Making My OCD Sick And Giving Me A Boxing Bone To Pick!

Boxes are big, Boxes are small.
Boxes are wide, Boxes are tall.
They help you move,
None of that I need to prove.

In fact I approve,
Doesn't throw off my OCD groove.
Even if the flimsy ones can improve
Okay, this current mind track I need to remove.

For it has nothing to do with boxes like that,
Those don't annoy the cat or Pat.
Maybe boxing day?
Nope, that just gives me an excuse my way.

As I go on a rant,
Here at my plant.
On those who make TV on DVD set ones.
You'd think they lost brains by the tons.

Can't be all the same,
Oh no! They have to play a game.
One box is big,
Next one is as thin as a twig.

Then it goes back to big once more?
I guess they can't make up their damn mind at their shore.
Big, big, big, small
I can understand at my stall.

But going back and forth is just dumb.
Whoever came up with that idea needs a kick in the bum.
Then you got the ones that are short,
Next season is tall when it comes to port.

Some are wider than the one before,
Sticking out on the shelf more.
Then they go from plastic,
Thankfully with no stinking elastic,

To cardboard and back again.
Must be ran my many men.
Or a crackpot that can't make up is mind.
Could just be trying to annoy my little behind.

Yep, see it's all a conspiracy against me.
Hey, blame my OCD.
Don't they know it looks stupid on a shelf?
When they could be a nice little movie elf.

They could make them all the same size and shape,
Not making them look like they were produced by an ape.
I only mean for each series too,
Because all copying the same format would never come due.

Heck, some can't even make two seasons in a row match.
If they had to all their brains may fully detach.
So for boxing day my OCD took over the show.
The cat has to let it flow.

Or it just won't shut up in my head,
Continually causing me dread.
That's the facts of my TV on DVD Box sets class,
Now back to putting the new ones in alphabetical order goes my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. No Boxing Day for me
    Staying home brings me more glee!

  2. Yeah I ignore that crap too
    And first with the burst were you

  3. Wow. And I thought my posts were RantZ, haha!

  4. hahaha every once in a while
    The cat has to rant a mile
    Especially when it stirs up my ocd
    And having big, tall, skinny, short, etc. looks stupid on the shelf to see

  5. just did a bit a research on boxing day..interesting background - over here in germany the shops are all closed on the 26th - for us it's another day to spend with friends and family - hope the cat is well and survived eating all the christmas cookies..smiles

  6. Didn't know about a boxing day :)
    You write really well I must say :)

  7. Here in Holland Boxing Day is actually called Second Christmas Day. Would you believe that? I'm still waiting for number three - or should I say, my wallet is? But then again it's so much better than War Day, right? (Oh, strangely enough that one doesn't exist.)

  8. Not fond of Boxing Day, to be honest it is rather... gay? I don't know but have a good one Pat, excellent writing as usual especially with the business that comes attached to Crimbo, haha!

  9. lol..would loved to have seen your OCD in the middle of the present opening yesterday...even i needed a break to get boxing here though they have a few sales a craziness like the before christmas hell...taking the day to breathe myself, be back tomorrow on your rhyming shelf...

  10. So... I want to many cats do you have you really have OCD? As it's Boxing day...Want a box?

  11. hmmm seems it's another north american thing
    But then up here the 27th is when the crap starts to sling
    So guess it is just down below
    As things must go go go
    Yep the cat is still alive
    Although may be a little less that five by five

    Another who didn't know
    Hmph I guess I should have ruffled a little more the dvd boxes at my show

    hahaha second christmas day
    Oh the crap they will say
    To try and get more money
    Yeah is kind of funny
    No war day
    Since that's all some idiots can display

    Yeah just another way to suck money out
    With the crap sales they shout

    hahaha bah I just rip and tear the stuff apart
    Then let my ocd take heart
    And stuff it in a blue bag
    Have fun relaxing and see you later at my rag

    Two cats reside with me
    Although right now, including them, 16 you can see..haha
    I have it a bit
    Not bad enough like Monk to really really take a fit
    Plenty of boxes lying about
    So the box idea is out..haha

  12. I went shopping today..and the deals were fantastic ~

    I agree with boxes changing but if the deal is good, who can blame me ~

    Have a good office yippee ~~~

  13. Ha, I thought I was the only one that got ticked off at those sizes, really do screw up the shelf space, especially in those with doors, some have to go here, away from their genre, or perhaps have to then take the genre and move it someplace else and on and on, it sure would be nice. I actually had this discussion with a friend of mine years and years ago, before DVD's came to be known, CD boxes same concept there too, when I complained he said , Hey I like the way they look when their different they're cool- so I kept quiet on my non-approval thing, but today, in reply, I was able to vent as well as sing. Thanks

  14. Yeah they do have some great deals online
    Nothing is open here until tomorrow which is fine
    Another day to be lazy
    And just a tad crazy..haha
    Yeah what the hell
    If the deal is good why not ring the bell

  15. hahaha glad I can let your vent and sing
    With the box tale I bring
    It is very annoying indeed
    Especially with the shelf space greed
    Taking up too much or too little looks dumb
    So I jut had to give it a hum
    But what can you do
    Just move them around, stick them here and there and look at how much your collection grew

  16. When's your album coming out?

  17. btw isn't your banner a little bit too big?

