Only One Year Away! Won't It Be a Delightful Day!

When fire and brimstone rain down over our head and bring with it so much dread. When poof goes this and that maybe even the blog of the cat. Oh no! We can't have no rhyming show. Pffft, yeah right! And this cat turns into a ten legged, three toed, six eyed, vampire, werewolf cross at night.

Just read a thing saying on that faithful day, "The World Will Drastically Change," and poor us will no longer be able to play. You know what? That actually is a statement that doesn't sound like it came out of some nut. For yes it will change. This Mayan crap will have run out of range. No more will we hear of this stupid prophecy garbage and other crap. For it will officially take the big dirt nap.

The day I believe a bunch of dead guys and girls wrote some fancy smancy twirls, giving us the end of the line. Is the day I believe the face I saw in my chicken nugget was a sign. Of course barring time travel and some alien stuff, they can write and huff and puff, but all of it is just people being scaredy dogs, covered in multiple fogs. You want to believe something bad enough, you will find it no matter how tough.

So I can sit here and make my own calender for the years to come and people will bow down to my little rhyming bum. As I will be correct in each and every case. All it takes is being totally and utterly vague and referencing some crap in space. Then the stupid humans will go and add significance to it because on some historical point it seemed to hit. POOF! I must now be part Mayan or something. For those magic future seeing powers I bring.

Of course the rich like your fear. They probably even stand up and cheer. You make their trash overbloated movies sell great and buy in bulk to try and increase your fate. Big scary Y2K came and went no matter how much people or some nut got bent. Ohhhh wait! They had an excuse for that. It was some John Titor guy who saved our Earthly mat. Pffft! Once more humans trying to reason out the stupid crap they shout, because they can't admit they are wrong. So they look for an excuse and sing some stupid song.

Plus I said it before but it deserves an encore. The Earth will not end! It will still be here my short sighted friend. May be barren and void of any living creature. But the Earth will still be a feature. So saying the planet will end is also dumb and then some. Of course we're all supposed to become enlightened too. Hmmmm for some that may take a lot to come due. I think the enlightenment train might have quite the pain, as it tries to fill the human mind, for some it simply won't be able to find.

There is my rant for the day with my usual rhyme play. If you still buy into the crap. Feel free to let your lips flap. I will get a good laugh out of it and won't have a fit. But if per chance the cat is wrong and some big power bats us around like ping pong. I can admit it easily even if we're all dead and I can't type at my sea. Seek me out in the great beyond and I will respond. Saying my facts were wrong in mass and then you can curse my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I hope that the world ending is a face it fact that is actually wrong for once man, great writing as always regardless anyway.

  2. It's a load of crap
    No matter how much one does flap

  3. It's all slight of hand. An attempt to keep the sheep from looking at what our governments are up to. I'm awake and paying attention. I don't own a telly so I can't be sold, bought or scared by Madison Avenue or BBC news or God forbid those mindless eejits at Fox News. Useless swine. Swipe 'em cat.

  4. hey man we have an end of the world party, invite a band and let it get out of hand, party like its 1999, change our names to symbols and write only in pencil cause it eraSES. i wonder if all the calendars people get at christmas will stop at 12/21 as wel...hmmm....

  5. You sound like my husband except he doesn't rhyme. But I do agree with you both. I tend to roll my eyes at these things. And it seems like I'm doing a lot of eye rolling these days.

  6. Yep, just a case of using some fake terror spree
    To make all bow down and blindly follow thee
    Those swine need to be made into ham
    Or maybe some sort of toe jam
    Spreading such a load of crap
    Need to shut their trap

    Sounds like a plan
    Just get a band that I'm a fan
    Or get one that thinks the world will end
    Then since they are right around the bend
    Say you'll pay if it does go poof
    And won't pay if their theory is a goof
    Either way you get a concert for free
    Always thinking at my sea..haha

    Yep, seems the closer it comes
    The more people talk out their bums
    Giving the eye rolling quite a lot of action
    From this nut job world ending faction

