Don't You Love It When They Whine Thinking They Are So Divine!

Pat was sure feeling the love the other night, as he was set up just right. The little computer generated men could not find him because they were quite dim. But oh no! I had to be a big fat cheater at my show. Yep! It was all on me because they were too dim to see, that my little computer generated man was hiding in a bush. It wasn't like the cat's with a crack in its tush. That may be considered cheating but it could also have some very nice seating.

You know I always help out the people with good ideas for my what to do. Maybe I should help the whiners out just once so they have something new. I wouldn't want people to say the cat was one sided in his view. So without further adieu let's give the dim witted whiners a what to do.

What to do, What to do
When You Need An Excuse For The Losses That Accrue.

What can I do?
A loss came due.
My poor ego might never recover.
Now how can I impress my Xbox Live (3000 miles away) lover?

Wait! The guy is a camper.
That's what sent me to the clothes hamper.
To blow my poor nose,
After suffering such woes.

Yes! He has a turbo controller too.
Yes, yes that has to be true.
He also has a strong xbox,
Must have got it from a shiny box.

The little known glitch,
He must have hit the light switch.
Then rolled over three times,
And danced with mimes.

That was quite the glitch indeed,
I knew he used that to make me bleed.
Yes, yes, yes I must make him confess.
He shot through a tree is my guess.

Now I'll swear and bitch some,
Sounding like I have something up my bum.
With some high pitch voice,
I have no choice.

I have to impress that girl in the room.
After all she might have a magic broom.
And fly to my mothers basement soon.
Maybe he's using a magic spoon?

I got it, it's a cheat!
That is how I was beat.
Who cares if cheats went out ages ago.
He has a super duper cheat code at his show.

Now I'll let the swearing flow some more.
Because he just gave me an encore.
He really has to cheat,
For I can never be beat.

Forget about my growth,
That girl has to be impressed by my potty mouth.
And that I'm such an online tough guy.
Who cares if I lie?

These are all true facts.
He's using all these acts.
He's a camping, turbo controller using, cheat code, glitching, skippy noob with a strong xbox.
Excuse me well I go change my Hello Kitty socks.

Ummm whoops! Was I supposed to say what to do?
Hmmm well for some these excuses may be new.
So this edition has come to due.
And yep, heard them all, sad but true.

Strong xbox has to be the stupidest one I ever heard. That is just plain absurd. How does one get a strong xbox anyway? I can see an internet connection display. But strong xbox? Someone has the brains of an ox. And yes Pat loses all the time too. But doesn't turn him blue or make him need excuse after excuse. Doesn't even need to call a truce. Just let's it pass and then goes at it once again, as I sit here and rhyme away with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. *sigh* I don't do video games.

    Having said that, I did like the "mother's basement" and "potty mouth" lines!

    And... Can I possibly be first yet again?

  2. Nice, bit of a lyrical genius eh? :)

  3. It was the last bit that slayed me Pat. "he's a camping, turbo controller using,cheat code, glitching,skippy noob, with a strong xbox. I can almost hear those lines coming out of John Cleese's mouth. I'm going to write this down and insult people with it hahaha

  4. Man I love this. This made me laugh so much, I hate people who get on like this with their gaming, it's an incredible pain to the brain, haha!

  5. xBox? Whew! I'll never come close
    Only good for the kids to bother
    Let them enjoy it for all its worth
    Just sit and watch them, brother
    Kept alive with shrieks and shouts
    Interactive can sure be lots of fun
    Treat them with 'eats' when bored
    No mischief from these young ones


  6. I didn't get all this cause I'm not to familiar with video games but what I did get make me laugh!
    I'm sure lots of guys wish for a "girl" to fly in and save them from there mothers basement!

  7. Haha! This blog is truly entertaining, one of a kind! Following!

  8. Ah Silver you always want be the first (lol)
    but I win the other day in Betsy ha,ha :)

  9. I dont know play videos games!!!! But my kids know:)

  10. Patsy, is it possible that you ate too much Mars, Sneakers and Twix bars during the holidays? :P

  11. haha look at you, got the computer gaming flu, i played with the xbox the other day just a bi, killing all the zombies that came my way, dont make fun of me though it was just and hour or so and i dont own one are a riot....

  12. My son has that game of killing the zombies, too
    But he plays a buddy in the room.
    He doesn't do the online stuff
    where the stupid guys act rough and tough.
    I'm sure when you win they say you cheat!
    It's just so hard to get beat!

    I wasn't first or even third
    So I can't brag a single word.
    I slept in, it's a vacation time at our hall
    and I need my beauty sleep, after all. :)

  13. Not into XBox, but my grandkids often play Wii games. Not interacting with anyone distant though, thankfully! The Hello Kitty socks was a nice touch. Wondering if you saw Puss 'N Boots movie, by the way. If you haven't, take your cat and get thee to a theater. I am more a dog person, but I loved this movie (and didn't expect to).

  14. smiles..i hope that girl took you on a ride with her magic broom...i would prefer this to all xbox games in the world..smiles

  15. I had a good laugh... for some reason, I started reading it in rapper style

  16. A zebra thong and hello kitty socks...yup, now I know a lot :P hahaha sorry, had to!

    I am an xbox noob, so this is out of my element. I'm that annoying person that plays for giggles and kicks you to death.

