Ho Ho Ho! It's A Rhyme Time Christmas Show!

It's Christmas Day and I'm guessing a whole five people might come by my way. So I won't have much to say. Other then Merry Christmas to all and I will leave something to display. They say pictures say a thousand words. So here you are as I go chase some birds.

Miss Priss and I, each stood like some human girl and guy. Then we pranced around just for you. Wasn't that fun to view? Time to go and pick on Cass and that is all on this Christmas day from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. am i no. one of the five people...? smiles..just no printer at hand to smash...so hope it's ok if i just throw a toast on you and wishing you a merry rhymeful christmas pat - and of course i wouldn't forget the cat and the math guy you know...smiles

  2. i am number 3 whee...what interesting liderhousen you wear all kinds of christmas flair...my cats have eaten their presents and not in their slumber make interesting scents, have a merry merry christmas!

  3. Number 4 walked in the door

    Cool cats
    in hats
    velveted elfs
    dancing on shelfs

    Merry Christmas, Pat Hatt!

  4. Excellent Christmas stuff as usual Pat. Have a Merry Christmas to you, your friends and your family buddy. It's been a pleasure connecting with you and all your awesome writings in Bloggerland, keep up with the awesome work buddy!

  5. Absolutely Pat:) or cat? I love the show:)
    Have a nice day:)
    I sent you again the card hope arrive:)

  6. I'll take the toast over the printer
    Plus either way you won't get a splinter
    That is always good
    Even if that Drazin guy has a head of wood
    We all like at bush number three
    Hope a great Christmas is had by thee

    To you as well
    From my well
    Yep lazy
    But still crazy..haha

    hahaha yeah it was quite the get up to get on
    People peered as we walked across the lawn
    The cats here have chowed down too
    Hopefully a merry christmas is being had by you

    Wow been a while since the cat has seen you
    Merry Christmas, nice rhyme and thanks for the view

    Glad it's been a pleasure with the cat
    And everything will still remain crazy at my mat
    Merry Christmas as well
    The cat will tell

    Yeah was just nice
    Had to be merry with little spice

    Glad the show was given some love
    Now I will go eat a dove
    And nope no card to be had
    To the cat or that Pat lad
    Stupid email just doesn't like you I guess
    Hotmail is one big mess

  7. Merry Christmasss!!!!

    Very nice pictures!! Now go eat your weight in food :)

  8. you do know that those four snowmen are actually my penguins working undercover?
    Merry Christmas, Pat,
    may Santa save us from the naughty Cat! :)

  9. Merry Christmas Pat !!
    may this b the happiest of all :)

  10. I'd never go a single day
    without coming by to play!
    Because you all three are just so dear
    I'd have withdrawl symptoms I fear!
    So Merry Christmas Pat and Cats
    The cute photos were great and all that.

  11. haha:) very fun. merry christmas, pat.

  12. Pat couldn't even eat the cats weight in food
    But the cat could eat Pat's and be real rude..haha
    Hope your still alive after chowing down on all those fish
    And you got all the things this christmas that you wish
    Your fish worked so well for a rhyme
    Allowing me to factor in christmas this time..haha

    Those damn penguins just won't go away
    But the cat will get you no matter what they or the fat guy has to say

    Happiest of all
    Don't know, but was great as always at my hall

    To you as well
    Merry xmas I will tell

    haha yeah you only ever missed one post since you were hear
    Ruined your record I fear..haha
    Hope you and your five men have a merry one
    With lots of fun
    Tiger as the meerkat was great
    Just saw that, yeah kind of late
    That's exactly what Cassie and Orlin looked like too
    Except their face was straight ahead when the ear hurting tunes came due

    Fun and christmasy at my place
    Hopefully you keep pace
    And have a merry one too
    Getting everything from the fat guy before he flew

    Merry Christmas to you
    Hopefully 2012 brings more tunes to view

  13. Merry Christmas and peace on earth...and beyond!

  14. Love the blog, definitely going to follow. Merry Christmas =].

  15. Christmas celebrations coming to you and your crazy cats from Crackers Claire in Crimboland - crikey, more C's that you can crack a champagne and chocolate cashew-nut crumble cake with!! NOW you can run in fear!!

  16. Very fun pictures! And with a picture at a thousand words this looks like your longest post yet! I think I will smash a printer! Merry Christmas Pat Hatt! (and your cat too!)

