A New Pet Has Joined The Crew. Warning! Might Be Disturbing To A Few!

So as a few may already know, like Betsy and her Santa that flaps to and fro, the cat gives gifts each year as well. Except some might land me in a padded cell. But you know what? Nobody ever seems to curse my little rhyming butt. Pat always seems to get the blame for my little funny gift game. The cat is done spreading Christmas cheer for the year but since it's over I figured I could spread a little fear. Of course I was egged on a bit in the comments below. So how could I not talk about the new pet at our show.

That's right! On Christmas Eve night we got a new pet at bush number three. It is quite the sight to see. For I have my spots, Miss Priss is oh so prissy with no knots and this thing has stripes. It also seems to cover pipes.

My Auntie seemed to go back to the Savannah where my descendants are from and got another pet to play with my little rhyming bum. It was a Zebra that joined our crew. Yeah, I guess they are fine pets. Who knew? There are three species of Zebra's as well. I think ours is of the Grevy's type I must tell. As they supposedly are the ones that more closely resemble an ass. That's a donkey for those wanting to speak less crass.

It came with some fine tricks. I guess it can grow if something attractive is thrown into the mix. It can make Zebra sounds on command. If one is long enough it can even shake your hand. Don't get too close though. It may go on the offensive and grow. Then it could poke you in the eye. But get it going and sooner or later it may not be so high. Unless it popped a pill, then you might be in for a four hour thrill. Get my innuendo yet? If not, in a second you will I bet.

Don't you just want to pet it? LOL Told you for some it might not be a hit.

So Auntie sent that as payback for the previous years gifts from the cat. Unfortunately it is too big for me so I gave it to Pat. That string in the back must surely ride. That could really cramp his stride. Plus I took a swing at it too. He was glad he had pants on between me and you. I guess whacking what is under there would hurt a bit, as I try to go give that Zebra thing a hit.

Whacking as a bad use of words too. I better stop before things turn blue. Strat! There I go once again, bringing up the plights of men. What? You want to pet it lass? Hmmm I think I started something bad today with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Yeah baby, how's it hanging? You busy this weekend? Wanna go out for a drink? I'm buying. Fill that out and I'll take you home and pet your zebra hahaha. I #FF'd you today on Twitter. When I say that now, it seems naughty.

  2. Haha fair play man! You would be a brave man to wear that out in public!

    My Fitness Blog

  3. Why is getting girls to pet the zebra bad? Sounds like a good idea!

  4. Pat,has all along got the Cat
    He's happy with it as a pet
    A new entrant something extra
    With thongs a hanging zebra
    Has the guts to wear in public?
    Easily dropped with a flick
    Play safe hold in your hands
    None the wiser nice looking pants


  5. Auntie is a fine woman

  6. hahahahaha I knew you'd be right on top of that
    Damn, another bad use of words by the cat
    Yeah a little naughty but fun
    And your twitter threat was well done

    Hey it wouldn't bother me
    If people were to see
    Now with no pants on yes that would scare
    No need to show a moon that's quite bare..haha

    The cat thinks it's a bad idea not Pat
    Actually retract that
    Some it's a good idea well other not
    As nut cases seem to be found a lot

    haha cowboy
    Oh joy

    Yes the zebra needs to be fed
    Particularly in bed

    Yep the guts are here
    As long as there is no fear
    And the pants stay on
    I'll walk with it right across the lawn
    haha glad you like the pants too
    Although they aren't very original, sad but true

    hahaha hmmm Pat might agree
    But the cat would not most definitely

  7. the zoo is expanding or so it seems, just be carefull where you point that thing....

  8. OMG Sexy zebra(lol) ha,ha, (sorry) ha

  9. haha this zebra could get you into serious trouble...just be careful..smiles

  10. does that zebra talks like Chris Rock? Like the friend of my penguins from MADAGASCAR?

  11. talk not talks, sorry, I'm a bit under the weather today :)

  12. LMAO!!! You just blinded a few Japanese!!!

    Your sister may be a genious. That's greattt. hahahahaha Thanks for modeling it for all of us. And the innuendos? Genious!! They made me giggle all the way through. :P

    Zebra sounds on command? How exactly does a zebra sound Mr. Cat??? Sigh...You always give me things to Google.


