Some dVerse Actions Over Certain Transactions!

I think you will get the facts of today. As I go a tad literal maybe at my bay. Or just stating the use of language you humans choose as I go on another dVerse cruise. I hope I don't leave a brain bruise as I try and just maybe confuse.

A stamp stamps,
From forms to lamps.
A stapler staples,
Whether in Japan or Naples.

A pencil umm writes?
I guess pencils gave too many frights.
Pencil penciling might work,
Penciling pencil does sound like a weird quirk.

A printer prints,
Even cheats and hints.
A calculater calculates,
Or at least approximates.

A phone umm rings?
With do dads for plenty of other things.
A phoning phone,
Yeah, phoning using a phoning phone might make some moan.

A shredder shreds,
If caught, even your threads.
A lock locks,
Letting you avoid pesky knocks.

A mouse ummm clicks?
Mouses would sound like hicks.
Or would that be mice?
Mouse mousing mice, say that twice.

A controller controls,
Meaning the one with joystick poles.
Oh that sounds so bad,
We'll blame it on that Pat lad.

A fan fans,
Your hot head or hands.
A clipper clips,
Should do it to Flappy's lips.

A cat umm meows?
Cat cats or catting language disallows.
Dogs just bark,
But we both like to leave our mark.

Rhyme time rhymes,
With plenty of chimes.
dVerse is diverse,
Some even curse.

A winner wins,
No matter their sins.
A loser loses,
Whether or not one chooses.

Well you umm are you?
A youer wouldn't do.
Youy you youer work?
Sounds like youy you and your you went berserk.

As you doesn't have one,
For it can't be done.
All are too dVerse for a summation,
Even if the victim of sterilization.

There we go another dVerse show. I guess sort of a sequel to last week maybe here at my sea. Never intended to go there but the cat can do a dVerse pair. After all if Caddy Shack 2 can get the greenlight, I can let one take flight. Now off to eat some cat grass. So that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I had to read this twice to get the game. A snake snakes up your arm, a stakes stakes a tent to the ground, a show shows you what to do and I'm me and you are you. Can it be that I'm getting the hang of this? Don't tell me I'm not, please, please hahaha

  2. Is my blog too bawdy for the Face It Facts? I'm thinking about joining.

  3. hahaha yeah you sure got the hang of it
    Just like a sitter sits
    Or a talker talks
    Or a galker galks
    Or locks lock
    Now I'll stop before you think what the fock..hahaha

    Anything goes for the Face it Facts
    Unless spammy/illegal type acts
    Which you, for the most part..haha, are not
    But remember too, any review of the book and you get a free spot

  4. Haha loved all of these facts in rhymes..

  5. Loving the blog man, that was funny.

  6. dude i can not believe the actual internet sent you a comment...a poet poets dont you know it, but not all, still much to learn, like butter churning, i guess a churner churners, learner learns...burn go get the cream when something burns

  7. Cute. Actually, since the word "fan" came from "fanatic," IIRC, I wonder what you could do with that?

  8. Pat, I might need some of that cat grass too (I mean to smoke it) in order to get some of the last verses :)

  9. Fun rhyming post by the rhyming poet
    Always rhyming words in a heartbeat
    Whilst I struggle with rhyming endings
    to fit a poetry form that leaves me pondering ~

  10. I loved this as always Pat, excellent stuff. When it gets to rhyming, you're laying it rough. That's a Face it Fact that I'm not afraid to have backed.

  11. OK Is talking the cat that live in you Pat:)
    and this "Well you umm are you?
    A youer wouldn't do.
    Youy you youer work?
    Sounds like youy you and your you went berserk" is a cat languaje? sorry sometimes He (the cat)is so smart to me, is polĂ­glota this cat(lol)

  12. A jack jacks
    Nothing that slacks
    A stalled car
    Won't get you far
    A flat tire tires
    Wears your patience thin
    Ain't no fun cursing
    Out with the jack
    No sweat
    Switch the spare
    None are aware
    None the wiser
    Nets the winner


  13. isn't it somehow comforting when things and people do what they are supposed to do.. and when they don't we are all surprised..ha..ya know i'm kind in a reflective mood today and wonder if poets post...well...smiles

  14. haha not sure how many are facts
    But some are quite the acts

    Yikes the Internet is talking to me
    That is kind of scary..haha
    Glad it was fun
    Here under my sun

    Yeah that is so strange
    The actual internet here at my range
    That cream works wonder so I hear
    Miss Priss has used it on her rear
    Errm umm paw
    Thanks to the cat and his claw..haha

    Hmmm that could be a whole new ball game
    Words that came from other words might have to ignite a future rhyming flame

    Does cat grass really smoke well
    All the cat knows as it's tasty as Hell

    Just throw in a little rhyming ass
    And your rhyming endings will amass..haha
    Or you can ask the Beyonder
    But he'd prob give you more questions to ponder

    That's a fine face it facts for me
    Here at my rhyming sea

    The cat is all is own
    He can even let out a groan
    Don't you like the youer youy youist
    Typing all that made the cat hurt his wrist..haha
    The cat does have a language all his own as well
    That much I think you can tell

