Let The Dogs Out! Or Put Them Down, Just End Their Howling Shout!

There are many annoyances to living in an apartment building each day. But about most of them I have already had my say. Yet the other night there truly was a fright. The cat has heard hounds and thunder even people as they move and plunder. Some fireworks and fire alarms as well but nothing like this hell.

The cat had just finished bumming from Pat's plate and went off to his usual fate. I will spare you the details of licking certain parts and doing what can come after farts. As I was through burying the crap, ready to take my evening nap, there arose such a clatter, I knew something was the matter.

Some cheerful music was coming from the lobby. It magically appeared like Dobby. The cat looked all about and decided it was fine and went back to me and mine. I climbed the cat tree and swung around like a monkey. Miss Priss and I began to fight, like we do every night.

But we stopped all of a sudden and perked our ears. For what we heard was worse then any of our usual fears. There we stood on our hindlegs with our heads to the sky. Looking like a meerkat, you know, that Timon guy.

When came such a pitch we headed for the nearest ditch. Miss Priss exactly climbed to the very top cupboard and hid, really flipping her lid. While I ran for my hidy hole. For each of us blocking that sound was the goal.

We could not tell if it was woman or man. All we knew was we heard better noises when Pat flushed the can. "Oh Holy Night" it surely was not. Instead of rotten fruit someone should have thrown a pot. It at least would have put that howler out of their misery. For The Howler did not spread any Christmas glee.

I'll take the scary Easter bunny any day. My ears were in such dismay. Then there was some paper roses or something. Thankfully someone must have gave the super a ring or they had to scram, stopping their little jam. The music they could play but oh the Howler caused complete and utter dismay.

Think the voice of Iago the bird with a howling dog mixed in that can't pass a turd. The cat would never stiffle someones want or for such a thing, more than likely, out right taunt. But for the love of God do it in the shower, one with lots of power. At least maybe that way no one will suffer but you. Sad but true.

So when cats ears perk up beyond belief and they run away to get some relief, as soon as your voice hits. Know it could mean you sound like the pits. Pat is prob just as bad, so don't be sad. But do it out of the cat's hearing range because listening just made my face look strange. That is all the musical facts from me today class. Too bad the ears are still ringing of my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Is there anything funnier than a cat standing on its hind legs? I don't think there is!

  2. haha especailly when they have that WTF look
    With their ears all perked up at their nook

  3. Yikes, Pat, what a night
    you and Cat must have been a sight
    especially cat with extra height
    would make me want to take flight
    to escape this sorry plight!

  4. yikes bad sounding christmas glee spreaders, better known as carollers...that might be just the fright to the ears tonight...

  5. haha yeah he was stretched up nice and high
    With his ears to the sky
    Then he took off rather fast
    I guess their pitch was rather vast
    And off by a ton
    As he continued to run

    hahaha yeah they are bad spreaders of glee
    Be happy if a carollers again I never see
    Or I guess that be hear
    So distressful to the cat's little rhyming rear

  6. Apartment living can suck. My neighbors -- lotsa turnover here -- are usually pretty cool. Biggest problem is when a heavy walker or two lives above me. I ask the landlord things like, "Do they have carpeting?" or "Do they wear wooden shoes?"

  7. Oh Pat you are pure class. Your posts are never a pain in the ass. This poem isn't great, unlike yours which rock my mate.

  8. "Enjoy your winter, smash a printer."
    I've no idea what's the message behind this, but I think I will be repeating this one like a parrot all day :)

  9. First off, I eeped a little when I read your Harry Potter reference. RIP Doby...I still get teary eyed when I think of him. Sigh...

    I hear you on the whole apartment thing. I spend every night listening to my little, Italian land lords argue over which channel to watch.

    LOL @ Sing in the shower with a lot of power! Is this what you do??? Using your loofa and shampoo bottle as a microphone. Don't lie...hahaha

  10. A meerkat? Hahaha..I know what that looks like!
    We call the 'the prarie dog' at my site.
    It's very cute when they're stalking birds in cages
    but that sound seems more outrageous!

