You Try To Be Nice And dVerse Denies You Twice!

The cat thought he would take a dVerse lap and see what they had on tap. They were all in a frenzy as I came in. I checked to see if I smelled like a garbage bin. Nope! The cat still smelled grand and my feet had no littter sand. So what could it be that had dVerse in such a crazy spree?

After moving closer to the crowd, I heard quite easily the facts because they were so loud. It seems they were demanding change with their poetic exchange. They all ran back to their range and began writing about all the change. Whether needed or not change will always rearrange the plot.

Although that did remind me, I needed some change for my sea. So I figured I would give dVerse some change, as they made change for my change, changing the change I thought about as they demanded change. That did sound strange.

So I asked if they could change my loonie and toonie. They looked at me like I was cartoony. They figured the cat was just up to his usual games and were not about to fall for my claims. I just wanted some quarters though. Yet they were not in the know.

I told them to change my loonie and they gave me a number. They were nice enough to write it on a post-it and stick it to a cucumber. I guess they figured the cat needs more green food. But I just found them rude. The number was for a shrink. They thought I was talking about the loonie bin rink.

So I tried to get change for my toonie and this time I showed my little rhyming full moonie. But the behind of a cat is not much of an unfamilar sight and they were still confused over my change plight. They did turn on the TV for the cat. Putting on Tom and Jerry, thinking I wanted a cartoon, at their mat.

They saw I looked peeved off and before I could scoff, changed it to the Pokemon rap. Now I was done with their crap. I threw my toonie on the bar and stole the change out of their tip jar. I did take into account the exchange rate though. I would not want our exchange to short change their dVerse show.

But then they went and popped the middle out of the toonie. They took turns sticking their eye through it and I knew I should have used the loonie. Since they ruined the coin I just figured I would let them rejoin. I was not about to give the change back. So I left before they went on the attack.

I still had my loonie as I passed outside and watched as a sax player wailed and cried. I chucked the loonie into the case and the sax player made a funny face. Seems she thought it was amusement park money, finding my loonie to be rather funny.

I could not take this foreign exchange anymore and had to get back to my shore. Next time I will just charge it and avoid the loonie toonie fit. I guess one does have to have humor though to give their money a loonie toonie flow. I did not name names as to not embarrass the dVerse mass. For Brian and Claudia might change the channel to Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos the next time I show my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Hey, this is great. Fun post, fun blog. Glad I came.

  2. hey..chuck norris looks pale against Tom and Jerry..haha.. and the wailing sax player...hmm...think i should go and play a bit.. smiles - have a lovely sunday pat

  3. Pokemon? ewww. Now maybe Tom and Jerry...I have to be in the mood for a Chuck Norris movie. What do cats really like to watch? My childhood cat much preferred to watch the fish bowl, lol.

  4. Fun piece Pat. I have some loonies here at my joint for sure, and not the kind that wear funny jackets, but the kind you can't use to pay the taxes. Yet some stores will say at par, but others will shun you far. Some will sit and stare and then a light bulb will flash above their free cell, going off like "danger danger" tossing back the coin at you the stranger. Anyhow, i've never the privilege to own a toonie, but the music playing now might disagree, for I love money I can't use for a spending spree.

    That response was not what I had planned, just kind of flowed all disjointed. Oh, well- i've been off lately- couple good writes and outtakes, that's all good and fine, but I think google planted a bug, making all my comments shrug.

    Anyhow, I actually do have a small coin collection. I have coins from most countries. Obviously Canadian money is very easy for me to come by, I still have the multicolored dollars, not sure if you still use them or not, haven't renewed my passport in a while, but your money always makes me smile. But a toonie- this I do not have, actually did but then I lost it, think the cats took it and hid it like they do the clothes, dragging them through the house- seriously they take things all the time, stealing whatever they can carry. I'm trying to find this pic I took a few years ago, had chloe but up with the rest of her inside my mothers purse, she does this type of thing all the time, so I blame her for the missing toonie.


  5. Man, I love the feud you and DVerse have, it's awesome. Great stuff as always buddy, I love it once again my friend!

  6. perfectly ridiculous...I wanted to dislike all the internal rhymes...I wanted to...I wanted to...

    good stuff


  7. I think somewhere after the second paragraph I got completely lost. It feels weird, because I run back up to try and get it again and I don't D=

  8. such fun! also clearly something going on that not everyone is privy to. love the care it took to put this together.

