Are You A Placebo Case? Sorry, I May Throw Egg On Your Face!

I meant to do this a while back but just never really got around to going on the attack. Yet Fred came on by the other day and said he got one his way. Then a few days ago, some whack job let his crap flow. Oh those who believe what they read. Especially when it comes from the rich pricks with their greed. Have you guessed yet? If not don't fret. For the name of the game is the flu shot is lame.

Why do they try to ram this crap down your throat? Or in another part of your umm moat. It is because either A. They believe everything they read in their precious book or B. the greed ridden nut jobs want people on the hook. When really you have the exact same chance of preventing the flu by spending a loonie or two. That would be a dollar elsewhere just in case you care. Go buy a bar of soap, maybe even on a rope. POOF! You now are just as better off as if you got a flu shot, as long as you use it and don't let it rot.

You don't even need the antibacterial crap, that is another placebo lap. But we won't go there. Is this more than you can bear? Tough luck. The flu shot is as worthless as getting hit with a hockey puck. Actually the later might wake you up better than a drink from your coffee cup.

Oh you don't believe the cat? Let's see what facts I can do at my mat. Exaggeration is the key! When they talk about the flu shot to you and me. For they found elderly people who are active and healthy get the shot. Well the ones who are not, stay at home and don't get it. Not one bit. So guess what? That means healthy people are getting the thing like a nut and since they are healthy they have less risk of getting the flu anyway. Oh the dismay. So when adjusting for the bias of a such a thing. Oopsy! Down goes that oh so high effectiveness they give a ring.

15% of the "high risk" got it in 1980 or so and now 65% get it at their show. But guess what once more? There has been no decrease in deaths from it, not one bit. But a HUGE rise in profits has been seen. Those companies are just rolling in green.

At best the thing can cover 70% of the strains, as the crap flows through your veins. The other 30% you are strat out of luck. But they already got their claws in you so who really gives a ummm fluck.

Placebo cases have been done time and time again. Which means they take random men and women. Some get the shot and some just get nothing at all. And guess what they always seem to find at their hall? Oopsy once more, as with each and every placebo encore. There is no difference between the ones who got the real shot and the ones who got the fake. That means you can prevent the flu just as well by jumping in a lake.

So if you can't learn to wash your damn hands before eating and such. If it's just way way too much. Go ahead and put Mercury, Ethylene Glycol, Phenol, Formaldehyde and Aluminum in you. For that stuff is just so much more healthy then the flu.

Now that is just my humble opinion on the thing. But feel free to give any hate a ring. The cat can take it with ease. As here one can say whatever they please. I think I also got a bit crass. Oh well sure it does not bother many who visit my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. The two years I got the flu shot, I had more incidences of falling sick. I'd rather skip it. I'm arguing for or against, but it's not for me.


  2. Yeah to each their own indeed
    I just find it more along the lines of useless crap the more I read
    Except for those who make the thing
    Tons of money to them it seems to bring

  3. Most of my friends that got a flu shot last year still got the flu...the strain it didn't protect against!

    Never got one...don't plan to either.

    I did a post regarding the flu shot and the mercury it contains, especially regarding those with autism. It's HERE if anyone wants to read it.

  4. I never get flu shots, and I never get sick. My work gives out for free, but I still decline it

  5. i never went to the doctor to get a flu shot...cause sometimes i think it would be nice to get the flu and stay some days in bed and my husband cooks me tea, reads poetry and wipes the cold sweat from my forehead...ha... but haven't had flu in ages...smiles

  6. Pat I never use the Flu shot, maybe I think like you whe I got a flu is the same,but to old people maybe is better I dont know in fact my Dad always is with Flu:)

  7. i hqvent gotten flu shots yet. i should really.
    i do get sick with troubled sinuses but thats about it.

  8. I say if they can't read and don't follow the advice from people like you and me? Let 'em. We can try, though, right?

  9. We skipped last year but this time, we got it again. There is no harm in it, plus its free.

  10. haha yeah it doesn't protect against crap
    Maybe they should say it protects against the clap..haha
    Could be more truthful indeed
    Of course more could do the deed
    Yep never have and never will
    At my rhyming hill
    Yeah everyone was crazy of that h1n1 thing
    But never gave that a ring
    And oopsy never got it either at my hall
    Such a big fat money grabber and that is all

    Yeah my work tried to give it to me free too
    I declined just like you

    hahaha you want to get sick
    Ewww that is just ick
    But yes it be nice to be waited on
    Could always just fake sick at your lawn

    Yeah your chances are the same
    Wash your hands and poof just upped your chances with the flu game

    Bah you'll get sick anyway more than likely though
    The flu shot won't do much better for you at your show

    Thank is a good way to look at it
    Let them take the hit
    The decision is each ones after all
    So no matter what we say at our hall
    Let 'em indeed
    Especailly if they don't read

    FREE is a rather loose term
    And does it really stop a germ
    Is they rich companies still get rich
    And we pay for it in one way or another without a hitch

  11. I think they are beneficial to an extent, but they aren't magical. You can still get sick. Too many strains of colds and flu out there to catch them all. So they get the few most common.