  17. I did miss a post!
    I was sick or at an auction or both!
    Need to go back and find that one
    and put my two cents in, although late, a ton.
    which one was it?
    can your brain remember without throwing a fit?

  18. Hey, I tracked Santa on NORAD last night
    Saw him hit Dartmouth in the evening light.
    Didn't hit Ohio until later by hours
    and reached California 9am today, making kids scowl! ha.
    Nothing like beating Santa to the tree
    and seeing nothing to cause glee.
    I would have thought he was done by mignight
    so as not to cause any fright.
    Maybe the reindeer should be replaced by cats.
    With 15 and 9 they could pull the sleigh in no time flat!

  19. LOL; have a merry christmas Patt :)


  20. Love the photos, Pat. My ex-husband is an asshat. I realize you already knew. But it was just the rhyme that flew.


  21. I sent the carda again (other) what happens Patt, I dont understand and the mail said me Your card was sent!!

  22. And beyond you say
    Yippeee you included Mars my way..haha

    Followed back too
    Even though insurance ewww..haha

    To as well
    Merry Christmas I will tell

    hahahaha I think I created a monster from C land
    But it was so grand
    I just have to laugh and stay a while
    Although now I think of C as quite vile

    Hmmmm I think a Drazin one beat it still a while back
    But yeah could be the longest at my shack
    Smash that printer good
    With a big piece of wood..haha

    Oh my brain remember which one
    It had to do with movie fun
    Half asleep right now though
    So will let you know
    Sick though ewwww
    But guess that's a good excuse from you..haha

    hahaha see Santa knows to get us first
    With his burst
    Poor Californians though
    Getting up at 5:30 like me they'd have nothing to show
    A fright indeed
    Santa better take heeed
    With 24 cats
    He'd surely get the presents on time to the girls, boys and brats..haha

    To you too
    From my zoo

    Glad I got an LOL as well
    Merry Christmas I will tell

    hahaha yeah that I knew
    But if it has to fly let it out there for a view

    Got it that time
    Guess hotmail no longer that it was a crime
    That cat liked it
    Was quite the hit..haha

  23. It flies and drops a little something on us from the skies.


  24. Oh, that's all I need to know.
    Let's see if I can find it at your show.
    Maybe I'll give you a little surprise
    and leave a comment oh so wise. :)

    Still laughing at my gift.
    Next year, watch out, if you get my drift!

  25. These were nice rhymes. (:

  26. lol yay a Christmas Rhyme! Another great post!!

  27. Just don't hit me
    I don't want to be brown or stinky..haha

    Still haven't found it?.hahaha
    I could give a hint but then you would definitely guess the fit
    Or maybe not
    Since there are a lot
    It was a movie one
    With fake news by the ton..haha

    hahahaha now I hope the Mayan's were right
    Then I won't be in for a fright..hahaha

    Followed back too
    Another one that is new

    Nice for christmas time
    Guess once a year I can have a nice chime

    The cats are always cute
    And never ever mute..haha

    Christmas or Halloween
    The cat's two cents worth will always be seen

  28. I found one for 2-10-11.
    And I've now left my comment.
    There were only two there
    must not have been a good post, to be fair.

  29. Nope that was before your time
    Also when I was just starting out with the rhyme
    So no one was around
    But good was always found
    Ohhh and don't duck too low
    Santa might whack you with his you know..hahahaha

  30. OK, you need a label cloud
    finding a certain post is like finding a person in a crowd
    I did put 'movie' in the search box
    and found that one without even the fox.
    and I clicked on 'movies' in the label line under a post
    and looked through all of those, with you as the host.
    I guess I'll try 'fake news'
    and see where that gets me in the reviews.

  31. hahaha yeah it is quite the pain
    So fun making you pop a vein
    But lets say if you find 111111
    Your streak will still be done..haha

  32. Hey, I found it even without that big hint.
    Now my record is perfect, since the news you did lent.

  33. haha there you go a perfect score
    Since finding the cats shore

  34. Ha, guess a lot more people than 5 came to the show, a little bit late for me, but in Christmas glee still at my tree. Nice images for sure, cute and more.

  35. haha yeah way more than five
    Also I got tons of page views yesterday at my hive
    Never would have suspected such a thing
    I guess many had to give a ring

  36. this is incred, love the photos
    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas!!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

  37. Never heard of bloglovin one bit
    Will look into it


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