  11. Oh Pat really is bad, I live in apartments many years and now I live in a house but you can have horrible neighbors in any place, believe me, to the right is horrible lady, well, is a bad neighbor, and the other the son of my neighbor make parties all the time I call one time and he said all you can imagine and never call him again :)
    But the police come sometimes to shee when they have the music so strong, anyway, he is a suck:)

  12. Meerkats lol those little things are awesome

  13. haha yeah I got a deaf lady above me
    And she vaccums with such glee
    At like 3 in the damn morning sometimes
    Then I had one nut talk about nazi crap and such crimes
    Literally through the wall
    He sounded rather scary, glad he left the hall

    Glad they are never a pain
    Even if some make one pop a vein

    hahaha I have no idea either to tell the truth
    But I figured I should stop using fall at my booth

    Yes, poor Doby is toast
    Maybe he'll come back as a ghost
    I guess arguing over the channel is better then other things
    Like certain flings..haha
    hahaha Pat doesn't do that
    That is all the cat

    Yeah they do look rather cute
    Even when trying to be a brute
    And kill those birds
    At least they don't sound like carollers messing up the words

    True, but hopefully you can't hear them through the wall
    Or on your ceiling at your stall
    As that would just suck
    And I can imagine much like him saying ummm duck
    Hate annoying ass neighbors though
    Need to go live in the woods at my show..haha

    Yeah they are quite swell
    From what I can tell

  14. I have a neighbors whose bloody car reverse sound is a fucking announcement in Japanese or whatever. Oh, it's fucking loud too. *BEEEEP* )#@($*)@#($*)(@#*$)@#*$)*@#)$(*#)(@$* *BEEP.

  15. Meerkats.I used to watch that show on TV with my granddaughter. She introduced me to a meerkat. Yeah, I agree, you can have annoying neighbors in an apartment or a house or probably in a mansion. (although I never lived in one.) Ha

  16. hahaha doesn't sound like fun
    Those Japanese really have you under the gun
    With a BEEEEP here and a BEEEP There
    I'd bleeping bleep the beeping pair

    I'm sure with a mansion though you'd have lots of room
    So it wouldn't be so much doom
    Although all those servants and crap could annoy
    For me it sure wouldn't bring joy

  17. Ha, the cats run for the hills whenever they catch me singing-lol Last night the carolers came out to play in front of my house, the dogs, no, they did not run afraid, but scared the cats I think they did, never giving the carolers a chance at it. So the dogs ran to the window, pushed open the shades, almost ripping down the blinds, and bark, bark, bark they did tons and tons of times. Something about the songs themselves stirred a fit in the one, and he was showing teeth when he caught the glimpse of the caroler holding the lantern upon our porch, they didn't leave until their song was done, despite us not turning on the lights or opening the door, but for once, I have to say, I didn't mind the barking as much as usual, for it somewhat made those singers sound better than they did. I guess my point of the story here, is that if someone chooses to sing outside their home, perhaps a lesson or two might atone for the lack of pitch and tone. I was told, when I related this to a friend, oh you scrooge, bah humbug blah blah blah, and I replied, if I want to hear Oh Holy Night or the First Noel, I'll pop in a CD or an MP3 and listen with Christmas Glee…geez, now I feel like a little Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC… Fun read thanks

  18. "Smash a printer". You know, I actually did.

  19. Glad it was nice
    Now I'll eat mice

    hahaha I guess maybe the cats should have meowed out loud
    Or found a dog to bark and dispell the crowd
    If they want to carol they shouldn't sound like a dog dying
    That will just leave poor people and animals crying
    For their ears are hurt
    From the song they spurt
    Yes, the mp3 or CD is a better way to go
    Have more control over the pitch and flow

    hahaha was it fun to smash
    Hopefully it didn't make your computer crash

    It is there
    Just have to count a bit at my lair..haha

  20. I count always, also sometimes are many comments and I read all (lol)

  21. at the thought of the song 'Paper roses' by Marie Osmond I just about stopped myself from cringing.... haha

  22. I could picture this LOL! Cats are so funny sometimes :0)

  23. Oh, how I loved Dobby. I cried when he died. Lola does have a heart -- for the Dobby and Dumbledore parts.


  24. We didn't have any carolers this year!
    First time in a long time, I fear!
    The boys usually think it's fun
    as we stand there freezing our buns
    listening to them all singing away
    and yes, sometimes they are off key, I will say! ha.

    so, was your horrible sound really carolers or something else
    maybe a few naughty elves?

