Here Is A Cheer! It's The Most Shortest Day Of The Year!

I guess it's the most shortest day of the year. But that seems like a redundant thing to my little rear. Still work the same amount of time, still do a little chime with my rhyme and look a full 24hrs happen with each clock chime. Hmmm maybe there is a new definition for short that I have not heard of at my court. Let's look at this shall we? I wouldn't want to be shortsighted at my sea.

So today is supposed to be short,
But I'm here to report.
That is just not the case.
Here is proof, so try to keep pace.

No shortage of hours,
Or short circuiting powers.
Shortstops still play,
With no shortcuts to convey.

Won't foreshorten lines,
No shortness of landmines.
Shortening still sprouts,
With no shortcake droughts.

Shortlists still compile,
My shorthand is vile.
Shortwave radio works,
Sensing shortfalling jerks.

I wasn't shortchanged,
Or shorthanded at my range.
Shortia's still bloom,
And shortbread brings doom.

Still can wear shorts,
Shortie shorts from some reports.
I'm never shortish,
Maybe shorter some wish.

So this is the short and the long of it.
Get Shorty was arguably a hit.
The shortbus is full,
Martin Short no longer has pull.

Short term memory still goes tick.
Avoid getting the short end of the stick.
Many still short on cash.
A short temper makes one rash.

Wasn't that short and sweet?
Sorry, if you're so short your license shows your feet.
But as you can see,
Nothing of any short at bush number three.

I also heard a sad story the other day. It is sure to cause dismay. A short person committed suicide after a blow to their pride. It seems they balled out their eye lids watching Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

What? I can't hear you. You seem to be out of my view. I wish you would stand up when talking to me. Oh, you are standing up, hmmm sorry.

See no shortage of short replies here. But what if you are in a place with light six months a year? You can't argue shortness of day or night. So the shortness once again takes flight. The shortest day of the year is all perception. But it allows me to use a short joke or two so I'll make an exception. I also have no shortage of gas and that is the short report from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. haha I always see a new perspective reading your posts. Thank you for another mind expanding post!

  2. This is my favourite day of the year man, well of Winter, it's just great to see things looking up from here, it really is. Excellent post as usual, and I love the new finishing line, "Enjoy your winter, smash a printer," it's pure quality!

  3. I don't see why people think today is the shortest day! The day where time leaps forward is only 23hours long!

    Love your rhymes! But some of these went over my head!

  4. it is not the size but what you do with it they say, i guess they are talking about today, say wonder if its a shorts day, brrrr, no unless i want the reverse of grow, so enjoy your shortness your rhymes are best.

  5. Oh the things I learn at this blog is PRICELESS!

  6. To me it's the days leading up to Christmas that are short. No time for the shopping, the shoppers report!

    Thanks for stopping by to view my blog. Have a merry Christmas, and don't forget the dog! That is of course, if you have a mutt. Either way, don't forget the pets or they will bite your butt!

    I will follow this blog of rhyme, I could say more but I have no time!

  7. shortest day? I don't believe it. Hey, why is it already dark outside when I woke up just seconds ago? :)

  8. haha glad I can expand your mind
    Even with my confusing little behind

    haha glad their is love for the new finishing line
    Just don't go smashing mine..haha

    That is true too
    I guess all that leaping screws up their view
    Bah sometimes they go over my head
    Or at least I'll pretend so I don't bring you dread

    Hmmm I suppose that works for most things
    That are waiting in the umm wings
    Yeah you would surely get some reverse grow
    Actually here I don't know
    It isn't that cold
    So things may look more bold

    hahaha Priceless is so nice to say
    Even if I confuse or cause dismay

    I suppose they can seem short
    But no matter the court
    There is the same amount of time
    Still all sublime
    Just you go so fast
    It doesn't seem as vast
    Too much to do
    Like your litte ummm nightly screw..haha
    Nope no mutt around my parts
    Just a cat that sometimes farts
    I followed back too
    A fun comment rhyme given by you

    Dez you need to take those sunglasses off your face
    Then it will look much brighter at your place..haha

  9. "Most Shortest?" The Grammar Nazi just threw up!

  10. LMAO Enjoy your winter, smash a printer? Don't smash it give it to me!! Mine broke :(

    Ok, you win! It's not a shorter day. Sigh...Way to ruin the fun and give out the secret!! haha

    The real question is...How does shortbread bring doom? I'm googling shortbread right now just make sure that I'm 100% clear on what that is...

  11. hahaha I hope you have a bucket
    When you went to up chuck it
    With all this short stuff
    The cat took some leeway with his huff and puff

    But the shipping would cost a lot
    Unless I smashed it to bits and sent it to you in a small pot
    Then you could do a puzzle like thing
    Of course some curses you may sling
    hahaha at least I gave the secret out in a fun way
    And did just go oh hey
    You are dumb not short
    Then end the retort..haha
    Shortbread brings doom
    And all kinds of gloom
    Because the cat doesn't like food
    One picky eating dude..haha

  12. I can't wait to tell my kids what today is. I'm sure they'll get a kick out of that :0)

  13. haha I'm sure they won't fall short
    There at your fort..haha

  14. honey i shrunk the kids made me want to commit suicide too.

  15. Short day though? >.> I missed the reasoning I thinks..

  16. This wasn't short, that's for sure. Nice thing is that the days will start getting longer from her. Yay!

  17. I'm glad that you didn't succumb to the pressure to make this rhyme time short to fit the theme!

    Unfortunately, I need my printer, so I can't smash it... maybe I can smash a ...splinter? instead.