    I guess is just my fate

    Wow quite the little spiel on the car
    Did you get a popped tire at your bar
    Those things suck
    Does make me want to say err umm truck
    Might sweat a little when you switch
    As to get them off it can be a umm screw it, bitch..haha

    Yeah it's nice when they do what you want them to
    But sometimes they give a big screw you
    Have the time it human error that has come to pass
    And I made you go all reflective with my little rhyming ass..haha

  15. I actually understood this one without having to read it 3 times! Sometimes you really do give my poor brain a bruise :) That's ok, after Finals are done this week, I have every intention of finding someone who can give a great brain massage. hahaha

    I like the word "penciling". I might try to make that happen. If we keep pushing it, it may become a real word. I mean, DD did become a real texting acronym now! lol

  16. hahaha sorry about all the poor brain bruise
    Finals sure can help abuse
    Glad those things are long gone
    Here at my lawn
    Haha DD has become a hit
    I guess with enough around using it
    The words will come to pass
    Have to use them more in my sass

  17. This made my brain disconnect from my eyes, and then I travelled to a higher state of consciousness. My deepest appreciations.

  18. Patt I need a translator to undertand the cat say sometimes:)))
    youer youy youist ???

  19. Wow, maybe the cat is a Buddha type guy in disguise
    Although it could be a trick and a bunch of lies..haha

    The cat needs a translator to understand the cat sometimes too
    Did that one confuse youer youy youist umm you?..haha

  20. My mouth mouths
    and my keyboard keyboards!

  21. I find it to be quite strange when u put a normal conversation in rhyme , mr cat in hat

  22. Why don't we say "Squeak your mouse on the link"?
    lol...that would send some to the brink.
    You can get knifed by a knife,
    but never scissed by scissors.
    or blinded by light
    but never flead by a flea
    only bit
    to cause a fit
    or stung
    and cause a vein to be flung.
    or was that pop?
    help...I cannot stop!

  23. Grammar Nazi & Comic Book Geek sez: Actually, a pencil (noun) doesn't pencil (verb), but a penciller (the artist who draws comics in pencil) does pencil (verb)!

  24. Am I a do-er doing, or a done-er done.....LOL

  25. Be careful no-one starts to say...dun, dun, dun, dun duuuuun! Okay, I'm done, or is that duuuun. :)

  26. But are the keys in key
    Or does P sound like B

    hahaha it's always strange
    Here at my range

    Squeak your mouse
    That would surely cause a ruckus in the house
    Flead by a flea
    hahaha that one was funny to me
    A vein might pop
    But flung? Maybe a little hop..haha
    Or it would just go plop
    And yes I too almost can't stop

    Glad the rhymes are good at my shore
    And there will be plenty more

    You love who's music you say?
    The theme song at my bay?

    But that is kind of cheating
    Unlike a treater treating
    It's all backwards and upside down
    But I'll let it count so no pencillers will frown

    haha I'd go with the do-er doing
    A done-er done but cause Grammar Nazi's to get to shooing

    hahaha oh the scary horror music could be a fright
    Esepcailly if dun dun duunnnn at night

  27. Sounds like youy you and your you went berserk.

    by this point i was laughing out loud... but that's why i love your work.

  28. another wonderfully entertaining (& neatly rhyming) post, Pat - you always make me smile, or even laugh out loud

  29. You had a lot of fun with that. I like the way you use ummm to correct difficulties with metre!

  30. A zipper zips.
    A stripper strips.
    An ogler ogles,
    grows fainter and faints.
    Unless he's faking
    Then, he feints.

  31. a fun romp as always Pat. my favorite part: A mouse ummm clicks?
    Mouses would sound like hicks.
    Or would that be mice?
    Mouse mousing mice, say that twice.

    and I thought the squeaked...I am so very old.

  32. ... always something I've never thought of

  33. You do well
    you write like hell
    poets poem
    dreamers dream
    cats get fat
    and I guess that's that!
    Enjoyed your dVerse show,
    but what do I know????

  34. I love that part about how a winner wins no matter his sins. That is so deep. Sometimes it's amazing how bad things happen to good people. Good things happen to bad people. Winning . . . it's all perspective sometimes too.

  35. by the final line i was cheering

    your energy and exxcitement is contagious Pat

    im always happier after a visit

    you da Bomb )))))

  36. Fun piece, and great look at usage. Personally I really, really enjoyed the alternating stanzas, really adds both opposition to form and your usual fun and wit. Great job. Hmm.. I guess a psyche psyches, maybe not-lol Thanks

  37. Where do I review your book at? I can do it on my blog after Christmas. I'll be reading the second and third one while I'm flying and waiting at airports. Let me know where and I'll write a review.

