A Suggestion I Bring To All Those Letting A Resolution Fling!

You ready for the cats advice? It may not sound so nice. You may want me to choke on some mice or wish I'd get lice. Maybe even want to slice n' dice or tell me to go suck on some rice. I may say it more than twice but I'm prepared to pay the price. Plus you may think the cat is as cold as ice for ragging on you humans stupid vice but to be precise, it's about as meaningful as that Jesus toaster device. So your resolution crap I will splice and being mean will have to suffice.

Now is the time of year,
When one gives a cheer.
Saying they will do this and that.
Just annoying this cat.

For a New Year's resolution,
Continues its mind pollution.
Like some big magic trick,
Will happen and the thing will stick.

Got news for you,
That is just not true.
Saying it on the first of the year,
Does not kick it into gear.

Only in a fantasy world called your head,
You know, that thing you use the pillow for in bed.
Does this ever seem reasonable at all.
Now let's recall.

Hmmm you thought of this five months ago.
And were just waiting for New Year's to show.
Then you can spurt if off,
Pretending you don't need to be dunked in a horse trough.

So now you get to act all big and bright,
For one WHOLE night!
Whoopdi frggin doo,
Tomorrow you will still be you.

So you'll procrastinate some more,
Rolling around and whine on the floor.
Ohhh it's too hard.
Two days later, resolution = discard.

Because guess what schmuck,
You can yell Lord love a duck.
But those five WHOLE months you waited.
Like this resolution was fated.

You could have had whatever it is done.
In five WHOLE months, most normal people, can do a ton.
But ohhhhh no.
A New Year's resolution just had to flow.

Now you've gone from bright to dim,
And things still look just as grim.
Instead of doing it and it's done.
You just had to wait and let your mouth run.

But wait there are only 364 days left,
Maybe you can commit a theft.
Find a better idea to steal.
And just maybe it will become real.

So the cat's advice to all,
Whether short or tall.
Take the resolution and stick up your you know,
Lock your lips and don't let one flow.

When you want to do something do it.
Don't wait for some stupid day to hit.
Because if you don't do it then,
What are the chances you'll do it when you spout it out again?

That's right pretty small.
You'll still be behind the eight ball.
Get smacked upside the head by a cue.
Aren't you glad you came to view?

Were these were kind of harsh? Maybe they'll help get you out of that marsh. As the cat has heard quite a few, say the same thing over and over and over until they turn blue, with each New Year's that comes to pass and yet they still sit on their lazy ass.

Oh and notice the 2 days and 364 I said. Nope, not messed up in the head. As it's leap year this year remember? So of the resolution crap are you a member? Or have you wised up and are no longer a silly pup? Either way when you raise your glass you now have read the opinion of my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I always resolve to do things as soon as I can! Why wait for tomorrow for something I can do today!

    The short lines
    and quick rhymes
    of this post
    I like the most!

  2. I resolve to comment on this post. No wait, I can put that off until Sunday. I'll do it then, I know I will, but right now I've gotta put that off and eat a hot dog and drink some beer. Yeah it's my breakfast. Wanna make something of it? Do ya cat? Do ya?

  3. Tomorrow you will still be you- so true. There is nothing like the present moment to make a change if you choose to. The trick is wanting to. :) very nice !

  4. i read an article yesterday where over 60% said this was the worst year of their life, so much pain and strife, tomorrow will come , i do hope its better, i'd hate to live with so many whose faces are wetter...today i will change (my jeans) and tomorrow want eat beans, i might lose some weight if that is my fate.

  5. "to go suck on some rice"
    please, tell me that's not one of your hobbies, Pats! :)

  6. Whoopdi frggin doo,
    Tomorrow you will still be you.

    Oh, you typed that just to make me laugh
    that is so true, even for a giraffe.

    So you'll procratinate some more,
    Rolling around and whine on the floor.
    Silver will like this line.
    Kind of a personal joke online.