  9. LOL.
    Stick it to a cucumber... Haha... crazy cat, as crazy as Pat the Hatt!

  10. give you a loonie or a toonie if you explain me what was this one about :)

  11. Glad it was fun as you came by
    Even if Pat is a crazy guy
    And the cat is nuts as well
    And things just generally go to hell..haha

    Yes I wonder who that sax player could be
    Chucking the loonie back at me..haha

    Actually the chuck norris reference was a cartoon
    Not one of his movies that are over the moon
    My cats will watch the tv
    Not sure what it is they see
    But birds out the window they like more
    And bugs on the floor

    Wow you really made up for lack of rhyme
    With this return comment chime
    You actually plan a response too
    Geez look at you..hahaha
    Figures Google would further screw with you
    Maybe they just went achoo
    And all the comment went poof
    Another stupid Blogger goof
    And yeah if you don't watch the litte buggers they will run off with anything
    And toss it around giving it a fling
    Or they just eat it
    Or bury it in the litter box with a fit
    All of which has been done
    So I'm sure Chloe did it and thought it was fun
    I have no coins but Canadian dough though
    And yeah still have the 1 and 2 dollar bill from our show
    Not used anymore what so ever
    They went with the loonie and toonie, aren't they clever..haha

    dVerse is fun to have a fued with here and there
    And of course they don't care
    Can give it back
    No matter the attack

    hahaha perfectly ridiculous works for me
    Such a delight to see

    hahaha see I went all loonie toonie and it came out crazy
    So sorry if your eyes went hazy

    Yeah it is a bit of an inside thing
    With my dVerse ring
    Actually took ten minutes to do
    So wasn't much care, just out of the blue

    Is just my fate

    The cat as crazy as Pat?
    Never I'm more crazy at our mat..haha

    hahaha the prompt was change
    And the cat tried to do a coin exchange
    But dVerse did not like Canadian money
    And thought Loonie and Toonie were just me being funny
    Then they got confused
    And I felt abused
    So I left them in a huff
    And let them exchange their change fluff
    Now where is my toonie?
    I'll settle for a loonie..haha

  12. I think Fred's cat Chloe is a magpie disguised in cat fur. :)

  13. ha just looking for some loonie toonies and you get cucumbers and moonies, but better watch chuck norris as he might say his name and cause and earthquake for goodness sake, change the channel and get off the couch before you become permanently connected to your flannel pajamas, ah haha's

  14. haha yeah she sounds like quite the thief
    Sure she has him thinking good grief
    With all the stuff she steals
    Maybe she trades it with other cats and strikes up good deals
    And look you and your twin almost at the exact same time
    With your comment chime
    Guess your are in sync
    Here at my rhyming rink

    Yes I got more than I bargained for
    At the dVerse shore
    I will not say his name
    Or my tongue might be burnt by a flame
    hahaha the cat likes the couch though
    As he cat scratch it up at Pat's show
    Actually Miss Priss does that more
    Orlin thinks it's too much of a chore

  15. yep..I think I only beat him here
    because I wasn't as long winded with my cheer!

    Our old cats used to claw the couch
    these new outside cats choose the tree trunks about
    But if the cats stay inside
    they have to sharpen their claws with pride
    better the couch than your leg
    unless you have a peg.

  16. well, since I've no idea what loonie and toonie is (speaking in trade terms) how about I arrange you a boonie with lots of zoonie?

  17. well pat you could have called me first as
    i got the quarters you needed; for the non-canadians, a loonie is $1.00 and toonie is $ 2.00 ~

  18. Loonie and toonie? I had no idea you were Canadian, Pat. That's cool!

  19. haha yeah you gave short retort
    And beat Brian at my court
    I bet you meant that too
    Sneaky aren't you?..haha
    hahaha a peg leg would be bad if they used
    I'd feel so abused
    Then they would look confused
    As I fell down and walked off all amused

    Yeah I should have specified on the loonie and toonie
    Being money and not some foonie or zoonie
    For all those not in the know
    It can be a disturbing show..haha

    See Heaven cleared it all up
    My money hiccup
    Next time I'll just go to her
    So your eyes won't blur

    The Cat and Pat are Canadian yes
    And right now it is getting very cool I will confess
    Soon it will be cold
    And cool won't sound so bold..haha

  20. It's getting cold at your bush?
    Better put a blanket on that tush.

  21. Pats has a bush on his tush? Oh, my, Betsy, I didn't want to know that :P

  22., no, no...well, probably, but that isn't what I was talking about.
    He lives in "Bush #3". Haven't you seen it here on his blog? He's shown photos. It's a topiary bush made into a tush.