  38. Pie in the sky or Buddha cats. It all evens out.
    Have a sparkly weekend.

  39. A commenter is commenting right here.

  40. hahaha yeah I always go for the fun
    At least usually with the tale I have spun
    Glad the laughing ensued
    Unless in front of people that thought it was rude..haha

    Always fun to get a smile
    As I go my rhyming mile
    And entertain away
    Each and every day

    Glad it was great
    Just my fate

    hahaha yeah I seem to use ummm a lot
    That metre and bad words sometime seem hot to trot

    So he's fakes fainting being a faking feint
    Maybe he truly slipped on paint
    Or something the stripper dropped
    When out her umm stuff popped

    haha those computer mice
    Really need to eat more rice
    Maybe the squeaking will die down
    And no longer be heard across town

    This cat won't get fat
    We just won't have any of that
    Write like hell I can do
    As I always have something new to view
    At least for now
    Until my muse has a cow

    Yeah I know sometimes it does seem one sided with the winner
    As they are usually quite the sinner
    One just has to sit back and take a look
    For it truly is the perspective of each persons nook

    haha I made you cheer
    And didn't strike fear
    Glad my energy can make you happy
    And not at all sappy..haha

    Yeah it was fun to alternate
    As this idea came upon my plate
    Psyche can psyche
    Or can tell you to take a hike..haha

    Sent an email about the review
    Thanks a ton if one does ensue

    Yeah it all evens out at some point in time
    May take longer if you rhyme..haha

    Geez a commenting commenter that's commenting right now
    Whoever can say that three times fast should take a bow

  41. you are the king of rhymes

  42. "Bad word" -
    is that what I heard?
    Is that what you stated?
    Well! I'm elated!
    All is so wild,
    no more innocent child.
    Your phrase is a remnant
    of long ago sentiment -
    something I miss,
    like Merry Christmas!
    Merry Christmas, Patt!

  43. The king of rhymes
    Always like to hear that and it beats the king of mimes..haha

    Nooo a bad word from me?
    That you just could not see.
    But it made you all glad
    So I guess one of them isn't so bad
    Merry Christmas to you
    For the rhyme time crew

  44. Lyrical I can be
    A bit too much sometimes actually..haha

  45. fun all the way ... a great job as usual

  46. What a show, a cat meows, the dog just barks. You youy, me meowy, we we eeuuey.

  47. P sounds like B when I use my mouth
    p sounds like every other letter when I use the keyboard (and it even sounds like the spacebar and all the numbers)

  48. From now on, my pencil pencils. Well, actually, it kind of already does because we say, "I'll pencil you in."

  49. Nice poem, brilliant thoughts :)

    P.S. My first visit here, will be back to read more. :)

  50. Another wonderful if a bit bizzare rhyme (actually I think you're completely off your rocker and should be locked up in an Asylum :P).

  51. I think a fan blows would work better. :P

  52. Just saw this blog and was happy for being here..Very nice work done..

  53. Nice
    Would that now be thrice?

    Funny I can be
    At least to myself at my rhyming sea

    All the way
    Have to like that at my bay

    hahaha making up words now too
    The cat gets meowy and likes the eeuuey you gave to view

    Geez your keyboard is out of date
    My spacebar sounds like I just broke a plate

    True you can say I'll pencil you in
    But a pencil that pencils is a real win

    Hope you had a nice visit at my sea
    And didn't go to crazy

    hahahaha shhhh don't call those nut house guys
    Then I'll have to don a disguise
    Don't need a rubber room
    Them putting me back on my rocker would bring gloom

    A fan blowing works well
    Unless mind goes to the gutter then things go right to hell

    Happy for being at the blog
    Maybe I cleared the fog

  54. Tell me what's wrong with 61
    I joined too late for rhyming fun!
    Beware that nip, my little friend
    You'll be seeing rainbows in cookie tins!
    Here's hoping you and dear Pat too
    Have a most joyous and woinderful Yule
    I should probably stay all PC
    but I'm busting out...Merry Christmas to thee! :)

  55. hahaha oh there is never any PC here
    That can kiss my little rhyming rear
    And nothing wrong with 61
    As you get the rhyming done
    And the cat will also ring the bell
    Merry Christmas as well

    Glad it was nice
    Didn't even need fuzzy dice

  56. I will have a nice about 8 months

  57. haha hey it was still fall
    On Dec. 20 at each hall

  58. A cat also writes poems
    far funnier than those written by gnomes

    A commenter comments
    to wile away moments

    Happy Holidays my friend
    The year's come to an end.

  59. Yeah sure beats those stupid gnomes
    They always stay stationary in front of homes
    The ugly little men
    Some even have ten

  60. A pleasure to read
    where your rhyming will lead.
    You say it 'just right.'
    I could read it all night...

    (and sometimes they're long enough for that!)
    Don't see how you can do it, Pat.
    If I get ten lines right,I'm feelin' fat.

  61. hahaha yeah sometimes they are long enough for that
    I can be quite the mouthy cat
    Don't know how I do it
    But I just go off on a rhyming fit

  62. Wow, cool, i like it. most people cant rhyme, its a good skill.

  63. I guess it is a skill
    I sure can give many their fill..haha

  64. you had me at "brain bruise"! thanks for the smile :)

  65. haha with brain bruise
    You can't lose

  66. A writer writes
    a fighter fights
    a rhymer rhymes
    ALL the time
    and so does a cat,
    imagine that!

  67. Yes, it is hard to swallow
    One may sound a bit hollow
    But there is plenty of proof
    That it is not a goof
    For a cat can rhyme
    All the damn time..haha


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