    I usually make a general resolution
    like try to come up with a solution.
    Or to be more sweet
    and a little more neat.
    Because this world needs more TLC
    and I love to dish it out with glee.


  7. I never take resolutions to New Year, I think is not more different a day than other Pat,and of course we are the same persons (lol)
    Anyway I always wait tomorrow will be better and always have hope:)but is all the time (lol)

  8. Suck on some rice? That's a horrible insult. You can do better than that!

    I agree with the whole New Years Resolution stuff. If you want to do something, then do it! Why wait?

    What I do disagree on is, is that it's the start of something new. A metaphorical clean slate! I believe in going into the new year with the thoughts of how you want it to be.

    Every NYE, my family and I eat Chinese food. Now look where I work. Catch my drift? hahahaha If you're pissy when the ball drops, you'll be pissy all year. If you're happy, you'll have a happy year!

    ok, I'll stop rambling about nonsense now...lol

  9. This is way too good for me to want you to eat lice and mice buddy. Excellent stuff.

  10. It is true that you must make resolutions all the time, as they come to you, in order to succeed. I think New Years resolutions are ok, so long as you weren't saving it for later and are ready to re-resolve when needed.

  11. Little Mrs Fun I love chinese food(lol)

  12. Yeah, definitely don't put off resolutions. Fix what needs to be fixed when it is needed. No putting off.

  13. @Gloria...Yum!!! lol Great way to bring in the New Year, no? hahaha

  14. That Jesus toaster device is meaningless?
    Drats. I was planning on converting some bagels to Catholics.

  15. I never did get the whole resolution thing. Like you say, why wait when you think of a change that needs to be made--start changing when you think of it.

    Wrote By Rote

  16. When I visit this blog I find myself speaking in rhyme. It happens to me almost every time. When I speak it just comes out that way, no matter what it is that I say.

    I most agree with this post you see. The new year resolves nothing, only a fantasy. I resolve nothing and this is most true. And as I say goodbye, I say happy new year to you!

  17. Resolutions...I never usually get caught up in them but this year I'm promising myself like 5 of them =/ I guess I just really deteriorated during the latter part of 2011 and now, it's come to this...

  18. Preach it! I hate New Year's resolutions.

  19. I don't do New Year's resolutions, I haven't even finished the last 3 years, or start for that matter.

  20. I have to admit, I write them down each and every year, yet I forget what was written about the third of the year- I agree with what you say, so I think, perhaps I'll change my ways. This year I will:

    Get out of bed
    Eat some food
    Drink some water
    I will put my car into reverse
    I will watch I show on the TV
    I will pet my dogs and cats
    I will read a book or two
    I will listen to some tunes

    See, I've just created a list you can't not do. Something easy, something simple, something that you'll have done the first week or so, then the rest of the year, well you can brag that you did it all.

    To think I wrote down one year

    I will win a million dollars- haha, oh dear.

    Fun take on this new year's resolution stuff- you hit it on the head pretty good.

  21. Exactly! Why wait.
    When it can be done and up to date

    And maybe neat?

    That cat would be the LAST person to ever comment on food habits
    As Pat's food habits are the pits
    So nope won't make something of it
    But that resolving part until Sunday might not be a hit..haha

    Yeah that is the trick
    Some even fake sick
    Just to get out of change
    At their range

    Wow 60 percent
    Never knew so many got bent
    That is a ton
    Looks like they need more fun
    Should be easy enough goals for you
    To come due

    No that isn't a hobby of mine
    Although maybe it is at Drazin's shrine

    hahaha oh if you liked that Whoopdi Friggin Doo
    Wait until you see what I have in store for you..haha
    Yeah those giraffe's are quite the buggers
    I hear they beat up muggers
    haha that one slipped by me
    Guess I should have spell checked at my sea
    More neat or sweet?
    What are you going to do? Walk around with bags on your feet?
    I think you got the neat part down
    And sure with sweet you win a crown
    The world could use more
    But to do that you'd have to go knock on each door

