In This To The Hilt! Creating A dVerse Quilt!

The cat has many skills and can even give old ladies thrills. I think with that I've said enough. It's to do with all that quilting stuff. So get your mind from the gutter and blame dVerse for all of this quilting clutter. With a patch here and a patch there. This could turn into something more than one could bear. So as I add and take away this could really cause some dismay.

It's Rhyme Facts,
Face it Time acts.
Super Mario Kong,
Donkey Land is so wrong.

The most wonderful Hell,
Highway to time of the year to sell.
Dawn of the Park,
Jurassic Dead stretch mark.

Love in a Prayer,
Livin' on an Elevator square.
My Fellow Violence,
A History of Americans ambiance.

Waystation Men,
Five One odds against ten.
Feed the Society,
Cancer the hungry anxiety.

Swinging on a Preacher Man,
Son of a Star clan.
Bedknobs and Souls,
Heart and Broomsticks goals.

Hollywood Psyche,
Poetical Spy wildly.
Boxing Day Ride,
Taxi Sale misguide.

Cubically Hard,
Die Contained shard.
Grand Theft Dance,
Neutron Auto trance.

You Got Wings,
Mighty Mail stings.
Opinions are like Babysitting,
Adventure in assholes seems fitting.

Opportunity to Lose,
Nothing Knocks snooze.
It's The End of Your Life,
Time of the World stabbing knife.

So the facts truly are my quilting seems to be far below bar. I seemed to have mixed and matched with each and every one I patched. I created a puzzle of sorts. Not sure that's what was intended at the dVerse courts. But that is what came out after I passed gas and so ends the quilting endeavor of this little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "Love in a Prayer,
    Livin' on an Elevator square.
    My Fellow Violence,
    A History of Americans ambiance."

    This is excellent as is the verse after. Great stuff as usual man, absolutely excellent as always.

  2. Lots of fun to read today,
    seems quilting is not your forte
    but patching words together is
    and that's great in this poetry biz!

    Happy Sunday, Pat!

  3. Pat I think in this like a mix salad:)
    You cook nice(lol)

  4. This is your forte..quilting words for a fun and crazy post.

    Glad to see you hop on the quilting train ~

    Happy sunday ~

  5. I'm now following your blog. This is something else. The only thing is if I start reading this too much. I might start talking in rhyme too. You do an amazing job.

    Tossing It Out

  6. Pat this is simply amazing. The word play is deft, clever, beautiful. To weave such a quilt with words requires skill beyond what I possess. I stand in awe on a Sunday at the gift you have made for us. Thank you.

  7. hey this is really cool pat...think this took some time to figure out.. and quilt together...discovered quite a few familiar faces.....die hard and waystation one...haha.. they are related you you could stitch them closer together...if you need help, just give me a call...smiles

  8. Ha, great fun. I don't know if I was supposed to not have a problem following along or not but it came quite easily. It was very clever indeed as the majority are of your feeds. But just a couple quickies to mention now, 2 fun video games to get things going, classics just the same. I like how you added many of us into your rhyming game, tis always fun to see. The babysitter bit was quite timely, as there is some really lame looking remake/redo that just opened this week called The Sitter. Now I like Jonah Hill, so don't get me wrong, but a quick message to the screenwriters: If you are going to watch Elizabeth Shue movies for inspiration, next time watch Leaving Las Vegas. And finally, love the inclusion of Cubically Contained, as if included for the song or not, it is, my favorite Headstones song and to include with Neutron Dance and Die Hard is some how classic in itself. Fun piece. Thanks

  9. reading this one was like watching one of Picaso's paintings :)

  10. those are some pretty badass ryhmes

  11. much fun to read straight forward or unwound one line with the next, like how you splice it, to mix tape it like scratching a record while the other ones playing, all really creative....

  12. did you say you thrill old ladies?

  13. Quilting.. words.. you say. This is an interesting way to put it.

  14. "Grand Theft Dance,
    Neutron Auto trance"

    excellent lines! quality rhymes everytime

  15. Two excellents for me
    That is such a delight to see

    Nope! At quilting I really suck
    The cat would rather chase a duck
    I sure got patch happy
    As I stitched things all across the ummm mappy

    I'm a rhyming cook
    Want me to send you a mouse burger from my nook?..haha

    Yep, hopped on the quilting train
    And let the patching rain
    I have to be crazy too
    To not be might disappoint a few..haha

    hahaha just take a deep breath if you feel a rhyme
    And then it should avoid such a chime
    Although if you are looking to confuse
    Or maybe abuse
    The rhyming can work
    But one might think of you as a jerk..haha

    You take it as a gift from me
    Damn! I should have charged a fee..haha
    It's so fun to awe too
    You must be really really drunk, look at all the niceness from you..hahahha

    They are related you say?
    Does Brian shout yippee kay yay?
    Or does he just walk through glass?
    On that I'd take a pass.
    How about I just send you the thing to stitch
    My paws are really starting to itch

    Yeah I knew it would come quite easily to you
    With all your writes you've let flew
    I saw that STUPID looking trailer too
    Looks like a horrible rip off of the babysitting crew
    That is what brought that one on
    Yeah Cubically Contained is a favorite of theirs also at my lawn

    With some fuzzy dice?