  13. Little Ms fun what you will do for new year's eve Food of course, I dont have idea what I will be make:)

  14. My God... I wouldn't be caught dead, but I'll have to remember this for next year's secret Santa.

  15. @Gloria...we do a Chinese New Year complete with Mai Tais and chinese ice cream! Then when the ball drops, we run into the street banging pots and pans while screaming at the top of our lungs. lol!!

    Why don't you do the same? If not, I know plenty of Italian recipes I can send you :P

  16. What delicious Im not sure I will make daugther is veggie, that is the theme, I want a salad and maybe fish (she eat only fish) sigh and is my dad and Mom but they eat normal, also my Dad is diabetic so I make a special dessert I would like try your Chinese Ice Cream:) I dont know what Pat will say about our talk! ja,ja, anyway Im folloiwng you, visit me maybe you like mine:)

  17. Pat dont upset please, now Im following Little Mrs. Fun (lol

  18. But is nice Pat we feeling here like home (lol)

  19. I'm not going to touch this one... meaning the subject, and the zebra!

  20. LOL yes, we feel at home on Pat's page....with the Zebra thong and all!! hahaha I'm heading over to you now :P

  21. Stopping by at my blog and we can talk more dear I wanna know about this Chinese Ice cream(lol) We love you Pat so much(lol)

  22. Love it mate, Pat Hatt deserves no hate.

  23. haha the Zebra has come out
    Hopefully he won't make anyone pout

    haha expanding is an interesting choice of words
    I won't go pointing it at any birds..haha

    hahaha hey if the zebra is sexy have your say
    All is fine at my bay

    Yeah some serious trouble indeed
    If Pat doesn't take heed

    haha nope it makes some neighing sound
    If you press a button in the part that grows big and umm round

    Bah I make them too
    So I forgive your little achoo

    hahaha oh my
    hmm that's prob the correct cry

    hahahaha hopefully it isn't a permanent blinding
    I wouldn't want to get their teeth grinding
    Damn, another bad choice of words today
    That zebra really has me all messed up at my bay
    hahaha geez I'm a genious as well as her
    That surely doesn't ruffle my fur
    Yeah it has it's own speaker inside the face
    You hit a button and it sends out a neighing sound all through the place..LMAO

    More food
    Geez how crude

    hahahaha bah Pat doesn't mind
    But that strap would really ride up the behind

    Recipe this, recipe that
    Just give chicken nuggets to the cat..Ha!

    Follow this follow that
    Your food can go and scat

    Not upset one bit
    Takes a lot for me to have a fit

    Feeling at home too
    FOX I think I need to borrow that "Go Away" mat from you...haha

    hahaha I think that would be wise
    You may not likes the Zebra's cries

    You can feel at home with a Zebra thong
    Hmmm something there could be wrong

    Stop by this blog, stop by that blog
    Don't get lost in the fog
    Yes, I feel the love too
    The Zebra seems to be getting bigger to view..LOL

    haha bah I can make fun of hate
    So it doesn't bother me at my plate

  24. "Bigger to view?" I hope no one giggles when they see it!

  25. LMAO...You legit made me burst out laughing with the "neigh". Zebras don't neigh...do they? hahaha

    Oh my...I think your followers want to hear this sound. A video may be required. Should I start a petition? lol

    A go away mat? :'( <--That's a tear! lol

  26. @Little Ms. Fun: He's not kidding. My doormat really does say "GO AWAY!"

  27. hahaha depending on how they giggle
    Could make the Zebra wiggle
    God this is getting out of hand
    I need to go stick my head in the sand

    hahaha well this one neighs
    It has a pretty white button that plays
    Not sure if that is what they do
    If you get 50 people to sign a petition I will do a video for you to hear and view
    haha never really tell you to go away
    It just fit so well I had to use it at my bay

    Wasn't kidding at all at my bush number three
    He has a go away doormat
    And a bush with a crack is used by the cat..haha

  28. "depending on how they giggle
    Could make the Zebra wiggle"

    Funny you should say that. I know a woman who... uhhh... never mind.