    Yep just another day
    Where some need to have their say
    Tomorrow will always come
    So no need to make resolutions come out ones bum..haha

    haha well if you like rice
    Maybe it was meant to entice..haha
    Yeah why wait around
    When you can do it and it can be found
    I suppose it can be seen as the start of something new
    Depending on your view
    But still so is the next month, week or day
    So if you want a clean slate just do it at your bay
    No real need to wait until the end of the year
    For such a cheer
    hahaha Chinese food got you working for Japanese
    Oh that just ruffles my fleas..haha
    No ball drops here though
    So I can be pissy at my show
    And poof be fine tomorrow
    With no sorrow
    Not that there every is
    With all this rhyming biz
    I'll shut up now too
    This was all thanks to you

    If you ever want to eat mice
    Think about that one twice..haha

    Yeah true if you make them on the spot
    They may be a bit more hot
    But saving them is just dumb
    As said with my little hum

    Chinese food has never graced by lips
    And it isn't hanging on my hips

    Yep fix it and it's done
    Then you can have some fun

    Oh all this talk of food
    Is really rude..haha

    hahaha I suppose it can have some use
    If you want those bagels to turn catholic and hang loose

    Yep start changing it right away
    And the sooner it will be done at your bay

    Want some lice?

    Great one
    Is always fun

    You really do speak in rhyme
    But that is not a crime
    I'll take it every time
    Beats a crummy mime
    Glad you agree
    That is nice to see
    And with my final cheer
    Happy New Year

    Ohhhh deteriorating and going to the dark side
    That might put a crink in your stride
    Come back to the light
    Those resolutions are a fright

    Exactly live well you can here and now
    Forgot about some future with a golden cow

    I will preach
    Whether at my bush or on a beach
    The later would be rather cold
    So I'll stay at my bush and keep things bold

    hahaha see you learned your lesson with those
    As that is usually how it goes

    Glad I put it out all nice
    And didn't want to make you eat mice

    Hopefully I didn't hit it's head too hard
    It might chase me across the yard..haha
    hahahaha the million dollars one
    I wish for a ton
    But it doesn't seem to happen
    Not matter if I'm wide awake or nappin'
    And great list too
    That's one all can do

  22. Yes Miss fun years ago we enjoy china food to New Year I love it :)) so rude Pat:)

  23. You've been gone all day I see
    Probably driving back to bush #3.

    You're going to top the Friggin Do?
    Can't wait to see it, that is true!

    Knock on each door?
    Don't know if I'm ready for that chore! ha.

  24. Resolutions more resolutions
    Better than not having none
    Make it a % game
    No excuses so lame
    Don't expect a 100%
    At least achieve some
    At year's end you're done

    P/S this is part of my next posting

  25. Oh, screw this, I'm not gonna read 30 previous effin' comments!

    Nice post. I agree. Changing a calendar means nothing, and if there's something about me that I think needs changing, I do it as it occurs to me3.

  26. I used to do the whole new years resolution thing. After that, I kinda noticed that I was "busy" after the new year, so I did as the cat says and did it as soon as I thought of it. It's better that way. Waiting for new years is just.. stupid.

  27. Oh, I always start what I want to do when I want to do it. The older you get, the more you understand this principle. Just do it already.

    Of course, I like a challenge. So, I'll enter a healthy one.

  28. Yes all that food talk
    Is such a rude little walk

    Yep I had to drive back
    And give Cassie another vet attack
    Stitches now
    For her little ow
    And I have to watch so she doesn't chew
    Because the air needs to get at it so healing can come due
    Boy, isn't this fun
    Cats are a pain in my umm bun
    Oh Whoopdi Friggin Do won't just be a statement anymore
    And yeah that would be quite the chore

