't buy the hit
    They were never going to buy anyway
    Because they don't like to pay
    You would think they'd crack down on more pertnant things like that
    But that takes money and does not make money for their $100,000 door mat

    hahaha Facebook is crap anyway
    Gotten more and more stupid with each passing day
    Who really cares if such and such took a dump
    Or went over a bump
    And yeah germy just won't do
    Avoid crappy facebook and clean the loo..hahaha

    I can see banning them if they are just sharing
    Not doing any copyright caring
    Like Limewire and crap
    But when all they do is raise prices I can also see taking the free lap

    hahaha I went to polar opposites the past two days
    Just had to stretch my rhyming displays
    Call Kate Beckinsale and I'll take the spank
    But it have to be free because I have no money in the bank..haha

    Yeah I thought it was crap at first too
    I mean any normal person should flush this down the loo
    The rich are pretty much a king all their own
    As they are the only ones even giving their dog a bone

    Creating boredom indeed
    With all their stupid greed
    Trying to shut us all up
    So they can get a few more cents in their cup
    Fun and games it will be
    If they try and shut up me..haha

    Yeah it is encouraging a bit that people are standing up in mass
    But until you hit them where it hurts and stop talking just crass
    Nothing is ever going to be done
    Because they don't give a rats behind about each and every one

    Hopefully the internet does win
    Or it will spiral into the garbage bin

    Yep but they don't seem to care
    For if you try to speak and blare
    You are nothing but a traitor or some crap
    And locked away or made to take a dirt nap
    Yeah I riot might ensue
    Which is good for no one to view
    Yes it was so exciting me eyes still can barely see
    Ironman used some power on me..haha

    Seems many but the morons agree
    Guess they are too blind to see

    Yeah I have no illusions are privacy in any way
    For with anything on the internet for display
    You are out their forever
    No matter how clever
    But this is just crap
    That needs to take a dirt nap

    Oh yeah I'm not disputing that they should not be protected
    Especially when a clear violation is detected
    But giving the morons control of the internet
    Is not a safe bet
    As just plagarizing or stealing someones stuff is stupid and should never be done
    Especailly if you are making money by the ton
    A lot of the time the artist sticks it out there "illegally" anyway
    So they can drum up business for their bay
    It is quite the fine line
    And so agree with using crap of mine
    To promote gabarge I don't agree with at all
    As I'd make them take a big fall
    truly is a complicated issue
    But let's say someone tries to diss you
    Meaning they give a bad review
    Honest to them and post it for all to view
    With this they can go POOF
    And get rid of it without any proof
    So no one will know how crappy their movie is
    Where does it end with this stupid biz
    It won't one bit
    And the other 99% will take the hit

    Yeah crass in rhyme
    Might make for a confusing time
    A true reversion it does seem to be
    Letting them silence you and me
    The can meows and claws his way to the top
    And if they get in the way will give them a good bop

    Nope no speaking in rhyme
    At least most of the time
    And will come over and see
    The award given to me

  15. Thanks for the shout out, and for joining the good fight against that horrible "Protect" IP act. It's disturbing and damaging to the very structure of DNS. Spread the word everyone, "Protect IP" Act is a farce and will ruin the internet as we know it. Keep the internet free, this act does nothing to stop piracy.

  16. Heh, I actually rhymed with that last sentence... neat. :]

  17. haha there is the new slogan for the cause
    The rhyming also desrves an applause
    And yeah the act is completely dumb and won't stop piracy what so ever
    It's just the rich pricks trying to be clever
    And get their own way once more
    Burying everyone else beneath the floor

  18. have a nice fall.... i know its winter out there!

  19. "But giving the morons control of the internet Is not a safe bet"

    That, I agree with, too. The the more they "protect" us, the less freedom we have.

  20. Geez, Patt and cat... I had NO idea about the IP act. THANKS for letting me know. I really mean it. Education on matters is ALL>

    You ROCK!!


  21. Yep, I dislike people with their heads up their butts. Although . . . it is an interesting visual

  22. No doubt dealing with them is a hassle, because they're all just a bunch of assholes. :-)

  23. I thought upon it.
    They are indeed moronic.
    Methinks they need a colonic.
    (it's the best I could do a rhyme with moronic).

  24. They went through a phase of suing ppl over here for illegally downloading stuff. They made a big deal about it for a while. My take on it, it's hard to feel sympathetic for millionaires and billionaires because someone cheated them out of 10 bucks.

  25. You are incredibly creative. Rhymes just spill out of you! I'm' so glad you made a comment on my blog so I could come over here and meet you - and follow.
    Ann Best, Memoir Author of In the Mirror & Imprisoned

  26. I quite dislike a whoring bitch. When I'm knitting, I see one and drop a stitch. Or if I'm driving, I end up in the ditch. blahblahblah


  27. Preach it! They can kiss my little rhyming ass, too!

  28. Will almost always be a rhyme
    And great at least half the time

    It's not winter yet
    At least not officially so don't fret

    Yep exactly it
    Plus alot of the time they just have a fit
    And once they get the control have no idea what to do
    Just making it even more of a pain for all who use and view

    Glad I rock with my shock
    And gave you some info as I rhyme rock
    I can educate, who knew
    But it seems to be true...haha

    hahaha depends on the person and the butt
    For some visuals should stay far far away from my hut..haha

    hey it worked rather well
    They indeed need something along those lines or at least chucked down a sewer well

    Very true
    I agree with you
    Does make it hard because how much damn money do you need
    If you're are the moron with ten houses at your feed
    That's your own damn fault
    You were a stupid ass and spent all the money in your vault

    Rhymes spill out
    Which each and every shout

    Well that's what they are, a whoring bitch
    And they won't be satisifed until we're all living in a ditch
    With the crap they pitch
    And think it should go off without a hitch

    nice post
    from a ghost

    hahaha you have a rhyming ass as well
    Well hell
    This is becoming a contagious thing
    One day all who talk will let the rhymes fling

  29. And this surprises me how?

    I agree that YouTube muting the music to a video and yet keeping the video is kind of stupid.

  30. Yeah true it comes as no surprise
    Just more from those dirty no good for nothing flies

  31. Kudos. Nicely done and for a damn good cause. Total rant, but a good one.

  32. Yeah it was one big rant indeed
    But had to be done at my feed


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