  18. Zerg! You said it--and in verse! Why can't these mfr's get some consistency in packaging? I'm with you. Or maybe it's to make your shelves look more interesting? Hmmm... :)

  19. you have a plant? What does it produce? Cat food?

  20. Happy holidays Pat..... and I think we all have a little O.C.D. in each of our crazy worlds. I know I agree with you when it comes to my DVD boxes on the shelves as well.

  21. You OCD? I would never have guessed *she says, tongue in cheek* No boxing, no shopping for me today. Sleeping? I may.

  22. Boxing Day is spent eating leftovers from the day before until you fart so much your arse explodes.

  23. We dont have boxing day Pat, a lot of work yes:)

  24. No boxing day for me. ;)

  25. I just sat at home and playing computer games all day. :P

  26. I got a good deal online today!
    A new winter coat at my bay.
    It's black fur!
    Whiskers and Mustache should like that and purr!
    Glad it was online.
    and free shipping was sublime.
    When do you go back to work
    where you have to blog and lurk?

  27. What is boxing day? It's on my calendar EVERY year, but I always ignore it. lol Must be a Canadian thing...

    I totally agree with you on the whole make boxes the same size thing!! It's sooo annoying! I'll tell you a secret...I roll up a cloth or a paper towel or something depending on how uneven it is on the shelf. When it's ridiculous uneven, I stick a little pig figurine or something in front of it. Sigh...Figures you're the one to blame for this!! hahaha

  28. I tend to throw boxes away, keeping a select few to keep stuff in that work for me. Yep.

  29. Boxing day sounds fun, until you get there haha!

  30. That's always fun to do
    Just don't get to cracked up or you may turn see through

    haha never ever I will say
    It would cause too much dismay

    Bah there is a scroll button for a reason
    So it doesn't commit to much treason

    Hmmmm maybe it is to makes selves mores of an interesting act
    Still would rather have them all the same and that's a fact

    Yep it produces cat nip by the pound
    All year around

    Yeah most people have a little bit
    I just indulge a bit with each fit
    Seems everyone agree with the damn boxes of dvds
    Maybe the higher ups will catch our breeze

    haha yeah that was a tough on to guess
    Hey at least things aren't in a mess
    After all that traveling stuff
    Not getting some sleep would be tough

    Well there you go
    I can add to the gas at my show..haha

    Pfft work?
    Hell no, I guess boxing day is a perk

    Just sit at up and think up a fail?
    Well that cat chases his tail

    I just play xbox all day
    So I guess we both were lazy at our bay

    Yep it is fun to do
    That is true

    hahaha caved to the boxing day event
    But as long as it was a good deal at your tent
    Nothing should get bent
    No one should vent
    Or repent
    And it was good money spent
    Jan 3rd I have to be lazy
    And as always a tad crazy
    Then after that back to writing mode for me
    And get book number 4 done at my sea
    Been a slacker there
    As christmas kept getting in my hair..haha

    Bah you amaericans prob made the thing up first
    With your sale sale sale burst..haha
    WOW now I'm not that bad
    You go full blown at your pad
    I hate it but just try not to look
    Here at my nook
    What really sucks though
    Is when an extra space at the end begins to show
    Because season seven and season eight
    Are to big to fit on the selves plate
    So it has to go down below
    And now a big stupid empty space shows

    haha hey whatever works for you
    I keep them all as you never know when you might need a few
    Especially with 2000 dvds or so to move at times
    Boxes flow out of me then like rhymes

    hahaha yeah once there
    You no longer care
    And want to go home
    No longer wanting to roam

  31. Hahah some clever rhyming, now following!!

  32. Sick rhymes! im following this as well

  33. Speaking of smashing a printer. I need to smash mine. It's eaten more paper, and it's print success rate is about 1%

  34. Wow, that's a nice long holiday for you
    you're going to be lazy and spoiled, too!
    Yes, I've been needing a good book to read
    and Tripit needs to be followed, you see.
    So hurry up with that writing there
    to give me something to do at my lair.

  35. Glad you find it clever
    With my little rhyming endevour

    Sick is good with no germs with it
    Other wise it isn't a hit

    hahaha yep Smash that thing and takes pictures too
    That would be fun to view

    yep saved some vacation for the last of the year
    And took it so I can be a lazy rhyming rear
    It should be done be end of Jan at the latest I think
    But for Tripit you may hit the brink
    As it could be a while
    Before you see him and his rhyming style..haha
    And that was always the plan just so you know
    When you see book number 4 from my show

  36. LOL! I need to research boxing day. You have me curious.

  37. haha a huge load of crap
    But the deals still try and suck you into their trap


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