    Well done
    Such fun

    Geez we are in sync once more
    My and your shore
    I guess the percentage idea could work
    As at least maybe some would get a good jerk
    And do one or two
    The other 50 though would be lost from view

    haha what 30 to many for the Grammar Nazi
    And a typo too at my sea
    I guess once in a while it happens to us all
    To me because I type fast when I give a comment call
    Yep change the thing
    Who cares about a new year ring

    There you go all nice and done
    You rid yourself of that new year resolution fun
    That is a resolution in and of itself
    Glad you agree with my shelf

    Guess I'm a bit ahead of the game
    So when I'm older I won't be so lame
    With some new years crap
    And instead have stuff done so I can take a nap
    A challenge is nice too
    Yet many just let them accrue

  29. I'm going to make New Years resolutions, but I am going to make them for 2013. That way I still get to procrastinate, and if the Mayans are right, well, I didn't waste a year trying to be a better person for no reason.

  30. hahaha now there is a plan
    Won't waste time if we all kick the can
    Which we won't so don't take bets
    Be better off betting on those Mets
    So be ready for 2013
    And your resolutions to be done at your scene

  31. Stitches? Oh, wow. Poor Cassie's little paw.
    She probably wishes vets were against the law.
    So you are on paw patrol
    to make sure her bandage she doesn't unroll.
    That will be fun to do
    She'll wait until you sleep to fool you!

  32. haha no she has no bandage on at all
    So the air can get at it at our hall
    One of those cones will go on her head tonight
    So she isn't able to bite
    Again cats are such a pain
    Oh well I've yet to pop a vein..haha

  33. oh, the dreaded cone!~
    She will meow and moan
    and maybe growl, too.
    Orlin will laugh and drool.
    and tease her, being cruel.

  34. haha yeah he'll prob try and take it off as well
    Surely is going to be hell

  35. Everyone is rhyming at my zoo tonight
    What you started is really taking flight!

  36. hahaha yes it is such fun to see
    Maybe I should lend you my bush to make them flee..haha

  37. Um, yes, a bush with a crack
    showing up at my shack?
    They would all scream and run
    and then the fun would be done!

  38. Wow. Can i simply say that was some of the greatest you've had yet! Keep it up!

  39. haha well now you have a way
    The cure any rhyme stuff at your bay
    But then it is fun to play
    So what the hay

    Greatest you say
    Hmmm maybe your a lurker before at my bay

  40. Be sure and snap a picture of Cassie in her collar
    or maybe a video so we can hear her holler.
    Has she ever worn one before?
    Poor thing, she will feel forlorn.
    Hope you get some sleep tonight
    On sleep you might be a little light!

  41. haha yeah she wore one once
    Strolled around like a dunce
    And nudged me all night long to get rid of it
    Giving my arm a hit
    So no sleep was had
    Could be a long night for this lad

  42. I'd make a resolution to hit the gym...but the gym will be so crowded with other ppl and they're resolutions...I think I'll just skip it this year.

  43. I dont need a resolution i will just make everything come true.

  44. I have wised up and ceased being a silly pup.
    Ten years ago, not depressed anymo'

  45. If you rhymes are original and by the looks of it they kinda are, you've got some talent there :)

  46. This is sadly true for a lot of people. :(

  47. hahaha give it a week or so
    And only a few will still show
    Give it another week after that
    And the only thing left might be a rat

    Glad you like that art
    Here at my cart

    haha there you go
    Truly is the best kind of saying to let flow

    That beats nice
    Added some spice

    A silly pup is a good thing not to be
    After all you could start peeing on every tree

    Where the heck would I steal this from?
    Yep, it came out my little rhyming bum

    Yep very true
    For more than a few

  48. I agree that saying it on the first of the year doesn't kick a resolution in gear.
    Hmmm, perhaps if I made a resolution now for the rest of 2011, it might have a chance????

    Happy New Year, Pat!

  49. True--you shouldn't wait to do something just because of a day of the year!

  50. hahaha there you go
    Make one now at your show
    Then you have a whole day to do it
    And it might be a hit

    Yep get it done
    Then time for fun


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