A Nice Little Shift With A Possible Free Gift!

So the cat got an email the other day asking if I would do a little review my way. It was free to review and one would also be free for one of you. So I figured what the hay and so brings forth a review at my bay. The cat is stretching his skill once more and no there will be very little if any other encore. The cat won't let this turn into a lackey blog. That's something that would be done by a dog and not a cat. So on with it already at my mat.

It was my memories suite I was asked to give a look and here is what was created for my nook. Many have seen the last shot before. But I could not resist using it for an encore.

Now was that not fun? For the song I thought about using a Christmas one. But you know YouTube would have a fit and ban me for such a hit. So the rhyme time theme it had to be, which can bring as much glee. So was this easy to do? Yep! Very easy to come due.

The digital scrapbooking software can easily be used by the beginner and if you are a real go getting winner, it can be used to create your very own from scratch. But it comes with a whole batch. So you can use their already implemented backdrops and each picture easily crops.

You can make them into a movie such as the one above, print them off to send to those you love, even make calendars and greeting cards with ease. Can save them or print them pretty much however you please. Tons of options to add and remove, allowing you to create your own perfect scrapbooking groove. Add imprints, shapes and embellishments too. And everything is setup in a step by step process for you.

One can even add narration to their work. It was tried by that Pat jerk. But I would not meow for him one bit. At least until after the off button he hit. Overall if you are one with tons of pictures at your bay and are looking to use them in a unique way, my memories suite can really let you do something with them that's neat, allowing you to create to your own beat.

So there is a rhyming review. Bet you never thought such a thing would come into your view. Did I say something about free? Yes! Just as always when you leave a comment below with me, you will be entered into a draw and one name will be picked out with my paw. The winner will get a free copy for their shelf, as today I pretend to be a gifting Santa elf. Make it rhyme and you get two entries for your chime. Although this does depend on if they actually do live up to what they say, as they are rather slow at answering email my way. So take the free one with a grain of salt, as you never know if they will default. That is all for today to the viewing mass and off I go with my reviewing little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Not really my cup of tea and don't think I'd have the patience to go through with it. Nice review though.

  2. This rhyming review is absolutely excellent Pat, what a great idea. Awesome stuff, Pat you're just so tough!

  3. Didn't like the song but as always i enjoyed the post :)

  4. Well Pat, I can't rhyme so I only get the one entry. And did you here what cat said about you. Here kitty, kitty haha

  5. Rhyme time, meow! Sure is great
    Pat and the cat, a grand treat
    Revving hot stuff specially made
    The song is fun, lots of meat!


  6. Aww...that was fun!
    Loved seeing the cats when they were just little bums!
    And what a great rhyming review
    They should be very pleased with you!
    Maybe I'll get lucky and win
    Then I'd just have to sit and grin.

  7. does the free one taste better with salt, the high cholesterol will surely be my fault, for gobbling it up, but such is life for anything good it seems, your body is does reem

  8. I didn't get what the review was about :) But a big meow is in order for the effort :)

  9. haha yeah it does take a little patience to do
    So could annoy you..haha

    Yep went on in rhyme
    With my usual chime
    Figured what the hay
    And did it up my way

    Geez not taste with the theme of the cat
    Oh well I won't banish you from my mat..haha

    I'm sure you can make up one rhyme
    Just get really really drunk and you could easily make a rhyme chime
    hahaha yeah here kitty kitty is prob correct
    Too bad he's snippy snippy so nothing goes erect..hahaha

    Glad you liked the little review
    That the cat had up to view
    And the song
    Can do no wrong..haha

    Yep little bums indeed
    Now one scratches Pat with ease and the others picks her paw making it bleed
    Oh pain in the butt cats
    Least they scare away the rats..haha
    haha never know could be you
    Still waiting to see if the whole "free" thing is true

    hmmmm you never know
    The salt could make it taset like a crow
    The cat likes those birds
    He eats them after they have words..haha
    Have to watch that cholestrol though
    or to the germy hospital one would have to go

    I am constantly confusing you
    For the loonie and toonie and now this comes due
    hahaha I should just try and confuse you outright
    Then you can get the words that take flight..haha

  10. A rhyming review.... OMG... how do you always manage to do this :)

  11. Love the idea Pat, hope to win:)

  12. hahaha truly beats the heck out of me
    I just keep on rhyming no matter what I yap about at my sea

  13. Glad you like the idea too
    Who knows, if it's true, could be you

  14. Sure like your smily faces
    Putting them through the paces

  15. Lol, nice vids :D

  16. hahaha Caturday it always seems to be
    As the cats rule bush number three..haha

  17. You got one too, huh? I got pissed off when the email said how impressed they were with my blog. Bet they never even read it.

