New Year's Is Upon Us All. So The Cat Gives It a Call!

The day has arrived to cut last year's ties.
Acting as if by magic one will become wise.
With a simple turn of the page comes a clean slate.
Pretending past matters get lost with the date.

For one night at least all seems right with the planet.
At least to those that take it for granted.
The facts do not change or somehow rearrange.
Half the world is still some firing range.

The champagne pours and all raise a glass.
Clinking and clanking as they wait in mass.
Wanting to countdown like a shuttle launch.
And why not? NASA has hit a money flow staunch.

The seconds tick away and the same song ensues.
The way some people sound you thank God for the booze.
Confetti continues dropping down on your head.
An act the poor street cleaners surely must dread.

But because it is new and giving us a yearly taste.
Who cares if we can fill a battleship with the waste?
We'll add that to the file of last year's doing.
After all that is last year's food you are chewing.

The clean slate applies when benefits outweigh the cost.
Just like a good political debate, keep the meaning lost.
Then the aftershock begins to wear off from your drunk.
And you find all as it was, white men still can't slamdunk.

At least use some Lysol or Bleach on that clean slate.
Maybe the shine will tempt your fate.
As you see a reflection of what you put out for prostitution.
The face of you that begins to deepen its resolution.

The crosswalk of time never gives a sign.
It waits for no one while your wishes mine.
The page may turn and the slate may gleam.
But only that which stares back can attain that dream.

The cat starting writing and that is what came out. So there you go for my New Year's shout. Hope all have a good one and do their usual fun. So go ahead, clinking and clanking that glass, as all you'll get is a Happy New Year in rhyme from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Hope you have a Happy New Year Pat, you deserve it mate!

  2. dude if you are still chewing last years food swallow already, that last line as well, not the one on the printer, it was the VCR that i splintered, yesterday as it was broke, no its the staring back that made me choke, happy new year to the cat, see you tomorrow cause here is where its at.

  3. I'll take your happy new year in rhyme because only you can give it so fine. And thank you Mr Pat Hatt, for the fun and joy and smiles and snickers. And believe or not, for your wisdom in your posts and comments.

    Happy New Year, my friend, and buddy.

  4. hey that cat has writing talent i have to say...smiles
    wishing you a great start into the new year pat...and just don't use too much Lysol or Bleach....smiles

  5. Happy New Year Pat, to you and the cats(lol):)

  6. It will be as happy as ever
    Does doing nothing count as an endeavor?..haha

    hahaha I suppose I should swallow already
    I have been chewing steady
    Yeah those things break rather well too
    I've literally smashed a few
    That staring I just couldn't take
    So I beat it because it wouldn't partake
    My little rhyming rear
    Will see you next year

    I have wisdom in posts and comments tooo
    That just can't be true
    See so hard to believe for the cat
    But I guess not so much for Pat
    Happy New Year to you
    Hopefully all good things come due

    hahaha I won't use to much
    I just need a touch
    To make the clean slate shiny
    And keep the cat from getting whiny
    Hopefully it starts well
    Happy new year to you I must tell

  7. Hope you have a happy new year too
    From Pat and the cats and maybe that Zebra thing from yesterday's view..haha

  8. I remember well the Zebra (lol) :)

  9. hey, cat, I hear you're hosting a wild party tonight and I'm the only one from the Zoo who's not invited? Is it because I wear sparkly clothes at New Year's Eve?

  10. 'The way some people sound you thank God for the booze' - not to mention the way some look (incl. myself as you'll find out in a click). Anyway, Pat, here I go for my New Year's shout. I hope you like your new suit!

  11. A great poem! Def in the theme with the season! Happy New year mate!!

    click here

  12. A kiss at midnight is all I ask
    but never get. Is that such a task?

  13. haha hard to forget
    I bet

    Yeah those clothes might blind
    My little rhyming behind
    But the penguins can come
    So don't feel glum

    hahaha that was great
    Pat all geared up in a suit at your plate
    Yeah the looks part was a nice touch
    Although sometimes you have to drink much..haha

    Happy new year
    And glad it's in the theme of the season with my cheer

    Shouldn't be such a task
    Maybe it's how you ask..haha

  14. I smiled at the sound of people's voices making you thank God for the booze ..LOL\Happy new year to you Pat and the cats! :)

  15. hahaha yeah sometimes the booze drowns things out well and good
    Or maybe one just needs a really think hood
    Happy New Years to you
    From Pat and the kitty crew

    Same to you as well
    From our little cell

    I will keep them coming
    Happy nea year as well, that seems to be all I'm strumming..haha

  16. Smash a printer? I've got a small printer I'd like to go 'Office Space' on!

  17. Have a really good New Year to Pat and both his cats !!! :)

    -Little Ms. Fun
    b/c Blogger won't let me sign in today.

    Is that a sign of the new year ;) I know how you believe in that ohh soo much. haha

  18. Lol cats and printers these are the best haha

  19. I hope you'll have an amazing new year :0)

  20. Nice New Years rhyme, definitely the time for that type to chime, and heck, what's a party without a little rhyme. Happy New Years, stay safe and probably a good idea, that if you intend to have a few, to leave that zebra pet away from you-lol oh, perhaps it might be a party hit, you might even want to make a rhyme of it. Anyhow, yeah, Happy New Years

  21. I love your last verse ~

    Raising my glass to you ~

    Happy New Year and Cheers ~

  22. Excellent, Pat! And, Happy New Year!

  23. That's one deep cat and one thought-provoking post.

    Best of luck too you in 2012! I'll go all Office Space on a printer for you in celebration.