  12. Yeah too many do think of them as magic
    Then find it oh so tragic
    When poof they get sick
    Acting as if it was all a trick

  13. Are you saying that all the pills I've been getting from the doctors in my Looney house are just placebo?

  14. I have to give a vote for the cat on this one. It's been close if not around 2 weeks already and I was fine before the swine, now since then I've been sick and then think I'm better than sick some more. If it wasn't for the unemployment and the nocare healthcare I'd probably have gotten much more medicine and spent a tone, but I've been doubling up on Vitamin C and have started feeling better some. But yeah, no more flu shot for me. I got it so I wouldn't get it because I can't really afford getting sick, and the doctor said its much safer for my baby niece if we all get the shot so to help prevent here from getting the lot. Go figure, guess I got played, Not the first time, probably not the last, but the last when it comes to flu shots, that is for sure.

  15. hahaha yeah those are just placebo
    They wanted to see how long you'd believe them at your looney show

  16. Yep doctors always believe in what they read
    And that is put out by those mostly after increased greed
    Hand washing does just the same thing
    And if someone is germy head for a different wing
    And yeah body has to adjust to all the crap
    So they make you kind of sick to fight the flu lap
    The whole few strains you prob won't catch anyway
    But the rest of them can still infect you causing dismay
    One big con game is what it is
    Another greed ridden biz

  17. last time i got the flu shot was 16 years ago in the middle of the winter by a fire, and only because i was required, had to take my shirt off in like 20 degrees, the nurse that stuck me i think she was pleased.

  18. hahaha at least you pleased the nurse
    Even if the cold would make you curse

  19. I'm with you on this one Pat. The flu shot is an idea that came from the bowels of hell itself. Fleecing people of money and using scare tactics to do it. When medicine and Madison Avenue get together on something and tell us it's "for your own good" there's definately some shite going on.

  20. Yeah I don't bother getting the flu shots either. I have better things to do with my time.

    Like Minecraft...

  21. Maybe I should get into the flu shot game and stand on street corners shouting, I'm not to blame. I simply need to earn a buck or two. A little stick from my my syringe and no need to boo-hoo. I'll even replace the needle after every few.


  22. Wow you really hate the flu shot
    A whole lot
    But the bowels of hell is could have came from
    Or popped out some rich persons bum
    Prob much of the same
    Neither are very taem
    The scare tactic they use that every time
    And yeah when they get together it's more of a crime

    hahaha now there is an excuse to use
    I have minecraft to play so flu shot you loose

    hahaha you never know
    Could get a couple bucks with that flow
    But replacing the needle after a few
    That's just really ewww..haha

  23. As someone with an auto immune illness I was advised I shoudl get the flu shot every year and I was alos told I ought to get the H1N1 shot too, so, I got it the year they said we all ought to get it, It made me sick for nearly a year. Now, I'm not ever going to get another shot again. I tell my teen to wash her hands as soon as she comes in the door. I use a clean swipe tissue that they provide at the superstores to wipe the shopping cart handles before I grab them and I try to just keep away from anyone who is sick with heavy colds that may be flu. Like you, all I see is the drugs companies getting rich on fear.
    Well said!

  24. Sick for a year holy crap
    After hearing that it truly deserves Anne's "bowels of hell" rap
    That's just disgusting altogether
    Especially when they are supposed to make you good in any weather
    That's exactly what one has to do
    And they have a better chance of avoiding the flu
    Then that stupid shot
    I don't use the wipes, I use my coat sleeve so those germs can rot
    Yep drug companies getting rich
    Well everyone else remains in the ditch

  25. I don't know why, but I have never been comfortable with the idea of getting a flu shot. But I haven't actually researched it or anything.

  26. Sure there is a good reason for being uncomfortable with it
    As the idea simply isn't a hit
    No research needs to be run
    To know shoving all that crap in you prob shouldn't be done

  27. So they've got you in Canada too? Now I'm convinced it's a worldwide conspiracy. They're injecting us with some kind of mind control stuff. Soon we'll be all like zombies. Maybe that's why zombie and vampire literature is so popular---just another part of the conspiracy to take over our minds and bodies. And it's everywhere from additives in the water and food supply and substances delivered through those jet contrails. Soylent Green can't be far behind. We're doomed!