    You're probably headed to the house with 14 cats
    and the weiner dog to have some family chats.
    Hope it's a lot of fun
    even if Orlin spits and hisses
    and Cassie rules from above.

  25. See the cat makes sure you are good at math
    Or just making you count so you can feel my wrath..haha

    haha made you almost cringe
    Trying listening to it and you'll want to stab someone with a door hinge

    haha yeah they are quite funnt to view
    With some of the things they do

    Awww you went and shed a tear
    I guess once and a while a heart does rear
    It's little head
    But only for the dead..haha

    It was actually a stupid party in the lobby type thing
    And who ever they got to sing
    Was really really bad
    And when joined in by each lass and lad
    It got even worse
    Sure if they could the cats would curse
    Yep was on my way today
    But had to stay
    As there was crappy snow
    And in the ditch I did not want to go
    Orlin will get his spit on soon
    Tomorrow hopefully by noon
    Cassie will rule with her wrapped paw
    And oh this time there will be 15 others to be saw..haha

  26. One more joined the crew?
    Oh, what will Orlin do!
    So the vet said Cassie had to keep on her pink sock?
    Just tell her it's all the rage and she rocks.
    Hope the snow clears out so you can drive
    and get there with all three of you alive.
    No white Christmas for us.
    But I wouldn't have minded a little snow dust!

  27. Yeah my sister got one
    And is bringing it home to add to the fun
    One bat from Orlin and it can fly
    Orlin doesn't play nice with the little guy
    Cassie will have that thing on for a good long while
    It's a green one now, I guess they were going for some christmas style
    But it beats a collar thing
    That she just wants to fling
    It stopped a little while ago
    So should be easy enough to get to that big cat show

  28. Well, have a nice trip.
    Bet the green sock looks hip.

    We let 3 cats in tonight
    they ran in without any fright.
    After a tour looking for mice
    they laid down under the table and acted all nice.
    Probably wanted to say in the warm
    but went out later without acting too forlorn. ha.

  29. I'm glad someone is okay with me smashing printers

  30. Got all warm and snug
    Prob left a bit of hair on the rug
    And the off they went to hunt
    Prob giving the birds a sly look and grunt..haha

    Yep it's a okay with me
    Should take a video for all to see

  31. All the din and howling
    A cat on its hind legs
    We're on to the something
    Yultide cheer,Christmas delight
    Looking forward to Pat's howlers
    The ensuing year ought to be fun
    Ain't disappointing all of us
    Up his sleeves and still counting
    You bet,lots within his rhyming ass


  32. I used to have a heart. It got broken because it was made of glass.


  33. Oh yes lots will come from my little rhyming ass
    Some of it nice but most with sass
    Hind legs is fun to watch too
    They look like something out of a cartoon came due
    Hopefully the ensuing year is as much fun
    With all the rhyme time stuff I let run

    Maybe you need to be "Off To See the Wizard" or something
    I'm sure he'd fix that if you gave him a ring
    Oh and Blondie now
    Did LOLA get the heave ho some how

  34. Lola's going blonde and D4 is smashing printers
    oh dear, it's going to be a long winter!

  35. Loving the logo man, good post as well. Definitely going to follow.

  36. hahaha I hope not
    That means snow a lot
    Can't have that
    Would annoy the cat and Pat

    Followed back too
    Working from home, well boo on you..haha

    I'll take clapping
    Over their constant flapping

  37. Comments below can get quite insane
    But the fun does rain


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