I'm A dVerse Cheat. But Rules Are Meant To Be Beat!

So over at dVerse there is a display of art and like always they try and steer my cart. Pffft we can't have any of that. I am a dirty rotten cat, meaning I will cheat. Might even type with my feet. Wait! When I pull up a seat all four paws are feet. I guess I already do that then here at my den. But alas I went off topic once more, which I often do at my shore.

Brian said to pick one and have some fun. But that just won't do. I'd rather bite off almost more than I can chew. Which doesn't seem to be much that I've come across. Now before I leave you at a loss or make you flustered at my sea, off I go on my normal rhyming spree.

The cat decided to take a ride,
Across the great divide.
Whatever that really means,
Heard it on some TV screens.

So I hopped a balloon,
With some business tycoon.
He was rather mean,
And a bit unclean.

First chance I got,
I kicked him in the butt.
Off he flew,
Crashing in the deep blue.

Don't worry there was an island nearby,
He could ride off on turtles like that Jack Sparrow guy.
Oh yeah! That was a lie.
Bah, he can still give it a try.

Now I was in control,
As I went on my worldly patrol.
Then I saw a girl on a cliff,
All teary eyed and trying not to sniff.

Even though humans annoy the cat,
I stopped and picked up the rugrat.
She hugged me and blew her nose,
Oh my OCD curled my toes.

Although I admit the teddy bear looked tasty,
But I didn't want to be too hasty.
As she said she fell from the sky.
And her magic bear, Rudy, was a special guy.

The thing had powers I guess.
I didn't buy it I will confess.
As Rudy saved her from the fall,
Yet she was transported far from her hall.

There all the kids have balloons attached,
Which keeps them nice and latched.
These are magic too,
And one special girl, that's her, had a whole slew.

Or more correctly a big one.
Without her the island might fall from the sun.
Her evil step brother wanted to assume the rights,
To the big balloon flights.

But only the pure of heart can wield it,
She was sure he was having a fit.
I admit it was an imaginative tale.
And she could tell I thought her story was a fib the size of a whale.

Yet the brave little one pushed my buttons just right,
Causing me to take a detour that night.
Not that I believed her plight.
At least not until it came into sight.

She smiled at me so big,
I thought she'd dance a jig.
I wasn't about to admit I was wrong,
And she knew it would take to long.

For their great city was sinking into the sea,
And all their secrets began to flee.
As a boater easily saw the thing,
And a hot air balloon was going to give it a ring.

It seems it was the closest thing the army had,
For obviously they thought the place was bad.
So their first reaction was to blow it up.
But I handled that little hiccup.

I popped their little balloon,
And they twirled like in some cartoon.
Around and around they went.
Until the hot air was spent.

Then they went for a swim,
And by the looks of it some could be more trim.
So I did them a favour as well.
Even if I heard them damn me to Hell.

We got closer and she hugged Rudy, the bear.
Poof! We vanished into thin hair.
That thing was nifty,
I'm sorry I looked at it rather shifty.

There we were in the house of her evil step brother.
We had even enslaved their mother.
He wasn't about to step down,
And barely cared about the sinking town.

The girl wanted me to get Rudy close,
She shoved him in my mouth like a mouse.
I was tempted to chew on it.
But I caught on to her quick wit.

She yelled at her brother keeping him busy,
Stirring him into a tizzy.
I slunk along the wall,
And climbed the curtains trying not to let Rudy fall.

The girl smiled at me,
And I set Rudy free.
It was a direct hit,
For I hit her evil step brother right where he sit.

With one touch of the bear he went poof.
I guess I needed no more proof.
Especially when she set everything right,
And the floating city once again reached a great height.

She thanked me and we said our goodbyes.
I will admit the rugrat was wise.
With one touch of the bear,
I was back on my balloon without a care.

As I left I spyed her hopping in the rain,
Down some stone lane.
She waved as I set course,
I was still not able to fathom that bear's power source.