  7. "Of course the rich like your fear."
    why do I have a feeling you were thinking about me in this one, Pat? :)

  8. You mean you are rich
    Well stop being a greedy ummm Hitch
    And spread it around
    Your penguins know where I can be found..haha

  9. is it wrong of me that i always imagine my starting to beatbox while you lay down your sick ryhmes all rap like x)

  10. No not wrong of you at all
    As it can work well especially because I'm totally insane and off the wall..haha

  11. 2012 scares me!!! When I first found out about it, I didn't sleep for months!!! Not because of the silly Mayans and their dumb calendar, but because of something else. Supposedly there is a PLANET X that is going to pass our planet for the first time since the dinosaurs became extinct. I don't want to be the next extinct species, do you?? Sigh....

  12. nothing is goin to happen in 2012
    it will all b same :)

  13. haha don't be scared because that is a load of crap as well
    That planet x thing was supposed to occur in 2003 when the nuts rang their bell
    But guess what?
    They proved they had their head up a butt
    And then moved it to 2012 because of the stupid Mayan crap
    So nothing will make us take a dirt nap
    Plus we won't become extinct just like poof
    That is also some over fear produced goof

    Yep it will be
    as I continue to rhyme at my sea

  14. Some one in retail will surely change things around.
    No Black Friday shopping on any ground?
    What's the point to shop for Christmas, you know,
    if everything will go poof just days before!?
    No, they will never let us believe it will happen
    the billions not spent would cause a brain cramp.

  15. Happy Winter!! I will be waiting for the Mayan apocalypse with a shrug.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  16. hahaha yeah never thought of that
    After selling you a world ending mat
    They will then sell you other junk
    Trying to get you out of such a funk
    They can win both ways
    Trying to suck even more money out of our bays

    Technically, for some reason, I read winter doesn't start until the 22nd this year
    Not sure why there is such a cheer
    But anyway, Merry Christmas down your way
    From all at the rhyming bay

  17. I'll still be here, just like the cockroaches.


  18. haha at least you will have company to enjoy
    Although I hear those cockroaches are kind of coy

  19. Isn't it crazy that people actually believe this stuff?! So wild LOL!

  20. hahaha yep it is really crazy
    All they have to do is stop being lazy
    Get some straight facts
    And the blinders will come off proving how nuts are these world ending acts

  21. I dont believe in that Pat, and so is happens, What can we do??? nothing:) dont worry:)

  22. Yeah it's one big fake
    Better chance of getting eaten by a snowflake

    Freaky it can be
    Even at my rhyming sea

  23. Enjoyed reading this yea the world can be a depressing place but there is good in it even if its sometimes hard to find.

  24. I like the contrast of ideas, keep 'em coming.

  25. If, in 2012, the world goes awry
    that will be way fine.
    Because, with no Christmas presents to buy,
    My money's still mine.

  26. I think that people like to be scared. If they can't see the things we really should be afraid of, they make stuff up!

  27. I'm interested to find out what the reaction is when the world gets up, the day goes by, and the world doesn't end after all the hype. :P

  28. I'm loving Gloria's word 'friky' :)

  29. yes the windbags will keep on coming, 2012 will go and then they'll be some long lost saying for the year 2020 something. It is so true, yet vampire cats probably would rule the world, so perhaps the mayan thing won't be so bad for some, yet yes, I agree, it's better to ignore all of these prophecies, and yes, one might be better off analyzing their chicken nuggets, perhaps they'll find a thing or two, or maybe a flea, I bet theres something that could be said for that too. And think about it, when this mayan thing goes by, John Cusack will sign on for 2029.