  18. A rhyming review! Very clever if you think about it. This company's new mascot could be the rhyming cat! Geico has an Australian gecko and an easily offended cave man, so why not? hahaha

    P.S. I have to wait to get home to watch the video. The Japanese won't bee to happy if blast it here. Plus, I think they took away my speakers! hahaha

  19. hahaha yeah it's a form letter thing I think
    But I just gave a nod and a wink
    And figured what they hay
    I could make it a post one day

    hahaha they took your speakers away?
    Oh the dismay
    Those Japanese really have it in for you
    LOL a rhyming cat would be fun for a view

  20. It's neat. Honestly not sure I would use it, silly netbooks are no good for that.

  21. Yeah might be rough with netbooks I'd say as well
    Wouldn't want you cursing things to Hell..haha

  22. Great review. I love the page you showcased :)

  23. Had to showcase the kitties with it
    If not they would have had a fit.haha

  24. just wandering what the deers are doing in that cat review..ha..ts..ts..ts

  25. Those things just wouldn't go away
    So the cat decided to let them play

  26. In the grocery this morning
    the muzak was rather boring
    Faliz Navidad was beating along
    but I wasn't humming that song
    No, it was the Rhyme Time theme
    that was stuck in my brain seams.
    I knew you'd laugh at that
    and I'm blaming this post, dear Cat!

  27. hahaha oh that is such fun
    Not even christmas music can top the theme under my sun
    The cat surely is amused by that
    Even Miss Priss and Pat..haha

  28. Still loved the little movie
    the cat is surely handsome and groovy
    but I think Miss Priss is beeeutiful
    and her sass is certainly plentiful.

  29. They asked me to review that. My dogs said, The hell with such crap. I hear when they asked the fox, Orson said, If you do, ship me to Lola in a box. I'll take my chances with her doggies three. Perhaps I'll be safe on top of the Christmas tree.


  30. Haha oh wow.
    I'm trying to revive my blogger;
    Check out my blog? kylemayday.blogspot.com
    Sub back? Thanks!

  31. I like the idea. (:

  32. Fun look see. When i had the PC I had a scrappy program but when I switched to Mac it wouldn't transfer too, and although fun, It was one of those many things I had and still do buy, where I use it all the time at first buy, then watch as the unfortunate dust settles upon its eye. I like the one you put together, lots of good shots in there. The Christmas song would've toppled youtubes charts, so many Christmas cheers should be sent your way, from all those wannabe singers out and about at youtubes way- Just wouldn't have been fair.

    Nice review. Thanks

  33. the video was entertaining to watch...but i can't really rhyme you know..ha..ha...

  34. You make it sound so easy! Will see if or what I can create.

  35. Oooo... I never have any luck with these things but maybe this time I'll be lucky.

  36. Yes Miss Priss knows it to
    As she thinks all should bow that come into view
    And she should be waited on hand and foot as well
    If only she'd stop chewing the damn thing to hell..haha

    hahaha I figured what the heck though
    Since it is free and gave me something else to try at my show
    Not putting in all the links and crap
    As I go about my rhyme flap
    Still haven't sent me the email for the draw thing
    So I think maybe the lies do fling

    I checked it out
    And gave a shout

    Glad the idea was liked too
    As I did my rhyme review

    haha funky video as in the song
    But yeah the last picture of the cat is funky and kind of wrong..haha

    Yeah that does seem to be the way
    You use it for a while at your bay
    And then poof! there it goes
    To where who really knows
    As other things come to mind
    Yeah I avoided the christmas song so not to get a blocked behind

    hahaha bah you can rhyme
    Just do the easy one and use time

    It isn't really that hard with the steps all in place
    Unless you truly want to create a whole new, from scratch, case
    Then could be a little harder to do
    But sure it could be figured out by you

    Never know might have some luck
    If they even send the code for the winner to get it for free and don't suck

  37. omg, your cat (Pat?) is just WAY TOO CUTE! I am so stealing him... her? :D Merry Christmas~ <3

  38. haha if it's the cat you steal
    You might find it to be a raw deal
    Won't be long giving him back
    As he causes a lot of flack
    Cassie on the other hand
    She thinks she is grand
    So she would stand upon high
    Just giving you the evil eye..haha

  39. rhyming review..
    who else, can do it
    but u :)

    Fact: there is nothing in this world about which u can't rhyme :P

    Merry Christmas in advance !!!

  40. haha nothing has come to me yet
    So I think that's a safe bet
    As I can rhyme
    Any old chime
    Merry Christmas a little less in advance..haha
    No go do a ummm happy dance

  41. The lizard king doing a wet willy -
    as per usual pat you make me silly
    in the uk its rather chilly
    but you always warm me up!

  42. haha I guess I was a tad too silly this time
    As I made you post on the wrong rhyme..haha


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