Let's Turn Back The Clock! Don't Get A Shock!

Today we are going to hop in that DeLorean and go 88 or the cat Time Machine to open time's gate. We are going to go back and try to change whoever started this trend in some home on the range. Wouldn't you think they'd pick something less stinky? Or less dinky? I mean they could have used a bucket or pot and got a whole lot. But oh no! They had to go and use a sock at their show. What better day to fix this then Christmas Eve? So now more goodies can be had thanks to this little pet peeve. See what I did there? On with the rest if you dare.

Socks are full of holes,
Socks will never hold my goals.
So let's go back and suggest,
They start a different quest.

Bring out the bucket,
Or steal it from that guy in Nantucket.
Even if you use it for slop,
Wash it and let the goodies drop.

It can hang over the fire.
Unlike a sock it won't be as dire.
All the bucket will do is singe or melt.
A sock will burn like Santa's money belt.

Then there is a pot,
Which always gets hot.
As you use it for stew,
So why not hang and chew?

Or would that be slurp?
You sure wouldn't chirp.
Heck! Why not use the whole house?
No one is stirring, not even a mouse.

So just say the house needs its fill.
And then poof tons of goodies at your hill.
Yeah, that would be a tad greedy,
And Santa might not be so speedy.

We wouldn't want him to take ten days,
To go all around emptying those cookie trays.
So just dedicate one room.
Think big, don't just remove the broom.

A closet will not do,
Aren't you glad I told you?
Maybe a car?
If you leave the door ajar.
Of course a thief might steal,
Are you telling me to get real?
For rooms and cars don't hang?
Oh Lurch, I never gave a rang.

Don't ruin my jive,
I'm trying to make the socks take a dive.
All other clothes have too many holes,
And shoes have worn soles.

A box can sorta hang,
A pringle can might go bang.
And if it is one of mine,
Things just wouldn't turn out fine.

A laundry basket would do,
Comes in all sizes too.
But none of those look nice?
Maybe if you attach some fuzzy dice?

Like worn socks look nice,
Probably infested with lice.
Ohhhh I got it now.
This will really wow.

Time for the old switcharoo,
As socks are no longer in view.
Now we have a king sized pillow case,
They can be fancy too and look nice at your place.

See! Now more goodies will fit.
Aren't you glad for my wit?
No? I'm a twit?
Bah, you're just jealous of my hit.

For the pillow case idea will change all.
As it's adapted at a past hall.
Now back to the future we go.
Yeah, really the present that I know.

Hmph it did not change?
After my time rearrange,
It is still socks everywhere.
This I cannot bear.

Maybe the cat will just cut a hole,
That's an easier goal.
Then place a box below,
And Santa will never know.

So even if my idea was a flop,
At least I gave a Christmas sock hop.
Has to be Santa and that magic,
Smelly socks are still so tragic.

I think I socked you all out for today. So that is all from my bay. No facts to say. Simply have a nice Christmas Eve day. The cat has to now stop his sass and go chew a hole in the sock of this little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Nice, Pat.
    I wish you a merry Christmas filled with happiness.

  2. Thanks and the same to you
    From the rhyming crew

  3. ha i hope you get more than socksin your stockings and christmas at your house is rocking...

  4. I better not catch you chewing on my socks, cat! I know you love stinky treats :)))

  5. lol The pillow case thing make me think of my boys when they were young and took pillow cases Trick or Treating, thinking they'd get more candy.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. That was excellent. Interesting what "changes" we might institute, and all in the name of greed, huh?

    Merry Christmas to all three of your crew,
    Pat, Orlin, and Miss Priss, too!

  7. Have a Merry Christmas Pat, you awesome, awesome guy you! Great writing as always buddy, although that goes without saying at times!

