Book Number Three! How I Do It Is A Mystery!

The cat and Pat have worked out a system now. So neither of us have a cow. The cat does his rhyming thing while Pat let's his movies fling. Then Pat does his while the cat is attending to his ummm biz. Anyway, number three is now ready to go. Over at Pat's book show. This time I'll plug in complete rhyme with my promo chime.

In "A Not So Barren World" the cat time machine is back along with Emily and Jack. Zeus and Drazin show their face with other gods flying all over the place. But it's not long before they go down the well and get lost in Hell.

Lucifer greets them all nice and neat. Even gives them shoes for their feet. But all is not grand for long and once again everything goes wrong. A cyclops and the Gorgon sisters give a bow. The hecatoncheires even has a cow. As they try to get out of Hell which seems to be a hard sell.

The exit they need to find, with Leftovers hot on their behind. "He" also comes into play even a Genie has his say. The past comes back and the villains attack. Strat! Still is a favorite shout, as the group soon find out. They are in "A Not So Barren World."

Alright, the last part did not rhyme. But it fit better without it for my book chime. Also since it is Christmas time and all, the cat will be nice at his hall.

As for December only $2.97 all books will be. When you go over to Pat's place to see. That is all out of me. Except for one big thing, Betsy! Huge thanks for a TON of help. I'm being way too nice, yelp. Not used to having no sass, I better get out of here before I become a lovable little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. A trilogy I see, I will have to buy all three. Okay it's a shitty rhyme, but when my hubby wakes up, I'll wrestle the debit card from his grasp and buy, buy, buy.

  2. Lovable? Oh dear.
    You'd do a double take in the mirror!

    Seriously...since I've read all three
    I can say people should take a looksee
    Each is better then the one before
    Can't wait to see what comes with #4.


    best of luck, Pat.
    and thanks Cat
    for giving up the keyboard for a while
    I'm sure it did cramp your style.

  3. Now this I would love to see: The hecatoncheires even has a cow.

    Or maybe not. Hmmm.

    Sorry no rhymes from me, unlike your other commenters. I suck at rhyming. :(

  4. Here comes Book #3 for all to see
    Pat,his Cat,Drazin,Jack & Emily
    At $2.97 but why not make it $3?
    If all 3? Huh! make the price easy!


  5. a cow and Lucifer? It's the deadliest combination ever! Like ever ever ever!
    You are paying us $2.97 or do we have to pay :PPPP

  6. Three books! Congrats on the milestone! I'm still waiting for book number two to be released. Good luck with your continued success!

  7. what is a cat without his sass, but an author that is even hotter and i like the deal for december what a steal...on my way to order today

  8. Well done Pat. And, of course I am taking a look now...

  9. Hey a shitty rhyme I can take
    Quite a few I tend to make..haha
    Thanks for the look at my nook
    And if you buy buy buy a book..hahaha

    Yes I'd have to avoid the mirror all day
    Nice can't be seen my way
    What else can I say to that
    You are always so nice to the cat
    And number 4 is getting there
    As Pat is once again in the cats hair..haha

    hahaha yes that would be a sight to see
    Would be quite scary to me
    Bah don't have to rhyme
    It is not totally a crime..haha

    Pat and the cat aren't in the thing
    Well sorta maybe they give a ring
    As far as $3.00 goes
    That causes people woes
    They like the .97, .99, .whatever
    I've learn that in each internet endeavor

    Thanks for the congrats
    Now I'll got eat some rats

    Yeah sure would be deadly indeed
    Those patties can be tough to read..haha

    Yep three have been done
    On to the fourth one
    Pat won't let up until all 12 are out
    And about

    Glad it's a steal
    Hopefully you find the hotter comment real
    As you read through
    Still have to say number 3 is better than anything Pat or the cat has done, it's true

    haha see a rhyming promo
    Is fun don't you know

    Congrats is appreciated indeed
    Here at my feed

    Thanks for taking a look
    At my nook

  10. How exciting! You are amazing. Three books already--wow :0)

  11. Yep on and on I go
    Nice to be amazing too at my show..hahaha

  12. Thanks for the look
    At Pat's book nook

  13. it's time for you to make your own book

  14. The cat's not sure people could stand a 500 page book in rhyme
    They might consider that a crime..haha

  15. Pat this sounds absolutely excellent! I want this and I want this badly, it sounds a great read to me haha. Great post as usual.