    My guest Linda Hoye talks about adoption and writing memoir on
    Wrote By Rote

  28. hahaha oh yes we are completely and utterly screwed
    Their mind control is so rude
    I don't want to become a zombie though
    Eating all that protein doesn't seem good for the diet or bodies flow..haha
    Oh the doom
    Will put us all in an early tomb

  29. Arlee may be on to something here!
    The jet contrails? Oh dear!
    And I thought they were kisses in the sky
    Now my Oh Dear has turned into My Oh My.

  30. haha yes with all the smog you get down there
    You better lock the door and close the windows tight at your lair
    They could be zombie-fying you
    As the conspiracy comes due

  31. flu shot..
    wat a topic to write :P
    I'm suffering from mild flu right now :(

    Fun read !!
    loved this line
    ## At best the thing can cover 70% of the strains, as the crap flows through your veins. ##

  32. So that's what is wrong with me!
    Who knew it was the smog that I breathe!
    I've been zombie-fied into a sad mood.
    It doesn't even help if I eat Christmas food!

  33. Ewwww glad there are no cyber germs afloat
    I may have to shove pills down my throat..haha
    Hope it goes away soon
    And yes the crap flows whether night or noon

    Hmmmm we may have just found your plight
    Here at my place tonight
    I wonder if there is a cure for it
    Maybe some continious rhyming and quick wit..haha

  34. Some continuous rhyming and quick wit?
    Gee, I don't know anyone that description would fit!
    Oh mean you, Cat?
    Careful or your head won't fit in that hat!

  35. First off, egg in the face is not a joking matter.

    Second, THE FLU SHOT!! What a scam!! I won't get it because A) Why would I inject myself with a virus? That just screams for Zombie movie like side effects. B) Since you are injecting yourself with a LIVE virus, you are increasing the spread of the disease. My mom swears that she gets flu symptoms every time that my grandparents get vaccinated. Coincidence? Maybe, but maybe not. Great post!! I agree w/ everything you said.

  36. Didn't get a flu shot this year
    because they said they'd prick me in the rear.
    So I took my chances, do or die.
    Even after a boogie hit me in the eye.

    But, now I'm starting to feel sick.
    Still, my rear is safe from that prick.
    So, even though I may cough and hack
    No doctor will be eyeballin' my sack.

    NOTE: Double entendres intended.

  37. hahaha hmmm no it couldn't be me
    I'd never stroke my own ego at my sea
    Oh wait! Hmmm maybe that has been done
    As I go about my fun

    hahaha well not everyone can say they experienced it like you
    So they prob took it less literal at my zoo..hahaha
    So true all those zombie movies are just begging to come true
    Also good point, they say you are stopping the spread of it, but technically you are helping it a bit more come into view
    They'll argue you can't spread it and crap from the shot
    But once in the human body it could mutate alot
    And poof now you can make some sick
    Just from their stupid little prick
    A woman agreeing with everything I said
    Damn! I'll have to write that down, I'll prob never hear that again even when I'm dead..haha

    hahahaha yes we can't have nothing going in our rear
    Or have some fool look and peer
    They look at mine and they may die on sight
    It is such a bright pale pasty white..hahaha
    A boogie in the eye
    Were you picking your nose and flicked it in reverse, sigh
    You're supposed to pick and flick
    And never lick
    In the opposite direction of you
    I see the double entrendres too
    Of course if it's seen by the prick
    You may have to dodge an incoming brick

  38. My girl forced me to get a flu shot for the first time this year...... and I am here to officially report..... I have only had the flu one time so far this year!!!!! So basically I got screwed!

  39. Of course they want people on the hook. The only shot I need is a tequilla shot. A cup of apple juice for you, Pat? No problem! Bottoms up!

  40. I hate when rich creeps let there crap flow all over the place.

  41. Controversial. No flu shot, me... Never. I just try to suffer it, instead.
    Lots of sh*t is put in those things they force us to use so as to-say- smell well. And it's true and proved that parabens cause cancer, yet there they are for us to use it , together with aluminium (main reason of breast cancer)
    What a world we live in
    I'd rather sneeze it all out!

  42. hahaha yep looks like you got the short end of the stick
    Least you can now prove it was all a trick

    haha yeah you can drink you tequilla shot
    I'll take apple juice and avoid the gut rot...haha

    That is pretty much what the do
    Not giving a damn about me and you

    Yeah I would rather suffer through it too
    If I were to catch the stupid flu
    Is surprising they still use the crap
    That can make you take a dirt nap
    Sneeze it all out works for me
    They can take the shot and shove it in their own behind for free

  43. Great stuff Pat, it's kind of got me thinking though, quite a lot. Ugh, sometimes I absolutely hate society.

  44. haha yes many a times I do too
    Sometimes be better off flushing the so called society down the loo

  45. Two women agree
    There must be something wrong with me..haha


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