    Great excuses though. LOL! I'll stick to guitar hero :P I don't want to swear w/ a high pitched voice b/c something's up my butt. That just wouldn't be right for a

  17. Betsy my daughter adore zombies, and I hate:)

  18. First once more at my shore
    Bah I know you're too old for videogame lore..haha

    And second too
    Even if some cheating came due

    Bit of lyrical genius you say
    That is nice at my bay

    hahaha have fun insulting people with it
    Let me know if it causes them a fit
    It would be so fun to hear
    What they come back with in their cheer

    Yeah some just get all tough guy
    When in really life they are rather shy
    I guess it gives them a delight
    To do such things out of sight

    Well at least the xbox can entertain
    The kids at your lane
    Interactive is the best though
    Is it sure lets a lot of things flow

    hahaha yeah that would probably be a big wish
    From many guys who are stuck there using plenty of fish
    Glad at least some made sense
    As those videogame nuts can be kind of dense

    One a of a kind
    Works for my little rhyming behind

    You beat him at Betsy's you say
    Oh that has to cause him dismay

    Yeah older people just don't know
    hahaha hmmm shouldn't have let that flow

    That stuff doesn't touch my yap
    So nope none of that caused this flap..haha

    Oh those zombies are so fun
    Blowing off their heads with one big gun
    So no making fun will be had
    The cat a riot, just makes me so glad

    haha oh yeah they say I cheat all the time
    Like I committed some big crime
    But oh well it's fun to tick them off
    And watch as the scoff
    Gives me something to do
    To rhyme about on cue
    Yeah I slept in too
    This one I set blogger to post it between me and you..haha

    Yeah Wii doesn't have the interaction
    Although some of those moves can make for a hard transaction
    Hello Kitty socks just popped in
    As I gave the whiners a spin
    Haven't watched that one yet
    But you can bet
    When the dvd comes out I will
    Adding it to my movie sil

    A magic broom would trumph those
    Ending all the video game woes

    Reading rapper style
    Hopefully it didn't sound vile

    hahaha hmmmm maybe Pat should give the Zebra thong a go
    Would make for an interesting show
    Will see what I can do
    Never fear I can take whatever comes from you..haha
    hahaha those annoying people can be fun
    As they never seem to hit me with their gun
    So gives me a thrill
    Getting an easy kill
    Yeah that would not be right
    Although could make for a rather interesting sight..LOL

    Zombies are fun
    One day Pat and zombies will have to get a book done

  19. When all else fails, kick it into God mode!

  20. hahaha there you go
    Forgot all about the Godly flow

  21. Hello Kitty socks ... now I've heard it all. Probably not. I'll tune in again for more fresh lyrics!

  22. hahaha that was one of those spur of the moment things that popped in my head
    The idea just had to be fed..haha

  23. Ha, I love cheat codes-lol Probably because I always get stuck and don't have the energy or time to make it right, so off to google I do go, to find someone not as slow, to give me the access to pass, that mean baddie in my path. and then, when it comes to the end, unless it's one of those game that give you a different one when you cheat, I sit and watch the ending and say neat. But a little while, well shortly after actually, I start to wonder if that ending was worth 60 dollars. Typically no, but video games are fun, but I never got into the xbox run, I have the wii and the PS3. Great fun here with this what to do.

  24. haha yeah not a whole lot are worth 60 bucks now a days
    After all the most anyone usually plays
    Is through them one time
    But some are rather sublime
    Still all I do is buy one
    Beat it and when I'm done
    Trade it in, get like $40-50 off another new one
    Then I spent ten whole bucks and can do that a ton
    The ones I like I keep
    But I no longer buy a whole heap
    Maybe a few a year
    Many sucks now a days I fear

  25. Not a gamer, but I did enjoy the post. Hello Kitty socks. What riot!

  26. haha those socks seem to be all the rage
    Maybe I should have shown them on the page

  27. hahaha, this is great, pat. enjoyed reading this... :) gotta tell my hubs about it. :)

    hope you had a nice christmas, and a happy new year to you!

  28. The start of your day
    Geez it's almost over my way..haha

    Glad it was fun
    Gonna tell too about this one
    Thanks for that
    Happy New Year from our mat

  29. Glad it was once more
    Here at my shore

  30. You need to find a rhyming shooter..... cause you would be the best gamer probably ever!!!

  31. I need to play more video games.

  32. Told my friend this morning, anyone can be anyone online. I'm the Queen of Sheba if I want to be... so there. ;) And no, I don't have an xbox either LOL

  33. haha then I would never be beat
    I could win playing with my feet

    Bah, if you have other stuff to do
    Let those occupy you

    Glad it was
    Just because

    Isn't the Queen of Shiba dead though?
    So that might not work you know.
    But hahaha I get what you mean
    Could create a whole new scene

    Well better you brother
    Than your mother..haha

  34. Hmmm you never know
    Many people could do such things at their golf show

  35. This is my favorite part "He's a camping, turbo controller using, cheat code, glitching, skippy noob with a strong xbox.
    Excuse me well I go change my Hello Kitty socks."

    Sooooo awesome ;)

  36. hahaha adding it all into one
    Was quite fun..haha


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