  23. "So I asked if they could change my loonie and toonie. They looked at me like I was cartoony."

    You crack me up, Pat. :)

  24. Pat
    Pokemon and Tom and Jerry
    I enjoy the latter more
    Loonie toons can be weary
    But it's certainly not a bore


  25. haha the cat tore my last blanket to shreds
    And then tried to eat the threads
    Cassie helped too
    Just was just more sneaky then you know who

    hahahaha oh that just came out sooo wrong
    For those not in the know all along

    I don't think there is a bush back there
    But I can't see so I don't care..haha
    Yes Dezmond has seen it
    So he either is in a forgetful fit
    Or could not pass up making fun of you
    And me with that comment view

    Hopefully not too many cracks
    But fall apart with a few whacks

    I just used what popped into my head first
    The later I enjoy more at this age burst
    The former in my younger years though
    And yeah Loonie toons is a bit of a weary show

    Well played I can be
    Here at my sea

    Glad the loonie toonie
    And my full moonie
    Was all nice
    I can show it twice

  26. Yeah, Dez needs to get up to speed here
    or he's gonna think I'm totally weird.
    I would never ask you what parts of you were cold
    I'd say Whoopdi friggin doo
    just like you.

  27. hahaha not gonna let whoopdi friggin doo go now are you
    That and Strat are now two sayings due
    Stealing all my best stuff
    I soon won't have anything left to puff..haha

  28. Whoopdi friggin doo is just too fun to say
    can't let you have all the best word play!
    Let's be fair though and I'll let you say dear and sweet.
    Go ahead now, you'll feel neat!

  29. hahaha by feeling neat
    Do you mean it curls the toes on my feet
    Actually all nice with delight
    Is just a fright
    But at least you share with my little rhyming rear
    That did not sound sweet, oh dear..hahaha

  30. ha I cannot rhyme at that
    I'm having a laughing attack
    oh wait, I rhymed anyway're in my head all day!

  31. haha payback for taking a stroll in my head
    Now the cat can cause you rhyming dread
    And Pat with Strat and whoopdi friggin doo
    Oh the things that could ensue

  32. oh hee hee hee
    that causes you such glee!
    My family will just look at me
    If I start saying WFD, you see.
    Strat wouldn't be much better
    they'd say I spelled it with wrong letters.

    Hey, my brother-in-law is on his way to Nova Scotia tonight
    He drives a truck and has a delivery up near your sight
    If only I had known
    I could have ridden along
    Wouldn't you have popped a vein
    if I said I was on my way.

  33. All this change is out of my range...
    How do you ever find time
    to make all the rhymes
    and write a book too -
    how the hell do you do
    all that

  34. while this is all so very amusing,
    I find some of it a little confusing.
    Still I laugh
    and that's a fact.
    Now Mr. Cat,
    where ever you are
    please bring back
    the tip jar!

  35. Great piece, I hope I don't have to rhyme my comments as well. I'm terrible at making something resembling any sense.

  36. Oh hey you're Canadian too, learned something new today. :P

  37. yea, I also didn't know ur Canadian :P

  38. hahaha I don't get crazy looks with WFD
    But strat has given me a few
    A 20 hour drive at least to get here
    So there would be no fear
    By the time your arrived you be too tired
    And the cat would be too wired
    So you'd run away
    Back to your bay
    For a nap
    After such a long lap..haha

    Just a machine I guess
    Really just go at it I must confess
    Rhyme each day
    And 3 books down my way
    Actually four
    But that won't doesn't count for the usual tour
    The next will be started soon
    And I will continue to be a rhyming loon

    hahaha I didn't take the whole jar
    It was too heavy and I wouldn't get very far
    I bet Brian stole the thing
    And blamed it on me after I gave my change ring

    Nope no need to rhyme
    But I only make half sense with each chime
    So you would not be out of the loop
    If your rhyme turned to soup

    Learn something new everyday
    Some of it does cause dismay

    Well now you know
    And I hope being Canadian doesn't make you avoid my show..haha

  39. I just loved this loonie n tooney :D
    Fun read :)

  40. haha yeah at least our money
    Can sound quite funny

  41. A fun post..I rarely do things that rhyme because I am not good at are very good at it :)


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