But alas I let it go,
And I'm sure you want to know.
What happened to the evil step brother that went poof.
Well I hear somewhere far far away there is a goof.

He swears there is a floating land in the sky,
But no one will listen thinking his well has run dry.
As he truly does pop a pill,
I hear Nurse Ratchet makes sure he gets his fill.

What will come next as I float into the sun?
I'm sure there will be a ton.
Like the giant with one ear.
You all come back now, you hear.

See, why settle for one when you can do four. Just no ambition at the dVerse shore. Of course I only jest. I just like being a pest. So I invent my own facts with my dVerse acts. And look what happened at my nook. There was an almost G tale that came to pass. Unless Hell counts as G, then I went all G with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Wow, Pat. This is almost as long as "Rime of the Ancient Mariner." Where can I start? I love the kids with balloons attached to keep them latched. You certainly took us on a rollicking journey as you floated toward the sun. I am sure the fun has just begun!

  2. haha..so you went for the full program..and what a journey you took us on..i will watch out for balloons in the sky today in case i need a cat to rescue me and my teddy bear..smiles

  3. Hey there, Pat.
    Where you been at?
    A day late,
    but the verse is still great.
    Like Homer's epic,
    you took us so far,
    but left us all happy
    and ready for more.

  4. I can out rhyme any rhymes out there
    I just want to try and be fair..haha
    Glad the journey was fun
    Yeah I'm also sure it has just begun

    The full program I did use
    As I figured how could I refuse
    Awww you carry a teddy bear how cute
    I may save you after I give another passenger the boot..haha

    Bah I have my stuff up by three
    dVerse is just o slow you see
    So a day late
    Is usually my fate
    Now all want an encore
    Might have to plan to do more

  5. This is so true Pat, rules are meant to be broken and there's nothing wrong with cheating if you don't get caught. DVerse got burned!

  6. great story.
    i wish i had a magic bear too.
    i'd also call him Rudy :)

  7. Love this story Pat:) I love magic tales:))

  8. This is so creative! What a tale!

  9. Yeah the cat don't follow the rules one bit
    For each and every dVerse hit

    haha that name just popped in
    Glad it was a win

    Magic tale it was
    Had to do it just because

    Creative I can be
    Here at my little old sea

  10. What an adventurous life your cats live! Maybe I'll be one of your cats in my next life, or, maybe not. I like being sane...(Well, comparatively sane, that is) LOLOL

  11. Pat,
    You gleefully took all four
    Not leaving anything to chance
    Gave verses upon verses galore
    And getting in all the fun!


  12. hahaha sane is all a matter of opinion I guess
    But the cats are crazy I will confess
    Coming back a spoiled rotten cat
    Nothing wrong with that

    Glad I got in all the fun
    All four just had to be done
    Couldn't do just one
    Had to rhyme them all under my little sun

  13. Wow, Pat! What a journey! Great :)

  14. So I'm wondering if this was a dream.
    Something that came about on your brain screen.
    Too many Pringles and juice
    caused a screw to come loose.

  15. I would like a magic bear. I'd keep him in my underwear.


  16. oh, such lovely romantic pics to illustrate the poem, is Pat the Cat in luv? :) 'tis strange, since here in Europe February is the mating season of feline gents and ladies :)

  17. Oh...this one had illustrations...bonus points for that.

  18. Amazing tale spun from these, and to do so with the seeming greatest of ease, but yet, after being around the cat for so long now, you'd think that ease with rhyme would no longer be a surprise, yet what a tale from out of thin air, still mixing in the movies, which were neat to see, I hear, even Ken Kesey is now a fan of bush number 3. Great job

  19. The journey just came about
    As I went about my dVerse shout

    hahaha I don't think there are many screws left to come loose
    I'm already such a silly goose
    Err ummm cat
    Maybe I ate a bad rat

    Might leave a bulge in your underwear
    Making others think something else could be there..haha

    haha nope the Pat and the cat are still just as normal as can be
    Here at our rhyming sea
    Just took the pics and the tale was spun
    No lovey dovey stuff was done

    Yeah knew you'd like that
    As the dVerse art was used by the cat

    Yeah they come off with such ease
    I can do them whenever I please
    A movie here and there had to be
    Ken Kesey made Nurse Ratchet so scary..haha

  20. cool how you could write about all of them...

    i like this the best ->

    She hugged me and blew her nose,
    Oh my OCD curled my toes.