  30. Oh yeah there is good around
    And it can be found
    But people are just insane
    When they board the doomsday train

    Oh the ideas will keep coming
    As my rhymes keep on humming

    Hmmm but then will your money be any good?
    Spent it you should
    Then make money with your face
    And say it fell from grace..haha

    That is a good point
    Many seem to need to in some way have their nose out of joint
    If some scary hitchhiker doesn't come into view
    They make up a bunch of BS to get them in a stew

    Yeah it should be quite the reaction to say the least
    But such is the nature of the beast
    You can only rant and rave for so long
    Before you get proved completely and utterly wrong

    hahaha friky isn't bad
    But Whoopdi Friggin Doo works better at my pad..haha

    hahaha yep those chicken nuggets would be more of a win
    Then this crap that belongs in the garbage bin
    God, I shiver at a sequel to 2012 even with Cusack
    Because that movie was one big hack
    Godzilla even showed it up
    So you know you suck like a wee little pup

  31. @Betsy: Hey! That's MY line!

    I knew there was a reason I subscribed to follow-up comments!

  32. Betsy you are laughing me:) I say friky like I say others:)

  33. Oh, that Silver!
    Not only is my house bugged
    but my comments even get a shrug!
    I guess I could say strat
    Oh wait, Pat wouldn't like that.
    Maybe I should stick to Oh dear.
    That one is soley mine, I fear.

  34. No, Gloria! I loved it spelled friky. I thought it was cute. It was like you made up a new word. Pat makes up new words all the time.

  35. @Betsy: I did not put "bugs" in there!

    Only cameras...

  36. Silver ~
    so you can only see and not hear?
    That might be worse I fear.
    If I say "Oh Strat, that Silver"
    You won't even hear a whimper?

  37. @Betsy:

    Not by anything said
    Will I ever be teased,
    But I don't give a strat,
    Cuz my
    eyes sure are pleased!

  38. I'll be sure and do a verbal rant
    and maybe even a chant
    and you'll be wishing you could lip-read
    'cause you'll be feeling the need!

  39. Pat I answer you in my post if you want see, literally I crushed them:))

  40. hahahahaha Strat!
    All of you are stealing from Pat
    Stratty Grammar Nazi and Stratty zoo hair chopper
    I need to call a stratty copyright copper
    Oh wait! Fox may need to walk fast with a tra-la-freakin-la
    As for those cameras the cops might get ya
    But Whoopdi Friggin Doo to that tra-la-freakin-la strat!
    Oh dear, now they are all used by Pat..haha

    yes I seen the answer too
    Crushing them up how mean of you..haha

  41. Sweetness is contagious
    and maybe a little outrageous.
    You'll all be saying Oh dear
    and go around spreading cheer.

  42. Pat (and Orlin) and I are not sweet!

    Right, guys?

  43. Guess they aren't agreeing, Your Silverness.

  44. Mayas were were the biggest trolls. :/

  45. Posted on the same idea
    But you've done earlier
    Didn't know about it then
    They said about Great Men?
    That is right!
    They think alike!


  46. hasn't the end of the world been a hoax, since the beginning of time, & roll on with more jokes.

  47. i go all around the world telling jokes....on the internet.
    Keep blogging:)

  48. I can't wait for nothing to happen in 2012 and laugh at all the "believers".

  49. 2012, the world goes to hell.

    YES...I finally rhymed in one of your posts!

  50. haha spreading cheer just seems like too much work
    I'd rather just be a jerk
    And sit and lurk
    See it has a perk

    hahaha yep will agree
    No sweet stuff at my sea

    Silver was right
    Asleep we were that time of night
    Had to get up early at my nook
    To take the old paw picker back for a second look

    hahaha yeah that's a good way to describe those guys
    Trolling about and spreading their lies

    haha so true
    And with one one by you
    That makes two
    That send on the message no one should turn blue
    Because it's all a hoax
    These end of the world pokes

    haha true since it began and man could think
    They all blithered on about how it would sink

    hey the internet is a fine place to do it
    Then you can be a joking hit

    Yeah that will be sooo fun
    Then those stupid believers will hopefully be done

    There you go
    But you better watch out though
    You may become addicted
    Or a tad conflicted

  51. Dec 23 2012 will be like Jan 1 2000 but with a mexican theme.

  52. haha damn those mexicans giving it a theme
    It's always going to end though it would seem

    The earth going boom
    As many state doom


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