  8. Merry Christmas buddy, awesome rhyme, +followed.

  9. Pat and cats(lol) have a really nice and Happy Christmas Eve:)))

  10. I enjoyed the rhyme... It's been awhile since I've written one, though.

  11. Pat can you mail me, my mail is gloriadelpilar_1994@yahoo.com I cant access your mail:)

  12. Yeah hopefully more than socks
    Although the cat think they rock
    Chewing them up
    Like some pup
    Hope you have a great one too
    And the jolly fat guy finds you..haha

    I knew you smelled bad
    Thanks for telling me at my pad
    Where it was coming from
    I'll avoid your feet now and then some..haha

    Hey pillow cases work well for that too
    I also used to use them when Halloween came due

    Yep all in the name of greed
    What would happen if one went back and planted the seed
    Glad we can't, at least for all we know
    Or it be a completely different show
    Merry Christmas to you Grammar Nazi and Orson too
    Orson hopefully Fox isn't mean and a present comes into view for you

    Merry Christmas to you as well
    Don't get too drunk when the liquor comes into view at your cell..haha

    Hope you have a great one too
    And the fat guy visits you

    Glad it was enjoyed and hahaha I do it everyday
    Here at my way

    Right under contact it is
    And a mailing biz?

  13. And a nice Christmas eve to you too!

  14. LOL What is up with this sock?! If I see a sock with a hole in it, I automatically throw it in away. Who wants a draft on their foot? Even if it does mean going back in time...lol

    P.S. I'm halfway thru ur first book and I love it!!! I eeped when I read the Supernatural reference :) The poor Japanese thought I was printing out a really long aging report. lol!!!

  15. Thanks from the cat
    And Miss Priss and Pat

    hahahaha bah a sock with a hole
    Can play a vital role
    Gives you air conditioning in the summer
    And leaves a hole like something needing to be plugged by a plumber
    But in this case
    The goodies would fall out of place
    And into the box below
    Giving you more at your show
    LMAO those poor Japanese
    You giving them extra printing fees..LOL
    Glad it's liked too
    And yeah by the time all three are through
    You will come across a supernatural reference or two
    As tons of reference ensue

  16. Lol again with smash a printer sounds like you need a new one.

  17. mail was sent
    Now don't get bent

    haha that will be there until spring
    Then I'll say go have a fling..haha

  18. Love the creativity! Definitely following

  19. Smelly socks are totally a tragic :P This was a great read :)

    Merry Christmas :)

  20. Well, guess what dear cat
    we don't use stockings at our flat
    We each have a basket to hang on the fire place
    and santa still fills up every space.
    They aren't much bigger than a sock
    so far nobody's was filled with rocks.

  21. Merry Christmas too
    Thanks for the view

    Creativity comes on out
    As I rhyme and shout

    Yeah they are tragic indeed
    Glad it was a great read

    That would have been my first guess for your shore
    After the socks of lore
    For gift baskets flow from your way haha
    Glad there was no rocks causing anyone dismay
    So it's coal for socks
    And rocks for baskets if one is bad at their docks?
    Nice to know
    Here at my show

  22. Yeah, but you should get rocks
    in your sock
    for the gifts you give
    but since I like you, I'll ask Santa to let you live.
    Guess you made it to the Feline Factory.
    Who gets to take a head count
    and keep the inventory?
    Probably you, being an accountant buff
    I bet you're in charge of counting the fluff.

  23. Out damn sock, out I say! *
    You make a good argument to toss 'em away
    May Santa fill your non-socks with
    only the best.
    Merry Christmas, happy New Year
    and all of the rest.

    *Sorry, I couldn't stop my fingers from typing that one. Damn fingers.

  24. hahaha bah Santa likes my gifts
    He gets exercise doing those boney lifts..hahaha
    Yep at the feline factory now
    Orlin is having a cow
    Hissing at everything that moves about
    Most hide or go a different route
    So might be hard to count
    Unless the catnip goes down then they will quickly amount

    Your fingers really gave a spin
    As your rhyme is surely a win
    All the rest I agree
    Merry Christmas to thee

  25. lifts, you say?
    oh dear...what dismay!
    Poor Orlin, hope he settles down
    Is Cassie wearing her crown?
    Queen of all up on her throne!
    At least the new kitty isn't feeling alone!
    Have Marmy inside right now.
    Snuggled under the table, probably hoping for some chow.