  16. I can't wait to read!!! I'm a little behind, but I'll catch up :P

    and stop having a cow. It sounds painful!

  17. sweet, sounds (like a) splendid (waste of my money) :D

  18. "not so barren world"--not so sure I'd want to join them. Entertaining, as always.

  19. Way to go YOU*! Well done, congratulations and many, many sales!

  20. haha geez wanting something so badly my way
    Sorry for all the added dismay..haha

    I know you'll catch up without a hitch
    But those cows have to come out they really itch..haha

    haha yeah you are to busy getting high
    With no brain cells left to fry..hahaha

    Yeah would not want to go to Hell
    That is a bad place from what I can tell

    Call me a YOU
    Geez the things you do..haha
    We shall see
    As sales so far already are better for number three

  21. author/rhymer extraordinaire...a Patt of all trades!

  22. haha yes I seem to be able to stretch my skill
    Where at Pat's place or at the cat's rhyming hill

  23. I enjoy your rhymes, Pat-- thanks for reading me! xxxj

  24. Glad the rhymes are fun
    As they just have to be done

  25. Congrats on bk 3, my slough has seemingly affected me all around, as reading, unfortunately has fallen to the wayside of my ground, but soon I hope, and quick reads I've heard, be able to skip from one to two then on to 3. But who knows, by then 9 might be out too:) All good though, having things to do on one's docket always helps cure boredom well, if only it could send darned flus to well, hell.

  26. haha yeah at least you don't have an excuse to be bored at your shore
    Wish the flu would just die forever more
    Sure you will get there as well
    And find out how they get to Hell

  27. I got a congrats and a wow
    Now that won't make me have a cow..haha

  28. lol nice Pat. Always enjoy your posts.

  29. I hope it gets lot of attention and brings even more success :)

  30. Glad you enjoy
    Even when I try to annoy..haha

    Time will tell indeed
    But who knows where it will lead

    Sure I beat it is
    You and your non reading biz

  31. I should take a look at this sometime, this is great.

  32. Congrats. I wish I could string 2 words together.

  33. Have a look at Pat's nook
    After the rhymes are took
    As the cat has to come first
    With his ego burst..haha

    Bah you stringed one
    Sometimes it beats a ton

  34. You are one prolific writer...congrats and yes, I will check it out too ~

  35. Congrats on your book! That's awesome! Damn, maybe I should write one as well.

  36. An interesting synopsis :) `Sounds like it will be a fun read. And, this is your third published novel? Way cool.


  37. Your third one! Over 500 pages, too? How do you pull it off, Pat? The reason I like blogging is I can keep things short. (I've got the attention span of a three-year-old...) I mean, how much time did it take you to finish it? I think it's impressive and I'll put it on my wish list for sure.

  38. Prolific you say
    Nice to hear at my bay
    And thanks for the look
    At Pat's nook

    Thanks from Pat
    And maybe the cat

    Go for it
    Never know could be a hit

    Third novel for me
    Here at my rhyming tree
    Yeah Pat is sorta cool
    But the cats rule..haha

    hahaha time wise it took me 20 days to finish it
    I locked myself away and did it bit by bit
    After the first two
    It gets much easier to do
    Glad I could impress
    Sometimes I have the attention span of a three year old too, I must confess..haha

  39. A smiley face thing you say
    Or show here my way

  40. Well, it's time for a toast, so raise that cup!
    Your wise-ass rhymes are cracking me up! :)

  41. hahaha glad my wise-ass rhymes are good for something
    As long as it's apple juice in mine I'll toast and make the cups cling


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