  29. @Silver Fox ... a "go away" mat. lol That's great!! I know a few people that I would like to use that on!

    @Pat...Now that LMFAO song is stuck in my head. "Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle". hahaha

    What if I send the petition around my office? Get a bunch of Japanese, my friends, and family all to sign. I'll scan you a copy of the petition. Then a neighing video would need be posted. Maybe even a dance to your LMFAO theme song should be on it. Oh god...You could go Viral!

  30. have you ever wworn that in public? lol

  31. Ha..ha...giggling here with the zebra pet
    i mean ahem thong....thanks for the chuckles ~

  32. lol wow if you wear that in public

  33. I could see myself wearing that... and nothing else... in public....

  34. I lost my line Pat, alot of comments:(

  35. Pat I pormess dont talk about food here again:(

  36. omg lol!
    at leats it's not an elephant!

  37. hahaha okay we'll just file that away
    For another day

    Ahhhh I'm blind
    Can't recall ever having that find
    Or maybe I blocked it out
    I think I did see it in some blog shout
    But blah no more wiggle
    I like pairs that jiggle..LOL
    hahaha that is kind of cheating too
    But you never know I may pretend it's true
    God that would just be scary
    Pat with a zebra being some wiggling umm fairy..hahaha
    Going viral too
    Now I think I'll forget that whole idea thank you..haha

    I wore it around the house
    At christmas and they all got a good douse

    haha glad I gave a chuckle
    Maybe I should attach it to a belt buckle

    haha nope no need for wow
    Although maybe I'll have to wear it in public now

    Yeah you might get thrown in jail
    Make sure you have some money for bail

    sure you do
    You there were quite a few
    And no more food
    Yippee, yeah I know I'm a food prude

    hahaha it's gone from view
    So no more zebra action will ensue

    LOL yeah at least it's not that
    Although a trunk prob is out there to use at ones mat

  38. The picture of the Zebra cracks me up, Pat. Nope, I will pass on petting it. LOL.

  39. Zebras are all the rage lately. lol I admit I never expected to see them quite like this.

    Happy New Year!

  40. Oh my start! I'll be laughing for days over this one :)

    Loved the rhyme time theme video too. Is that new?


  41. A wiggling zebra thong & hellow kitty sock wearing fairy dancing to LMFAO. Yup, it's going to go viral :) It's genious!

    Sorry, I had to!! If it makes you feel better, I'm still short and I still egged myself! hahaha

  42. Wow how's that for a cod-piece! Hilarious.

  43. Now you need matching zebra pants and shoes!

  44. Hahah, that looks like the best present ever!

  45. hahaha it's alright if you pass
    That thing neighs so much and is rather crass

    hahaha they are all the rage
    You think I could wear this one and get paid a wage?..LOL

    Glad I gave you a laugh for days to come
    Nope, that theme video of my little rhyming bum
    Has been around for a while
    As the cat goes on the rhyming mile

    hahaha hmmm that prob would go viral too
    But sadly I have no Hello Kitty socks at my zoo
    So I guess that's a deal breaker then
    Still shivering over those wiggle wiggle men..haha
    LOL and never fear I can take it in stride
    As you egging yourself still makes me smile wide

    hahaha yep surely is a piece
    I just hope it doesn't attract any snapping geese

    I wonder if they make those
    God only knows
    But there you go
    Be quite the zebra show

    hahaha now I don't know about that
    But it was quite funny and fun for Pat

  46. First of all, I have to say
    that I'd recognize that...um...pair of jeans any day.
    And yes, for those who didn't know
    Pat and cats sent a naughty Santa to my show
    Wrapped in naughty Santa wrapping paper
    All the way to Ohio, what a caper.

    OK...now I have 51 comments to read!
    I have a feeling I'll be giggling here from your lead...