  21. epic man...epic...they should make this into a cartoon and the brother a loon locked up some where, i bet people sit and stare, balloons in the air you did pop and with this rhyme you do rock

  22. haha you like it when she'd stirred up my ocd
    I suppose it was a sight to see

    That be a fun to see it as a cartoon
    Come on some afternoon
    The cat's ego would surely rise
    As the ballon city flies
    Epic too
    Glad it rocked for the dVerse crew

  23. Pat you rule breaker! How reckless of you :]

    But if breaking the rules we get a quadruple dose of rhyming action, I'm okay with that!

  24. Such nice art the dverse put together for you to play with Pat. The little girls with the Zeppelin, she caught my eye and my ears went Zep, she's a little hard rocker.

    I bought your other two books, now I have the trilogy. I'm flying home this next week and will read while in the air and if stuck on the ground, your prose may save the lives of many.

  25. Wow, Pat... all of them. I only managed to do one (my other blog). I like how you took the story from sadness to freedom and happiness. Have you ever thought of writing stories for children or pre-teens? The rhyming is well done too ~

  26. haha yeah screw the rules
    They are just fo fools
    Glad your okay with rhyming times four
    Just know I can do a WHOLE lot more..haha

    Glad you liked the dVerse art they gave
    That I used here at my cave
    Thanks a ton too
    Those airports can annoy it's true
    You're cruising right on through
    I better stop slacking and get the 4th one to come due..haha

    You have another blog?
    Hmmm with that I am in the fog
    I have a list full of ideas jotted down for kiddies too
    Just they need pictures and I suck at that between me and you..haha

    Bravo yippee
    To you also clap for me..haha

  27. The illustrations came from an artist at the dVerse way
    Just so you know at my bay

  28. are beautiful, you maybe dont know but I love to paint and draw sometimes:)

  29. This is an amazing poem! I love the story.

    Great illustrations, too.

  30. What a fantastical journey
    You've carried us through

    Above all, it's in rhyme
    Your talents, sublime.


  31. Very nice rhyming story. Jack Sparrow? Yes, please!!

    What I want to know is, how big your mouth Mr Cat? You fit a WHOLE teddy bear in your mouth??? That's insane. You should submit that as a world record or something. hahaha

  32. Glad the story was liked at my sea
    And you didn't want to burn down bush number three

    Oh yes it will always be in rhyme
    Hope that's not a crime

    hahaha What would RDJ think
    Being a traitor going with that Jack Sparrow fink
    The cat didn't hold the whole thing in his mouth though
    Just one side of it pretending it was a dead crow
    Is that still world record worthy for me
    I could use another record at my sea

  33. what a journey, your rhymes are endless! awesome artwork too

  34. Everyone likes the dVerse art work
    That's just an added perk
    Yep the rhymes go on and on and on
    Here at my lawn

  35. Fun story. Just fitting this rainy monday morning. :)

  36. Still Sunday here
    You are just so far in the future with your cheer..haha

  37. My visits here are always fun!

    And speaking of fun, thanks for your fun contribution to last week's Limerick-Off!

  38. Geez you're a rhyming superstar. How the heck did you find so many words that rhyme?!

  39. Not a problem at all
    Always fun Limericking away at your hall

    Every word can rhyme if done right
    Some even with nothing but just sight

  40. ## He could ride off on turtles like that Jack Sparrow guy. ## - I laughed hard..
    n then story went on n on
    and it was so fantatsically weaved together... that till the end I was hooked.

    Awesome work PAt !!

  41. haha had to give the movie reference as it worked great
    Glad it could elate
    Fantastically weaved together to
    How nice of you


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