    I guess I can make art after all
    I really should be charging a fee for my hall..haha

    Badass you say
    That is fun to hear my way

    Splicing and mix taping would also be a good way to put it
    With today's little dVerse fit
    As I hit the creative trail
    Or just hit my finger with a hammer instead of the nail

    haha I meant with the quilting stuff
    I said don't go to the gutter with my huff and puff..haha

    Yeah another way would to say I'm a nut
    Stuck in a crazy rut..haha

    Quality of my bay
    Can delight or cause dismay
    Those were two fun ones to use
    As I quilting and tried not to get a bruise

  16. Sigh...Please stop giving old ladies thrills. We don't want to have any accidents, now do we?

    Now for the rest of the post, it's hurting my brain!!!! But I do love that you included Hearts and Souls. It healed my brain in preparation for reading the second half. hahaha

  17. You certainly did mix and match too ;)

  18. Yes. No inciting accidents among the aged. ;)

  19. yep, it could be art,
    or in your case a creative fart :PPP

  20. You thrill THIS old lady.


  21. I caught a lot of song references in this... not sure if I was supposed to or not haha.

  22. Interesting and playful,
    My favorite lines:
    "Bedknobs and Souls,
    Heart and Broomsticks goals."
    I like the randomness.


  23. haha Looks like me and my twin
    got tangled up in your spin!

  24. I like the way you described the words in relation to quilting!

    Fun read.

  25. love in a prayer
    livin' on an elevator square
    this is the kind of flair
    worthy to share
    writer on a tear

  26. After passing gas ROFL! You're too much :0)

  27. I'm totally wasted right now Pat. I'm only nice when I'm sober. I'm going to open another bottle of scotch and then I'll start in reading your book. I hope it's good, cause I'm really, really drunk right now hahaha

  28. haha what? Do you think I'd take their walker away
    And cause them dismay?..haha
    I knew you'd get the RDJ movie one
    During my confusing one
    Glad it gave you a break
    So your brain didn't bake like a cake

    Yep mixed and matched away
    Leaving many is disarray

    haha no we can't have that
    I might be a sued cat

    hahahaha I failed to reference the creative fart
    But I see you took it to heart..haha

    hahaha hmmmm not sure that is a good thing
    I'll have to watch the words I fling

    yeah there were quite a few
    And it just figures they would be caught by you

    Patch work
    For my dVerse lurk

    The randomness can be quite fun
    As I often do it a ton

    The twins stick together
    Even in rhyming weather

    The words and the quilt
    Should leave no guilt

    Looking at you rhyming all the way through
    But that I knew you could do
    And glad I'm on a tear
    Hopefully I have something to wear

    hahahaha bah I'll never be too much at my bay
    Well maybe one day

    haha good at what I eat
    And that just needs heat..haha

    Really really drunk
    Hmmmm might not be good you could end up in a funk

  29. Quilting seems such lots of fun
    Get us round and round on the run
    Colors and patterns do not matter
    Piece them up and view the offer


  30. Hey, Pat. Take this from an old lady...better tell the cat to watch out with the thrills, already! Fun, as usual.

  31. Quilting can be fun
    If you do it how it's not supposed to be done
    Then the cat has plenty at play
    And will give it a go at his bay

    hahaha okay the cat will heed your advice
    And no more totting around any furry dice
    Glad it was fun
    As another rhyming dVerse jont is done

  32. loved this concept of quilting :)
    n then those rhyming lines..... saw few familiar faces n enjoyed as ever :)

  33. haha glad it was enjoyed as ever
    As I keep trying to being some what clever

  34. lol u r way more clever than anyone else when it comes to rhyming :)

  35. hahaha there goes that ego of the cat's once more
    It's hard for him to fit through a door

  36. Donkey Land sounds so wrong
    but what is boss is Super Mario Kong

  37. "Livin' on an Elevator square." LOL

  38. Can't believe you worked in Nintendo icons into that.

    That's awesome.

  39. Super Mario Kong? Wat?

  40. Lot of mixed moods and rhymes in this one :)

  41. haha Super Mario Kong could be the boss
    Banana type fireball things he could toss

    haha wouldn't you want to live in that square
    Could go up and down and charge a fair

    A fun verse
    Didn't even need to curse
    Well just a touch
    But not too much

    haha I can work many in
    But not many get the video game references at my bin

    Yeah it comes out in 2099
    At least according to some road sign

    I made you trippy
    I guess quilting can make me quite lippy

    Threw in a mixed mood here and there
    But each I knew you could bear

  42. Creative in weaving all the Nintendo references Pat. For some reason, I feel the need to go get some quarters and head to the arcade.

  43. Do those even exist any more?
    Many around here have closed the door.


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