  47. haha easily recognizable even with the zebra my way
    Guess that's just my fate at my bay
    hahaha the smog couldn't stop the cat
    Had to send the naught ho ho to your mat..haha
    Yep many are quite fun
    The zebra sure didn't make anyone run

  48. And it's funny she should mention giggling!

  49. Yeah, well that Santa didn't wiggle
    It was more like a wag
    and it has yet to sag
    he's like the energizer bunny
    have to admit it's quite funny
    although The Mister wanted to know
    who would send me such a show.
    But he knew who you were by name
    maybe I talk about you too much? What a shame!

  50. Your birthday will be here soon.
    You might wish I'd sent you a loon!

  51. I'm not gonna remember this. But this shall be my costume for next Halloween!

  52. Silver ~ giggling? Who do you know that giggles?

  53. Yeah I picked up on that
    But figured she would see it around your Go Away mat..haha

    hahahahaha he just keeps going and going
    Even though it's not snowing
    The cat or Pat has no problem taking credit for such a umm thing
    Knew me by name, well Orlin is the rhyming king..haha

    Bah my birthday is missed this year
    You see the leap year makes it disappear..haha

    That would be quite the Halloween costume indeed
    But I'd take heed
    Depending on where you are
    Could be quite nippy at your bar

  54. leap year just adds a day
    nothing is missing...not even your day!

  55. @Betsy: We were talking about giggling in these comments, and I know someone who giggles a lot... but not at zebras...

  56. I think that GO AWAY mat really says "and stop that incessant giggling and lemonade making...rant, rant, rant" lol...

  57. And if you turn the mat over, it says "or I'll run you over with my car!"

  58. haha didn't you hear
    The leap year does away with any birthday cheer..haha

    haha the GO AWAY mat can mean many things
    But in the end means scat and don't give the door bell a ring

    Wouldn't they have to go outside first though?
    A car inside would be quite show

  59. Oh, of course the back side of the mat says that! I should have known! lol....

  60. No, I've never heard such a birthday ring
    it just delays by 24 hours gifts to bring
    and maybe the birthday song to sing
    and blowing candles so a wish can spring.
    If your thought is true
    I'm younger by a few
    haven't reached that milestone yet
    maybe your idea is a good as it gets!

  61. @Pat: Glad you said scat and not strat on my mat.

    @Betsy: Whose backside are you looking at? Oh, silly me, you're still talking 'bout my mat!

  62. haha not candles for Pat
    He doesn't eat that..haha
    See I made you younger too
    With my idea that came due

    Yeah no strat on your mat
    I have pringle cans to hold that..haha

  63. You could still blow candles and make a wish
    and not even touch a dish!
    Candles could be in the chicken nuggets
    they'd be like appetizers on toothpicks!

  64. hahaha that was acutally done
    For some candle fun
    A few birthdays ago
    At my show..haha

  65. Nice of you to orchestrate this post for me to read it when you had 69 comments. Mine being 70, I guess.

    Happy New Year Pat and I look forward to laughing with you in 2012.

  66. I had to come back to see the comments on this one. This went over really well. I think you may have damaged D4 permanantly though.

  67. Haha your posts are entertaining.

  68. I had the same thought as Mama Zen, "Oh, my," is right, lol. Happy New Year :)

  69. hahaha yeah people seemed to like the zebra thong
    And had to beat the comment gong
    Scrolling through all of those must have took a a while
    And happy new year to you too, as 2012 will bring about more of my rhyming style

    hahahaha poor D4
    He may never get past this post at my shore
    Yeah went over really well
    So much it's jut like what the hell..haha

    It's house broken at least
    Not sure you can fully tame the beast

    Glad I can entertain
    And no one popped a vein

    hahahaha an oh my is alright
    Better then a scary fright
    Happy new year to you
    From the rhyming crew

    hahaha the Zebra might like that
    Oh poor Pat

  70. That's freaking hilarious. See Drazin try and make slippers out of that pet-lol

  71. hahahaha as long as Drazin didn't touch what is beneath it
    I'm sure Pat would give him a good hit

  72. hahaha a third oh my
    That zebra really is a swell guy


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