  24. I love a clean slate while it lasts; but it doesn't last for long.....the smudges of the new year appear all too fast!

  25. Happy New Year, Pat, Cassie, and Orlin!

    Now, where's the pretty lady who wanted a kiss...?

  26. I like what you say and can't agree more.
    This blog is great fun and never a bore.
    Happy New Year to you
    and your rhyming ass too!

  27. It's just a check point for me. But if people can forget their worries and tread onto their new year as if the bad they encountered is now gone, all the best to them too.

  28. Happy New Year Pat and cats (p.s. soooo, thought of you when I saw the e harmony "I love cat" video)

  29. happy happy new year to all of you three
    you have filled my year with glee!
    seriously, some bad days I'd come here for a smile
    and you gave me one longer than a mile.
    one of the best bloggers ever to be found
    I might shed a tear if I get any more profound.
    much love, pat and cats!

  30. Go office space on the thing
    But be sure to takes pictures to give all a ring
    Or a view
    As I'd like to see too

    hahahaha yes that was a sign
    That blogger just isn't fine
    That is it
    No new years fit..haha
    Happy New Year to you
    From Pat and the kitty crew

    Cats and printers can't be beat
    Unless Drazin wears them on his feet

    God only knows what is to come
    Lets hope it's at least semi-amazing for my little rhyming bum
    And the same to you
    And your crew

    hahahaha nope the Pat's drinking days are done
    So no liquor will run
    But the zebra pet may come back one day
    I've got it nicely tucked away..haha

    Happy New Years to you too
    My glass is empty at the moment but I'll raise it to you

    Excellent yippee
    And happy new year to thee

    I'm a deep cat
    I like that
    Good go all office space on the thing
    Let the parts just fling..haha

    Yep doesn't last for long
    Maybe it needs it's own protective thing..haha

    LOL I knew you'd catch onto the kiss
    Happy New Year to you and Orson too with a little bit of a hiss

    Glad I never bore
    Here at my rhyming shore
    My rhyming ass wishes you one as well
    From here at my little crazy cell

    Yep a check point for me too
    But yeah if it helps other get through
    Go for it I guess
    Just hope it doesn't turn into one big mess

    I shutter at eharmony though
    Did the online dating once and a scary show
    But that I will forgive
    Happy New Year down where you live

    Happy New Year back to you
    From all at my zoo

  31. haha awww aren't you all nice and sweet
    Yeah just this once I'll say it without curling my feet
    Glad I can give a smile
    And you always have such fun comments as you rhyme a mile
    Actually prob have as well
    With all the rhymes you gave when ringing the comment bell
    Also thanks for all the help with the books at my shore
    Next weekend I will start on number four
    You are so dear
    And that's enough niceness from my rhyming rear..haha

  32. can't wait for the book
    getting bored here at my nook
    need a good read
    and some giggles, too, please.
    Even if Tripit doesn't show for a long while
    I'll still keep reading with a smile.

    And how is Cassie doing there?
    Is she still wearing the cone like a rabid bear?
    Have you gotten any sleep?
    Maybe she's been good and gotten a treat?

  33. I actually do really wish that when you get a new year, you also get a clean slate. Alas, that is not the case. Problems from 2007 came and caused some disturbance in 2011!

  34. Aren't those nine cats keeping you busy down there
    They are here, there and everywhere..haha
    Oh it will still have it's fun
    And certaintly won't be some crummy rerun
    Tripit will be back too
    Just as said could be a while, sad but true

    Yep still wearing the cone
    And giving me four hours of slip before she starts to moan
    Or rather walk up and down and up and down and up and down on the bed
    Wanting the thing off her head..haha
    Not letting her touch the foot on bit
    As she will surely mess with it
    Today I even fortified the living room
    So she couldn't go anywhere out of my sight and bring her foot doom
    Dvd selves and empty boxes make a good wall
    Of course Orlin wasn't very happy with it all...hahaha

    Yeah that would be interesting to say the least
    But just not the nature of the beast
    Time is time
    No matter the chime

  35. Aw, poor thing.
    Hope she's better, soon.'s already 2012 for you!
    We're still stuck here in 2011
    oh, heavens.

  36. Happy new you to you too
    As 2012 has come due

    To you as well
    From our little crazy cell

    God only knows
    We'll just have to see how it goes
    Yep 2012 here and 2011 there
    Too confusing might pull out my hair..haha

  37. Good one!

    Happy New Year! And thanks for all your fun contributions to my 2011 Limerick-Offs!

    Not surprisingly, the one I just posted has a New Year's theme.

  38. Happy new year to you
    From the rhyming crew

    And to you too
    Yep just did it and gave it a view

  39. ho ho what a rhyme you have going here! you have a very natural way with the rhythm - great rhymes throughout - it's infectious! nice writing, happy new year!

  40. As long as no germs are spread
    Infectious rhyming filling one's head
    Can be kind of fun
    Glad you enjoyed what was spun

  41. I am in awe at your rhyming skills. Hope you had a fab New Year and your clean slate is here.

  42. The clean slate is buried in the litter box
    I had to hide it some where at my docks..haha
    It awe you say
    That's nice to hear at my bay


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