  18. hahaha Honey We Shrunk Ourselves would surely do the trick
    If the first one only gave you a prick

    You like being so short
    Aren't you just the sport

    Supposed to be the shortest day light wise I guess
    But really is just nuts I will confess

    True the longer they will be
    But then that's a whole other post by me..haha

    Pffft the pressure will never get to the cat
    I'll yap forever at my mat
    Okay a splinters is fine
    But when you pull it out don't wine

  19. was about to smash a printer today in the office...just wouldn't want to work as it should..ha.. but that was probably because i was too short-tempered.. ugh..
    glad the days are getting longer again.. always a bit depressing when i drive to work in the morning and it's dark and when i get home it's dark again...light me some candles... long or short..i don't mind..smiles

  20. the long and short of this:
    i love it..ha..ha...hey, martin short was funny.

    well today is a shortened day as I am out early for a party..whooowhoo ~

    Happy Holidays to you and the cat ~

  21. haha I have a printer here I'd like to smash
    But that postage machine I really want to bash
    Yeah is a bit depressing when it's all nice and dark
    Sometimes its light in the morning though when you park
    But I'll send some candles along
    They might be short and not so strong

    haha yes was funny
    Now he just doesn't seem to bring in the money
    So they ignore him
    Guess some are dim
    I get out early too
    A whole 30 mins whoowhoo..haha

  22. Ah Pat search Cat Vs. printer on youtube reminds me of this lol.

  23. You're such a talent
    with what you do here.
    Each day, each month
    all through the year.
    You should be paid for all that you do
    And while I can't rhyme..., too.

  24. hahaha just went and watched it
    The cat really had it in for the printer smacking the thing with each hit

    Now I really like that notion
    If I got paid I'd make quite the comotion
    Maybe even do the locomotion
    And get some lotion
    The cats paws are kind of sore
    Going on the daily rhyming tour
    Oh and I'll send you a kickback too
    Just know when each kick comes due
    Not to bellow
    Because the post-it will be pretty yellow

  25. @Smile
    nya, he is more of a new MC Hammer :PPP

  26. I have yet to master the magic of short/concise. Perhaps I should read your bit 3 times in a row for inspiration--but how can i squeeze all of this in on the shortest day of the year?

  27. Always a pleasure reading your rhymes!

  28. hahaha nope I'm just a cat
    That rhymes about this and that

    hahaha now now don't hiss
    Dez you're just jealous that you can't touch this

    Hmmmm that might be hard to do
    Three times and on a short day too
    Plus you might go off the deep end
    Or right around the bend

    Glad it is a pleasure
    Now find me some buried treasure

  29. Yes, happy winter! It's finally here!
    So we can all give a jolly cheer.
    Maybe it will snow
    and give our noses a rose glow
    It gets dark my 5pm here
    I bet it's earlier there, I fear!

  30. It's shortness of breath
    Short of calling it a day
    Not in short supply
    It's free air if you may
    So make your lungs bigger
    Take short deep breath
    It lingers and no shouts
    It does'nt take wealth
    Just healthy short snorts


  31. It got dark a little after 5PM here today too
    So not that much earlier it seems to come due
    Well it be early for you
    With all that crappy time zone crap that continues to ensue
    Noooo you can keep the snow
    That crap can stay far away in Ohio

    hahaha healthy short snorts
    hahaha love that close here at my courts
    As you have some fun short say
    Not shorting out here today
    Never seem to fall short
    When your comment comes to port

  32. I will keep this short as I am shortly off to my longish bed... behave yourself shorty ;)

  33. hahaha a short reply to go to a longish bed you say
    Just for that I'll behave for two seconds at my bay

  34. Most shortest? The Queen of Grammar also feels vomit coming on.

    No love today,

  35. Amazes me you can continue to post and thyme new material. I rhyme a few words and am spent. Go figure. Have a great and safe Christmas with family and friends!

  36. The shortest day? No wonder I slept a lot. :P

  37. Buckle my shoe
    Three, four I'm not counting any more

    hahaha the cat and Pat would both look crazy
    At least we wouldn't be lazy

    Oh go cuddle up to the Grammar Nazi somewhere
    See if I care..hahaha

    Each and every day the rhyme will have it's say
    At least until my muse goes bust in disgust at my bay

    Have to keep up on your sleep
    So no fails from you start to creep

  38. None of the recent days have felt short to me! I hope your holidays are filled with glee. :)

  39. Nice bit of philosophy there at the end. Get Shorty was ok, never saw the sequel though, funny you brought up Martin Short, Innerspace was just on the other day here at my bay, sadly though I can't remember anything else he's done, except perhaps he was the master of disguise, but can't recall, and won't recheck at my nook. lots of fun short verse intertwined, but you got me thinking, I heard in Alaska they do have months on end of darkness, as you alluded to here, but I wonder how that would all go, is it just dark or do they have so many lights that keep it bright, then, in which case, perhaps their electric bills would be out of sight.

  40. I could use a good cuddle.

    Love now,

  41. Glad you didn't fall for the short stuff
    All a bunch of fluff

    Yeah was meh to watch once
    The second was only watchable to a dunce
    He made that Clifford thing I think
    And the Three Amigos at his rink
    Some of those places with dark or light all the time
    Would be interesting and maybe sublime
    But it would get annoying too
    Being all dark or light and that's it to view

    There you go
    I'll let Fox know..haha

  42. Sorry, but I should have said I don't cuddle Nazis.


  43. hahaha I guess Fox is out of luck
    So much can rhyme there but I'll go with duck


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