  26. Just be glad you don't wear pantyhose.

    Lolose (pronounced to rhyme with hose)

  27. hahaha what lifts not the right word?
    I know I'm a tad absurd..haha
    Orlin will settle down in a day or two
    Then he'll just swat the kitty crew
    Cassie's foot is much better too
    As she had another vet view
    Got it changed and next week should come off for good
    If she leaves it alone, knock on wood
    Nope new kitty was in trying to play with Orlin too
    But all that happened was hissing and swatting began to ensue..haha

    Yes I am very very glad for that
    I guess lolose works, or I'll let you off and be a nice cat

  28. Oh and chow Marmy might try to find
    Mr. Bird better watch his little behind..LOL

  29. Marmy did hang on the cage a time or two
    but then settled down and acted sweet, too!
    Can't get him to go outside now, though.
    He's no dummy...it's warmer inside, don'tcha know!

  30. haha believe it or not...i was running around with a hole in my sock all day today...smiles...wishing you, the cat and the math guy of course a very merry christmas pat

  31. haha yeah he knows he has it great
    Warmth and a meal on his plate
    Screw going outside
    Everything is needed inside

    Happ Holidays too
    From the rhyming crew

    hahaha geez my psychic powers are at play
    Holy sock you had all day
    The math guy might not like that
    But it is liked by Pat and the cat

  32. Merry Christmas to you and the cats Pat ... have a great day!

  33. The cats like all the attention too
    With such a big head what will Pat do..haha

  34. Haha nice, I like this blog; Followed!

  35. could be my email too
    Some people it just doesn't like, it's true

    Glad it's nice
    I should charge a price

  36. nice post man, and merry xmas

  37. Hope you and the Cat enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

  38. Thanks and to you too
    Down at your hot anime girl zoo..haha

    Sure we will
    Hopefully yours also fits that bill
    Except with dogs
    Surprised they don't run any blogs..haha

  39. We've got 9 socks on our mantel, and nary a hole in any. :)

    Like the idea of the car door ajar.

    And the Nantucket guy's bucket.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS and such, Pat Hatt in Nova Scotia!!!


  40. i love when pringle cans go bang...unless they go band all over you

  41. Wonderful Christmas Sock Hop. I couldn't help it today, nope, couldn't I confess, hearing socks and a cat telling me about socks instantly sent my mind thinking of the Clinton's pet, yep Socks the cat. But anyhow, that's tagential me, taking a trip. I won't let me cats read this though, for they try to knock the stockings down as it is, those little mice holders with their hooks, must look too life like for Chloe, as she does the work while cocoa meows instructions to her from the carpet below, so if they got the hole in the sock idea, they'd ravage through their gifts too quick, and when we woke-well before Christmas morn, there'd be pieces of catnip not so gently thrown about. Merry Christmas Pat, Cassie, Orlin, and all the other cast of characters here at Rhyme Time--Yep, Drazin that means you too.

  42. Fun stuff, as always!

    Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

    And thanks so much for your fun contribution to last week's Limerick-Off!

  43. Nine whole socks you say
    Wow at least lots of goodies can be filled in with your display
    Merry Christmas to you
    From the rhyming crew

    Yeah if they go bang all over you
    Can be complete and utter ewwww
    Especailly if filled with poo
    Sad but true

    hahaha oh that catnip cat be hard
    To much temptation to chase it across the yard
    These cats go at it too
    No matter where I try to hide if from view
    Drazin pretends to like your cheer
    But you know that's his typical gear

    Contributing is fun
    And must be done
    Merry Christmas as well
    From our little bush number three cell


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